Two Orgies Pt. 01

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Not everyone has an opportunity to go to an orgy. Much less two…many years apart.

The Second One

The second orgy I ever went to happened while I was separated. We’d had quite a falling out and although we would reconcile, at the time I assumed we would soon be divorced. Before the separation, our sex life had not been good. With two young kids, perhaps three years of almost no sex is understandable. That wasn’t what led to us breaking up but it certainly didn’t help.

Regardless, I was an extremely horny 32-year old man and I was now off my leash. As you might imagine, I had a number of lovers over a fairly short period of time, including a woman at work I will call T.

T would come to my office after hours so I could fuck her shaved pussy while pulling her hair until I pulled out and unloaded in her mouth, holding her head with my hands and forcing her to swallow every drop. It was because of T that I went to the orgy.

T and I went to a clothing optional sauna in a city an hour away from the office. Naked, we lounged on the sun deck, talking with others after we’d had sex 10 minutes earlier in the private hot tub. I went inside to one of the saunas until I couldn’t take it any more, hopped into the cold pool and then back up to where T now laid back quietly on her own. Although sex in the public areas is forbidden there, I took a quick nibble on her nipple as she smiled. She held up a business card. “Doing anything Saturday?”

A married couple T met had invited her to an orgy/swing party they were having that weekend. With T’s sexy slim body, shaved pussy and auburn hair, I was not surprised they would invite her. When T asked if she could bring someone along, they said she could bring anyone she wanted. She picked me.

That Saturday, I picked up T and we drove to a house in a quiet little suburb that reminded me of every quiet little suburban house I lived in growing up. There were quite a few cars but nothing too obvious. We’d been told to park a little ways away to keep the neighbors from prying. Walking illegal bahis up to the house, you would never have known there was an orgy scheduled that night.

That changed the minute the door opened and our blonde hostess opened the door wearing nothing but a collar and a smile. She showed us a large closet for our coats, and clothes if we wanted. Neither of us being shy, we quickly got naked and joined the party. While this was my second orgy, the first of which I will tell you in a bit, my previous orgy had not been catered. This one had food and drink and even a bartender, a swinger friend of our hosts, who wore a bow-tie around his very impressive cock, as I recall.

We got our drinks and began to wander about the large house. In every room something fun was going on. Each was labeled with a sign with some sort of theme. I don’t recall them all but I do remember there was a room with ropes and a swing and one room where everything was completely white, almost virginal or even heavenly. Every room had mattresses on the floor and people were laying on most of them.

Entering one room that seemed a little less busy than the others, T and I started watching a couple fucking doggy style on one of the mattresses. I stood behind T and caressed her breasts as she reached down and stroked my hardening cock. The woman getting fucked smiled at T and waved her over, obviously wanting to lick her pussy. T was only too happy to oblige and spread her legs eagerly as I watched. Etiquette was very clear about joining only when invited so I lazily stroked my cock while enjoying the view. T would get quite verbal and was soon begging the “little slut to lick that fucking cunt” as she built up to what would no doubt be an amazing orgasm.

Seeing that T would be involved for a while, I decided to wander about on my own. Each room held its own fun bit of debauchery but everyone seemed a bit involved. I felt a little like the odd man out as I wandered around. As I passed one room, an older guy, maybe 50, waved me in. Curious, casino siteleri I walked in, joining him and a group of 5 other guys, all nude as myself.

The guy looked at my wrist and said, “No bracelet, huh?” I was a bit confused and asked what he meant. “Oh, you must be new,” he said. “If you don’t bring a clean bill of health, you can’t get a bracelet. No bracelet, means no entry except with a condom.” He showed me his own bracelet as proof. Now my lack of invitations to play made a bit more sense.

I explained how we’d only been invited the week before and were pretty new to the whole thing. “No problem, man. Everyone can still have fun. Every room has a bowl of condoms or in some cases, you won’t need one. Like now.” He smiled and gestured at a curvy black woman sitting on a mattress in the middle of the room. As a group we walked over to her as she licked her lips. “Gentlemen,” the older man said, “meet my wife. Prettiest little brown thing you will ever see. She doesn’t always want to play but what she loves to do is show off and watch you appreciate it.”

Smiling, the beautiful woman leaned back and began sliding her fingers over her smooth pussy. My new friend began stroking his cock and the rest of us soon joined in. “She just loves watching men stroke their cocks for her,” he said. We were only too happy to oblige. The sheer kinkiness of all of us standing and stroking circled around this busty dark beauty was enough to get my cock hard and watching her finger her slit made me throb. Next she brought out a toy and began sliding it into her pussy. She put a second in her ass while she rubbed her clit, starting to cum. Her moans triggered a guy on my left and he announced he was going to cum. She waved us forward, clearly wanting us to cum on her dark skin. One of the guys began to cum, shooting an impressive amount on her legs. Another moaned as he started to cum on her tits. A third shot another load on her breasts as a fourth aimed for her hand busily rubbing her pussy. Backing away after they poker siteleri shot their loads, it was now down to three of us.

The older man walked up and his wife began sucking his cock in front of us. This triggered the other guy and he came on her feet where he’d been kneeling. Being the last one left, I kept stroking as she sucked her husband. She winked at me and motioned me over, taking my pale cock in her dark hand. She moaned softly as her husband shot his load in her mouth, swallowing every drop. He backed away as she continued to stroke me. Looking up, she whispered, “You got good stamina, baby. Give Chelle a nice load right here,” and she began rubbing my cock on her face. This was too much for me and I quickly began shooting cum all over her beautiful face as she closed her eyes and smiled.

My knees nearly collapsed as she let go of my cock and I backed away. Her husband handed me a towel and then began toweling off his wife as she continued to slowly rub her clit, lying back with a contented smile.

Needing a drink, I made my way to the bar. Now understanding the rules about the bracelets, I was glad to see one on the guy T was fucking. Since she didn’t have a bracelet, he still wore a condom but I was glad she was being safe nonetheless.

After they both came, I laid down next to her as she was recovering. Her eyes lit up when she saw me! “Jon! Oh my god, fuck me! No one will fuck me without a fucking condom on! I can’t fucking take it!” I was happy to oblige, fucking my sexy friend until she begged me to pull out and cum in her mouth, holding her head tight against me, gagging her the way she loved. I leaned down and kissed her, tasting myself on her lips. She whispered, “Let’s go baby. This was fun but I am ready to leave.”

We got our clothes and thanked our hostess, who appeared to have dried cum over most of her body. Laughing and giggling, T and I made our way back to my car. I drove her home so she could take care of her son in the morning and then drove back to my apartment, glad I had nothing to do the next day.

Not long after that, T met someone she really liked and although we still fooled around now and again, she had a permanent partner for any group events. My only regret was that I had gotten my clean bill of health but now I’d never get a bracelet!

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