A Change of Luck

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My 82 Mazda had zero miles left in it. The body looked like it was made of Swiss cheese it had so many rust holes in it and I had to add anti-freeze to it every second day. I needed another car.

I was working in a doctor’s office for a modest income from which I had to pay the rent on my apartment, groceries, clothes and the other necessities of life. With insurance premiums, gasoline and the constant need of repairs the Mazda was nickel and diming me to death.

The prospect of car payments would bury me. I had to come up with a plan. The only thing I could think of was to take in a roommate. By sharing the apartment I could save two hundred dollars a month. I put an ad up on the bulletin board in the local supermarket.

The phone rang at suppertime the next night.

“I’m calling about the apartment.” The voice said, the male voice.

I hadn’t even considered a roommate of the opposite sex or discussed it with my fiancé Mark. Our wedding was planned for next spring and I didn’t think Mark would approve of me sharing my apartment with another fellow.

The caller introduced himself as Joe, a handyman who did work for apartment owners. Joe actually had done some work in my building. He said he ad just split with his wife and desperately needed a place to stay.

Joe sounded so pathetically depressed I foolishly invited his to come and look at the apartment. He was at my door in less than half-an-hour.

When Joe arrived and I opened the door I got a surprise, he was as black as the Ace of Spades!

He was not very tall and of a wiry build.

I invited Joe in to show him the apartment. Having worked in the building he was familiar with the layout. Mine was a two-bedroom apartment and I was using the extra bedroom as storage and sewing room.

Joe decided in minutes he wanted to move in. I thought I should get some references and check on him but he seemed so sincere I said yes.

Joe left and within the hour had retuned with his worldly goods. I suddenly had a roommate!

I helped Joe move my stuff out of the way so he could use the room.

“Where will you sleep?” I asked him.

“On the floor, I’ll pick up a bed tomorrow.” He said.

I talked him into sleeping on the living room couch for the night.

The following morning my clock radio wakens me out of a deep sleep at 7:30 am; time to get ready for work.

Still half asleep I wander out into the hallway on my way to the bathroom. I am still totally nude forgetting I now have a roommate. Through my bleary eyes I see Joe standing there in his boxers.

“Oh sorry!” I said trying to cover the essentials with my hands and arms.

“It’s OK, if we are going to be roommates I guess I better get use to it?” he smiled.

By the look of the tent in his boxers it is going to take a lot of getting use to.

I scurried into the bathroom for privacy.

After finishing brushing my teeth and having my morning shower I checked to see the hall was clear and rushed back to my bedroom.

Casually I swung the door closed not ensuring it closed tightly and begin to get ready for work.

Actually our kıbrıs escort accidental nude encounter was a big icebreaker. After a man has seen you naked it removes a lot of the need for modesty. I really felt more at ease in his company now that he had seen everything.

In a way it was like with my fiancé Mark. He had seen me naked many times and I was really comfortable being naked with Mark around. But I doubted Mark would share my view about showing my body to Joe?

I am no “Miss America”! Standing 5’7″, almost as tall as Joe, I tip the scale at about one hundred and sixty pounds, a good twenty pounds on the “cuddly” side. My breasts are 38D and I have a large ass and a bit of a stomach but a pretty face and alluring auburn hair in a short Paige-boy. I was built for comfort, not speed.

I thought I heard Joe outside my partially open bedroom door as I sat naked in front of my dressing table mirror applying my face and fixing my hair.

I stood and deliberately faced the door as I slipped on my panties and stuffed my boobs into my bar. Then I put on my white polyester smock and pulled up the zipper front.

“I’ll be home about 5:30.” I said to Joe on my way out. I had given his the spare set of keys and told him to make himself at home.

All day at work I couldn’t get our chance encounter in the hallway out of my mind. Joe had seen me completely naked and it had not bothered me. Some sort of an instant bond had formed between us.

At five o’clock I headed home with anticipation of seeing my new roommate. It was exciting to come home to see someone instead of an empty apartment.

I called ahead on my cell phone, Joe answered. I asked him if I should pick up a pizza on the way and he said that would be great.

Joe had been busy while I was at work. He had the apartment looking like a new pin. All the dishes were done and put away, the furniture polished and carpets vacuumed and he had even made my bed and put my clothes in the laundry hamper. I was impressed.

We sat and ate the pizza with some red wine I had left from when Mark and I had dinner together a few weeks ago,

I was in a mellow mood when Joe suggested he run me a warm bath so I could relax and unwind. He left me listening to my favorite Tom Jones’ CD while he prepared my bath.

When I went into the bathroom I was pleasantly surprised.

The tub was filled with floral smelling bubble bath and surrounded with flickering candles. One of my sexy negligees was hung on the door.

“Give me a call when you’re ready and I will come and wash your back.” Joe said as he left the bathroom.

I removed my clothes and melted into the soothing water.

Joe had left the bathroom door partly open when he left.

“Joe!” I called.

He was there in minutes, the bubbles concealing everything below my shoulders. I handed him the lufa and told him to get busy.

I had never had someone bathe me since I was an infant. Joe’s hand slid across my back in soothing strokes. I closed my eyes and lay my head back on the plastic head cushion he had placed at the end of the tub.

As I lay back Joe’s konya escort hand moved around to my front as he directed his attention to my breasts. I was in bliss as he gently caressed my sensitive breasts and sensed my nipples becoming aroused.

“I think you better stop now?” I unhappily said.

“Shall I wait and towel you off?” Joe asked.

I looked into his eyes, “Yes.”

I stood and the lather runs down my body revealing my nakedness. Joe took my hand as I carefully stepped out of the tub. He wrapped the large, white terry towel around me and begins lovingly drying the bathwater from me.

Gently he tends to each breast gently ensuring each mound is properly dried before moving down to my crotch.

I am not shaven. I am standing in a stance with my feet apart so Joe’s hand can reach between my thighs and slide the towel between my labia. I feel his bare finger as it escapes from the towel and a shiver goes up my spine. Without thinking I squat slightly spreading my thighs further apart allowing Joe more access to my sensitive parts.

“You naughty boy!” I playfully chastise him as he found my clit.

Tearing myself away from my seducer I slipped on the negligee Joe had selected for me. It was floor-length but absolutely transparent. Joe had not bother to bring the matching modesty panties that went with it.

“Now that’s more like it!” Joe said stepping back to admire me.

I think that was when I decided I was going to fuck my roommate. Two days ago I didn’t know him, now I wanted his cock in me!

“Let’s go into my bedroom.” I invited him.

I sat on the edge of my bed and took the bedside phone off the hook.

“Come her.” I beckoned to Joe.

He walked over to where I sat.

Boldly I opened his trousers and reaching in I brought out his cock.

It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Not many cocks are beautiful but Joe’s was perfectly formed. The head was an inverted heart shaped of purplish ebony and well defined with a lovely mushroom tip on which glistened a drop of precum. He was not exceptionally big, maybe six to seven inches with a loaded pair of balls.

I leaned forward and covered it with my open mouth.

“Michelle!” Joe moaned softly as my lips sealed around his girth.

My cheeks concaved in as I inhaled deeply forming a warm, wet vacuum around his throbbing cock.

The peculiar thing was Mark had bugged me for ages to suck his cock and I had always refused him. Now I had a black stranger’s cock in my mouth enjoying it.

My right hand circled Joe’s cock as I began yanking it into my mouth. My left hand gently cupped his ball sack.

“Oh sweet Jesus!” Joe groaned as my tongue worked his pole.

The tip of my tongue run up the underside, twirled over the head and eddy on the tip of his helmet.

I knew my provoking would result in me getting my mouth filled with Joe’s load of spunk but I couldn’t stop. My left hand dropped to my clit, as I knew I neared the payoff.

I was strumming my clit like a banjo when Joe’s cock erupted inside my mouth.

I reckoned Joe would have jerked-off after kuşadası escort seeing me nude and wouldn’t be carrying a full load, I was wrong.

His ejaculation filled my mouth in a torrent of salty brine. String after string of his thick jism fired across my tongue. I was defenseless as his slime found its mark and entered my throat. A curtain of the sticky white goo began to ebb down my gullet to fill my belly. I withdrew my mouth and caught his last volley in my left eye.

Joe’s salty cream slowly slid downwards as I licked the head of his spent cock clean.

“Where did you learn to suck cock like that Michelle?” he asked.

If he only knew, his was the first cock I had taken into my mouth.

“I want you to fuck me Joe!” I brazenly asked.

I saw Joe’s eyes light up; “You will have to give me a minute!” he smiled.

What was I thinking? I had just swallowed a pint of this black man’s cum and now I was asking him to fill my pussy!

I think the risk of pregnancy by a black stud made it all more exciting to me. Fucking Mark was getting mundane; I needed something new to spice up my sex life.

I was using a diaphragm to prevent conception and if I didn’t put it in place before fucking I would be vulnerable. I left it in the nigh table drawer.

We snuggle naked together in my bed. My hand was locked around Joe’s cock coaxing it back to life. I could feel it growing hard and knew it would soon be in me.

I rolled onto my back and opened my legs wide.

“Fuck me Joe.” I whimpered. Carefully Joe got on top of me.

Held my breath as Joe started he head of his cock in my opening. The slowly he entered me, his erection sliding smoothly up into my love channel.

“Oh God yes!” I moaned as he filled me.

I could imagine what Mark would thing if he knew I had a black man in my bed fucking me! After refusing him I had sucked the black man’s cock and let him fill my mouth with his salty cum and then begged his to stick his cock in my pussy totally unprotected.

Joe’s cock felt good in me, stretching me just the right amount to make my sheath sensitive to his being there. My pelvic muscles clenched his meat as my legs closed around him.

His strokes were long, slow and powerful. Each plunge made his helmet kiss my cervix and triggered my juices to start flowing. Soon his cock was making soft squishing sounds as it slid in and out of my increasingly wet hole.

My hips twitched and gyrated in an effort to arouse the black cock buried deep within my soaking fuck hole.

“Oh fuck me Baby!”

We fucked like life-long lovers. Ebony and ivory clasped together in that ancient dance of love. Joe felt so good in me, much better than Mark ever had.

Joe’s cock begins spurting in me, fertilizing my waiting eggs. I felt a shiver pass through me signaling my looming orgasm. My hips buck up taking Joe’s cock completely into me.

‘Now!” I cried.

My world slipped into a magical orbit of kaleidoscope skies of dazzling colors as a zillion volts of sexual energy racked my body. My toes curled, my back arched and I could even feel the energy in my teeth.

Joe’s lava did little to extinguish my eruption; I writhed and bucked beneath my black lover like an injured animal.

Joe and I are no longer roommates. We are now living together as lovers. My former fiancé Mark as moved on and the baby is expected in May.

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