We Love It Yellow!

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We were five satiated, sleek bitches filing into the bathroom, drunk on orgasms and a little weak at the knees. And it was all my doing. See, there’s nothing I like as much as arranging little dyke orgies for a gaggle of foxy babes like myself, good-lookers who know how to turn on a slut and make her pussy steam and her clit swell!

Here we all were in the bathroom now, five ultra-feminine lipstick lesbians who had just spent the last couple of hours getting each other off with hot lips, wet tongues, eager fingers, and plenty of nasty toys. And since I’m a good hostess, I made sure there were several magnums of cold, high quality champagne on hand, all of which we had just about put away. So we were giggling and a little tipsy and more than a little lewd as we walked into my lavish bathroom to shower our sweaty, sticky bodies before we went out for a late night of clubbing and dancing.

Allison was cradling a load of vibrators and dildos in a towel, and right away headed to the sink to wash them off.

“The ones still greasy from the Vaseline?” I said, thinking of the dildos, vibrators and plugs we had used anally. “There’s some detergent under the sink for them. That petroleum jelly’s hard to get off.”

Tina, a petite Italian firecracker, had carried a half-full bottle of champagne in with her to the bathroom and was still sipping the last of bubbly straight from the bottle.

“Look at you, Tina!” Karen, a lithe brunette with spiked ‘punk’ hair, teased, pointing to the bottle. “You’ve been drinking so much of that shit you’re bladder’s gonna explode.”

None of us had taken a bathroom break over the course of our scorching two-hour orgy.

“Uh huh!” Tina said, patting her belly. “I better pee before I burst. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this full.”

“I wonder just how ‘full’ you are?” I purred mischievously, rubbing Tina’s belly, normally flat, but now rounded, a little bloated.

Brandy caught my drift right away.

“Yeah, Tina, maybe you can show us?”

“Sounds like you dykes want to watch me piss for you?” Tina cackled, and she was right. At least I did, and so did Brandy, the way she was winking at me.

“Hey, I got an idea!” Brandy said.

Brandy was a black babe with a slender, lithe, muscular body and a scorching, kinky libido.

“Why don’t we let Tina pee in something and we can see exactly how much she’s got inside her. Have you got anything like a measuring cup, Annie?’

I did have a standard measuring cup but it only had a one-pint capacity. Then something caught my eye. My douche and enema kit was hanging from a hook on the door. Allison had been the first one over this night and she, especially, adores taking it deep and hard up the ass. So she asked me whether she could give herself an enema before the girls arrived and the orgy got underway. I had given her the kit to use. Once in a while I like to give a kinky, submissive slut a douche or an enema and get into some nasty, wet sex play. So I keep the necessary equipment on hand for that kind of scene.

“Hey, how about we use this?” I suggested, pointing to the bag, which was made of translucent rubber. I bought the unusual bag on a trip to Europe. “It has a two-quart capacity, and it’s marked off in pints and half-pints.”

“Far out! Let me piss into that,” Tina said cheerfully.

The girls gathered around Tina as she spread her legs apart. I made sure to close the clamp on the hose so her piss wouldn’t run out through the nozzle, then I held the open top of the douche-enema bag right under Tina’s pussy.

Tina started to piss and the bag started to fill.

“Yeah, go on and piss!” Brandy groaned, urging on Tina.

“Uh huh, let’s see how much you got,” Karen added.

“I got a lot!” Tina purred with a sassy smile, pissing away as we all watched the stream of urine shoot out of her peehole.

“Jesus! Ain’t it ever going to stop?” Karen said, amazed at the quantity that was coming out of the petite slut’s full bladder. We were all idly fingering our pussies as hot little Tina made sure to make the act of pissing as sexy as possible, standing with her feet wide apart, reaching in to hold open her labia, thrusting her belly out, showing it all off as she kept pissing into the bag. We had all, at one time or another, played golden shower games, Tina included. So she knew the minute she decided to piss for all of us, she’d be starting up something.

“Wow! Look at all that piss!” Karen said, watching the bag fill and bloat.

I held up the swollen bag now, heavy with Tina’s urine, and then a nasty, depraved thought came to my mind.

“Hey girls,” I announced sassily. “I got a douche bag full of piss here and I don’t want to waste it. So how about you three get down on the floor there and spread ’em wide. It’s douche time!”

“Whoa now,” Allison said, taken a little aback. “You’re going to douche us with Tina’s piss? That is pretty fuckin’ freaky!”

“Well, you’re three freaks, aren’t you?”

Karen, Brandy, and Allison looked over at each other and laughed.

“We bursa escort sure are that!” Brandy growled as the three of them sat down on the rim of the hot tub and spread their legs wide open. I got into the tub holding the swollen bag high and looked at the three luscious vulvas in front of me.

I aimed the nozzle, released the clamp, and at first just sprayed a little of Tina’s piss over their three pussies to get them wet. Then I slid the nozzle up Karen’s cunt, releasing the clamp and douching her with Tina’s urine.

“Oooh yeah!” Karen cried, turning to Tina. “your hot piss feels so nice and wet and warm squirting into my cunt like that.”

Horny Tina liked that her piss was being appreciated, working away at her own pussy like a fiend as she watched me douche first Karen, and then Brandy and Allison with her urine. Even I, kinky freak that I am, had to admit this was pretty damned wild, rinsing out the three of them with Tina’s pee, watching it flow out of their cunts.

“I can’t believe it! This is flippin’ me out!” Tina squealed as she worked away frantically at her pussy.

Finally the bag had been emptied of Tina’s piss, and the girls just held their wet pussies wide open. Piss was still leaking out of their douched-out vaginas.

“Go on and lick `em dry,” I told Tina. “Lick your piss off their pussies.”

Tina’s eyes got as big as saucers as she got in the tub with me and greedily lapped up the piss from the wet cunts. The three of them were rubbing their clits while Tina licked their dripping, drenched pussies and I knew we wouldn’t be going out nightclubbing just quite yet. The party had taken on a new dimension, a piss dimension!

“Hey!” I said, “I think we got a golden shower orgy going here. Tina’s just pissed in a bag. Now I watched you down all that champagne and I know you girls are just as full as she was. So everyone pisses, okay? And each of you have decide how you want to be watched relieving yourselves. Use your imaginations; make it hot! Red hot!”

That was the challenge I threw out. And the girls weren’t surprised to hear me propose this depraved scenario. They knew I tended to be a rather dominant slut, and often found myself calling the shots at these orgies I held over at my place. So the three of them looked at each other now, as Tina, standing by, licked the piss off her lips.

“So? Who’s gonna be next?” I prodded.

“I am,” Brandy said. “I want to piss on– now get this y’all, okay? — I want to piss on myself!”

Among other things, Brandy was an accomplished gymnast and could contort her body into all sorts of positions. She loved showing off the amazing things that body of hers could do. So it fit that she’d propose a solo act like this.

Brandy laid down on the floor on her back, her dark, richly brown body contrasting so nicely with the white tile of the floor, and flexed her legs all the way back, so that her body was almost jack-knifed, with her hips and butt lifted up from the floor. I knew just what she had in mind. In this position, when she pissed, she’d be pissing down all over herself. Karen even helped by grabbing hold of Brandy’s ankles and pulling her legs even further back.

“Uh huh! Give yourself a shower!” Tina urged excitedly. “A golden shower!”

And then Brandy began to pee, the powerful, golden arc of her urine aimed right at herself. We watched, astounded, as she drenched herself with her own piss. This was wild! Brandy had excellent control. She could piss just as strongly and as far as she wanted. So now, closing her eyes and opening her lips, she peed right into her own open mouth, drinking her own piss! We gasped as we gazed at this amazing performance, fingers back in our pussies, strumming away as we watched Brandy performed her incredible solo act.

“Fuck! This is what I call recycling!” Karen gasped as she gazed at the bizarre spectacle. “Drinkin’ your own piss right from the source. Wow! Freak City!”

Allison got down on her knees, sticking out her tongue so she could have a taste of Brandy’s flow as it spouted through the air. Allison really had a thing for Brandy. She lusted over black chicks, and she couldn’t eat enough of Brandy’s dusky pussy. Now it looked like she couldn’t drink enough of her piss as she brought her face right next down to Brandy’s, the two of them cheek-to-cheek now, mouths wide open as, together, they sipped from Brandy’s golden fountain.

Finally, after Brandy finished and Allison had licked the piss off of Brandy’s body, I turned to the others.

“Okay, who’s next?”

“I want to do it a different way,” Karen said. “I want to put my panties and jeans back on and piss right into them, okay?”

We sure liked that idea and encouraged Karen to go back to the bedroom and put on some clothes. She came back bare-breasted, but wearing a pair of skin-tight, worn jeans. Karen had a fabulous body and she looked especially good in those tight, faded jeans of hers. We now all waited as Karen planted her feet wide apart.

I got behind her, reaching bursa escort bayan around to cup her firm tits in my hand and to play with her oversized, corky nipples. The other three crowded around Karen too, pressing against her.

“Go on!” I whispered in her ear. “Piss! Piss in your pants! Just like you did when you were a baby!”

“Shit, Annie! You know all my nasty, dirty secrets.”

And then she began to piss. I could feel the warm wetness as I pressed my naked body against her denim-clad ass. Pulling back I could see the wet stain of her urine expanding broadly across the seat of her jeans. The other three were groping at her, feeling her crotch, feeling how soaked the fabric had become with her piss.

I stood back to watch.

“Stand back, girls. Let Karen piss,” I told them as they too pulled back to watch the piss utterly soak Karen’s jeans, the wet stain spreading down the inside of her pant legs, with the crotch and seat of her jeans having become so drenched now that drops of piss were actually seeping through the fabric.

“Fuck! I don’t know why, but I just love wetting my pants like this while you sluts all watch,” Karen confessed.

Then we were all over Karen, squeezing and pressing against her, feeling the seat of her wet jeans, her thighs, her crotch. The piss eventually dripped down the inside of her pant legs and we now found ourselves standing in a big puddle of Karen’s urine.

Now Tina pushed Karen down on the tile floor, forcing her to lay in her own piss and unzipped her jeans, trying to pull them off. The wet, urine-soaked fabric clung to her legs and I helped Tina, grabbing one leg as we together pulled off Karen’s jeans. Karen lifted her butt so I could next tear off her soaked bikini panties.

I loved it! Brandy had made herself all wet by pissing on herself. Karen had made herself wet by pissing in her pants. I took the soaked panties and brought them up to Tina’s mouth.

“Here, drink this,” I said squeezing the piss out of Karen’s panties. Meanwhile Allison and Brandy had each given Karen a hand, pulling her up so she was standing again. Now each of them sunk down to their knees, Brandy in front of Karen, licking the piss off her pussy, Allison behind her, licking the piss out of the crack of her ass, where it had been trapped between her smooth, silky cheeks.

“All right, your turn!” I said to Allison as she was still licking the piss out of Karen’s asshole. “What’ll it be?”

Allison stood up and looked at Brandy.

“I want to pee while I’m being fucked up the ass.”

Allison was an anal freak, so this didn’t surprise any of us. And I knew she had a special thing for Brandy, so it wasn’t hard to guess just who she wanted to have fuck her up the ass while she peed.

I went to the sink to retrieve the biggest of the strap-on dildos, a thick, nine-inch, life-like monster made of black rubber.

“Here, put it on,” I said, handing it to Brandy.

Brandy strapped the dildo in place and it looked just monstrous sticking out from her petite body, just as it had earlier when she had used it to fuck several of us. I opened the jar of Vaseline and covered the dildo with a thick layer.

“Why don’t you sit on the toilet,” I told Brandy.

Brandy sat down on the toilet, the big, black dildo sticking straight up, all slick with lubricant.

“Bend over!” I told Allison, who did just that, holding her buttocks open while I slapped a big dab of Vaseline into her crack, working a couple of stiff fingers up her always hot and receptive asshole, reaming her out.

“Now sit on it!” I demanded, leading Allison over to Brandy.

With her back to Brandy, the tall, gorgeous blond lowered her bottom as I held the dildo and positioned it right up against her asshole. Then slowly, taking a deep breath, she bore down on it as we all watched. We always got a kick out of fucking or watching Allison get fucked up the butt. It was her very own special fetish. She was just this insatiable freak for the back door route. We were all gazing now, spellbound, as she forced it up into herself, inch after inch of rubber penis disappearing up into her rectum, her stretched anus clinging to the thick girth.

“Oh yeah, a really hung black stud is slamming it all the way up your honky ass, Allison!” I said wickedly, winking at Brandy, the ‘stud’ in question.

Allison was such a pale blond, with a little pink pussy hidden in a maze of golden curls. So the black dildo busting open her butthole somehow looked especially striking.

“Man, that thing is really pressing inside me,” Allison said. “It’s making me feel like I just have to piss.”

“Well, do it then!” Karen howled. “Piss for us, goddamn it!”

Tina got down on her knees in front of the toilet and began licking Allison’s pussy as her butthole was being fucked. Then suddenly, Allison started pissing all over Tina’s face. Super-slut Tina now shook her face in a frenzy, letting it get rained on by Allison’s golden shower. Then she pressed her open mouth right up against escort bursa Allison’s pussy, so we couldn’t see the flow anymore. Tina was letting Allison piss right down her fucking throat! And after Allison had finally stopped urinating, Tina continued licking her pussy, getting her off, Allison shaking and shrieking uncontrollably as Brandy slammed the massive rubber cock up her ass and Tina performed magic with her tongue on Allison’s clit.

Finally Allison stood up, disengaging her ass from Brandy’s dildo and turning around to show off her wide-open anus.

“Man! Look at that shithole!” I said, as we stared at Allison’s gaping, monstrously dilated anus.

“Let me wipe you dry,” Karen said, dropping to her knees between Allison’s legs, tonguing the wet vulva, dripping urine.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

“Who the fuck could that be?” I wondered, throwing on a robe.

When I got to the door I saw it was Tracy and Lynn, two more freaky dyke sluts who were supposed to have joined us for the orgy but had to back off at the last minute to attend some boring work function. We had planned to meet up with them later at the club, but here they were at my door.

“We were passing by and saw your cars parked out there, so we figured you hadn’t left yet,” Lynn said.

“Yeah, we thought we’d come up and join you.” Tracy added.

“That’s right, but the first thing we both got to do is piss,” Tracy said. “We’ve been needing to go for a while but there was no place to stop.”

I couldn’t help smiling to myself.

“What’s so damned funny?” Lynn asked, curious.

So I explained how after our little orgy we all filed into the bathroom and had turned our need to relieve ourselves into a second orgy, a piss orgy.

“Sounds trippy, let’s join you,” Lynn said with a wink and a sexy smile, heading for the bathroom, followed by me and Tracy. “we got some piss we can add to the party.”

“Plenty of it!” Tracy cackled.

The girls were surprised, but delighted to see Lynn and Tracy. They were well aware that the two newcomers were as decadent as any of them.

“Wow! Piss city!” Tracy said as she and Lynn took in the bathroom scene, the wet sluts, the soaked garments, the little puddles of urine all over the place.

“Where’s that bag?” Lynn asked, “I feel like pissing into it too. I want to see if I’m as full as Tina was.”

Lynn had loved it when I told her how Tina had relieved herself by pissing into the bag so that we could all see just how full she was. And loved even more hearing how I had used Tina’s urine to douche the other three.

“Here it is,” I said, grabbing hold of the rubber bag as Lynn and Tracy got undressed, adding two more sleek, foxy bodies to the mix.

I stretched open the mouth of the bag and placed it right between Lynn’s legs as she stood, feet wide apart.

“Shit, do I ever have to piss!” she announced, reaching down to hold open her labia. And then, as we all gathered round to watch, Lynn began to release a powerful stream into the bag. I looked down as Lynn pissed away, the bag filling quickly and swelling with the warm, yellow liquid.

“Gee, I think you pissed even more into it than I did,” Tina admitted, seeing how the bag was almost two-thirds full.

“What do we do now?” I asked, holding the heavy bag. “More douches?”

“No,” Brandy piped in, a wicked smile lighting up her gorgeous face.

“Let’s watch Allison take it as an enema?”

“A piss enema?” Karen said, astounded.

“What a wild idea,” Tracy added with a pleased grin.

We all knew what a total anal freak Allison was. She’d already taken an enema earlier, before we all got going. But I knew That Allison didn’t just take enemas to flush herself out prior to a hot, vigorous ass fuck or some deep rectal exploration. She loved anything up her ass, including a nozzle and a couple of quarts of warm water to follow. But a piss enema? Well, three of the girls had already received piss douches, so I figured a piss enema for anal Allison was a natural next step.

“How about it, Allison? You like that idea?” I asked.

“I love it!” Allison hissed, licking her lips. “Only thing is, add some water so the bag is full to the very top.”

That was another thing about Allison; she craved really big enemas.

So I added some warm water to Lynn’s urine until the bag was topped off to the brim.

“Leave the douche nozzle on,” Allison suggested.

The douche nozzle was fatter than the enema nozzle, but Allison had just taken Brandy’s thick nine inch rubber cock up her ass, so the fatter the better, she no doubt figured.

“Elbows and knees,” I snapped as Allison got down on the tile floor and assumed the position, raising her butt high. Brandy dropped down next to Allison to hold open her trim white buns so we could all stare at her exposed asshole. It was no longer as dilated as it had been right after Brandy pulled out her dildo. But the slickened sphincter still had that recently-fucked look.

“Hold this,” I said to Lynn, who took hold of the bag of her own urine, careful not to spill any. I, meanwhile, reached down and slid the nozzle into Allison’s anus. Everyone was silent, staring spellbound as I released the clamp on the hose and began to administer the piss-enema to Allison.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32