A Page Out of an Erotic Novel

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People give me a lot of grief about my job. I hear “nerd” or “bookworm” on a fairly regular basis. It comes with the territory, said territory being one of those smaller mom and pop bookstores. I don’t work for one of the big chain bookshops, no coffee shop, DVD, or CD selection. Simply put, it’s just a quaint but popular old store in a bustling college town. Sure, I’ve thought about moving to a chain store, but my job has far better perks. Half the staff consists of hot, fresh out of high school girls looking to make some money for college.

I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with my co-workers, flirting and the likes. However, being one of the older staff members, that’s usually as far as it goes. I think it’s safe to say that most of them considered me as more the at-work friend than as a possible romantic item. That’s not how it was with Sam, though.

Sam caught my eye the moment she started her first day on the job. She strolled into the building with her button-up shirt open down to the bra, her pale white flesh exposed for the world. I couldn’t take my eyes off the valley of those 18-year-old breasts. Small but perfectly shaped, barely hidden beneath a black bra and white top. It was several seconds before I managed to pull myself away from that particular area to examine the rest of her tall and slender frame.

Naturally, the owners frowned on her choice of clothes and forced her into more acceptable apparel. None-the-less, she still managed to wear the stuffier clothes like they contained pure sex itself. Framed by her long black hair, I was always aware of the figure that lay beneath. Much to my delight, whenever the owners or management weren’t in the store, a few buttons would come undone and the cleavage came out to visit.

A few weeks passed by and I’d made it a point to get to know Sam. She was eighteen, a freshman in the local college, and to my despair in a long-lasting relationship with a guy. That was another nail in the coffin. Another hottie already out of my grasps. Not that I really believed I had a chance to begin with. I decided to abandoned the pursuit, but still remained friends if for know other reason than to gaze at what I could of her wonderful breasts.

As it happened, the owners of the store had decided to make one of the two bathrooms an employee bathroom. Since the majority of the staff was female, they really hadn’t thought about the fact that it meant the bathroom would be uni-sex. Now, I wasn’t the type of guy who got off on the girls peeing variety of porn, so I tended to use the public bathroom to avoid awkward confrontations with my fellow workers. This wasn’t always possible, though, since customers have to piss now and then too.

Working the cashier counter on that fateful night, I had the luck of helping a very pretty girl in a low cut top. She was browsing the books on the shelves behind me and spent a fair amount of time leaned over the desk, giving me a clear shot straight down her shirt. This lengthy free show resulted in an erection that was screaming to be let free from the restrictions of my jeans. I waited until she had made her purchase and then excused myself to the bathrooms.

Trying the public door, it was locked, so I popped into the employee. I didn’t bother to go into a stall, I just had to give my swelled cock some room to breathe. It felt good to pull it out from the cramped position it had formed in. So good that I began to give it a bit of attention with out concern for my environment. It must have been going good, because I never heard the door open.

I’d been stroking it for a good solid minute before I realized someone was watching me. I jumped, trying to shove my dick back in my pants.

“Don’t put it away on my account,” a cute voice said with a giggle.

I looked to see Sam watching me, smiling at me, but tekirdağ escort her eyes looking only at my crotch. I wasn’t sure what to do. I’d managed to get it into my underwear, but a good inch of it was still poking out. I muttered something.

“Jeez, I’m sorry.” I was embarrassed. I hadn’t been caught masturbating since I was a kid. “I forgot where I was.”

“Don’t worry about it,” more smiles, “it’s only natural. Hell, I’ve done it in here almost daily.”

Hearing her say those words made my dick throb. It had been awhile since I had gotten any action. The thought of her working her clit in this very room made me reach my hand back down into my underwear.

“Here,” she said as she began to unbutton her shirt. “Something to help you along.”

“You shouldn’t do that. You have a boyfriend.” I said this, but didn’t mean it. My fingers were already around my cock.

“Sure, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a new dick.” She had unbuttoned the remaining button, leaving only a bra between me and seeing her gorgeous B cups.

I pulled my pants down, making my entire thick 7-inch dick visible to her. She reached behind her and locked the door before stepping closer to me. She approached and looked at me with a wicked smile.

“Well, are you going to stroke that cock or not?”

A bit nervous, I stood there a moment before beginning a gentle rhythm of tugs on my pulsing erection. She watched, her eyes lighting up with eagerness as she did so. I bit my lip and kept going, but couldn’t quite get the hang of putting on a performance for her. She must have caught on to this.

“I guess the old saying is true: if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.”

She was suddenly a lot closer, her hand on top of mine, guiding my grip down the shaft. “Why don’t you release that death grip and let me have a go?”

I think I may have uttered a meager “Ok,” regardless if I actually managed to say it or not, I left my cock completely to her hand.

“Besides, I could use a little relief from work.” She said this as she gave my dick a playful tug.

I was in awe. Speechless as this nubile vixen’s fingers wrapped around and pulled slowly at the skin of my cock. I didn’t move, just enjoyed. With her other hand, she fondled her own covered breast before undoing the front hooks of her bra. The bra seemed to open in slow motion.

The sight was that of true beauty. Better than any renaissance artist could have painted or sculpted. Her breasts were perfect mounds of pale white flesh, topped with pink puffy nipples the size of half-dollars. Supple and hanging like weightless orbs in the air, each little movement caused them to jiggle. That in turn caused my dick to shudder with pleasure.

“Stop standing there and touch me,” she ordered with an exhilarating sultriness in her young voice.

I obeyed without question. I wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her closer before letting it slide to her ass. My other hand cupped a breast, my thumb and fingers grazing the entirety of its surface. I didn’t wait long before bending down to put one of those delicate nipples in my mouth. It was soft like cotton candy, but began to harden from the sensation of me sucking. All the while she worked away at my cock.

She giggled again as I pushed my hand down into her pants, getting myself a handful of her round ass. The giggle ended in a moan when I bit tenderly on her erect nipple, tugging it gently in-between my teeth. I gave that young ass a good squeeze.

Without warning, she pushed me back against the wall. I was a bit in shock at the sudden stop, but got over it pretty quickly. She shrugged off her open shirt and bra and let them fall discarded to the ground. In a flash, she was on her knees and before I could blink, she had several inches trabzon escort of cock in her hot mouth. A moan exploded from mine.

She must have had plenty of practice since she was deep-throating me with no effort. It was the best head I’d had in ages, her tongue formed around the bottom of my cock as it slid far back in her throat. I thought for sure she would gag, but she didn’t. Instead she pressed both her hands at the base of my cock, thumbs and forefingers making a triangle around my shaft, pushing the flesh back so she could get even more cock in.

I couldn’t help but start to fuck that beautiful face of hers. She managed a smile, even with a face full of cock, as I grasped her head and began pounding it into her face. She let me get away with this for a while before pulling back and releasing suction with an audibly wet pop.

“Slow down, Cowboy, or you won’t be able to hold out for the real.” She said, wiping her mouth of with the back of her hand.

“If you insist,” I said, a bit winded.

“Good boy,” She returned, giving my cock a playful shake before popping a ball in her mouth. She stroked me gently as she took turns sucking one ball at a time. Then she let go so her tongue could have access to the underside of my shaft. She licked that pointy little tongue tip all around the base of my cock and all the way up the shaft.

Feeling braver now, I grabbed my cock and smacked teasingly against her cheeks as she flicked at it with her rapid tongue. She sighed happily as my tip brushed against her lips.

“Let’s go into the stall,” she winked up at me, getting to her feet. She took my hand in hers and led me into one of the two stalls. Backing my way in, she pushed me down onto the toilet seat the instance I was inside. She shut the stall door and unbuttoned her jeans. Turning around, her ass was only feet away from my face as she pulled her tight-fitting pants and pink pants down off the curve of hips and butt. I couldn’t help but kiss one cheek as soon as her jeans and cleared the entirety of her ass. She laughed.

Kicking off her pants, she did a quick tease. She covered her tits with her right arm, squeezing the left breast to cover her nipple. Her left hand was covering her crotch. She turned around to face me in this pose before raising her hands as if to say, “Ta-da!”

The sight was beautiful. Fantastic tits with hard nipples pointing skyward and a tiny strip of dark pubic hair like an arrow pointing to what I wanted. I didn’t realize my cock had been in my hand this whole time.

Sam spun around, her ass facing me, and sat back until she was hovering over my cock. She swayed her ass back and forth as she squatted between my spread legs. I used my hand to guide the tip of my cock to rub against her opening as it inched closer. My tip brushed her clit before feeling the warm moist slit. I moved it back and forth a few times, grazing her clit each time before slowly pushing the head of my cock inside. I felt her body tense and shudder right before she pushed herself down farther onto my erection.

Reaching up, I grabbed the curves of her hips to pull her onto me. She let out a long moan as every inch of my dick penetrated her. We rocked slowly in this position for some time, enjoy the feel of the union of bodies. It wasn’t long though until she was gathering momentum and excitement. She put her lovely long legs to use, bouncing on top of my cock with increasing speed. A string of “Oh God, oh god,” was quick to follow. I couldn’t help but to slide my hands up to those jiggling tits. I gave them both a good squeeze, making sure to pinch her nipples as I did so. This set off several high pitched screams of pleasure.

Not wanting Sam to wear herself out doing all the work, I suggest between gasps that we change positions. It took her a few sivas escort moments to stop before she agreed with a bitten lip and a nod of her head. Pulling herself off, she stood and took a few backwards steps so that I could get up. I moved my way beside her, so we could change locations, she gave my cock a tug with her right hand and I gave her left nipple a quick suck in passing. Once my back was facing the door to the stall we kissed passionately before she turned around and bent over, her hands bracing against the wall and her ass pushed up in the air. I gave it a good spank.

Her teenage pussy was so moist it took no effort what so ever to slide back inside her. There was no going slow this time. We both wanted one thing, some great, hard fucking. I grabbed two good handfuls of ass as I began to pound deep into her. The bathroom was soon filled with the sound of my balls slapping against her wet clit. This sound was swiftly drowned out by our combined moans, gasps and screams. For a while, all of Sam’s words simply ran together into a one long word, “Fuckinggodohfuckfuckme.” I held on firmly with my right hand and gave her beautiful bobbing ass a few good smacks in rhythm with our hips.

On an impulse, I stopped smacking her butt and used the middle finger of my right hand to probe around her asshole. I rubbed around a bit before pushing the fingertip in. The reaction was immediate; she began to grind me at maximum speed. I didn’t hesitate to push the finger all the way in, trying to match its movement inside her to that of my cocks. Her shrieks of ecstasy were getting to the point were they were barely audible. More like airy grunts of pleasure. She tensed up, squeezing my cock inside her, and the long low moan that she let out let me now she had reached climax. Her grinds began to slow. I felt like cumming, but didn’t want to go inside her. I let my cock slip out.

She sat down on the toilet seat, panting and staring at my swelled and glistening cock.

“Here,” she said, pushing her chest out. “Put it between my tits and I’ll finish you off.”

I was more then eager to do as she asked. She pushed her milky white breasts together with her hands and I shoved my dick in between them. The soft silky skin and added lubrication of sweat and her juices felt fantastic. I gyrated my hips, glidding between her mounds until my head was back and I was moaning loudly.

“That’s it, cum all over my tits. I want to see your cum on my nipples.”

She spoke the words seductively and I couldn’t help but oblige her. A long stream of warm cum shot put, hitting her chin and dripping back down on her chest. I pulled back and let the second and then third glaze each of her erect nipples. She bent her head down and sucked whatever cum remained in my dick out, swallowing it with a relish. Sam looked gorgeous glistening with sweat and breasts covered in cum. The white load a lovely contrast on her pink nipples.

“That was amazing,” was all I could think of to say.

“You bet your ass it was,” she replied matter-of-factly. “I think we should schedule our bathroom breaks more closely in the future,”


We cleaned up and dressed. We tried to exit the bathroom casually, but it was obvious we had been heard by a few of the patrons. Sam smiled at them with a sweet, but ever-so wicked smile and went right back to work as if nothing happened. I headed for the drinking fountain. I had a quick drink before I noticed some one standing by me.

I looked up to see an attractive woman in her mid-thirties. She was grinning at me with an uncertain look in her eyes.

“Can I help you?” I asked, all business.

“Yes…I hope so.” She looked a bit nervous and was fiddling with the top button of her blouse. “I’m looking for the self help books.”

“Sure, I can help you with that. What topic did you need?”

“How to have a better love life. You know, how to have more pleasure in the bedroom…or where ever else.” She gave me a knowing smile.

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll have no problem helping you find just what you need.”

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