Being My Roommate’s Sissy Pt. 03

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SubTessa (Author): Sorry for the wait guys, University sort of made me forget about this entire thing. If you’re new to this series and start here, I think it’ll be ok. The last two are just the lead up to this day. I hope you enjoy it! You should also read these with a healthy level of self-esteem!


I wake up, quickly forgetting what I dreamt. The sight of the inside of Tanners closet immediately pushes me into worry. Dozens of half asleep questions start floating around my head, ‘What am I doing in here?’… ‘Did last night actually happen?’ ‘Is Kara in Tanner’s bed right now?’… ‘Am I actually wearing this?’… ‘How do I go back?’

I stand up, spine aching from the sleep, and peer through the decorative slits. There she is, Kara – her body under the bed sheets, right next to him. She is so beautiful, seeing her feels like I just missed the last step of a staircase and fell into a trance of butterflies and excitement. How do I describe it? It’s not about a single thing, it’s about how it all comes together – her complexion, auburn hair… It’s the sum that makes the idea of her, the idea I fell for a couple months ago… I start to daydream. I think back to our date. She was just so understanding, empathetic… and how internal her confidence was. It just comes together, making Kara – and leaving me in some colorful daze. Of course, the feelings don’t last long. My thoughts eventually catch up with the situation as I start recalling last night. Images of Tanner pushing her nose into his lower stomach, of her face being covered in spit, of her arms being held behind her back on the bed – with the side of her face against his bed sheets – start appearing in my mind. ‘Crush’ veers into ‘humiliation’. The butterflies stay, along with the excitement, just now stemming from shame and taboo rather than romanticism.

How do I stop this? Should I sneak back into my room? Pretend it never happened? I’m so stupid. How did I agree to this? Should I use the safe-word? Tanner would be so upset. Fuck fuck fuck. It’s not too late to explain myself out of this. I hear the bed sheets shifting.

It’s Kara, she opens her eyes and sits up in the bed. She’s not wearing a bra. God, it’s so hard to look at her with Tanner’s half covered body right there beside her. She stretches her arms and looks around the room then, back at Tanner. She places her head on his right pec and wraps herself with his arm… how cute.

“How was last night?” He asks, apparently awake.

“Very, very nice…” Kara says, giggling at the end. “I’ve always wanted to explore that ‘power’ side a bit more and it’s like you just gave me an all-inclusive heli tour of it.”

“Oh I try my best.” Tanner says, Kara giggles a bit more. Hr brushes her hair to the side and moves a bit to sit semi-upright. They lay like that for a while, with Tanner running his fingers through her hair, just admiring each others company.

It’s so embarrassing, I told myself I could live with seeing Kara have some shallow ‘power’ sex – I’d be a hypocrite not to. What’s the worst that could even happen? She has some meaningless sex with Tanner, I jerk off in his closet, he bluffs that he will expose me, and Kara goes home. We’re all happy in the end… But this, this is something else, she’s looking at him with a sense of lust and affection – like she’s completely just amazed at who he is. This is what I don’t know how to deal with. This is what’s stirring a deep envy in me.

“Random question, but what do you think of Caleb?” Tanner asks. My stomach drops.

“Your roommate? You said he was gone for the weekend right?”

“Yea, we can talk about him.”

“So I’m guessing you know we went on a date a couple days ago…” Kara says, Tanner nods in reply. “Well, I don’t know what you think of him, I’d just describe him as… sensitive… and a bit lost, I guess. It makes him cute though. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious about this date. He was so upset about it.”

“Oh, poor thing… he overthought the entire thing and that probably just carried through to the next day…”

“I heard he invited you in at the end.”

“Oh my god, did he tell you or something?”

“I overheard it actually.”

“Yes, that was awkward. Very awkward… and that’s what I meant by a ‘little lost’, he’s trying so hard to not be himself – which I can get on some level, it’s just…”

“It just that weakness is a turnoff.” Tanner says. Kara giggles spontaneously.

“Oh shut up! Y’know not everyone’s a ‘super-alpha’ like you.” She says.

“Who said anything about me being an alpha? Are you trying to say something, dear?” Kara giggles on his chest one more time. Her hair just resting there on his body, her eyes full of attention on Tanner. A moment passes. “You look so cute when you blush.” Tanner says. She smiles again.

“Ok… So I may have projected a bit.” Kara says. I think I see her bite her lip. Tanner keeps running his fingers through esmer porno her hair. Some moments pass. I think I hear someone pass in the hallway.

“It turns you on, doesn’t it?” He asks, but afterwards Kara breaks her gaze, I guess embarrassment through the limited vision of the closet. “Oh don’t worry, it’s normal. Most girls think the same as well. Tanner gently twists her head back so she is looking at him. “They crave a strong arm in their life, some solid ground – and not just sexually.” And I think I can make out her blush through the slits. “Most don’t really realize it, of course. So it feels natural to be drawn to… Oh, how do I put this… ‘Dominant’ men.” Kara lets go of a breath in response. I can imagine the warmth of it, and the feeling of it running down Tanner’s chest, brushing over his pec, down to his abs.

“I just don’t get why though… It’s some sort of evolutionary defect – the strong man is favorable for sex, that’s just how it went. Or maybe culture, or parents, or – I don’t know… I just, I know what you’re talking about, and I feel it a lot.” Kara says, blushing a bit more. Is she believing him? The word she’s looking for is ‘asshole’.

“Hold on. Defect? Darling, it’s nature. Power is everything, so power is attractive.”

“Oh not really, just… just a small bit, and in some cases, and it’s not as important as your guy-monkey brains think it is.”

“Me? A monkey brain? Is that why you were on your knees about 20 seconds after we got in?”

“Oh shut up.” Kara says with a smile, trying to contain another giggle. She starts thinking a bit more after that. “It’s different, and there’s no real power here, it’s for fun. It’s a power you can zoom out on.”

“This sounds a bit like denial, sweetie.”

“Oh now you’re just taking it to your ego.” Kara says, she looks back up at Tanner, probably worrying that he took it seriously.

“No, I don’t think so. I just think a bit differently. ” Tanner says, with a smile. “More clearly.” He starts twisting her hair a bit, just enough to make her uncomfortable. “This has always confused me about girls, why do they overthink it? Culture? Evolution? I twist.” He pulls a bit harder. “And you react. Power is here, loud and obvious.”

“Oh, so powerful.” Kara says, a bit in discomfort, a bit in sarcasm. She shifts a bit, well, as much as she can, and I can tell it’s because she’s getting turned on.

“So you think boxing away your emotions is the solution? Does it make you feel ‘mature’? You science girls are the worst when it comes to this, pretending you’re all robots.” He pinches her cheek and jiggles it. “There’s nothing more to it sweetie, why ‘zoom out”? To feel smart? All your doing is losing touch with reality.” His hand goes down to her crotch, I can’t see it through the covers but I can imagine it. His other hand, on her hair, holding her head still on the pillow. “This is what’s real.” Then Kara moans, arching her back awkwardly with her hair stuck in Tanner’s fist.

“Ahhh- Fu-uckk.” Kara says.

“Does it feel real?”

“Ahh, y-yes.”

“Well, point proven then.” Tanner says, and with that he lets go. Tanner gives her a second to catch her breath.

“You’re fucking amazing.” Kara says. Then tries to kiss him but Tanner’s hand moves over her breasts to push her back to lying down on the pillow.

“I still have some questions.”

“Ask away.”

“Are you open to new experiences?” Tanner asks.


“Do you want to go down the rabbit hole of power even more? Maybe even explore the dominant side of you?” Holy shit, he’s going to do it. My clitty is hard, I’m dressed up in a fucking maid uniform and stockings, and I can hear my heartbeat in my ears. This conversation is like walking on thin-ice – he knows I can hear it too, and is probably just teasing me before he plunges me into the water.

“Yes… But what is this about? Just tell me.” Kara says. Not like this I think, not with this girl. It’s like Tanner planned this entire conversation just to embarrass me, getting Kara horny before the proposition, making her think about dominance. It’s just not fair.

“What if I told you that every morning, I wake up to Caleb submissively kneeling by my bed – dressed in a cute girl outfit, with a prepared breakfast and all.” Kara sits up in the bed looking back at him over her shoulder. I can tell from behind that her eyes are wide open. “He’s basically my own submissive sissy slut that I have been training for the past couple months he-”

“Ok. Stop… What? Caleb? Your roommate?”

“Yes, Caleb, my roommate… He prefers to be called ‘Carly’ though, and it kind of suits him.” Kara bursts out laughing.

“Is this some sort of joke?”

“No, completely serious.” Tanner says, they stare at each other for a moment. My heartbeat is deafening. I can still get out of this, I’ll just explain, maturely, that this isn’t for me, that this is just some misunderstanding fantazi porno and she wasn’t supposed to know. That-

“I think I can see it… Wow… If this is true, class with him will be so awkward now… You know I’m his lab partner for physics right!? I can’t know this much about him…”

“Don’t worry, he knows you know.”

“What? How?”

“He’s in my closet right now. This whole thing was his idea actually, he begged me to do it. He wants you to know.”

“Ok, now you’re joking.” Kara says, holding back a laugh. “Stop this bullshit.” They pause for a moment, and I notice Tanner shift his gaze over to the closet. No, no, no.

“Carly, you can come out now.”

What do I do? Fuck, fuck. Don’t panic, just explain. Be mature. I try to think of my next move but all I can do is stand there, frozen in thoughts and motion. Kara’s looking over this way as well now. Silence. An eternity seems to pass by.

“He’s a bit shy.” Tanner says. Kara laughs out loud.

“I knew you were bullshitting.” Kara says. Tanner sighs. They both stare at the closet door again.

“Carly, I won’t ask again. Come out.”

I try to clear my mind. Breathe in, breathe out. OK. I’ll step out, and I’ll say ‘Hey Kara. This is sort of an awkward situation, sorry to put you in this spot, we’ll talk about it later. I wasn’t actually supposed to come out of here, Tanner just made a mistake.’ Yes, that sounds good. ‘Also, this was actu-

“Carly.” Tanner says. Fuck ok, ‘-Tanners idea, not mine, and I mistakenly carried through with it. Sorry for all of this.’ I run it through my head one more time, then I gather all the composure my body allows. With trembling hands I open the sliding door and step out into the light, my legs feel like jelly.

“Look who came out of the closet! Congratulations!” Tanner says. I make eye contact with Kara for half a second, she seems bewildered, I think her mouth is open as well. I look down at my feet.

“Hey, uh, thi-.. ” My voice shakes. “This…” And what feels like one minute passes by. I try to think, regain my thoughts, explain something, but it’s lost in noise. And so, I just stand there in silence, with them still expecting me to say something… “Sorry, th- this is ju-“.

“-Don’t embarrass yourself more.” Tanner says, cutting my sentence off. I feel a bit angry at first, but then, a submissive side gradually replaces the anger with shame. “And don’t just stand there. Come over here.” He says, and the sternness makes me feel like a deer in headlights – my thoughts vanish when the words hit me. His tone really does convey ‘solid ground to swim to’, and I want ground more than ever now. Maybe he is right, I will just embarrass myself more. Not knowing what else to do, I awkwardly step towards the side of the bed – which is far into the corner of his room. Step after step, and I try my hardest to ignore Kara, to just pretend like she’s not there even though I know she’s staring at me and even though I know she is judging. I reach a small distance away from the bed, a small distance away from Kara, and instinctively get ready to kneel.

“No. No kneeling yet. Stand.” Tanner says, I quickly straighten my legs again. “Don’t you want to show off your outfit to Kara? Do a cute twirl, Princess.” My stomach drops even lower and life starts feels like a strained daze in which I can’t form any thoughts not related to listening, seeing, and feeling. Trained instinct kicks in, the only voice that seems to exist in my head, so I choose to listen – half in confusion, half in fear. I bite my lip, still unable to make any eye-contact, and do a slow spin, holding the edges of my short skirt out.

“Good girl!” Tanner says, I let a defeated smile show. “Now, you may kneel.” So I kneel. I fold my hands in my lap, I then notice my clitty is, embarrassingly, screaming ‘Yes’.

“So what do you think?” Tanner asks Kara.

“It’s… Uhm, I don’t know. It’s just a lot at once.” Kara says. “Does he enjoy it?”

“Of course he enjoys it, and he could say ‘stop’ at anytime if he wanted to, he just knows better. Carly, lift up your skirt, show Kara how much you enjoy this.” Tanner says. With shaking hands I lift up my skirt, and with the other I untuck my clitty. It springs out at a bit over 3 inches. What am I doing? I need to say something.

“Oh wow…” She pauses, and it feels like the longest pause I have ever endured. “So you’re a lot kinkier than I thought you were.” Kara says. My clitty throbs a bit harder.

“I think he liked that.” Tanner says, Kara giggles in reply.

“This is… actually sorta turning me on.” She stops to think a bit more, choosing her words. “Do you actually dress up everyday?”

“Yea..” I reply, staring at the floor still. I hear Tanner move, his calves and feet come off the edge of the bed and touch the ground in front of me.

“That’s not how you speak to someone, Princess.” He says, then I feel his porno filmler hand come under my jaw. “Especially to someone you have a crush on.” He pulls my face up so I’m staring at Kara. “Use eye-contact. Try again.” I try to look at Kara’s face but my attention fall immediately on her boobs, they are wide out in the open, right in front of me. They make me forget everything for a second or two, and I just stare in-

Slap. My right cheek feels dull for a moment then starts stinging really bad. The hand under my jaw makes me look at Tanner now.

“How rude. Do you just stare at women’s breasts on the street as well? How do you think that makes Kara feel?”

“I- I’m sorry, Sir. I don’t know what happened, that was stupid – I’m sorry.”

“Well don’t apologize to me.” He guides my head to look at Kara again. She’s covering her breasts now with the blanket. For the first time, we make real eye contact. Her eyes have changed, before they seemed quizzical, bewildered… Now, they seem surprised, and underneath – a building excitement.

“I… I, uhm, I’m sorry Kara. I’m sorry I looked at your breasts, I wasn’t thinking straight.” My face feels like it’s on fire, the entire right side stings which only adds to the warm tingling sensation of embarrassment. I wonder what she thought of Tanners directness.

“It’s okay.” She says, with a sly smile at the end. Her eyes start moving around my face. The room is filled with an excruciating silence once again. “I love your eyeshadow by the way.”

“Thank you.”

“And you told me you were completely straight! I never would have expected something like this…”

“He has trouble admitting it. Feels a bit of shame.” Tanner says, his thumb moves across my upper cheek, wiping away a small tear. I never realized it was there.

“Oh it’s ok! Now that I know we’ll have some fun, won’t we? I could help you pick out dresses, all kinds of girly stuff!” And with the thought, I feel some pressure come off my chest. Will she actually do that?

“But that’s for later.” Tanner says, still holding my head in place. “Let’s have some fun until then.” And gently runs the back of his hand over my burning cheek. “Don’t you want to have fun, Carly?”

“Yes Sir.” I say with a sniffle, Kara smiles again. Tanner’s hand underneath my jaw starts feeling like less of a threat. What’s wrong with me? I realize I’m thinking about his hand connecting to his forearm then bicep, shoulder, pec, and then finally Tanner himself – it stirs a weird, comforting feeling.

“So let’s answer that question.” Tanner says. I look into Kara’s eyes again.

“I do dress up everyday, at least once for Tanner. That’s the rule… Sometimes I have class earlier in the morning, in that case I always make sure to leave food for Tanner when he wakes up, otherwise, I kneel here exactly ten minutes before his alarm.”

“That’s nice.” Kara says, and she seems like she’s still trying to digest it all. “…Sorry I just don’t know what to say, haha.” She looks at me more, battling with the image of me as her lab-partner, or as a ‘sensitive-and-a-bit-lost-boy’, or as a beta hiding behind a poorly built facade of masculinity and ego – inviting her into my room after disaster of a date. I realize this position is rather uncomfortable too, but I am scared to move because of Tanners hand. Kara draws a breath. “So I guess you’re just living the kinky life aren’t you?”

“Yes..” Me and Kara stare at each other a bit more, she notices more details in my makeup, wig, dress. She looks at my clitty again.

“And… you enjoy this? You like being humiliated everyday?” Kara asks. “Is that the right word…?” I feel myself blush and accidently break eye contact.

“Carly, don’t be shy. Tell her all about yourself, be grateful for your second chance.” Tanner says, guiding my head back to Kara again. His free hand gently strokes back some of my stray wig hair.

“Y-Yes. I really like it I think.” And something in Kara’s eyes change, she gently bites her lower lip.

“Well that’s, that’s pretty hot…” She looks at Tanner. Then back at me, this time, with a hint of cruelty. “So this is probably a fantasy come true for you, isn’t it?”


“Being in front of your crush like this, seeing her with your roommate, or… maybe I should say superior instead.” I notice her start to rub Tanners thigh with her foot – a couple centimetres away from my head. I try to not pay attention to it. Tanner smiles at her, is she trying to impress him or something? “Along with being dressed up like a cute girl, on your knees, fulfilling some weird craving for humiliation… Am I getting it right?”


“And you do have a crush on me, don’t you?” My stomach drops once again – lower than ever and despite myself, my clitty throbs even harder, making me let out a quiet whimper. I bite my lip. Kara giggles, “I guess you like making puppy noises too?”

“No, no I don’t! I just, I just felt a bit excited – that’s all… and, I guess I do have a crush on you – well, I feel something at least!” I say.

“Oh you’ve proven that point… speaking of, I think it’s time to tuck that cute little thing, away don’t you think?” She says, throwing me more off guard. I oblige.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32