Ashley and the Eavesdroppings Ch. 01

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Friday was here and it seemed like any other work day where I slipped out of bed and into my home office to start work. Every Friday my wife Ashley was off from her job, so she would typically run a few errands and take it easy while I typed away on my computer. Ashley is a brown haired brown eyed girl. She’s about 5’8″ tall, 185 lbs, and slightly tan skin.

Lunch came and we both ate together at our breakfast nook. Ashley had a ham and cheese sandwich with fruit while I had a delicious BLT sandwich and a yogurt. I asked about our weekend plans.

Ashley mentioned “I might clean out the garden a bit.”

Instantly in my mind I pictured her in her sleek tight leggings bending over pulling weeds. God she looks so hot when she works in the garden.

I snapped back into the present moment and replied “ok, yeah I should probably mow the lawn.”

Ashley got up to grab something from our bottom freezer drawer. She was wearing white leggings and you could easily see the outline of her white thong underneath, especially when she bent over.

I perked up “That’s quite a view of your thong.”

Ashley looked back at her ass and felt above her pant waistband.

“What are you talking about, they’re not showing above my pants?”

“You’re right, they’re not, but through your pants I can see the outline as clear as day.”

Ashley walked over to a mirror in the hallway “Oh my gosh your right! I thought thongs were supposed to hide underwear lines?!”

I got up to go back to work and remarked as I slapped her ass “It’s hot to me, but you might wanna be careful if you don’t want Jared staring.”

Jared was our neighbor next door. He seemed to always be peeking over the fence at her. He’s been single forever and has never brought a girl home. You can tell he has a thing for her but he’s not attractive, hates conversations, seems to never brush his teeth, and always eats with his mouth open (when we first moved in we had him over for a BBQ).

After my comment Ashley rolled her eyes at me and then kissed me “Thanks for the warning… glad you like it though.” she said to me.

The end of my work day finished a little sooner then normal so I got up to see what Ashley was up to. I walked out of the room down the hall and heard her talking on the phone in our bedroom.

Before I got to the door opening I heard her say “Well, what kind of panties do you wear under white pants?” she asked her friend.

I stopped as my curiosity got the best of me. I had to hear this.

Luckily her phone was on speaker and I got to hear her friend reply “I usually wear a g-string. If I don’t have any then I’ll wear a nude colored thong.”

I could tell from her voice that it was Ashley’s friend Bekah. Bekah had an amazing body, blonde straight hair, and beautiful blue eyes. All I could do was picture her in a g-string slowly slipping on a tight pair of leggings over her ass. Fuck that would be hot, I thought as I felt my cock ardahan escort stiffen.

“I never thought of wearing a nude color thong.” Ashley remarked.

“Yeah it’s a little more transparent then white. Every once in a while I’ll wear a pair of white pants with a dark thong just for Todd. He loves when I give him a little tease.”

Bekah was talking about her husband of 7 years. They’re a great looking couple who seem to have never gotten out of the honeymoon phase.

Both of the girls giggled as Ashley commented “You naughty girl!”

“I drive Todd even crazier when I bend over and have my thong peak above my pants. He goes wild!” Bekah continued “One time we were at a bar and we both had a few drinks. I purposely pulled my red g-string above my pants right before he walked past me. The look on his face was priceless! Let’s just say he couldn’t wait very long to get his hands on me.”

I instantly started rubbing myself as I pictured her grabbing her strings and pulling them up above her pants. I was stunned and couldn’t get enough.

Lucky for me Ashley asked “oh yeah?! What happened next?”

Bekah gave a long “Wellllll” as she decided if she was going to tell Ashley.

After a long pause Bekah finally started “Todd asked for a shot for each of us from the bartender. As soon as we drank he grabbed my g-string by his finger, tugged on it while he kissed me passionately. He led me out of the bar and walked us to his car. He brought both of his arms around me and picked me up by my ass. I wrapped my legs around him. I remember my heart started to race as I started to make out with him. It was so thrilling being in a public parking lot. Granted we were in the corner without any lights close by… But It kind of added to the fun knowing that we were still technically exposed.

He set me down on the hood of his car as we continued to make out furiously. He reached his hands under my shirt and unclipped my bra. From there it was loose enough for him to slip his hand under my bra and tease my breasts.

I unbuttoned his pants and took his cock out so that I could feel him more when he was grinding me. He took one hand and put it down my pants to feel my g-string and push me closer to him. It felt so sexy.

Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and ripped the crotch of my leggings apart and started to fuck me.”

“Wow, I can’t believe he actually ripped your pants apart… shit that’s hot.” said Ashley.

I couldn’t take it anymore and went into the room. I saw Ashley’s hand rubbing her pussy through her pants, which only made the moment hotter. Ashley locked eyes with me and knew what I wanted.

She blurted out “Uh, Bekah, I’ve gotta go, I’ll talk to you later.” and hung up the phone.

I laid on top of Ashley and started to make out with her. I started to grind her right away and she instantly started to moan. I could tell she was already warmed up. Luckily artvin escort she was just wearing a tank top and a sports bra, so I slipped her straps off one of her shoulders and started to kiss down her neck to her breasts as she helped reveal one of her D cup breasts for me to play with. She had her nipples pierced and loved when I played rough with them. I sucked them, bit them, and flicked them with my tongue. She was going nuts and honestly so was I. I figured, fuck it, I’m gonna do the same thing Todd did, and ripped Ashley’s leggings right at the crotch and exposed her white thong. I pushed her thong to the side and put my hard cock right inside her warm wet pussy. She let out a huge “YES!” the first time I thrusted myself in her. I started to literally see tears in her eyes because she was so overwhelmed with pleasure and excitement. I went back to sucking her breasts and kissing on her neck.

She commented “oh babe, you feel so good inside me. Yeah, fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

She loved when I made up stories during sex so I started with “yeah, you wish Todd could walk in this door and start sucking on your breasts too. You wish he could come in here and put his cock in your ass while I continue to pound your pussy.

Ashley loved anal play as well. That’s when she bursted out “owww yeah get the anal dildo!”

I opened our night stand drawer and got her huge dildo. I turned her over and ripped her leggings a little farther back. She stuck her ass up in the air waiting to get filled. I drenched her ass and pressed the dildo against her ass hole.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck oh fuck… oh yeah .” she screamed as I filled her ass.

I put my hard cock back in her pussy as I pressed closer to her. I slowly began to move my cock and dildo in her at the same time. Her hands were gripping the bed frame as I started to slam into her.

I continued with my story, “Just picture both Todd and I fucking you at the same time. He’s got such a big cock that fills you up.” I started to pickup the tempo “Our cocks start to penetrate you deep. You can’t believe you’re getting slammed by two guys at once.”

“Oh shit, Yessss!” Ashley screamed.

“Just imagine him taking off his shirt and showing off his rock hard six pack as he grabs you by the waist and rocks your world.”

“Mmmm so sexy!” she said as she looked back at me.

“Just picture us both pumping cum inside you and having you feel our cocks throb inside you.”

Ashley started to rub her clit fast as she could “Oh yeah… oh yeah… oh yeah oh yeah OH YEAH!” Ashley screamed as she started to shake with an orgasm.

I slowed down and let Ashley really enjoy the sensations. I spent a few minutes sliding my cock in and out as slowly as I could. I could tell Ashley was enjoying the feeling of my cock as each centimeter of movement was amplified.

After Ashley’s orgasm subsided, she collapsed on the bed with delight on her face. She aydın escort took a few minutes to gather herself, then reached around and slowly took the anal dildo out of her. She turned over and spread her legs to reveal the big hole in her leggings. She rearranged her white thong, pulled them tight against her pussy, and began to rub her clit through them to give me a show.

“So” she began “How much of Bekah’s story did you hear?” she asked.

“Ohhh all of it!” I replied with a smirk.

“Oh my, obviously that excited you.”

I nodded fast “Very much so.”

“So did you hear the part about her underwear preferences with white pants?”

“Yeah. I suppose g-strings make more sense. Less material… Thinner… smaller… sexier.” I replied. I looked down and could see how drenched her panties were from all the fun we just had.

She noticed where my eyes went and took her panties and brought them closer together. “What do you think? Should I get some tight skimpy g-strings that would look like this? she said in a teasing flirty tone. “Do you like when my pussy is barely covered up?”

I was dying with excitement and attraction inside. I crawled over to her and rubbed my cock on her pussy over her thong. I loved how my cock fit right between her pussy lips and slipped back and forth so easily. Ashley cupped her hand over my shaft and teased the head of my cock with her thumb. She took her other hand and started teasing her breast by circling her nipple and playing with her piercing.

“I want you to fuck me and then cum on my panties.” Ashley suggested.

I couldn’t object to such a great idea so I pulled her panties aside and slid my cock inside her.

Ashley knew I enjoyed stories too, so she started up “I bet you wish you could snoop through Bekah’s panty drawer. What do you think? Maybe you would find some lace panties? Tiny g-strings in all different colors? Maybe some exotic ones like a crotchless teddy or a mesh baby doll outfit? What if she caught you while you were digging around? Maybe she would give into your fantasy and pull her g-string up above her pants and bend over and start rubbing your shaft. Maybe she would start to suck the tip of your cock to tease you and then eventually slide you all the way in her mouth. The view would be so epic to see her sucking you while her g-string is exposed. What if she pushed you on the bed and straddled you and pulled that g-string to the side and slowly slid your cock in her pussy. Just imagine her start to slam all of her weight on your shaft, just like your thrusting all your weight into me.”

By now I was fucking Ashley with all I had.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me. Cum on my panties. Cum on me!” Ashley screamed.

I couldn’t hold back much longer so I pulled out of her and started stroking my cock fast. Ashley pulled her panties back over her pussy and waited for me to blast away. Before I knew it I shot hot cum all over the front of her panties. She started to take my cum and rub them around on her panties to make them see through to her pussy lips. It was quite the view.

After I pushed the last drop out I laid next to her. We held each other close and took in the experience we just had. It was one of the closest moments we had up to that point…

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