An Avoidable Seduction of My Girl

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To all my readers, a big hello. This is my maiden story in Literotica. Being an avid reader for many years, I had many stories in my mind to share with my friends. It was not until recently that I decided to start writing. This story is filled with lust betrayal paranoia and psychological affirmations of the carnal mind. Feedback is much appreciated and would love it if leave a comment down. Hope you enjoy this dirty tale.


I locked the door behind me. I could not even muster the strength to dry myself. My sweaty body was turning cold now. My hand was wet and my fingers were sticky. I stumbled on to my bed as a worn out man. I lied down and with the incidents about this fateful night filling mind. I am completely spent, my mind, body and soul. Never in my life had I felt so much of an empty void inside of me. It was a void of filled with guilt and disgust. The alcohol in my system had already started without withdrawing, ushering in a state of drowsiness. Images were flashing in my mind and my head was throbbing lividly. I stared into the darkness, as the waves and waves of artificial wind from the ceiling fan battered my face. Questions are going through my mind. The probable answers are making me almost hysterical and weak. When I look back I seem to know a lot of things. Could I have avoided all this? For sure. But I didn’t. Why did I allow myself to be a mute spectator and surely, a willing accomplice? All the incidents from the past few days came flashed before me as I felt my mind drifting away. I learned a lot this day…


“I literally would have slept standing like this! What took you so long? My classes got over an hour ago”. She frowned mockingly.

“Forgive me, Princess, for my steed had failed me temporarily.” I answered her. She looked at me with her weary, narrowed eyes.

“Needed a quick oil change. I also didn’t know this speech would be so long” I motioned her towards the pillion seat, smiling.

“I’m sure you were the one who extended it by your excellent and ahem, boring oratory skills.” I felt my ride weigh down as she sat. I was greeted with a playful hug on my back. I started the scooter.

“Haha. Well, I won .Yet again. And this time I won 5k Rupees.” saying it with a sense of pride.

“Really? Aww, I’m so proud of you. Now I have to see your name in the college bulletin board ‘yet again’, hmm?”

I smiled while I steered my scooter into the narrow lane which I usually take in the evening to escape the heavy traffic.

“And baby, you look damned tired.” I asked her, trying to change the topic.

“Lectures and lectures today. Was not that interesting. Plus, we had two surprise tests. Can you imagine?” She complained.

“So you didn’t have your dance practice today then?” I asked.

“No, it’s tomorrow. We were discussing about it in the cafeteria when I was waiting for you.” She paused. “Thinking about adding a few fusion steps for the next number.

“I’m sure it’ll be a breeze for you to tweak that out.” She was always energetic whenever she talked about her whole dance troupe thing.

“Everyone was there, except Swati. The usual story. Ugggghh, she’s such a bitch!”

“You hate her so much,” My voice muffled her through the vice of my helmet. “But you know, she dances well…”

“Haha, Shut up!” I could sense the jealousy which I successfully managed to take out from her.

“Ok, I shall shut up” I replied, grinning under my helmet.

“And yea, we were just hanging around the basketball court watching our team practice. They have the inter college finals next week. Your idol was there, by the way” she retorted.

“Siddharth’s not my Idol,” I countered her in mock seriousness. “He’s a specimen. And that too, I told you about him from an academic perspective. He’s the most popular guy in college and a lot more. Besides, you could have told that you and your girl gang were out to check those guys out.”

“Whatever,” I felt a light punch in the back. “By the way, He just broke up with his girlfriend of his. You know Priyanka, right? Miss personality last year?”

“Oh yea of course I know her. A nice girl.” I added, helping her through the conversation.

“They were such a sweet couple. And on top of that, Today Mary was telling she was going after him now since he’s single again.”

“And that’s quite expected of Mary the vamp. Gossips and gossips today.huh?”

“Keeping the nerd updated.”

“Well, ‘Nerds’ usually don’t get selected in college badminton teams.” I pointed out, reminding her of my interest towards sports too. And yea, I hated being called a nerd.

“I know you don’t like being called a nerd,” She sensed my irritation and giggled. “I was just kidding. And yea, you’re not a nerd.” She kissed my shoulders and hugged me as we reached her place.

I helped her with her heavy handbag and books which I had kept near my footrest. “So…see you at dinner..?”

“Call me, baby. I’m going off to sleep now. Was a freaking Escort bayan tiring day.” She looked around her vicinity to avoid any leering glances from the neighbours and gave me a quick peck on my cheeks. The houses were built so close to each other here that the walls were shared by the tenants of adjacent homes.

“Call you.” I smiled. She walked into the reception of her hostel as I eyed her swaying figure. I couldn’t let the fact that I was one of the luckier guys around skip my mind. She still looked so beautiful even she was tired and groggy. Love makes you partially blind I guess.

Riding back to my place, I recollected how my life had changed after leaving home two years ago. My name is Karthik. At 20 years of age and into my second year of my bachelor’s degree, this would have to be the best year of my life. With the blessings of my middle class parents coming from a small suburban town, I shifted to this wonderful city of Mumbai. It had been the best thing that have happened to me. A new place, new people and a great college. Being quite a minimalist, I couldn’t have been called an introvert. I kept my gang of friends to the bare minimum and my biggest pastime was going for movies on a free weekend. I would also rather spend strolling in the local parks lost in my thoughts than sit around lounges or coffee shops huffing away on hookah like most of my friends did. But I should say that I managed to settle down well to the new environment. Taking the opportunity to study here was a dream for me and I excelled in my studies. Since Psychology was my favourite subject, it was the obvious choice for me to take it up as a degree. I have been dubbed more as a genius by my teachers because of my outstanding performance, but I disagree. I always believed that it was the love for my subject that made me good at what I do. I kept my goal of excelling in it very much alive. I would make my parents proud. I dreamt of becoming a professor one day. Not just any professor but someone who would become famous in the academic field. I already started working towards researching further as well becoming known for something that would help my field progress. Everything was going well.

Now, my thoughts drifted towards the beautiful damsel whom I just dropped home. In so many ways, I’m indebted to her for most of my happiness. The credit as to why I could be more of myself so much should really be given to the love of my life.

Shilpa was her name. We were the same age and batch. So when I had met this girl on the first day of college, I knew that she would complete me. I would later come to know that she also came from a small town like me. At that first glance, I somehow knew we both shared this sense of excitement and the energy which was brought in by the new college and city. She was smart, quick witted and funny. She was the most beautiful thing I have laid my eyes upon. She stood at an average height of 5″5 compared to my 5″ 9. Bouncy and thick, her shoulder length hair was jet black. It adorned her head like the crown she deserved. I loved the way she let it open all the time, just like her free and strong spirit. Her sharp features gave her the ticket to participate in college fashion shows, and her feminine aura made her one of the best ever to grace those very ramps. She was fair for Indian standards, but she wasn’t like the pale ones we come across from time to time. Years of practising classical dance had made her figure almost hour glassed, curvaceous but slim. With a smile you could watch all day, she carried herself with a sense of poise and tradition. She was confident, enthusiastic and energetic. A C cup on her slim body and a full shapely derriere only made her the focal point of male attraction wherever she went.

There was one more thing about her which I loved her for. Her fiery independence. If at all something made her safe from all the wolf whistles and the constant unwanted peacocking from guys, it was her bold attitude which she lets out in times of defence. I still remember the day when Akash, our classmate passed a lewd comment on about her mastery in dance. He told something on the lines of using those very skills and how profitable it will be to lure men. All hell broke loose that day when she literally gave him a scolding in front of the whole class. He literally went away with his tail snuck between his legs. I came to know later that he apologised profusely the very next day. I will also never forget how she explained to me about it later that evening. She told me how bad she felt and dozed off peacefully in my arms like the sweet charming girl I know. Never a person to back away from a challenge, her biggest aim was live out the college days to the fullest. I could empathise with her, coming from similar backgrounds and staying away for the first time. She had actually transformed from the shy and timid Shilpa that I saw in college in the first day into the confident and outgoing person that she now was. But it was so evident that she kept her advices Bayan escort from her parents very closely. She had grown enough to understand what is good and what is bad for. Yet, she indulges occasionally in going out with friends and trying out new temptations like getting high on alcohol or staying out late. In short, she was the perfect blend of a cocktail for me. A cocktail that was my dream girl.

I parked my scooter into the cramped space my miserly landlord was willing to give and opened the door to my two bedroom apartment. My roommate was away for a few days and it was going to be me cooking all alone. I was exhausted and decided it was going to be a freshly made take away pizza for today. I slumped to the bed after changing into my boxers and let out a satisfying sigh. Today was good. It sure was.

Siddharth, whom my girl teased me with just moments ago, came to my mind. He was one of the few people whom I met and made acquaintances with early on. 21 years of age, he was the most popular boy in college. Early on in our college days, every junior guy in college emulated him, but without any success. To me, he used to be like my big brother in the first year since he helped me get the hang of the debates happening during the initial college days. The one thing which made me curious about him was the discipline I chose and loved. Secretly, I used to make this senior friend of mine my laboratory rat for my character studies in psychology. I never understood his amazing aloofness and his astute ability to be so humble. In the face of his own celebration in and around college, he would be seen minding his own business. Was he a sociopath? Was he bipolar? How could anyone have such a drive for success like his? Born to one of the most prominent business clans of the city, he could have just laid back and squandered his riches like some of his college friends are doing. But that was not Siddharth. He was hungry, humble and passionate. He was different. I had told my girl about this observation of mine. She too agreed with me but it became a habit for her to innocently pull my leg telling that I worshipped him. However, an equally innocent slap on her cute behind would always put an end to it. A hard but naughty slap on her bubbly ass…

RRRIIIIING! RIIING! The loud noise pierced through my ears as I struggled to find my phone.

I took the screaming device and saw the time. It was 12 night. Fuck, I slept so much.

“Where were you!?” I heard my girl shout through her noisy background.

“I slept off, honey. Uff. Where are you? I can’t hear you properly.”

“Yea you missed a pre-party tonight. I called you several times.” She shouted again.

“Pre-party?” I enquired, a long yawn escaping my mouth.

“It was a surprise for us juniors. The seniors had invited a few of us to Khushi’s house. We’re about to leave from here…I thought I’ll try calling you again. “

“Oh, ok…How was it? Had fun?” I could only muster up that response through my half sleepy state.

“It was fun. I missed you, you idiot. I really missed you.” She cooed at me. I almost saw her pouting face of hers right in my face.

“Do you want me to drop you back? I could get up now “

“It’s ok. Go back to sleep then, love bunny. I just felt like calling. Tomorrows the big day anyways.”

“Yea love you too baby. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it.”

“Well, you better make it up then. Goodnight for now”

“Love you baby. Goodnight.” As soon as the call ended, I drifted back to finish my sleep.


The next morning was like any other college day except for the fact that I had to sit for this class when all the others were in festivity mode. It was my project mentor who was taking the lecture and I knew he would ask my whereabouts if I was missing from his students. The organisers of the farewell were exempt from attending classes but most of them had bunked out of sheer excitement. So, the day had finally come then. Farewells had always been a fun time. Last year when our super seniors graduated, we heard stories from the same batch to whom we were throwing the party today. They were the juniors then and now it was their turn to be at the receiving end. It was a time when everybody was on an emotional high. We would become the seniors now, and they would go into the outside world of employment and opportunities. I realised my thoughts went outside the class for the first time. I wouldn’t mind saying that it was an interesting lecture personally, but I suddenly couldn’t help feeling that I may have indulged myself too much with the studies in hand. Sometimes I really did feel the need to let it out. Perhaps I should have taken Shilpa more seriously about her complaints with spending too much around in classrooms. I brushed off the thoughts for now and I waited for this class to end. I walked away briskly as soon the bell rang towards our usual spot. I could see most of them there, their figures getting larger as I picked up pace.

“Hi Escort guys. What’s happening?” I dumped my heavy bag on to the table.

“Look who’s here finally. What were they teaching today so much that you couldn’t bunk?”

I smiled and ignored my friend. I saw her waving to me from another table, surrounded by her usual gang. There were a few seniors too. There was this one girl whom I didn’t recognise though. I should really memorise the name of her friends unless I wanted to look arrogant. They seem to have just finished their dance practice as most of them were in sweaty track pants and t-shirts. Just as I was about to go meet her, I felt a slap on my shoulder.

“How are you, man? A familiar voice whooped from behind. Just as I was about to turn around, he hugged me playfully around my shoulders.

“Hello, Sid. What’s happening?” I greeted him back. He always had this bear hug of a move while sneaking up on people. I felt his larger frame leave his embrace. It’s been a while since I talked to him.

“I’m so very good, dude.” He was sounding happier than his usual self. I could sense the usual enthusiasm from him as we exchanged a firm handshake and a hug.

“You missed out yesterday. Where were you?” Sid asked.

I remembered my girl’s phone call late night that woke me up mid slumber.

“I was really zonked out dude. Heard it was fun.”

“It really was.” He looked over at my shoulder and waved a Hi to a table behind me. I turned back and saw that it was Shilpa who returned his greetings. She seemed to have already been watching us talk.

“Hope you guys arranged us a good party, Karthik. Looking forward to it.”

“Of course. We have our whole team making it happening. Don’t you worry about it. “

“Good to know, Bro. Good to know.” He smiled “I’ll see you in the evening then.”

“Same here.”

I turned to see Shilpa to find her gone. Where did she go? She was right there a minute ago.

“She went to change.” A junior girl who obviously saw my confusion answered the question in my mind.

“Ok, cool.” I moved towards her table and I saw only one person there now leaving that unknown friend of theirs. “Hey, Swati how are you?” She was sitting right there in the same table looking through her phone.

“Hello Karthik. Hey, you weren’t there for the party yesterday.” She smiled, her face still in the phone and her tone sounding chirpy.

“I couldn’t make it. How was it?”

“It was amazing, Dude. I’m already missing that batch. Drinks, good food, dance and lots of fun. Khushi have some major cleaning to do before her parents get home this weekend.” She chuckled

“Really now? Haha”

“Shilpa had a lot of fun too. She was dancing like crazy. I think she was drunk.”

I wanted to laugh out but kept myself to a smile. I very well knew about the catfight between the two. Both would love bitching about each other if given a chance.

“Siddharth was showing her all the moves. I didn’t know he danced so well.”

“Who?” I heard the name clearly but I heard myself ask that question.

“Siddharth. Ask Shilpa, she’ll tell you. And also he was flirting with everybody there. He can be such a kid sometimes. Recent breakup I guess. We girls weren’t complaining but.” She smiled into the phone again.

I tried my best not to feel a bit odd as she explained his theatrics. Did she just tell me he was flirting with my girl too? Flirting with all of us, she said. I just could know for sure that Shilpa had a dance with him.

“Ask her yourself.” She pointed out with the hand that clasped her purse.

She had indeed gone to change. She usually waited till she got home but today she thought of changing here in the college restrooms.

“Hey, baby.”

“Hello, darling.”

“I’ll make a move now. Have to do some shopping.” Swati excused herself.

“See you.” we said in unison.

“Hey how was the …”

“Baby, we need to go fast. I still haven’t got the shoes I wanted.”

She started walking as I quickly grabbed my bag and followed her.

“Ok, how are you going? Cab?” I asked

“Kripa is taking her car. We’re going to do some last minute purchases.”

“Ok then.”

The parking lot was a short walk away from the campus. We swung our bags as we walked towards her friend’s car.

“So how was the party yesterday..?” I asked her, wanting to know more specifically about a certain someone whom I already have started to think about. It was her who talks non-stop about her day whenever we had some alone time but I was finding myself to be impatient.

“I missed you. It was fun. You had to sleep off.”

“Really now? Heard you had a good time.” I wasn’t sounding jealous but I wasn’t sounding the usual too.

“What to do you mean? It was a fun party.”

“Heard you dance a lot.” I smiled wryly. I didn’t ask with whom.

“Yes, we all danced. Wait. Did Swati tell you anything?”

“She was telling you were drunk a bit.” I made smug face, clearly wanting to be seen as only teasing her.

“I clearly wasn’t! God, what a motor mouth that girl is! I called you, remember? I wasn’t drunk.”

“You weren’t drunk.” I assured her, smiling.

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