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“In an isolated system, particles coexist in a stable phase relationship. If the system is interfered with, that stability becomes chaos. Unpredictable. Dangerous. Beautiful.

Isolated completely, a quantum system would revert back to its separate states of matter, each entangled with the distinct state of its environment.”

June narrowed her vision into an imaginary ray projecting at Dr Bill Foster’s forehead. In her mind, she was cutting him to pieces with her imaginary superpower laser ray.

“In other words,” Dr Bill continued, “The object in question would be both in and out of face with multiple parallel realities.”

June is running her Masters Degree in Atomic and Molecular Physics. She has always been a brilliant student who did well in all courses, but for some unknown reasons, her performances in Dr Bill’s class remained awful. Apart from the low grades she was having in his assessment test, they both had a fall out the immediate past week in the research lab, bothering on the fact that she wasn’t getting something right with the Pulsed NMR settings, and he wasn’t willing to help because he believed he had gone over that enough times already.

She once again stared at her test score on the answer sheet and beamed anger back at Dr Bill as he continued the lecture, innocent of the fact that one of his students was projecting her dissatisfaction at him.

She really didn’t get anything from that class. She just managed to wait till the end of it and she left as soon as it was over to go cool off somewhere.

On her way home, June clenched her fist and barely smiled at anyone. If something is not done fast, Dr Bill’s course alone would prevent her from graduating with her desired grade. That was something she couldn’t allow. And worse still, she couldn’t even come up with the right solution because her mind was too troubled.

In such difficult times, she runs to the one thing that never fails her; Sadism!

Different people have different methods by which they relieve stress. For some it’s going on a shopping spree, for some, it’s dashing past police patrol vehicles at the speed of light and beating them in the subsequent chase game. For June, it’s Flogging someone’s son like a common thief, or pissing on someone’s father and treating him like a piece of rag.

She needed a submissive human male to unleash the bad energy on, so that she could feel peace in her soul again and with a clear head find a way around her challenges.

As soon as she got home, she got on her computer and checked for the list of local munches coming up in her area, in the hope that she would find a specimen.

She found something better than a Munch. She found a Play Party! And this party was coming up at the weekend, just a few days away! She was happy.

She quickly checked registration details to see if he could still make it, luckily for her, because of her role as a Female Dominant, she could still be admitted. The event was closed for male submissives and slaves, as that ticket category was sold out already.

She started feeling better already while yet right there at her computer. She only then hoped she would find an appropriate submissive at the event, and one that she could keep so that when next she needs anger dispensing session, she would not need to search again for a submissive like she always does.


The play party held in a dungeon at the end of a busy street in the uptown area of the city.

June arrived wearing a fur coat over her very sexy underwears. It was a femdom event, therefore, every male that showed up was received and treated as a slave. No switches were aloud, except you came with your submissive side.

First to be noticed, and worthy of adoration is the fact that slaves weren’t allowed to enter into the event with any piece of clothing on their body. There was a storeroom adjacent to the playroom where slaves were to undress completely and keep their belongings; clothes, phones, wristwatches and whatever was not their body. The females in attendance found this very inspiring!

At the entrance, there were two half-clad Mistresses holding leather whips beside a spanking bench. June had to walk over 4 naked slaves lying side by side each other to get into the event room. They are the human doormat at the entrance. The room was large and filled with beautiful women and naked men in all kinds of compromising positions. Soft classical music played in the background, and there were random femdom demonstrations going on already.

As a rule for the attendees, no slave can object to be used by any female, else he would be thrown out and banned from future events.

June settled in and observed for a while before she would pick a slave. She noticed that all the slaves in attendance had welts and whip marks on their butts already.

The explanation became clear when she looked at the entrance and saw a slave who was just coming in for the event. A Mexican who looked well built but quite short. He was naked already, and his cock was quite ısparta escort sizeable.

One of the two dedicated Mistresses at the entrance asked the Mexican slave to lie on the spanking bench. The other mistress fastened the cuffs on his hands and feet.

W-h-a-c-k!!! W-h-a-c-k!!! W-h-a-c-k!!!

W-h-a-c-k!!! W-h-a-c-k!!! W-h-a-c-k!!!

The whips went up and came down on his bare ass. The two Mistresses whipped him at the same time, a stroke from the first, then a stroke from the second, then again a stroke from the first, and then a stroke from the second, continuously like that till they had delivered 10 strokes each, making a total of 20 strokes. It was fast and hard. He squirmed, but there was no point, he was fastened to the bench already and couldn’t escape.

They untied him from the bench and then officially welcomed him to the event. He entered into the venue with a hot and blighted bottom. That explains how all the slaves in the event got the welts and whip marks. June’s sadistic juices started flowing through her blood vessels.

She scanned through the big room. Among the slaves to her left was a slave who appeared to be in his early 40s. That was ok for her. She particularly wanted to play with someone older than her, because that would be somehow related to the source of the depression that got to her about her studies.

“Hey you, Bingo, come here!” she pointed at the slave. He realised it was he who was being summoned, and so he walked towards her and went on his knees,

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Fuck you! I called you and you walked here on your feet? Did you hear what I called you?”

“Bingo, Mistress?”

“You know what that means? old fool. That’s a dog name! now go back, and when I call you, run here like a dog!”

The slave went back to his initial spot and awaited June’s call.

“Bingo, come here!”

The slave went on all fours and scurried to June’s feet. Then he said: “Yes, Mistress!”

“What is your name?”


June gave him four knocks on the head and told him to crawl back to his original spot. She had started to feel very better and happy. The anger and sorrow boxed up in her started flowing out. She felt more comfortable and took her fur coat off and hanged it on a hanger nearby.

Her sexy body rocks. All the curves in the right places were revealed. She was now on nothing more than a black thong and a black bra. Then she wore the artistic bat wings and mask that was given to her at the entrance. Her chocolate plump body was a mixture of beauty and splendor.


The slave scurried on all fours to her feet the second time, looked up at her from his lowly position and answered: “Yes, Mistress!”

“What is your name?”


“Fool! Now you get it.”

She rubbed her fingers over his lips and the corners of his mouth. She inspected his teeth and then stepped back from him.

“Bark like a dog!”

Woo.. Wof…

The slave tried but his barking was not impressive at all.

“Bingo, I can’t wear this dog collar on you if you can’t put up a good show. You have to deserve it. Try again, think like a dog and act like one, you fool. Now bark like a dog!”

Woofff wfffff wwww

June kicked him on his side and he fell off the position.

“What the fuck is that you are doing? Haven’t you ever seen a dog bark all your miserable life?”

The slave got back on all fours and begged her: “Forgive me, Mistress, I’m sorry, let me try again…”

A couple of voyeurs had gathered around June already and were obviously enjoying her domination, however, she wasn’t very much pleased with the slave’s performance.

Then in the distance, she noticed a slave kneeling before two young girls. He was well built and she could see he had grey hairs and a bald spot in front of his head, just like Dr Bill Foster, her idiot lecturer. In fact, the slave was exactly of the same complexion as Dr Bill! June’s eyes began to roll and she couldn’t believe what her mind was thinking. Is this Dr Bill? she needed to find out.

She smiled at her spectators; two middle-aged women and a younger one who seemed to be new to the BDSM lifestyle.

“Excuse me please, just a minute!”


June was totally star-struck!

The two girls were taking turns spitting into the slave’s mouth.

June couldn’t help but scream,

“Dr Bill!”

The two girls paused and looked at June. Dr Bill, naked and on his knees, turned his face to the right and there she was, standing tall over him, June, one of his students who was at the bottom of his score list.

He was mortified. He wished he could magically disappear from the scene, but there was no such magic, and he wouldn’t be disappearing anywhere.

“Ermm, June!” he raised one of his knees up, instinctively trying to rescue the situation and even out the power play.

June gave him 4 knocks on the bald spot on his head.

“One; It’s Mistress June! not June.

Two, kastamonu escort where the fuck are you going? Get back on your knees and feel very comfortable, it’s gonna be a long night!”

Apparently, so many novice women attended the event. And that includes the two young girls spitting in Dr Bill’s mouth. They were doing that because they had watched someone else earlier spitting into a slave’s mouth. They were pretty much new to the scene too and attended the event to watch and try a few things. Before June even asked for it, the two friends happily surrendered Dr Bill to her, they already saw that they could learn a thing or two about dominance from her.

“Aww, that’s so kind of you, sweethearts, I know this bitch in real life, and he’s even on my blacklist already. This is about to get lit!”

Dr Bill dropped the knee he raised and bowed his head in shame. His body felt like a cold rock. His heart was beating like a bass drum in an orchestra.

June stood behind him and told him to go on all fours. She kicked him in the butt.


He started crawling forward as she kicked him in the butt. The two young girls laughed and followed them both. June led him to her original spot where the first slave she was dominating yet remained on all fours.

She had the collar on one hand and had picked up a whip with the other hand. Play toys were lying on tables all over the play room.

She sat on a stool and looked Down at Dr Bill…



Dr Bill looked up at June, feeling very unreluctant to talk. She whipped him on his back. The pain went directly into his spine. At that point, he knew she wasn’t fooling around, and likewise he also couldn’t afford to fool around.


“Yes, Mistress!”

“Bark for me!”

He took a deep breath.

Woooof! Woooff!! Woofff!!!

His deep voice echoed through the room. He couldn’t believe he had just lost his resistance or gut to walk out of the very embarrassing situation. June was very impressed!

“Damn! You are a natural! For how long have you been into this lifestyle, Bingo?”

It was very weird and uncomfortable for him to continue answering to the name ‘Bingo,’ not because he had a problem with the name itself, but because he was uncomfortable with who was using it on him and dominating him. However, he went ahead and answered her.

June fixed the dog collar around Dr Bill’s neck and held the leash.

She looked at the first slave she began the evening with, he is old too, but younger than Dr Bill, less built, and can’t even bark well.

“And you, fuck off! I’m done with you!”

The slave scurried away and stood somewhere else, waiting for a new mistress to come and dominate him.

June had no more need of him when the real person who had been the cause of concern for her was now at her feet, naked and barking like a dog. Her fantasy just came true!

June paused play to have a little chat with Dr Bill. She opened up to him about her grievances with the low scores she’d been getting in his course and how that has been giving her sleepless nights. She also complained about his bad behaviours in the lab, his unwillingness to go the extra length in making her understand whatever was confusing her. She mentioned everything wrong she could remember, but most of all, he would be her slave from now on!

“Does your wife and kids know about this part of your life?”

“How about your colleagues at the university?”

“I’m thinking maybe we should have the next session in your office? That will definitely be fun!”

Every word coming out of her mouth was only making him uncomfortable. He began to sweat.

“Please, Mistress, I will serve you. Just try to be calm with me and don’t do anything funny!”

“Of course I won’t! I’m classier than that. It’s just amazing to discover that my stupid professor looking all brilliant and mean in class is nothing but a slave here, a saliva-eating idiot, a dog, and whatever I want him to be for the rest of this night.”

His face flushed with shame.

“And I will be very mean to you tonight, except of cause that was a promise already, that you will serve me? and dedicate your life to pleasing me?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Say it with my name, I want to hear you say my name with that title.”

“Yes, Mistress June!”

“Awesome, boy, very awesome! But first, bingo, I have to punish you for your bad behaviours. You have been a bad dog, a grey-headed bald old fool! You have been failing your mistress and giving her low scores in your tests, and you have also been rude to her in the lab sessions. Do you agree you deserve to be punished?”

“Yes, Mistress, I deserve to be punished!”

“Great, get on your feet and come closer. I want to pinch and slap your balls!”

There was not one single strand of hair in his entire pubic region. He had a clean shave. June cupped his balls in her hand and felt the weight of his scrotum. His scrotum was quite big.

Despite kayseri escort his shame, his cock was hard and pointing straight at June. She grabbed his cock from the base with her other hand. She enjoyed being in charge and toying with his genitals.

Dr Bill was carried away with the sensuality of his predicament when he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his scrotum. She pinched his shiny scrotal sac. He winced.

She held on to his cock with one hand and continued pinching his scrotum with the other hand. Dr Bill squealed and winced and was giving anyone standing nearby and watching a good show. She pinched the head of his cock too, and he squealed even the more.

Then she began to press his balls.

“I want to know which one of your eggs is smaller, which one is bigger, and which one can withstand pain the more!”

The two young girls that had wandered off to play with another slave came back briefly again to see what next to do on their new slave. June’s session with Dr Bill attracted a few other spectators. They would watch, go play with their slaves, come back to watch again.

She began to press and squeeze his balls one after the other, he began to cry. She was purposefully mean toying with his genitals, he didn’t like that kind of torture.

After the genital torture, she ordered him to place his head on the floor and keep his ass up in the air.

“I want to flog your ass, Bingo, thank me after each whip. Encourage me to tear your ass up! Call my name!”

“Yes, Mistress June,”


“Thank you, Mistress June!”


“Thank you, Mistress June!”

“Bingo, cheer me on, encourage me!”

“Flog me, Mistress June!”


“Thank you, Mistress June, flog me, tear my ass!”

W-h-a-c-k! W-h-a-c-k! W-h-a-c-k! W-h-a-c-k! W-h-a-c-k! W-h-a-c-k! W-h-a-c-k! W-h-a-c-k! W-h-a-c-k!

June practically tore his ass up with the weep. She let all the anger in her out through the whip. He was now practically in tears, meanwhile, seeing tears running down his face made her super honey. Her pussy started getting really wet.

“Aww, look at my poor Bill, billy goat, come closer!”

She sat back on the stool and spread her thighs apart. She pulled her panties aside to reveal her wet pussy. She held his head and shoved his face into her pussy


The tears on his face smeared on her thighs as he shoved his nose into her pussy and started sniffing.

“I bet you did your PhD in Dog Behavior, you are so good with this.”

His warm breath blowing against her pussy felt very erotic. Soon enough, he started having a runny nose because he was sniffing and inhaling her vaginal fluids into his nostrils. His face got wet and looked pitiable.

“Dog, use your tongue now!”

Dr Bill began to Lap on June’s pussy like a pro. She began to twitch and tighten her hold on his head. She wanted to get the best out of the pussy worship, so she pushed his face away briefly and removed her panties. Her ass was now totally bare.

She began to make all kinds of moaning sounds as Dr Bill swiped up and down his pussy. He tongue-fucked her vagina and then finally focused on her clitoris. She moaned louder as she held his head in place.

“Ouuuuhhh, I’m coming, open your mouth…”

The pleasure grew higher until she cummed and squirted in his mouth. Her body rippled and her upper body fell forward on him.

“Ouu fuck, that was awesome! Open your mouth, I want to pee!”

He lay on the floor and opened his mouth. Her legs were still trembling, so she couldn’t really squat. She slipped off the stool and just straddled his face making sure her pussy was right in his mouth. The rest of his body stretched out in her full view.

“It’s rain, Bingo, and I don’t want you to make any mess, so, gulp it in fast, ok! I know you can do that, you have been awesome!”

Dr Bill opened his mouth as wide as he could and tilted his head upwards, that way, his throat was perfectly in position.

June’s bladder opened and warm piss gushed out. Her piss landed right inside his throat with force and drained away. It formed ladder in his mouth, but flowed unhindered through his throat so that despite the forceful and voluminous pumping of piss, it was a perfect waste management apparatus. She made him lick her pussy clean.

“Did you enjoy drinking my pee, Billy goat?”

“Yes, Mistress June!”

“Great, let’s see if you will equally enjoy the taste of my ass!”

She sat back on the stool and pushed her butt backwards until her rear was shooting out behind.

“Get behind me and sniff my anus”

He crawled behind her and placed his nose on her anus and started Sniffing. The scent was so strong it felt as though she came to the party with an unwashed ass.

She gapped her anus on his nose.

“Yeah, take your oxygen from my rectum, Dr Billy goat!”

As he continued sniffing her ass, she broke wind on his nose.


Hot smelly fumes shot straight into his nostrils. June giggled and ordered him to keep his nose pressed against her anus.


The second fart was more nastier and longer. It blew out of her ass for about 8 seconds. He got choked on the poisonous gas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32