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Jenny and Julia were as alike as peas in a pod and they certainly knew how to make a man’s pulse race!


As Jenny rolled lazily onto her back she could still, with each breath, sense the sweet saltiness of Mike’s semen and the tang of his after-shave that lingered about the satin sheets and pillows of her rumpled bed. It had been a wonderful weekend that had seemed to last forever and it had all begun with a chance encounter in the super-market.

She had been looking over the vegetable section when a loud crash made her suddenly turn round to find herself face to face with the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

“You’d better not point that at anyone, it might be loaded.” His voice was warm with humour and his eyes held a wicked twinkle.

Jenny could feel her face turn scarlet with embarrassment as she realised that she was still holding a large cool green cucumber that she had been about to put into her trolley, when the display of breakfast cereal had tumbled to the floor turning it into a skating-rink of sticky rice-balls in which a rather fat, middle-aged man was sitting looking dazed.

“Oh gosh! I mean I’m sorry, I was just looking for a big one. I…” Her voice tailed off as she realised what she was saying.

“No, I didn’t mean that, I’m expecting someone to dinner and I wanted to make sure I had enough for them so that….” Jenny stopped speaking. She could see that the more she said, the wider the grin became on the handsome strangers’ face. And he was handsome. Not too tall, just about six feet she guessed and what most caught her eye was the generous smile that seemed to spread from ear to ear and of course that naughty twinkle in his sparkling blue eyes.

“Well, from what I can see I’m sure that you’ve got more than enough to make a wonderful meal for anyone.” His eyes took in the ample swellings in the front of her blouse and the skirt stretched tightly across what was obviously a very fine pair of thighs. “Are you expecting someone special this evening or is he just a friend?” Again the twinkling eyes.

The thought that it was really none of his business passed quickly from Jenny’s mind.

“No, my twin sister is coming down from university for the weekend and I was just getting in some food. It’s really very difficult though. Since she went to Oxford last September she has become a vegetarian and I can’t imagine what I should buy or cook for her. I wish she was still eating meat like me.”

This time he couldn’t contain himself and burst out laughing.

“Oh my God, I’ve done it again. Whatever must you think of me?” said Jenny, by now crimson to the roots of her thick blonde hair.

He smiled.

“From what you’ve said so far I could think any number of quite delicious things about you but for the moment I’d better take what you say at face value otherwise you might get the wrong impression of me. As to the problem of your sister’s taste in food I think I may be able to help you there. I’ve just started working as a chef at the bistro in the High Street and I was just checking the prices in here; they’re very good value at this time of year, especially the root vegetables.” Now it was Jenny’s turn to laugh.

“Now you’ve started as well. I’m not sure we should continue with this conversation; it could lead us anywhere.”

“Mmm, I see what you mean,” he said, wondering if there was an invitation in there somewhere “But I’m glad that it’s your sister you’re having to stay. I’ve never met a damsel in distress before, especially in a supermarket. Perhaps we could finish our shopping together and if you like I’ll give you one or two trade secrets about vegetarian cooking.” ‘This is great!’ he thought ‘Only two days in town and already I’ve met the best looking girl I’ve ever seen.’

“Oh would you,” said Jenny. “That would be a tremendous help. I’m not a very good cook anyway and I can use all the help I can get. By the way, my name’s Jenny.”

“And I’m Mike. Come on; let’s go and look at the fruit.”

They pushed their trolleys around the aisles, comparing shopping lists and selecting from the displays only the freshest and plumpest of the produce.

“Aren’t those carrots a bit big?” said Jenny as Mike picked out several of the largest specimens in the tray. “I always thought that the big ones were tough and hard to eat.”

“No these will be fine once they’ve been well prepared and allowed to soak for a time.” Mike replied “Sometimes the biggest ones can be the most tender.”

There was no doubt by now in Jenny’s mind that the conversation had taken a deliberate turn towards the “bedroom” end of the dictionary as her mother used to say, but she couldn’t remember ever having more fun in a supermarket, and she didn’t care: she was enjoying herself. Still, Mike seemed to be collecting a most unusual list of ingredients in his trolley, including a large can of whipped cream, the squirty kind!

“Are we going to use the cream with the fruit” asked Jenny “Or have you something else in mind?”

“Well it is good with fruit” agreed Mike, thinking that this was bedava bahis likely to be a very interesting meal, “But I find it useful to have on hand to moisten any dishes that become dry.” He paused and caught Jenny smiling at his words. Smiling back he continued: “Anyway we seem to have enough food for an army. Let’s go and find a check-out without too many people waiting.”

The check-outs were all very busy and they waited for their turn, Mike standing behind Jenny, talking about the meal that Jenny would prepare for her sister. Mike was very close to Jenny and he could feel the warm firmness of her buttocks against the growing hardness of his cock. But it was uncomfortable. He was wearing a close fitting pair of Levi’s and there was no way that he could rearrange his cock which was caught down the left-hand leg of his jockey shorts.

“I wish people would stop pushing from behind,” said Mike “You must be getting squashed against the trolley.” There was no doubt that people were pushing but Mike figured that a little help from himself wouldn’t hurt and he had the distinct feeling that Jenny was responding and if not, she was certainly holding her ground. Jenny could feel Mike’s hardness against her bum and she loved it! The most wonderful visions of Mike’s huge weapon exploring her tight little pussy swam through her mind; and she was certain it was huge if the size of the carrots that he had picked were anything to go by. If only she could find an excuse to wriggle her bum against what she knew was Mike’s erection. ‘Perhaps I could pretend to drop something’ she thought ‘and then I’d have to bend over to pick it up.’

“Oh blow, I’ve dropped my purse.”

Jenny let her purse drop to the floor with a clatter of loose change. “I’ll have to pick it up.” Moving backwards so that she could duck under the handle of the trolley, Jenny ground her bum into Mike’s crotch expecting to feel the jutting hardness of his cock but instead she could feel his hand which, groping around in the front of his jeans, Mike had managed to insert down the front of his Jockey shorts in an effort to release the strangle hold that his underwear had on his throbbing organ.

“Oh my God” yelled Jenny, standing up so quickly that she hit her head on the handle of the trolley and tumbled back to the floor. All eyes were now searching for the cause of the commotion and almost immediately focused upon the sight of a hunky man with his hand down the front of his trousers.

“Well really.” huffed a pompous matron.

‘Probably the wife of the man who knocked over the stack of cereal boxes; they’re both about the same size.’ thought Mike, as he struggled to pull his hand from the front of his jeans. As he reached down to help Jenny to her feet he could see that Jenny’s shoulders were heaving and Mike was worried that she was crying but as he bent his head to ask if she was all right, the unmistakable sound of barely controlled laughter greeted him.

“Ow my head” said Jenny as she allowed Mike to lift her from the floor and rubbing her head she smiled at him: “I think we’re as bad as each other; lets get out of here.”

Mike smiled back “I’m glad you’ve got a good sense of humour… and a hard head!”

Whether the disturbance had cleared the way or whether they had now arrived at the checkout by waiting long enough they didn’t care but they soon paid their bills and made their way to the car park.

“Look” said Jenny, loading shopping into her car “Why don’t you join my sister and me for dinner tonight. You can cook!”

Are you sure?”

“Yes of course, I insist.”

“Ok but then I insist on buying the wine, it’s the least I can do after the row I caused in there. And thank you.” For a moment they stood and just looked at each other. It felt as if a deal had been done.

“Right then. That’s decided. You can follow me, it’s not very far.”

Mike had to work hard to stop himself from clicking his heels as he sprinted over to his car. ‘Steady boy’ he thought as he turned the ignition and gunned the throttle, ‘You don’t want to be stopped by the law right now, not when you’re onto a cert. God you’re a lucky bastard!’

He soon tucked in behind Jenny’s car and, keeping a safe distance, for he didn’t want a repeat of the supermarket episode, followed her to a courtyard of warehouses that had been converted into apartments.

“Here we are then” called Jenny, fitting her key to the lock. “I’m on the second floor, it’s not far up.” And she turned and winked.

“I’m right behind you then” Mike said with a grin and with a bag of groceries under each arm and his eyes fixed firmly on Jenny’s silk stocking tops, Mike followed her up the stairs to her apartment.

“How about a drink before we get down to business then?” Jenny took a bottle of wine from the refrigerator and poured two generous glasses.

“You’re at it again,” said Mike with a smile, tasting his wine.

“I seem to be doing it all the time with you” said Jenny and moving forwards she kissed Mike on the cheek and then turned to face him, waiting for casino siteleri his response. Mike could smell the warm scent of wine on Jenny’s breath as he closed his mouth over hers and was excited to feel Jenny’s tongue eagerly exploring and seeking his. He pressed forward with his hips and could feel Jenny’s ridge responding to him, moving and grinding against his erection. He slid his hand down Jenny’s back and ran his fingers over the firmness of her buttocks, touching the taught fabric of her skirt which was rapidly rising up under his hand as Jenny continued to move against him.

“Go on Mike, touch me” gasped Jenny and reaching down, she gave her skirt a final tug. Mike was electrified to feel the silky smoothness of her skin beneath his hand. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. He paused for a moment and then moved his fingers between her cheeks, touching her tight little bum-hole and feeling the warmth between her legs.

“You’re not wearing any panties.” Mike’s voice caught in his throat with excitement as he thought of her nakedness hidden only by her skirt and blouse. Bending, he ran his mouth down past the belt of Jenny’s skirt and, lifting the hem, let his mouth run over her mound, feeling the smooth softness of her shaven pussy on his lips and scenting the musky wetness of her slit.

“Do it, do it!” moaned Jenny and she pushed her tingling slot into Mike’s face, pulling his head against her with her hands. “Do it!” She could feel a warmth beginning in her belly, spreading downwards and outwards as Mike’s tongue slid between her swelling lips and lapped at her clitoris. He was really working at her now and she groaned with pleasure as Mike grabbed her bum, pulling her cheeks apart and pressed his finger against her anus.

“Yes, Oh yes!” Jenny gasped with pleasure and, releasing her hold on Mike’s head, slipped her hand into her blouse and cupped her breast, squeezing her rigid nipple with her fingers. Mike could taste the change in Jenny’s juices. She was hot and close to coming. He pushed hard against her mound, sucking on her clitoris and then moving lower, licking the length of her love slot and slipping his tongue deep into her, feeling her heat and tasting her darkness; then up again, her juices running into his mouth and, finding her spot, he swirled his tongue around it.

‘Oh the pleasure’ thought Jenny and she wriggled with delight as Mike, pressing again, slipped his finger into her bum-hole, touching her insides and sparking a flame of sensation that ran through every part of her pulsating body.

“Mmm… yes… oh yes….now, now!” She wanted to touch herself, to finger her burning clitoris and end the exquisite agony.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop!” And now it was time, there was no holding back and she let her wetness flow onto Mike’s searching tongue as she climaxed with a shudder, her orgasm racing through her.

“Ohhh… Ohhhh… Ohhhh…….”

“Oh… ho… ho! What have we here!”

Jenny’s twin sister Julia smiled with amusement as she leaned casually against the kitchen doorway, taking in the scene: her sister, head thrown back with her mouth open, licking at her lips, and one hand inside her blouse whilst her other hand was holding a man’s head firmly against her crotch.

“Oh my God! Julia! Oh shit! What are you doing here so early?” Mike tumbled backwards as Jenny straightened up with a jerk and desperately tried to pull her skirt into place.

“You invited me for the weekend if you remember, but I see that one of you has eaten already! The door was open so I let myself in.” laughed Julia. Mike scrambled to his feet.

“I think I’d better go,” he said moving towards the door.

“Just a minute, mister!” Julia lifted a leg and, planting her foot firmly against the opposite door post, barred Mike’s way; “I don’t think we’ve been introduced.”

“His name is Mike,” said Jenny. “Mike, meet Julia; Julia meet Mike.”

“I, uh, I, er….” Mike’s head was swivelling from side to side as he stared first at Julia and then at Jenny. It was incredible: they were identical and if they hadn’t been dressed differently and if the memory of the past half-hour hadn’t been so fresh in his mind, he wouldn’t have been able to tell them apart

“Er, I, er, Oh. How do you do. My name is Mike.” Mike blushed. This was too embarrassing.

“Hi, and I’m Julia. And how, little sister, does he do? Very well I should imagine.” Julia laughed, and moving across the kitchen embraced her sister. “Hello Jenny, it’s good to see you. I won’t ask how you are: you look bloody marvellous, apart from a little smudging of your lipstick and the state of your clothes! But tell me, who is this gorgeous hunk of a man?”

“Well this is Mike and we met this afternoon in the supermarket whilst I was shopping for the weekend and he’s a chef and I told him about you not eating meat or anything and he said he would help me with the cooking and well that’s about where you came in.” Jenny had run out of breath.

“I see” said Julia, “Or at least I think I do. Can you cook Mike?”

“Oh yes. I’m bahis siteleri the new chef at the bistro in the High Street and I thought I could help Jenny out with a few hints about vegetarian cooking.” Mike was uncertain of the kind of response he expected from Julia. In his experience, older sisters could be very protective of their younger brothers and sisters and he doubted that Julia was any exception. But these two were twins. Mike was nonplussed. “But you called Jenny ‘your little sister’,” Mike continued “and you’re twins. I don’t understand.”

“Oh, that’s easy,” said Julia breezily “I was born ten minutes before Jenny so I’m the oldest. Anyway, I’m glad you can cook. Jenny’s an awful cook, especially when it comes to anything new. What were you thinking of cooking?”

“Well, we hadn’t really decided and then you came in and…..” Mike’s voice tailed off and he looked to Jenny for help

“Yes, that’s right; we were just about to decide when you burst in on us. Anyway, there’s loads of time since you’re here so early, big sister,” said Jenny smiling.

“Yes, I am early, but I seem to have missed the first course. I hope that you’ve got something interesting in mind for me to eat later on Mike.” And looking straight into Mike’s eyes, Julia winked at him, just as Jenny had done earlier. There was no doubt in Mike’s mind now that Julia had only been pretending to be serious all along and that a conspiracy was in hand for a naughty evening. He could feel his penis stirring and stiffening in his jeans again and a flutter of anticipation ran through him.

“Mike, why don’t you start on the meal while I show Julia to her room and help her to unpack. You’ll be able to get on much faster without us interrupting and Julia and I have lots of gossip and girl talk to catch up on. Help yourself to anything you need and cook what you like. I’m sure that we’ll love anything you serve us!” All this while Jenny had been looking steadily at Mike with a broad grin on her face.

“Come on Julia, you’re sleeping through here.” With that, the two sisters left the kitchen and went down the hallway that led to the bedrooms. Pushing open the door to the spare bedroom and dropping her sister’s bag onto the bed, Jenny turned to her sister and took her hand giving it a squeeze: “I’ll sort out some sheets and hang up your things; there’s loads of hot water if you want to shower. I’m glad you’ve come; we’ll have so much fun.”

“Yes we will, all three of us!” Julia’s eyes sparkled with excitement and she squeezed Jenny’s hand in return.

Like most twins, Jenny and Julia had always been very close to each other, liking the same things and enjoying each other’s company even when there were other children around. But as they had grown and matured from being pretty girls to being beautiful young women, their relationship had become even stronger and intimate. They had often double-dated, sometimes exchanging partners from night to night, for no-one could tell them apart. And then later’ in the privacy of their bedroom which they had shared from infancy, recounting the events of the evening in every detail, laughing together in the same bed as they relived the sexual games and experiments of their late teenage years. They saw nothing to be ashamed of in their love for each other and expressed it in a warm and physical way that drew them ever closer. But they were careful to keep this part of their relationship secret, well knowing the lack of understanding their intimacy could provoke in others. Still, there seemed to be in the air a hint of recklessness and they determined to give Mike a night that he would remember for the rest of his life.

The shower was running as Jenny went into the bathroom with a towel for her sister. She watched quietly for a few moments as her sister washed, watched her hands moving purposefully over her body, spreading soap across her breasts and stomach, one hand flat to her belly and the other cradling her breasts, and then rinsing, swaying slowly from side to side under the spray of water and sometimes allowing the jet to linger against her as she rinsed the soap away, letting the water cascade over her jutting breasts, running down her belly, disappearing past the secret chasm between her legs.

“I’ve brought you a towel. Would you like me to wash your back for you?” Jenny was excited by the sight of Julia as she turned towards the sound of her voice, brushing her breasts against the wet fabric of the curtain to reveal her pert nipples surrounded by the darkness of their areolas.

“Jenny? Oh yes that would be lovely. Do you remember how we used to bathe together when we were little? We’d get all soapy and slip and slide all around the bath.”

“Yes I do.” The memory of their innocent investigations and explorations of each other’s bodies that had even then brought such exquisite pleasure came flooding back and Jenny’s voice was husky with anticipation. “Just a second.” She quickly pulled her blouse over her head and stepped out of her skirt. Jenny glanced at her reflection in the bathroom mirror; her nipples were hard and erect and she could feel a warmth and wetness between her legs as she traced the outline of her labia with her fingers, shivering involuntarily at her own touch. She stepped into the shower behind Julia, taking the soap, and spread a thick lather over her sister’s back.

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