A Revenge Fuck

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It had been a long day. I had fought the traffic after a miserable week to get home early and surprise my wife for what was to be a romantic weekend. But as I pulled up to the house my heart sank. I saw a bright red motorcycle in the drive way and something inside told me, “This isn’t right!” So, mindfully discreet, I snuck into my own house. Slowly closing the front door as quiet as I could.

Above, from the bedroom I heard a thump and another thump. Moans escaped them as I ascended the stairs and full words when I reached the second floor hall.

“Fuck me!” my wife cried out. I could hear the bed rocking and thumping against the bed. “Hurry fuck me yeah-yeah-yeah-harder ugh!” her voice was rushed, panicked, exasperated, filled with animal lust. I crept down the hall, my heart racing. I didn’t believe it, I couldn’t- how could she?

(Thump! Thump! Thump!) The bed beat against the wall. (Slap! Slap! Slap!) Flesh pounded flesh; thigh and buttocks. (Slop! Plop! Flop!) Cock and balls stabbed into an over juiced pussy. “Oh fuck my tight white pussy yes! Yes! Yes!”

I remember thinking, “What the hell? What’s the big deal about her being white?” and then I heard the man’s voice. A deep black accent, “Oh hell yeah bitch, take that fucking rod, you like it huh?” and the sound of him slapping her ass with his hand.

“Yeah! Yeah! cum in me baby!” she cried back.

The bed pounded into the wall with more frequent force as they picked up their pace. My feet carried me, without thought until I stood, amazed at the door way to our bedroom. A year ago I had bought my wife a “diamonds are forever” necklace that grew in the size of carrots as a sign of our ever growing love. It swayed back and forth between her sweaty breasts, which lumbered from side to side as some Black guy humped her doggy style on our bed. His black hands pulled on her soft white skin, yanking the Victoria Secret underwear she had bought last month, supposedly for me this weekend, to the side as he rammed himself into her from the back.

They were fucking like animals, a frenzy of raw passion. She arched back, and he forward, never skipping a beat from pounding into her, and they kissed. She pulled his nappy head up to hers with the hand that carried our wedding band, and the two tongue kissed as he fucked her. The sloppy sounds of their love making filled my ears.

My life was over, it would never be the same.

“Cum for me baby, cum in me, fuck me yeah!” she gasped.

He grunted and complied, shoving himself deep into her and crying out: “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! take it all you white fucking whore!”

She whimpered as he grunted, she groaned as he moaned, and the bodies slowed down, tightly pressed together.

By then, my two hands were affixed at the end of the bed, holding on to the railing, just watching.

When Lora turned around to suck him clean, as she used to do with me, she saw me and screamed. The man jumped back. Fortunately for me, he was as shocked to find me there as I had been and still was to find him.

“Mother suckers!” he grabbed his pants off the floor as he fell off the bed to the other side.

“No don’t hurt him, he’s crazy Jerome!” My wife’s voice was a shrill. I wasn’t sure if she was worried that he would beat the hell out of me- for that’s what I was afraid of, or that I would go postal on them both. But either way, the man ran out of the house before I could gather my wits about me.

Then… oh yes… the accusations started: “It’s your fault, you never have time for me! All you do is work, work, work! I need love and tenderness and attention!”

“What are you a fucking pet?” I responded poorly to her accusations. People don’t just happen to commit adultery: “Things like this don’t come about by accident. He didn’t just pull up to this house, knock on the door and fall into a fuck FEST. It wasn’t like you said, “Do you want some water? Oh look at me I slipped on the floor and fell into this sexy underwear!” I was exasperated: “And then he was like ‘Oh let me help you up miss’ and tripped into your pussy!” I gave her a pissed off, disgusted look: “You were going suck his dick clean at the end too- FUCKING WHORE!”

“Name calling… that’s going to solve it, sure.” she waved me off and slammed the bedroom door on me. She said we would talk when I cooled off. But that wasn’t likely to happen. I moved out and a month later we were amicable divorced. I gave up the house, which turned out to be a curse for her as the mortgage payments forced her to sell it. That, I counted as my revenge. There were a few times when I drove by, that I did see that same motorcycle there and I knew what they were doing, but as painful as it was- I had to let it go.

I moved on.

To Sharon, oh she was a beauty! Not the pretty face that my ex had, but a knock out body and she aimed to please- always. She knew I had come from a traumatic situation and when we were first together she was all tender and romantic with candles and music, a message relaxing oils and sakarya escort the works. Then as our relationship became more and more involved, her nature for a randy spanking came out and truly I obliged her. She was a vicious, vicarious fuck. Though I tried not to, I did, completely fall head over heels for her. She would pick me up at work for a lunch romp in the parking lot. There in the parking garage, with people walking by, she would give me a blow job. She was amazing! Being with her, was being alive.

Eventually I moved in with her. I knew that she had many other men before me, but that she said was her previous life just as mine before was to me: “And this is our new beginning.” she’d say.

However, after about two months of living together I noticed a slight change in her ways, something subtly I was already aware of. My stomach turned at the notion. I decided to cut work one day and swing by, sure enough, there was the same red motorcycle!

“What the hell!” She jumped off of the Black man that she was grinding on the couch as I nonchalantly opened the door and walked in.

“Sorry… don’t mean to disturb you.” I walked passed briskly to the bedroom and grabbed what few things I could remember were mine.

When I came down the stairs the man was hopping on one leg putting his pants on and looked at me quizzically. “Do I know you?”

Sharon just sat on the couch smoking a cigaret, half naked. “Is this how it’s going to be?” she asked.

I shrugged, “A million fucking whore’s in this city man, why do you keep digging in my yard?” I shook my head and left to the sound of him cussing me out as I went.

So there I was, alone, pissed off, dejected. Not once had I been screwed around on, but twice and with the same mother suckers! I shook my head and ordered another drink, slouched over the bar.

“Here you go!” the bartender slid the long island ice tea under my nose and removed the empty glass. I maneuvered my mouth for the straw and began to drain the sweet nectar.

“Buy you a drink?” a black haired buxom Latino woman slid next to me on the bar. She put her purse to her front as she scooted in on the stool.

“Cant you see?” I stopped sucking on the straw, “I already have one.” her sweet perfume filled my nostrils and I took a peek at her over my shoulder before getting back to the business of finishing my drink. She was really, really cut. Her low cut shirt exposed her ample breasts and her big firm round ass made good use of her tight short, short skirt. Her long black hair was parted down the middle and hung past her shoulders. She leaned in on me.

“Then buy me a drink.”

“It is against my better judgement.” I replied soberly: “I think you are a fast woman and you’ll just break my heart.”

“You are dead wrong.” she grinned, “About one thing.” she held up a singular finger to me. Her long well manicured nails with a painted design and a stone encrusted in it caught my eye.

“One thing?”

She nodded and took her finger into her mouth. Her soft full lips sucked her finger tip slowly, pulling her finger out. She wet line across my cheek, “I am so thirsty!” she said.

“Bar tender! get the lady a drink would you?”

“That’s no lady!” the bar tender came back with two more long islands for us, and removed my empty one. “She’s my mudda!” he smiled brandishing a gold tooth.

I took a double look, “No she’s not!” there was no way she was old enough to be his mother. My words were only slightly slurred but my vision was still good.

They both laughed and I realized that I was the butt of the joke, “That’s cool.” I said finding the straw again, “I can deal with that.”

She put an arm around me, “You poor thing!”

I checked my wallet, it was still thick with cash: “Not poor yet…” I mumbled stuffing it back into my pants.

“What you think I’m a pick pocket?”

“Why else would a hot chick like you be near me in this bar?”

“Ok Mr. Smart Guy… if I was going to take your wallet…” she raised her hands over her head so that I could see her whole firm, voluptuous body, “Where would I hide it?”

I nodded, “You have a point, but I bet you I could find a spot.”

She laughed and picked up her drink, clinging her glass against mine: “There’s the spirit!” she removed the straw and drank hers from the side, leaving lipstick on the edge as she put it down. “That is so good, thank you.”

I moment later I staggered to the bathroom to piss and she found me there at the urinal. “What the hell are you doing in here?” I asked, using the lever to balance myself.

“Looking for you.” she stepped between me and the wall and taking my head in her hands kissed me full on the lips. Our faces locked together as she groped the inside of my mouth with her tongue. I returned the effort and probed her’s with mine. She pulled my body close to her and kissed me harder, and harder, breaking away to gasp that she wanted me to fuck her, right there. She sucked on my samsun escort neck and stroked my back with her long nails.

Through my drunken daze, through the painful memories of before that washed over my head like a flood, I was quite aroused. My dick pulsed and jumped to life as she grinded her perfectly shaped body next to mine. Feeling my heightened mood. She slid a hand down and guided me up into her as she turned around with coy, “I want you to fuck my ass… right here will you do that?”

There was no need to ask my dick was in her hand and she guided me up to her hole which was cool and moist, obviously she had been prepared for this. The thongs were pushed aside and I slid up into her with relative ease. “You must be catholic.” I slipped.

She laughed and cooed, pushing back onto my dick: “Oh yes baby fuck my ass!”

My hips cradled her back as I pressed up into her and pushed her towards the urinal. Using her hands, gripping the urinal base, she shoved herself back into me and standing like so, we fucked. Our bodies thrust back and forth, skin slapping on skin with moans and grunts.

She reached a hand back to my neck and cradled it, arching back to kiss me on the lips, “Tell me when you are about to cum baby.”

“Uh” was my reply. Her ass felt so slick and smooth, yet she controlled her muscles and she gripped my dick with it like a hand, rolling my head back and forth as I shoved myself as deep as I could go up into her. “I think I am coming.” I murmured.

Like lightning the hand she had at my neck, struck at the base of my dick, gripping it painfully tight. Stopping any eruption, cutting my ejaculation short from the start. “Tell me you love me!” she said.

“Owe! What the Hell? I don’t even know you!” Instinctively I moved to push her away but she gripped the base tighter. My dick’s head was still deep inside her ass, her hand between us and her grip between this moment and my satisfaction: “What did you say?”

“Tell me you love me.”

“I love you…” I gasped, “Please let go of my dick.”

She stepped off of me, then turned to face me. Without losing her grip she kissed my neck. “Say it like you mean it and I will finish you off.”

“I love you baby.”

She slid down and squatted before me. Taking my dick in her mouth she sucked off the head, popping it in and out of her mouth. Wet noises and slurping sounds filled my ears: “You like the way I suck your dick don’t you?”

“I’d love it if you’d let go of it too…” I gasped, her grip had only tightened.

“When we go back to the bar, you are going to give me one hundred dollars in front of the bartender and then we’ll go to your place.”

“Anything baby, just let go of my dick.”

She buried her face into me, sucking my cock deep into her throat. Then she released her grip, massaging my balls like a professional. I came, and came, and came. She swallowed it all, moaning. “You have delicious cum baby!” she said licking her fingers. Sliding her skirt back into place, she stood.

I tucked my soaking, flaccid member away, knowing it would be hurting in the morning, and zipped up: “Shall we?”

“After you.” She smiled back at me.

“Ladies first.” I held the door.

“I love your attitude.” she stroked my cheek as she passed by.

The bartender raised a brow at us but made no comment. I took out the money she wanted and slid it to her along the bar. “Shall I call you both a cab?” the tender asked. I nodded.

“Where are we going?” she asked hoping in the cab quickly as it had begun to rain.

“I don’t know… where do you live?”

“We’re supposed to be going to your place, remember?” she ran a hand gently over my groin, “Or should I remind you?”

Feeling her words, I reeled: “I don’t have a place, hence my boozing it up in the bar. All my things are in my car.”

She stared at me for a while in the cab and then gave the driver instructions, “North forty by the fifth street bridge.”

“Ah well.” I leaned back, holding her hand which had been threatening my privates: “I had a good run.”

“Do you think I am going to have you thrown from the pier?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time.”

She laughed a course barking laughter: “I like you and I don’t even know your name.”


She silenced me with a sudden kiss. She straddled me there in the cab. He hot liquored breath filling my mouth and the scent of her sweet perfume my senses. “I don’t want to know your name… just tell me something that it rimes with.”

In my present state it was a difficult task, “A rhyme?”

“A fruit or a vegetable…” she offered.

“Squash.” I replied.

Shrugging she continued to kiss me.

My hands groped her thighs as she pinned me to the seat. Her breasts were heavy and hung in my face when the cab made a turn. I could tell she had implants but the work was well done, and in what little light there was I could see no scars. She grinded herself into me and unzipped urfa escort my pants.

The cab swerved.

From between her kisses and her hair, the road lights and on coming traffic lights, I caught the glimpse of the cab driver, he was smiling in the mirror. “Don’t make no mess back there…” he grumbled, but adjusted his mirror to get a better view of her ass.

To my surprise, I was growing erect again. She guided me up into her familiar opening. Though to be honest, in the darkness and movement of the cab I wasn’t sure if it was her pussy or her ass until she constricted her ring muscle around my shaft. Maybe she was keeping herself for someone? I didn’t care. The cab swerved again.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” I whispered.

“Shut up and fuck me!” she sighed, nibbling on my ear.

I stroked her back and thighs as she road me there in the back seat. We both were breathing heavy, moaning and groaning as turn after turn and swerve after swerve brought us closer and closer to our mutual goal. She grunted and grinded and I pulled her hair, biting at her nipples, fucking her ass and licking her neck. Poor road conditions added sudden unexpected pleasure to our ordeal and we both came. She grimaced, my cock thrashed about up inside her. “Fuck yes! Oh O’ yes…”

“You feel so good!” I said as we slithered to a halt in the backseat.

“Are you both done?” the cabby tossed back a paper towel. “Don’t get nothing on my seat.”

She laughed.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“You’ll find out when we get to my house.”

The cab dropped us off near a mild development area. The building had a coded entry after hours and a door man during the day. Her flat was on the twentieth floor with a lovely view of the harbor and all the rubbish that littered the desolate port city. “If we could open the windows, during the summer it would give you a great cause to vomit.” she said bringing me a glass of water, “For tomorrow.” she clicked my glass with hers and took some pills, chasing it with the water.

I downed the glass and filled it up again from the sink.

“I wouldn’t.” She said reentering the small kitchen area. She had gone into her bathroom and came out wearing a silk kimono. “There’s bottled water in the fridge.” and pouring out my glass, added: “This is the stuff movies are made of.”

“No… that would be you.” I said dangerously, pulling a bottle from the shelf.

She gave me cross look, “I was wondering… do you want to sleep on the couch or do you thing you could fuck me again?”

Wouldn’t you know I really did try, but after an hour blow job we abandoned the idea and drifted off to sleep. I stared at the star patterned ceiling for a while, with her nestling next to me in her silk robe. Her breasts pressed against my chest. Her lips swollen from sucking cock, purred softly into my ear. “I never got you name.” I said before nodding off myself.

Morning struck like a sludge hammer. My head thundered, pounded. My Eyes threatened to pop out from the pressure, it was miserable.

She had already showered and was making breakfast when I staggered from the bed. With bleary eyes I found the bathroom and there just stared at my reflection, bagging myself not to hurt.

“There’s an extra toothbrush in the medicine cabinet.” she said from the door.

Painfully, slowly, I ran the brush under water and brought it to my mouth. I brushed the roof of my mouth, my tongue, my teeth and rinsed as well. The horrid taste of alcohols’ a bitch to remove. I rinsed the brush out and repeated the process three more times before rinsing at last with mouthwash which a drew from her medicine cabinet. Inside the cabinet, something caught my eye: ‘anal lube tube’ there were three of them and one was half used. I looked under the sink, under the shelf near the toilet and in her personal drawer.

“What are you doing in there?” she asked.

“Looking for a towel.” I replied.

“Take your shower I will bring one in.

Accordingly I turned the shower on and stripped, stepping in. The water felt great. I lathered up and caught the hot water with my mouth, still in effort to berried the hair of the dog. It was when I was washing my hair that I realized not what I saw, but what I didn’t see. No tampons, pads or anything the like. “She definitely isn’t post menopausal is she?” It was possible, it was something that could happen at a young age. I considered the anal lubricants, the enema device under the sink. “She likes anal sex…” I considered: “She gives great head… knows how to work a dick…”

There was a knock at the door and she popped her head in, “Hey babe.” she tossed a towel on the counter.

“Hey…” I tried to pick words to say but my head was still pounding, though the hot water was a good counter measure. It pounded the back of my head and ran down my neck, shoulders, and back.

“Have you guessed my name?” she asked stepping into the bathroom.

“No… not yet…”

I had forgotten that she hadn’t told me her name yet. “The medicine!” I lathered up, “But I will.”

“Breakfast is waiting when you are ready.” she poked her head into the shower and planted a soft morning kiss on my lips. “Last night was incredibly fun.”

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