Adventures of Carl Ch. 03

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Mary was riding Carl’s BBC. It was her favorite position, she felt that it got deeper in her, plus she loved looking down at Carl’s face it was like it gave her some kind of power.

“Thats right baby,” she cooed “give me that big cock smash that pussy, it’s all yours own it.”

Mary placed her hands ivory hands on Carl’s defined ebony chest, the contrast turned her on some more as she compared the skin tone difference and the sweat on her arms and hands dripping down onto his chest mixing with his sweat.

Carl looked into her eyes she seemed which were smiling and very happy. He reached up and slapped at her huge breasts that were swaying in front of him. Carl then grabbed each nipple and pulled on them.

“You motherfucker,” she screamed “you know I can’t last much longer when you do that.”

Carl just smirked at her and whispered.

“Why the fuck do you think I do it.”

Carl picked up his pace and started to pump his cock into her at a furious pace, it was sliding in and out of her at ease, her pussy was wet and getting wetter. Mary breathing was getting faster and shallower which meant an orgasm was fast approaching. Carl was holding back on cumming which wasn’t easy. Mary then leaned closer to Carl’s face moaned.

“Baby I’m going to cum, and squirt as well.”

It seemed as though time had stopped for her breathing stopped, she got a dizzy a warm feeling filled her body up and she started to squirt and cum. Her pussy was like Niagara Falls.

Carl let out a loud grunt and released his cum into her pussy, he just kept on pumping into her grabbing her big ass and squeezing it.

They just laid in each other’s arms which had become a ritual after their bi-weekly get togethers.

Carl was staring at Mary and noticed something different about her ever since they had their first get together 3 months ago. She seemed more assertive, confident, happy. It was a good change, she was also styling her hair more, getting her nails done. Carl just smiled at her and kissed her cheek.

Mary got up and reached for her lavender lace bra and panties. She sat next to Carl and said.

“We need to talk.”

She sat crossed legged on the bed next to him.

“I want to tell my husband Jim about what’s going on, I know he he is fucking around on me, but I don’t want to cheat on him anymore, I want him to know what I am doing, and maybe he will entertain the idea of a open marriage.”

Carl sat up and wrapped his arms around her looked her in her eyes and said.

“Whatever you want to do and whatever you think is the best, it is a very brave thing you are doing.”

“I want to be true to myself and have fun, I love Jim and want to share my new found desires with him,” she replied.

Carl felt a sense of pride in her, here was a lady who not only found a new sexual awakening but also an awakening in her inner self which made her even more beautiful and desirable.

“I am here for you whatever happens”, Carl told her with a reassuring smile.

Mary finished getting dressed gave him a goodbye kiss and headed home.

Mary cooked Jim’s favorite meal and had a nice bottle of wine out for them. Jim entered the house and noticed that Mary was wearing a sexy short skirt and a form fitting blouse that showed of her ample bosom he was instantly aroused. After dinner Mary picked up the bottle of wine which was half done and motioned for him to follow her into the living room. Jim followed her noticing her ass sway,

They sat down and immediately Mary said,

“we need to talk,” for the second time that day. The words of doom for most men.

“What’s wrong?” Was Jim’s response.

Mary took a deep breath and the words she had been going over in her mind started to flow out of her mouth.

“I know when you go on your business trips you are fucking other women,”

Jim opened his mouth to object but Mary raised a hand to stop him.

“Let me finish.” She said.

“It used to bother me that you didn’t find me desirable, or wanted me, I figured it wasn’t an emotional connection with those women it was just sex.”

She took a deep breath smiled grabbed his hand and kissed it.

“Well I have been seeing someone for a little while now and I know what I want and it’s to share my new found desires with you.”

Jim let go of Mary’s hand stood up and paced back and forth for a minute, he was sweating, nervous didn’t know what to say.

“I thought I was been careful, how long have you known I was screwing around on you.”

“Ever since the first time probably at least 20 plus years.” Mary replied giggling.

“And you never said anything, why?” Jim pleaded.

“I don’t know why, it was a different time and era when we first got married and I figured out what you were doing, and as people’s attitudes changed I just got comfortable and didn’t want to rock the boat Now I know what I want and who I am and I love who I am.”

“Do you want a divorce?” Jim asked her.

“No, I love you.”

And she got up walked over to him acıbadem escort and kissed him full on the lips.

“Are you mad honey?” Mary asked him.

She was pressing her plump body against Jim, it started to get him aroused.

Jim who is 5’11 looked down at his wife and pulled her closer to him and pushed his groin into her so she could feel his cock getting harder.

“I want you so much now, I am not mad at you. “What do you want?” Jim asked.

“I want to still be with you, but also I would love for us to have a open relationship, be with other people, let’s try swinging I am pretty sure I don’t want to be with just one man, I want to try more men, try women, try so many new kinky and exciting things.”

Mary looked up at him stood on her tip of her toes and kissed him and started nuzzling at his neck.

She then grabbed his cock through his trousers and started to stroke it and caress his balls.

“Like that baby.” she asked him in a seductive voice.

Jim just noded and smiled.

Mary started fondling with his belt, unbuckled it and pulled his pants down, and put her mouth on his cock through the underwear, licking his balls as well. Then in one motion she pulled his underwear down and took his cock into her mouth and swallowed it in one gulp. As she was doing this, she was running her tongue over his cock.

Jim was loving the sensation he was feeling, and what made it better was that this sensational feeling was coming from his wife.

“Grab my hair baby,” she cooed.

Jim grabbed a handful of her hair wrapped it in his fist and pulled on it.

“That’s it, now fuck my mouth with that dick of yours, fuck it like you would one of your whores cunts.”

The way she was talking to him made the more blood flow to his cock and made him quicken his pace.

She moved her mouth from his throbbing member and looked up at him and smiled.

“How was that, did any of your bitches suck you like that?” She smirked as she asked him.

“Now step out of your fucking pants so you could pound my pussy.” It wasn’t a request as it was more of a demand.

Jim quickly removed all of his clothes and started towards the stairs.

“Where are going?” Mary asked as she placed her hands on her hips and pointed to the couch.

Jim made his way to the couch as Mary slowly made her way to him and placed her hands on his chest and forcefully pushed him onto the couch. She then straddled him grinding her crotch against his feeling his cock pressing against her skirt. She pressed her lips against his and her tongue entered his mouth and she twirled it against his. As she was doing this she kept pace grinding her pussy against his cock, she adjusted her skirt and Jim noticed she was wearing a thong. His eyes got bigger as did his cock. He started to unbutton her blouse and licked each breast and sucked on each nipple, which unknown to him had become over sensitive.

“You fucker.” She screamed out.

“They are so sensitive lately, when that is done to me, it just gets me off quicker.”

Jim then reached down and felt her pussy it was wet and sticky and getting wetter he had never seen her like this and never felt her this wet before.

“Do you want me to fuck you now?” Jim questioned her.

“Yes, let me show you what I have learnt, and see if you can keep up with me.” It was more of a challenge to him.

Jim reached down and placed his cock into his wife’s eager pussy. It felt different from before wetter of course, but also bigger liked it had been stretched out. Mary was also moving her hips and grinding against him. He sat up more and kissed her deeply, this time he was the aggressor with his tongue in her mouth. He also was matching her rhythm as he was thrusting in her pussy. He loved feeling her chest press against his as her fully erect nipples were rubbing on him.

“Let me get on my back.” She told him as she got off his cock and rolled her skirt up so it was at her waist.

Jim climbed on her and started to kiss her again “Do you want my cock in you?”

“Off course I do”. Mary replied in a breathy voice.

Mary studied Jim as he was on top of her and slid his 6 inch cut cock into her. He still had those stone cold sexy blue eyes, thin brown hair, a square jaw he was 5’11 and over years like her had added some pounds he was close to 250 so a bit of a belly. Mary wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her ankles. She started nibbling at his neck, running her tongue along his neck getting him more aroused.

Jim was picking up his pace as he was pumping in and out of her. Mary was grinding her pussy furiously against him, and was running her cute chubby fingers over his back and running them down to the crack of his ass. She started playing with his ass, grabbing his cheeks and slightly tracing the entrance to his ass. Jim has had his ass played before but not in such a sensuous way that he was feeling a extreme orgasm building up.

She licked her fingers and applied them again against his ass applying slight atalar escort pressure as she finally entered his ass just an inch but it was in there and she kept them going in a circular motion.

“Like that baby, want me to keep it in there?” She asked him in a teasing voice.

Jim moaned an anxious yes to her,

“Keep it in there baby I’m going to cum.”

Mary wrapped her legs around him tighter and squeezed them.

“Fill me your seed, fill me up.” She demanded of him. Then she clamped her pussy muscles on his cock.

Jim couldn’t contain himself anymore, the finger working his ass, her thighs around him, her vaginal muscles clamping down on his cock was just too much he let loose in her. He just kept pumping and pumping in her and finally stopped.

She slid out from under him and put her mouth on his cock, it was still sensitive from the fucking they had just finished she was licking of his cum and her pussy juices of his cock swirling the combination in her mouth. She worked her way up to his mouth and kissed him, he had never tasted his cum before and he liked it.

“Who is the man who is enjoying your pussy?” Jim asked with a grin.

Mary looked at Jim realized by his look he wasn’t jealous or angry he was just curious.

“It’s Carl from next door” she responded nonchalantly.

“Carl!” He exclaimed “Wow I didn’t know you were into interracial sex.”

“I am into interracial sex, as well as any sex that is good.”

Mary looked at Jim curiously and asked him “Does it bother you he is black?”

Jim had a look of astonishment on his face,

“All the years you have known me do you think or know I am a racist, I don’t give a flying fuck about a person’s color. Some of the women I have fucked have been all races. Our dam God children our black. He was red in the face with anger, breathing heavily.

Mary ran her fingers over his cheeks.

“I’m sorry sweetie, I know you are not, I am sorry. I just misread your response. I know you are not that kind of person.”

Jim calmed down and kissed her forehead, and stroked her hair.

“Why don’t you tell me tell me how it started with you two?”

Mary proceeded to tell him about the first day she and Carl had sex and all of the things they had done to each other since then, including one time with a double headed dildo.

“He’s bisexual, that’s sexy, I now see where you got the idea for that anal play.”

As they were talking she was gently playing with his cock and he was hard again she began stroking it at a faster pace.

“I want to see you fuck Carl and join in honey” Jim mentioned.

“When do you want to do this? ” Mary asked him still stroking him.

“How about tomorrow afternoon, today I want you all to myself.”

Mary cupped his balls and Jim came again.

The next day Carl received a text from Mary.

“Everything went well, told Jim everything about us and what I want to do, he wants the same thing as well. He wants us to start right away with you.

“How about coming over at noon?”

“Very happy for you see you later.” Carl texted back.

Carl put on a pair of basketball shorts a tank top and sandals and no underwear. He grabbed a bottle of wine and a handful of Cuban Cigars and headed over to their house.

Carl rang the bell and Jim answered, they had seen each other before, never had a real conversation just hello, how are you light superficial stuff, and here is Carl about to fuck his wife in front of him. Jim greeted him warmly.


Grabbed his hand with a firm handshake and a warm smile. Jim was wearing just a pair of shorts and nothing else.

“Come on in make yourself at home, you have already had my wife,” he said in a joking voice followed by a cheerful laugh.

Carl smiled back and responded.

“Well Mary is a very inviting beautiful sexy lady who can resist.”

Jim agreed with Carl nodding his head.

“I want to thank you for helping find her new sexuality I enjoyed it immensely last night.”

“Glad to be of assistance.” Carl replied,

Carl handed over the wine and the cigars, Jim sniffed them.

“MMMM, Cuban nice, we will have these later in celebration.”

Mary then entered the room and she was wearing a black pair of matching bra and crotchless panties with garters, and 5 inch heels, she sauntered her way over to Jim kissed him on the cheek, grabbed his hand and took two the two steps towards Carl and gave him a deep open mouth kiss.

“Hey baby you ready to fuck? “

Mary grabbed Carl’s hand and led both men to the couch sat down on and pulled both of their shorts down and stared at their cocks for about 10 seconds before playing with each one.

“I have fantasized about taking two cocks for sometime while now, and now it becomes reality.”

With that she opened her mouth and took Jim’s cock in her mouth as she was sucking it she was stroking Carl’s BBC.

Carl took of his tank top and stepped out of his sandals and shorts looked over aydınlı escort at Jim who had his eyes closed enjoying the work been done to his cock. Carl reached out and grabbed the back of Mary’s head and started pushing it on Jim’s cock. This just got Mary going more as she had all of Jim’s cock in her mouth and was slobbering all of it and making a lot of noise, she then took both her hands and placed one on his balls and a finger up the crack of his ass. Jim moaned enjoying the moment, he placed his hands on her cheeks thrusting his hips into her mouth.

Mary decided it was time for Jim to finally see her with another cock.

She got up and motioned for Carl to sit down, she was still on her knees.

“Hey baby kneel next to me and get a close up view of me sucking a BBC.

You want to see that don’t you?”

Jim smiled and got down on his knees next to her smiling. At this time his cock was getting harder in anticipation of seeing his lovely wife taking care of another man’s cock. Mary held the hard BBC in her hand stroking it then she stuck out her tongue and licked the head running her tongue over it, tasting the sweet pre cum that was dripping out. She then ran her tongue up and down on Carl’s rod like a lolipop slightly moaning and her pussy was getting wetter with each lick. Jim reached between her legs to feel her drenched pussy he started to rub her clit.

“Fuck yeah baby that’s the spot.”

She then put Carl’s magnificent piece of meat in her mouth and just kept on bopping her head up and down on it. Jim eyes got wider, his cock harder and his hands stopped rubbing her clit and he inserted 3 fingers into her wanting pussy. This was the best thing he had ever witnessed.

Mary was enjoying putting on a show for her husband, she was looking at him as she was sucking Carl’s cock, she loved the look of pleasure in his eyes but he wanted something else and she knew what it was. She had seen that same look in her eyes.

“You want to taste his cock don’t you, you want to know what it taste like, you want to know why I am enjoying it so much don’t you?”

Jim shrugged his shoulders and admitted to everyone in a loud voice.

“I want to taste it please.”

Mary smiled held Carl’s cock to him as Jim was about to taste it she kissed him and lowered their heads to Carl’s cock and together tasted it. Carl’s BBC was between their lips with their tongues licking it and each others tongues, then Mary just placed the entire cock in his mouth. Jim at first didn’t know what to think, it was hard, fleshy, he was tasting Mary’s saliva, his own saliva, then he was tasting precum, he wanted more of that but he was enjoying the hardness in his mouth and he just kept on sucking it.

Carl placed his hand on Jim’s head, caressed it firmly and started guiding it up and down and thrusting his hips towards Jim’s fuckhole of a mouth.

“Are you enjoying your first cock, you like how I am fucking your mouth in front of your wife?”

Carl was smiling broadly as he was watching the virgin cocksucker work his mouth expertly on his cock.

“You are as almost good as your wife, maybe in time you might even be better.” He teased.

Jim hearing this got all excited and became more eager in sucking Carl’s manhood.

“I want to be better than her.” his reply was muffled by the cock in his mouth.

He looked at Mary and winked and smiled. Mary straddled Carl’s face looked at the both them.

“Kiss my fat ass motherfuckers.” She followed that with a laugh and grinded her soaking pussy into Carl’s face. Carl grabbed a handful of her ample ass and pushed it into his face. Mary looked down saw Jim still with Carl’s cock in his mouth wow she thought he really likes that black meat.

“Hey baby do you want to taste my cunt juices on his cock?”

Jim without hesitation answered her.

“Dam betcha right I do.”

Jim held Carl’s cock firmly in place as Mary expertly lowered herself down onto it. Jim was inches away as her pink pussy lips engulfed his BBC, and as it slowly disappeared into her he was busy stroking his cock.

Carl lowered Mary’s bra and underneath it she had nipple clamps on. Carl just pulled on them and twisted them, Mary shivered with excitement.

“That felt so good.” she moaned.

Carl picked up the pace and was thrusting in and out of her when he felt something warm and firm and wet on his balls and lower shaft, then in an instant he realized it was Jim’s tongue.

“Thats right Jim lick me and her pussy as I fuck her pussy.”

Mary in hearing this started riding Carl harder feeling Jim’s mouth on her.

“Yeah baby lick that cock and pussy.”

Carl at that moment twisted both clamps and Mary shrieked in pleasure.

“You fuckers I’m cumming.”

As she came, Mary kept on riding Carl reached down and played with her clit and whoosh she squirted. Mary climbed off fell to the floor and Jim was between her legs lapping at her pussy.

“Hey I need to be cleaned as well. Her juices are still on my cock.”

Jim made his way back to the couch and grabbed a hold of Carl’s very hard and wet cock, he put the whole thing in his mouth tasting again his precum as well as Mary’s juices.

“MMMMM this is so tasty.” He moaned still stroking his hard cock. Carl saw his hard cock

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32