A Reality Check Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Power, Submission and the Blue Tattoo

A UFO seeking a hospitable landing site need only locate the night lights of Las Vegas. Billions of megawatts beam their message to all life forms capable of cognition – “Welcome!” “We’re Tolerant!” “There’s plenty of room to land the largest space craft.” “Play! Spend!” Quickly scan the creatures walking the streets; some may have accepted the invitation. As they say, what happens on the road . . .

Whooshhh! Ahhh!

When the elevator opens onto Mistress Simone’s private party at her Penthouse, a.k.a. “Mom’s Attic”, it is clear that Vegas is deep in transmission mode again tonight.

A submissive male in red bow tie, black leather vest and jock greets and offers Goddess Nyx a glass of champagne. As she sips, she follows the panorama window by window. At the north end of the room, about 180 degrees from where she starts, the collected subs sit on benches. Easy to spot the experienced ones, stoic but alert.

The rest are like designer dogs ready for pickup at the Groomer’s – they’ve suffered the poking, handling and sundry indignities of the day. Confused and feeling abandoned, each waits for his Mistress to take him home.

Sensing her presence, Sweet Cheeks looks up expectantly.

Before she can react to him, Mistress Isabella calls to her, “There you are! We’ve been looking for you . . .” The rest is muffled as they rejoin the party.

‘Well, at least she knows I’m here.’ He looks around.

Where are Big Boy and some of the Long Dong contestants? Sent home by their Mistresses? One male is fully dressed in street clothes, a couple more are in tight pants, others . . . others, like him, are in jocks or ladies panties, or harness contraptions. All wear collars and leashes.

He doesn’t realize that he and Goddess Nyx share a common feeling about the surreal evening – neither has a clue how it will end nor what comes next. His mind wanders as he waits.


His body jerks as Sweet Cheeks tries to make sense of the whirling room closing in on him.

“What the FUCK!!!”

Ms. Rich Bitch in punk chic goes flying as he rips his taut, muscular body from her probing fingers. Glitter from her hair floats like confetti as she falls. A scissors-wielding bastard with a “You die!” smirk on his face slouches against a barstool, eating up the tension.

Goddess Nyx, crossed arms smashed against her breasts, tries to find voice for her rage, while desperately suppressing an icy shard of fear.

No. This is NOT happening. Not to him. Not now. Not ever.

Reality Check. Past, present, and future implode.

He struggles from his nightmare. Eyes open now, clammy with sweat, he doesn’t know if he’s into another bad dream or is awake. He’s worse than naked, wearing red women’s panties and a heavy leather collar, surrounded by other equally bizarrely dressed males. ‘Breathe,’ he tells himself. ‘It’s Vegas. You’ll be going home soon.’


“. . . No shit! The strip Sweet Cheeks did at the start of the evening wasn’t planned?”

“Well, I know he has a sexy body, and has done some cute dances for me, but – I don’t know – it must have been – ” Goddess Nyx takes a big gulp of champagne, “something in the bubbly at dinner . . .”

Laughter, other voices rising and falling. ” . . . And THAT’S how last year’s contest ended!” Glasses clink toasts as snatches of conversations fill the space.

Earnest new members (like Goddess Nyx) seek counsel from those who’ve been around the scene for a bit.

What works to keep focused? How do you treat your sub? What do you do with him – how do you use him – in public? How do you get what you want, when you want it? What disciplinary tactics are most effective? What seminars have you taken here? What toys and tools do you like the best? Ever have to use safe words?

What about love?

Ideas rip fast and free. “Trust yourself, but push your limits.” “Back off and you lose the opportunity to see what will work for you.” But there is concrete advice, as the Ladies network. Sharing is the secret treasure of Mom’s Attic and the Club.

Mistress Simone, dressed now in a form-fitting sequined gown, circulates, savoring the great evening. She takes time to talk with each of her guests, impeccably timing her interruptions.

“My Dear Goddess Nyx, thank you again for sharing Sweet Cheeks tonight! What do you think about the weekend, so far?”

“I can’t believe this is real. How can I thank you for – for everything over the past year? And the chance to meet these amazing Ladies. If the window were open, I’d probably float into space!” Her copper hair and dazzling emerald green dress glow as she twirls around.

They chat a few more moments, then Goddess Nyx asks, “A favor – where can I get my hair done, perhaps have a massage, and, um, also find a special place for something I want for Sweet Cheeks?” She blushes as she explains.

Mistress Simone grins at the last request. “I know just the place to send you for all three.” They walk to her Attic office, gizli porno slightly away from the noise. Goddess Nyx stares, wide-eyed, as her Hostess picks up her phone. It’s almost 3:00 a.m. A moment later . . .

“Yes, Darling, I know what time it is. What are you doing in bed so early, alone?” With a throaty laugh, her head nodding, she continues. “Listen, Darling, I have a very special new Member with me right now, and I want you to take care of a few things for her. You are the best, and she deserves only the best.”

Goddess Nyx shakes her head in amazement when Mistress Simone finishes her conversation. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Your face says it all! Please, my Dear, this is a time to celebrate and explore. You are among friends and like-minded, understanding people, so go enjoy. At some point, you’ll be in a position to pass along a favor, and I know you will. We share our knowledge and resources.”

They walk back to the party. “Have you met Lady Melanie? She lives near you, and is a marvelous person to know. Let me introduce you.” As Mistress Simone leads her to a strikingly featured woman standing at the window, she adds, “Please stay as long as you’d like tonight. When you are ready to leave, just tell my boy by the elevator, and he’ll have the chauffeur take you back to your hotel.”

With that, she introduces the two Ladies and leaves them to chat. Goddess Nyx desperately wants to memorize every detail of the evening, each guest and conversation.

Time to crash. The sub speaks softly into the house phone, then says, “Mistress Simone’s chauffeur will meet you down stairs in five minutes. With your permission, I’ll see that Sweet Cheeks is dressed appropriately to accompany you.”

On the ride back, Sweet Cheeks is very quiet, and Goddess Nyx lets her mind drift with Coltrane’s soulful saxophone on the stereo. The Chauffeur addresses her. “I’ll pick you up at 9:00 p.m. for the evening’s activities, if that is acceptable.” She nods.

The very tired couple enter the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel. Once inside their suite, Sweet Cheeks lets out a big, deep sigh and leans against the wall. He is done in, completely and utterly.

“Well, Sweet Cheeks, I am exhausted. Arrange a noon wake-up call and have room service deliver breakfast a few minutes after. Then get ready for bed.” She walks over to the still-unopened gift basket, caresses its ribbon and opaque foil.

He looks up gratefully. His wild cock is now a turtle hiding in its shell.

She takes her time unwinding. Sweet Cheeks is sound asleep when she climbs into the bed they share.


They drink their coffee quietly. Sweet Cheeks doesn’t know what to say, or how to say it. The previous evening replays in his mind; he can’t truly believe it happened. Or anything else since they arrived – or even in the months prior.


He is a professional man, successful in his field. A well-respected banker, powerful, in command of almost any situation. Married and much in love with a thoughtful, articulate, sensitive woman who can’t even watch Disney movies, for crying out loud, because something dreadful always befalls the animals.

An incident a year or so earlier makes him realize his wife needs to become more assertive, more capable of making decisions and taking control. If anything happens to him, he worries, she could be taken advantage of, so he wants to toughen her up. But how?

On the internet, he discovers the key – Femdom – and an aching realization that it powerfully turns him on, too. What if he doesn’t have to be in control all the time? What if she would take over those duties, and let him react, respond, and serve her?

Those thoughts blow him away. How in the world did they even enter his mind? What would his friends say if they knew what he was checking out? Mr. Macho on the tennis courts. But the naughty, tantalizing world keeps luring him back.

Eventually, he shares his concerns about his wife’s ability to take care of herself, and what he’s finding online. After the shock wears off, she’s intrigued. Never in her wildest imagination did she think in the terms her hubby related. Never.

But they talk about it further, long into the nights, on walks, at meals out, trips away, intermissions at the Theatre, in bed. They keep talking and exploring the nuances, the logistics, the funny possibilities.

And one day, she actually starts believing she can do it, that she can take charge of her life, make decisions, risk being wrong. Move beyond her comfort zone. And beyond his.

They make a pact. He agrees to become her sub, to do her bidding, dress as she chooses, acquiesce to her desires, no matter how strange they seem to him. He agrees to give up being The Male In Charge.

And she agrees to become The Female In Charge.

They start with little fun things, like selecting their names. She reads books and begins researching online. He had no idea who she’s communicating with, or where she surfs. She keeps that very private.

At götten porno one point, quite curious about her activities, he tries to check her “Favorites” sites and history. She’s password-protected her computer, for the first time, and he can’t get in. That’s when he knows he’s lost control of the experiment.

Tentative at first, then bolder in her ideas, his wife changes. What he’s put in motion, takes on a life of its own.

*** She shares her secret with none of her friends, and knows no one else in her situation, except anonymously online. At a weekend event, she can actually meet Mistress Simone, with whom she’s intensely communicated via email. She’s anxious and exhilarated by the prospect of 1) knowing no one else there, or 2) discovering that she DOES know someone else attending. She isn’t sure which possibility unnerves her more.

She can’t discuss the big weekend event with him, either as her husband or her sub. He has absolutely no input into the decision. She has to work this through herself. After much inner angst, she announces that they are going to Las Vegas for a few days.

He understands this trip is very important to her. She’s nervous, excited, fluttery, but mum; her emotions, from twitchy smiles to intensely serious and that look when her mind is in far away places, play out on her face. “Trust me.” That’s all she says.

*** So here they sit, lost in their own thoughts. He really didn’t believe she’d take the sexy strip he did for her a few times and make it public. Or that he’d actually gone along with it. Maybe it didn’t happen. But he knew it did. And that weird dream up at Mom’s Attic upset him; it was so vivid, but the details made no sense.

‘Do I want to continue in this role?’ She’s invested so much into learning to be her own woman, to stand up for what she wants, to lead and not be a counter-puncher. To return to previous status quo could mean – what? ‘Am I willing to risk it?’ He has to trust her.

In truth, it still potently turns him on to be her sub. And speaking of sex, it is the hottest, most intense and incredible ever. She’s become multi-orgasmic. Her raw sexuality makes it hard to control himself at times. But control of his release is one of the most important aspects of the relationship now.

She owns his seed, and is very clear about when and how he’s supposed to sow it. The more she does this, the more hooked he is into trying to please her. Men think with that gadget between their legs. She finally understands, and uses it to her advantage. Plain and simple, but effective.


‘Am I really going forward with my plans today? It seemed like such a good idea when I plotted it, but now . . .’

The arrangements are in motion; if her resolve crumbles, she gives up everything she’s pushed herself to do. Besides, how can she ever back down after Mistress Simone’s middle of the night madness?

“Go shower and get dressed, Sweet Cheeks. I’m having my hair done and then we are going shopping.” Abruptly she jumps up from the sofa and heads for her bathroom.

He stacks their breakfast dishes on the tray, wheels it out to the hallway, heads in to shower and shave. Then stops and enters her room.

“Would you like me to wash your back or do anything else for you, Goddess?”

“No. Just get ready.”

Lately, when she bathes, she demands lavish attention, using it to satisfy her sexual needs. Not the norm; he’s getting nervous again.

After her shower, she quickly puts on a little makeup, a gauzy sundress splashed with bright colors, and comfortable cork-soled sandals. She dresses him in a pair of dark jersey shorts, tank top, and sandals. Nothing else. The Vegas sun is out and hot.

Sweet Cheeks hails a taxi. Once inside, she hands the driver a card with an address on it.

“Yes, Ma’am!” he says with a big grin, then whistles “Strangers in the Night” while he drives. Sweet Cheeks looks at Goddess Nyx, opens his mouth to say something, then sighs and swallows it instead. She looks out her window and tries to hide her own mixed feelings.

When they exit the taxi, she grabs his arms and jerks him around to face her. “Now, no more questions and no arguments about anything. Understand, Sweet Cheeks?”

“No questions? But – “

“NO questions. You either trust me and agree to my terms or we stop now. It is very important that we are both clear. I am in charge of your life. You are to obey me, even if I tell you to do something you don’t want to do. This is what we’ve been working on for the past year.

“Do you trust me?”

Rocking on his heels, he feels the sweat course down his back. Here it is. Either he is with her, or – or what? He looks her in the eye, then drops his gaze.

“Yes, Goddess. I trust you and agree to remain submissive to your wishes.”

She breathes deeply and runs a hand over his tush. “Then follow me.”

In the lobby the guard directs her to an express elevator. At the other end, a beautiful young woman greets them. “Goddess Nyx, we grup porno were expecting you. Please come this way and meet Eduardo, our top stylist, and Gina, the specialist you requested.”

They follow her to a round, mirrored room playing upbeat Caribbean music. Eduardo takes her hands and kisses her on both cheeks. “You must be a very special friend of Simone’s. Please tell us what you have in mind today.”

She pulls a drawing from her purse and hands it to him. “This is what I want. Nothing gauche, but not too discreet, either.”

Gina and Eduardo discuss the picture and options, then look at Sweet Cheeks, standing a few feet from them. As Gina circles him, staring appreciatively at his buns, the air sparkles.

Sweating violently now in the cool room, he stands statue still, barely breathing. What the fuck is this about? Turning to his Goddess with wide eyes, the impossibility dawns on his brain. ‘Glitter.’

“Sweet Cheeks, I am tattooing you. Forevermore, your ass will say “Sweet Cheeks: Property of Goddess Nyx”.

‘Bad dream. REALLY bad dream.’ His brain screams at him.

‘If I don’t wake up soon, I’ll be branded for life! Please, let this be a dream. I hate dreams. I can’t deal with reality now, so this has to be a dream.’ His mind thrashes. ‘I hate tattoos. Always have. I won’t have one. Not now. Not ever.’ The fucking nightmare from yesterday!

If ever there is a defining moment in their relationship, this is it. Now or never. He doesn’t realize he’s shaking until Gina tells him to just breathe. “I can give you nitrous oxide if you need it.” Laughing gas – like this is a laughing matter!

He has no clue how long he’s been standing there, all six feet and 200 lbs. of him, sobbing. Goddess Nyx is very serious, arms crossed in front of her. “Drop your drawers and bend over.”

His eyes say it all. This is no game. She has won. Eduardo regards him with just a hint of amusement. Oh, to be in the shower room at his Athletic Club next week. ‘Scissors.’

Slowly, he drops his shorts, bends forward and holds his knees. While Gina explains how she’ll handle the artwork, colors, size and shape, they run their hands over his anguished cheeks.

Gina leads Sweet Cheeks to a comfortable, but structured apparatus designed to keep his body from moving around once the work begins. His left buttock and hip burn from the alcohol swab. He tries to bolt without thinking. Too late. He’s latched in.

“Come on now, Sweet Cheeks. This won’t hurt much. Well, it won’t hurt too long, if you stay loose. Goddess Nyx knows what she’s doing. So relax.”

Gina positions a transparency of the tattoo on his ass, checks it from several angles. When satisfied, she smooths it on him and removes the film, leaving the picture behind.

Goddess Nyx comes in to give her approval. “I’m having a massage and my hair done, and will be back for you in a couple of hours, Sweet Cheeks.” She bolts from the room.


Breathing heavily, she can’t let him see her panic. She’s actually doing this – this tattoo he doesn’t want, that embodies the new power structure in their relationship. No question now.

The Reality Check. She’s crossing the river of indecision and fear. No turning back.


Her massage is intense; the masseur understands what’s going on with his client and her male. Her inner struggle knots both major and minor muscles; he works deftly and effectively on the trigger points to unlock the layers. Quietly, he reads her body. Uncluttering her emotions, she reorganizes the pieces of her life to fit into new compartments in her mind.

Ninety minutes after they start, she’s clear-headed and relaxed. Eduardo hugs her shoulders as he takes her to the salon chair. “Are you okay now?”

She inhales deeply, smiles at him and says, “This is one trip neither of us will forget.”

Eduardo creates sexy waves with her bright copper locks, then turns her over to his makeup artist. She’s ready for anything now.


His thoughts float like fragile bubbles, his pain more intense mentally than physically. She is the Goddess. He is her slave. Whatever she wants is his to do for her. He is hers, body and soul, beyond questioning now.

*** Pleased with her magic needle work, Gina cleans the tattoo with the last antiseptic solution that also seals the ink.


He bows when Goddess Nyx walks into the room to get him. “Let me see you.” He stands tall, hands clasped above his cock, and shyly shows his left cheek. Her hand trembles slightly when she touches him an inch from the tattoo.

“Marvelous. Just what I wanted.” Gina nods her acceptance of the compliment. “Come now, Sweet Cheeks, get dressed. We have more errands to run.”

He is silent, eyes lowered as he walks behind her into the bright sunlight.


She finds everything she’s looking for. Red leather for herself, in just the shade to play up her hair and hazel eyes. Trying on several outfits, she opts for a short skirt, bustier, high heeled boots, a chic cap, purse and riding crop.

Sweet Cheeks sucks up his pain and models several combinations for her. She chooses tight black pants with a Navy-style button flap instead of a zipper, a leather vest with chain frogs, an intricately carved collar, and Japanese ninja-style sandals.

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