Trucker Fucker Ch. 01

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It has been a long hard day at the office and that was what set me thinking. You always know what to do for me after a long hard day at the office.

I get off work at 4 and head over to your place. The ‘vette feels so good under me with the hood down, the wind blowing and the 8l engine rumbling happily, a real man’s car. I know you have been off work today and have been hoping I could get off early to have some fun. I call to let you know I am on the way and you are already outside waiting when I arrive. You are dressed in a tight white scoop neck top, which shows off you fabulous tits and very hard nipples. On the bottom is a long white cotton skirt, under which I know you will be both naked and hairless.

Opening the door, you slide into the passenger seat, your skirt riding up as you do so, and I get a whiff of your already wet cunt. Making no effort to resolve the “problem” with your skirt, you lean over to whisper your compliance in my ear, confirming your nakedness. At the same time your hand settles on my crotch and your tongue snakes in my ear, eliciting the desired hardening.

Telling you to calm down a bit, I throw the car into gear and floor it, leaving a plume of tire smoke and skid marks behind us, heading out onto the highway. In no canlı bahis mood to wait since your afternoon of anticipation, you decide to try to distract me with a little show. Tilting your chair back a little and retrieving your favourite cock from the glove box, you settle back with your feet on the dashboard and your skirt even higher, so that I can see your shaved lips.

Oblivious to the trucks and SUVs that can see into the low sports car, you start teasing your juicy cunt with my cock. Rubbing the head along your smooth lips, and getting it covered in juice. I can hear you moaning and as each stroke gets a little harder, I see the head disappear into your cunt. Sensing that if I don’t take control quickly, then you will be beyond the point of no return, I make you remove the cock from your cunt, and switch on the vibrator.

Returning the now vibrating cock to your clit, I can hear you gasp and moan as the vibrations work their magic. I make sure that you know you are not allowed to cum until instructed, and as usual you give me that sexy little pout with those cock sucking full lips, which I ignore! I can hear your moans getting louder and more persistent as I concentrate on navigating traffic, keeping an eye on the truckers alongside kaçak iddaa who seem to want to keep pace with us.

Slipping the cock inside you now as instructed in one long, hard, deep thrust, you almost lose control and try to stop, but I tell you to control the orgasm not the play, and again you pout. As you work the cock in and out of your soaking cunt with long hard strokes, your juices are flowing freely and pooling around your ass. You thrust the cock deep inside one more time and move to your ass as directed, taking first one finger and coating with juice, work it into your tight little ass. Soon of course, one is not enough and I can see you need more, so I allow a second to be used.

I know that you are really getting close to being out of control now, and you look over begging me with your eyes to let you cum. Still working your ass, I nod my approval, and you work the cock deep inside your cunt again, cumming hard and quickly now that you have been allowed.

Before you have calmed down, I make you remove the cock from your cunt, the fingers from your ass and slide the tip up to your tight asshole. I know that you are still on a high from your last orgasm and it wont take much to push you over the edge again.

Sliding kaçak bahis the cock head into your ass, you quickly adjust to accept it, with the juices from your cunt and the work your fingers did to loosen you. Slowly but surely you slide it all the way inside. Sitting up now as you are told, you grind your ass into the seat to get all the cock deep in your tight ass, and I can hear you cumming again, your body starting to shake and a low long growl escaping your lips.

It is usually about this time that you will slip into one long stream of orgasm with the right stimulus, and I know just how to keep that going, instructing you to remove one of your huge tits from your top and suck and chew on the nipple. Sliding from one orgasm to the next, grinding on the cock in your ass and licking, sucking and chewing your hard nipples.

The trucker beside you blows his airhorn and it startles you, but you look up. You haven’t noticed, but there has been a steady stream of truckers jockeying for position by our car, and the word seems to be out on the CB band. The guy you look at in the current truck is one of the better looking ones that have been ogling your near naked body and orgasmic throws in the passenger seat, and he grins at you with a dirty look in his eye.

Turning to me, I can see it is not wasted on you, I see the familiar gleam that tells me you need to get fucked hard and now, and anyone close by will do. Looking ahead, I can see a quiet rest area and I signal to the trucker to pull off……..

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