Victoria, Goddess of CFNM Pt. 04

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Ben was a horny guy. At college, he loved to look at the female figure, whether it was his classmates or his teachers. He thought he was discreet, but unbeknownst to him, some of them knew it. Today, there would be a school program where one dance he was in had tights as the costume, and he was looking forward to enjoying the view of his female partner Hannah. He was excited to see the curve of her breasts, and the shape of her hips and ass in that tight, white, semi-translucent costume. He would enjoy seeing the outline of her bra and panties under it as well. And that was not to mention the other ladies in the dance!

Victoria had seen all this, and decided that today was the perfect day to act. Why today, of all days? Because Ben was wearing black briefs. How did that matter, one might ask?

Hannah had seen the way Ben looked during the dress rehearsals when she was in the tights. She knew she was sexy, and knew Ben would no doubt be feasting with his eyes again. She had even seen the barely-contained erection in his tights as he looked lasciviously at her. She had suffered in silence, but little did she know that today, something else would change.

Miss Elizabeth was the teacher in charge of checking on the dancer’s costumes. She was slim and pretty rather than sexy, but she had seen how Ben hungrily looked at the poor Hannah, and had always wanted an opportunity to get back at the horny student. So she immediately noticed when Ben, in his semi-translucent white tights, was wearing black briefs that could be visible through the thin material.

Victoria NUDGED her.

“Ben!” Miss Elizabeth exclaimed. “Your briefs can be seen through the tights! You should have worn something white today. Didn’t we do that during the dress rehearsals?”

“Yes, Miss,” Ben answered sheepishly. “Sorry I forgot today.”

Miss Elizabeth had to suppress an evil smile as her plan took shape. “Well, you can’t go on stage like that, it would destroy the uniformity if everyone was in white and you weren’t. Go take the briefs off.”

Ben gaped in surprise. “But…I’d be naked under the tights!”

“That’s your price to pay,” Miss Elizabeth answered dismissively. “But don’t worry, I’m sure the material is thick enough to cover up.” She answered as if she knew it for sure, but she suspected that while it was thick enough to cover a direct view of the penis, even the slightest erection would cause it to tent.

Ben, seeing her matter-of-fact manner, returned into one of the changing rooms to comply. He intentionally chose a huge stockroom, which tended to be deserted.

Miss Elizabeth surreptitiously noted exactly Kadıköy Olgun Escort which stockroom he had gone into, then ran to get Hannah.

“Hannah, come with me.” She instructed, and the student complied with a quizzical look. She was already dressed in her costume, and Miss Elizabeth hoped her lithe body would get the expected reaction from Ben.

They entered the stockroom quietly, and as they got to the back, where Ben was changing, Miss Elizabeth was delighted to note that he had just taken his briefs off.

Ben yelped in surprise at seeing them, and attempted to cover up.

Hannah’s eyes were as wide as saucers, having gotten a glimpse. “Why are you naked…?” her question trailed off.

Miss Elizabeth answered in a stern voice. “He was wearing black briefs which could be seen through the white tights. I instructed him to take them off so he wouldn’t look out of place on stage.”

Hannah nodded her assent. “That makes sense.” But she made no move to look away from the panicked Ben.

Miss Elizabeth noted this with approval. “Go on, Ben, put the tights back on.”

“Can you go away, or at least turn away?” He pleaded.

Miss Elizabeth moved towards him in mock frustration. “Hurry up, already, Ben. We saw it awhile ago anyway.”

“Or you can at least turn away from us.” Hannah suggested.

Ben decided he would rather show them his backside rather than his dick. Turning away, he put on the tights as quickly as he could, then turned back to them. “There, good enough?” He said, trying to muster some bravado.

Now it was time for the coup de grace, Miss Elizabeth thought to herself. She stepped close and grabbed his arms and held them to his sides. For a small woman, she certainly was strong. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you look at Hannah’s body in those tights.” She said in a chilling voice, and Ben froze.

By this time, Hannah had walked over. She stood in front of him. Hearing Miss Elizabeth’s words brough Ben’s attention back to those shapely breasts that dangled before him, and involuntarily, his dick twitched.

Hannah saw it rise, even through the tights. “He’s always like that during dress rehearsals, Miss Elizabeth. I always see a bulge in his tights.”

“Yes, dear,” Miss Elizabeth replied. “But now that he isn’t wearing briefs, that’s going to rise a lot more. Would you like to touch it?” She smiled at Hannah.

Hannah had never so much as touched one before, but Victoria NUDGED her.

Her hand tentatively reached out and felt along the shaft. In response, Ben grew. He struggled to free himself from Miss Elizabeth’s Kadıköy Sarışın Escort grasp, but somehow he couldn’t. And with each gentle stroke, the tights’ smooth fabric glided along his penis, and that was making his erection rise by the second.

Soon, it was pointing straight horizontally through the tights, which Hannah had never seen before. “Wow, it’s so high up!” She giggled.

Ben was lost in the embarrassment.

Miss Elizabeth spoke up. “You know, we can’t let him go on stage looking like this. We should relieve the pressure he feels.” She grinned heavily at Hannah. “Do you know how to do that?”

Hannah may have never had hands-on experience, but she knew the theory. Her hand now grasped the entirety of Ben’s pulsating cock, and she began to stroke its full length. Ben groaned in surrender, giving up to the pleasure. Miss Elizabeth felt him stop trying to struggle.

Now, she gently let Ben onto the ground. “Miss Elizabeth?” Hannah asked. “If we finish him in this costume, there’s going to be a mess in those tights.”

Miss Elizabeth smirked. “I like how you think, Hannah,” she said. “I guess we should take him out of the tights, then, so as not to make them messy.”

Ben no longer cared what they were doing. The only thing his mind were the amazingly good strokes by his dance partner, as well as the swell of her breasts through the tights. He didn’t resist as they took his tights off, leaving his penis erect in the open air.

Hannah resumed stroking, with Miss Elizabeth helping every once in a while. She taught the younger woman to stimulate his balls, and to focus on the sensitive tip of the penis.

“So, Ben,” Hannah said at one point, “did you ever imagine I’d be doing this to you whenever we danced?”

Ben shook his head dumbly.

“Well,” Hannah went on. “I guess now you’ll always remember this each time we dance. If only we had done this during a dress rehearsal.”

Miss Elizabeth laughed. “Yes, if we had done this earlier, then each time, he would probably get excited due to the memory of this. Then we’d have to jack him off each time so he doesn’t go on stage with a stiffy.”

Hannah smirked at him. “Maybe we’ll get to this again on other days, even if there’s no program.”

It didn’t take long before Miss Elizabeth saw Ben’s breathing become more ragged, and she knew he would soon lose control.

“He was always staring at your breasts, you know,'” Miss Elizabeth looked at Hannah. “Maybe you might want to use them to your advantage?”

Hannah blushed with indecision, but Victoria remembered how, just a few nights Kadıköy Şişman Escort ago, Charlotte had blown Ken to a massive explosion of pleasure, and she decided that perhaps letting ladies use their body parts to their advantage was a good thing. She NUDGED Hannah.

The nubile dancer moved closer and stretched out between his legs. Miss Elizabeth watched in delight as Hannah enveloped Ben’s cock in between her ample breasts, and began bouncing up and down.

Poor Ben could never have lasted long under the sensuous onslaught, but he never thought he would be this unable to hold on. The pressure increased so rapidly that he barely had any conscious thought before he began cumming. His sperm went everywhere, the first shot arcing high into the air, the second landing on Hannah’s face, and the remainder dropping onto her breasts. He felt like he had died and gone to heaven.

Miss Elizabeth cheered, marvelling at how Hannah had not stopped stroking even after the cumshot that went to her face. Most first-timers would doubtless have flinched at that.

Victoria was pleased with herself. It had been a good thing she grabbed Hannah’s mind hard when Ben had begun shooting. That had allowed Hannah to remain focused on the important thing – milking as much cum as possible. Now, however, it was on her face and her costume, and that would have to be cleaned up.

Miss Elizabeth suddenly realized that the cum on Hannah’s tights would be all too obvious, and their dance would be starting in just a few minutes. From a box in the room, she pulled out a new set of tights for her student.

“Here you go, Hannah,” she said as she passed them over, “a present for a…job well done.” She flashed a grin, leaving no doubt that her word choice had been intentional.

Miss Elizabeth then proceeded to help Ben put his clothes back on, then ushered the still-stunned guy out the door to give Hannah enough privacy to change.

During the dance later, Hannah never saw a bulge in Ben’s tights. Evidently, the milking had been quite thorough. She grinned to herself.

After the program, when Ben’s dick had recovered, was a different story. Victoria grinned at seeing the poor guy walking around for the rest of the day with a constant semi-erection, unable to remove from his mind the pleasurable experience he had gone through. And at the end of the day, when Ben passed by Hannah in the hallway before heading home, he was the recipient of a huge lascivious grin that did nothing to help his condition.

He wondered if he could ask Hannah to do it again to him someday. Normally he fantasized about naked ladies, but in this case, even if she stayed clothed, he would love to cum for her.

Victoria smiled triumphantly at another randy guy turned desperate for her chosen ladies’ attention. She was sure there would be more opportunities around here. Miss Elizabeth, in particular, was quite observant of her students…

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