Captain Billy’s Valentine

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“Motor vessel, Shrimp Dog; Motor vessel, Shrimp Dog; this is the marine operator with radio traffic from;

Caller state your name please and say over, at the end of your transmission, over.”

“Stacey, over.”

“Motor Vessel Shrimp Dog do you copy, over?”

“Ten four, operator; I copy loud and clear,” answered Captain Billy.

“Hay Baby what’s up everything all right, over?”

“No every thing’s not all right; you’ve been fishing for nine days and tomorrow’s Valentines Day. Stacey complained! Are you coming in or what? over.”

I’ve got enough ice and groceries’ for two or maybe three more days, over.”

“There’s going to be some heavy fucking going on tomorrow night if you want in on it you had better get your ass home, over!”

“This is the marine Operator; control your language this is a public air way over.”

“Ok baby I’ll pull the try net if there’s not at least a box of shrimp I’ll drag towards home and be in about three A.M., over.”

“Come home Billy I’ve had nothing to do but play with dildos and watch TV for weeks I’m so horny I could fuck your whole boat crew” Stacey cried.

“This is the Marine Operator ending your radio traffic do to vulgar language. How Copy over.”

“Ten four Operator; sorry about that; the wife’s not happy please forgive her, over.”

“This is the Marine operator have a nice day, over and out!”

The crew Captain Billy’s wife was referring to; included Captain Billy the owner operator of the shrimp boat; Shrimp Dog, first mate; Greg Le Day and deck hand /cook; Kip Terrebonne.

“Kip go wake up that lazy first mate and tell him to get his ass up .I need to see him!”

Look alive deck hand. What do you think this is a fucking pleasure cruise? Move your ass!”

Captain Billy was in a rare mood. The Shrimp Dog was holding approximately thirty five hundred pounds of shrimp and another two to three days could easily produce another thousand pounds or so.

“What’s up Capt” Greg asked standing in the wheel house companion way?

“Now were the fuck is Kip?”

“In the galley making coffee.”

“Take the wheel, pull her back to a quarter throttle and bring her around slow to North northwest”.

“Kip; get your ass on the back deck were picking up and going home I left something turned on, my old lady” shouted the captain!

It was midnight, the Gulf of Mexico was as slick as glass, there was no wind and the Shrimp Dog made good time.

The Belle pass sea buoy was in sight at one thirty A.M. and the Shrimp Dog was dock side two hours later.

“Greg you and Kip get the boat cleaned up I’ll be back in the morning to off load the shrimp and pay you guy’s.”

An hour later Billy was pulling in the drive way of his Grand Isle stilt house.

As he was making his way up the steps to the deck he could here voices in side.

“You have to go Billy could be here any time now.” Billy herd Stacey say.

Billy backed in to a shadow away from the door as a male figure emerged from the house. A moment later a car starts and drives away from around back. Billy rushed in the house.

“What the fuck was that all about, who the fuck was he.”

“Billy your home, please don’t be mad, nothing is going on we were just making planes for this evening.”

“At four in the morning who the fuck do you think you’re talking to!” Billy yelled.

“I have been up trying set up a valentine’s party just for you and you accuse me of cheating. If you were so worried about me cheating you wouldn’t leave me all alone for days at a time!”

“One of these days I’m going to catch you fucking around!”

Billy and Stacey argued until Billy had finally had enough and stomped out of the room.

After his shower and shave Captain Billy felt some better but was still pissed off about finding another man in his house.

“I’ve got to go off load the shrimp and pay the crew” said the captain as he was leaving.

Stacey followed her man down the steps to his old truck. “You better have your ass at the Whisky Heaven by eight o’clock or you want catch me doing any thing ever again because I want be here”

“Ok, Ok.”

Captain Billy was tired; he had been awake for thirty hours and needed some sleep,

The captain slept on the Shrimp Dog until late after noon, the sound of crew boats and tug boats moving up and down the bayou woke him from a deep sleep.

The ride to the bar gave Billy time to reflect on the days events. Although Billy was trying to rap his mind around the boat and issues with nets, out riggers and engine room problems. There was always preventive mantinance to be done and other problems such as the first mate Greg what a waste of good skin.

No matter how hard he tried all he could think about was Stacey; they had met at the fish house where Billy sold his shrimp. She was an employee and helped grade, weigh and box his shrimp.

Billy’s thoughts turned to the last time they had made love. Escort bayan It had been ten no twelve days since Billy and Stacey had sex and Billy was remembering how she looked lying naked under the sheets, they had made love and cuddled and made love again until they were hot and sweaty. The sheets were clinging to Stacey’s every curve; she was a beauty to be hold, her dark complexion, jet black hair and dark brown eyes were a gift from her Cajun decent. Her body was slender and athletic with smallish breast and the tightest ass there ever was. Here face was that of an angel, cute little button nose and full lips that were made for laughing. She could light up the world with a smile and when she was angry her dark eyes took on the look of summer thunder clouds that made you want to batten down the hatches. Captain Billy had been hooked by this little girl from the moment she was introduced to him at the fish docks.

The whiskey Heaven bar was a two hundred foot two story party barge that had been pushed up on the bank of the Lafourche bayou. The bow had a gang plank that served as an entry way and was higher than the stern. The slope in the dance floor had caused more then a few drunken dancers to dance there way out the back door. The pool table sat port to starboard and was leveled. To shoot pool a person would be on there knees on one side of the table and tiptoes on the on the other.

Captain Billy arrived at the bar about an hour early and was glad to have some time alone before the festivities started.

Stacey came in a little later dressed to party. She was wearing a short black skirt, tube top and sandals. Billy couldn’t take his eyes off of his wife as she moved toward him.

“Hay baby” Billy said.

“You still pissed off?”

“No, but what do you expect when I find a strange man in my house at three in the morning.”

“It was not what you think”

“How do you know what I’m thinking? It’s not that I’m jealous exactly; I actually get turned on when other men look at you. And that little remark about fucking my whole crew was an unexpected turn on that I have fanaticize about for a while now, that’s what I’m thinking” responded Billy.

Stacey had reserved the top floor of the barge for her privet party and the entertainment had arrived.

“Hold that thought; you know how I love to share fantasizes but I have to show the band were to set up.”

A moment latter Stacey retrieved her man from the down stairs bar. As they were climbing the stairs Billy could see up his wife’s skirt and realized he was looking at her bare bottom. His cock did a little dance as he remembered the band also had a view of her treasures as they followed her to the up stairs bar.

The entertainment consisted of a four piece band that included the fiddle and squeeze box required to play Cajun music. To serve drinks Stacey had haired a male and female stripper. They were also available for lap and table dances.

Billy was enjoying him self more then he thought he would. He had danced with his wife and enjoyed watching her host the party. The erotic dancers were incredible entertainers; Billy and Stacey invited them to there table for lap dances. The hunk was wearing a thong and a bowtie, his body was honed and solid. He obviously spent hours in the gym.

The fox was no slouch either; she was a doll baby in a baby doll see through that hid nothing. She performed lap dances designed to arouse every man and some women in sight of her. Billy watched his wife fondle the male dancer with one hand and tuck dollars with the other. Later he wondered if the beauty giving him the lap dance new what had really caused the lump in his pants that she was sitting on.

Billy and his wife were sitting in a booth when in came a beautiful petit blond dressed in cut off jeans that were so short her butt checks were visible, her top was a off the shoulder loose fitting gypsy blouse that reveled her six pack abs and tiny waste. Stacey noticed Billy starring and insisted he dance with her.

“Go get a better look Billy.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Billy; go buy her a drink or ask her to dance if you like.”

After the dance Billy returned with the blond in tow. He sat down beside Stacey and the blond unexpectedly sat in Billy’s lap.

Billy shot a glance at his wife who was laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“Billy this is my friend Samantha, Samantha my husband Captain Billy” Stacey laughingly responded.

“I still want to know what’s so dam funny!”

“Can you take a joke Captain?”

“Sure what?”

“This is the man you caught me with last night.”


“Yes way” Samantha said in his male voice as he was getting up from Billy’s lap.

Sam Jones allies Samantha Jones was a female impersonator and vocalist from New Orleans. Stacey hired Samantha to play her party and her performance was amazing. She sang country love songs, and sounded just like Reba and Dolly.

No Bayan escort one but Stacey and Billy knew she was really a man. The small crowd of partiers were shouting “more, more” as she left the stage, But the band needed a break as well and promised to bring Samantha back during the next set.

The intermission gave Billy and Stacey a chance to catch up on the happenings of the last nine days. Stacey was happy to report there finances were in great shape. She had finished their taxes and they had a record year.

“Lets go for some fresh air Billy; I love it out side this time of year, it’s so nice and cool.”

“I would love to get you alone I know your not waring any panties” Billy said with a grin and twinkle in his eyes.

“Now how would you know that?”

“I could see up your dress on the way up here.”

“Oh!!! SHIT do you know how many times I have climbed up and down those stairs to night?”

Billy watched his wife’s face turn as red as his port side light. He started laughing and she playfully punched him in the ribs.

“I was saving that for a surprise on the ride home in your new trrr,” Stacey stammered.

“My what?”

“Oh dam my big mouth.”

“Lets go in you just have to see Samantha’s finish; you wont believe it,” Stacey said trying to change the subject.

She was right none of the party animals recognized Samantha when she made her entrance. Samantha was now Sam dressed in tight jeans western shirt and cowboy boots singing country tunes. At the end of Sam’s first song it was so quite you could hear catfish jumping in the bayou. After a short silence the crowd clapped and cheered.

Stacey took the microphone to thank all the friends and family that had attended her party for Billy. She then recognized the Band, Samantha / Sam and last but not least the Strippers who had earned more tips for serving drinks than table dances.

She told the crowd to enjoy the rest of the evening, drive safely and good night.

“Billy you go first I think I have shown enough pussy to the down stairs bar tonight.”

Billy did his best to hide Stacey’s assets from the prying eyes from below as they made there way down the stairs. In the parking lot Billy realized his old truck was missing.

“Who the fuck would steal an old rusty piece of shit truck like mine!”

Stacey started giggling as she took her man by the hand and led him to the far corner of the parking lot; Billy was looking all around for his truck when he saw a truck with ‘Shrimp Dog too’ panted across the hood and tail gate.

“Stacey I’m a Coon-ass ;I fuck with my face, fight with my feet and have never said I’m sorry to any one until now; Sha I’m so,so sorry I love you more then I can ever tell you.”

Stacey could since Billy’s uneasiness. She put her fingers to his lips.

“I know Baby; life at sea is hard on a man all the time away with so much solitude. You forget I’m also a Coon-ass I fuck with my face and scratch when I fight and never , ever let my man see me cry until now I love you more than you know, I’ll be your valentine as long as you want me, lets go home.”

The night was clear and unseasonably warm for the ride home, Stacey was playing with her man, she new he was ready to get laid and so was she. Billy had his hand between her legs her pussy was wet and her breathing was a little faster then normal. Stacey was hot and ready for her man.

“So where were we; you like to see me looked at by other men and it gave you a hard on thinking about me fucking your crew.”

“It’s one of my fantasies.”

“You know you would have to fire them if I did have sex with them.”

“What are you saying Stacey you would fuck my crew?”

“I know someone I would rather fuck then your crew but yes if you wanted me to.”


“Someone that wouldn’t cause us problems.”


“Sam he’s staying over tonight any way it was the only way I could get him to perform for us.”

Billy absentmindedly stopped stroking Stacey’s cunt; he was considering his options, his dick was rising and tonight was open to possibilities.

“I think you’re full of shit, I think you’re bluffing.”

“Ok try me, just to night and then we’ll see but to night any thing you want.”

Billy called Stacey’s bluff; he turned in to the shrimp docks and Stacey panicked.

“Billy umm why are we going to the boat?”

“I don’t trust that lazy ass mate; all he wants to do is watch TV and sleep.

I’m firing him tomorrow for sure and maybe Kip too.”

Now Stacey was getting excited she had stuck her foot in her mouth and now it was looking like she was going to have to pay up.

“Anything I want?” asked Billy.

He was playing with Stacey He know she didn’t really think he would put her up to fucking his crew and the closer they got to the Shrimp Dog the more excited and nervous she was getting.

“I have to check the rudder room and engine room stuffing Escort boxes for leaks; you have to hold the flash light.”

Stacey grew up on and around boats. She knew there was no way to do what Billy was asking her, without her naked ass shining for any one on the boat to see, but she was not backing down to night.

Billy helped his wife onto the boat and accompanied her to the galley. They found Kip but Greg was awol.

“Where’s Greg?”

“He drug up Captain.”

Stacey was relived to find Greg LaDay gone. She didn’t like Greg, but experienced shrimpers were hard to find. Kip was young and inexperienced but had learned his job well and he was already a good seaman and wheel man.

“Kip you get the mates share on the next trip.” Billy said as he was lifting the hatch that led to the engine room.

“What are you doing captain?”

“Making sure my boats not sinking.”

“I’ve just finished checking every thing.” The new mate said with confidence.


“The stuffing box, the main engine oil, the heat exchangers, the generator oil and water, cleaned the bilges, turned on the constavolt battery chargers, and checked the battery water.”

“How about the other stuffing box?”

“What other stuffing box?”

After a quick check in the rudder room and a short lesson in seamanship. Billy left the boat in the capable hands of his new mate.

“What happened, I thought you wanted me to flash your crew.”

“I can’t fire Kip after all.”

“He’s a good kid,” responded Stacey.

Billy had mixed feelings about Stacey fucking Sam; He had fantasized that he would come home and fined Stacey with some guy’s dick in her mouth.

He would watch from the shadows as some strange man fucked his lovely wife’s cunt and then have her all to himself.

That fantasy was his favorite of all and his wife had agreed to make it happen.

The couple arrived at their home a little after midnight to find Sam waiting patiently for his host and hostess to arrive. Sam and Billy were talking and laughing about the joke on Billy. Sam had a way of putting folks at ease with his easy going nature. Billy found he liked Sam a lot, he made Billy laugh.

“There is one thing I would like to know?” said Billy.

“Am I gay?” answered Sam.

“Well yes that’s pretty much It.”

Stacey came in with a tray of drinks and broke the tension brought on by Billy’s question. She had changed into a red teddy that left little to the imagination.

“Are you guy’s ready to get the party started?”

Stacey leaned over Billy offering him a drink; she wanted Billy to see first what Sam would see when she served his drink.

The sight of Stacey’s bare breast excited Billy. Her nipples were only inches away from his face he could smell her perfume and his dick started to swell.

Stacey turned and served Sam’s drink. Billy saw what Sam had just witnessed Stacey’s ass and what an ass it was, her butt was small and tight; the outline of her pussy was visible through the tight fitting teddy bottom.

It was then that Billy realized just how lucky he was. He made a resolution to show his wife how he felt more often.

“Let’s finish our drinks and you two go freshen up, while I put on some music and dim the lights.”

Sam went to the guest bath and Billy tried to play around with Stacey but she pushed him away.

“Billy go change in to something more comfortable, and get your ass back in here!”

Stacey had one more surprise for her man, and he dam sure wasn’t going to ruin it!

Billy couldn’t believe his eyes, when he entered the living room Stacey and Samantha were sitting together, holding hands. Samantha’s entire personality changed with her wardrobe: only seconds ago she was a he and now she had all the moves and expressions of a top shelf hooker dressed in cut off jeans, frayed around the bottoms and that gypsy shirt that hid the fact there were no tits; throw in the blond wig and presto a piece of ass to kill for.

“To answer your question no, I’m not gay; I’m a lesbian impersonator,” Sam laughed.

Billy watched as Samantha kissed Stacey passionately first on the mouth and then the nape of the neck and under her earlobe Stacey was breathing harder; Samantha moved to Stacey’s ankles and kissed, nibbled and licked her way up Stacey’s luscious beautiful slender legs.

Stacey was moaning now. Billy could see his wife’s dampness seeping through her red teddy bottom.

“Billy come unwrap your valentine,” Stacey moaned.

Samantha moved and let Billy take her place between Stacey’s legs. Billy hooked his fingers in Stacey’s teddy and slowly removed them from her.

Stacey’s pussy had soaked through and Billy watched the silver pearls of love cling to Stacey’s pussy and teddy as he pulled them down.

Samantha’ quietly slipped out and left the lovers alone.

Billy and Stacey were wrapped in the each others arms and Sam could feel the love shared by these two hot blooded Cajuns as let himself quietly out the door.

Be careful driving back to Norlens Stacey said as Sam reached for the door.

“See you at MardiGras?” asked Sam. “Ten Four,” responded the Captain.

The End

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