Three Is My Lucky Number

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I am a twenty one year old male that has made love to many women. Making love is my greatest pleasure. The best time I ever had making love, was when I made love to two women at the same time. I had made live to two women on several occasions, but this time it would different. The difference was I would start out making love to two women when it turns into three.. I was away on business in a little town on the east coast when I met the woman of my dreams. She was the president of the company I was trying to sell our product to. She had the bluest eyes of any woman I had ever seen. Every characteristic of her face was perfect along with her perfect body. Being new in town she ask me if I had any plans for dinner. I told her no and asked her if she would like to join me for dinner. She smiled, and said she would love to have dinner with me. She said she would send her car for me around 8:00. I finished out the day in a hurry, so I could get ready for my date with the woman of my dreams.

Her car arrived at 8:00 just as she said it would. As I reached the car I could see two women sitting in the back seat. Sandy the lady I did business with and another woman just as beautiful as Sandy. As I entered the limousine Sandy introduces her friend to me. Her name was Lilly and she was an absolute dream. I could not believe my luck having these two women on a date at the same time. At this moment my dick was throbbing from the thought of me making love to these two women. We drove through town drinking Champaign, and telling each other about ourselves. We talked and drove around trying to decide where we would like to eat. We finally stopped at a seafood restaurant along the shore. We had dinner while having the best time of our lives. The longer I was with Sandy and Lilly the more I come to the conclusion they were a lot more then just Escort bayan friends. That was ok with me I liked women that liked women. Especially beautiful, and sexy women that wanted men as well as their own sex.

After dinner we went to Sandy’s house to finish out the evening. She ask me to come in for a night cap, so I obliged her. They both ask me if I could wait until they slipped into something more comfortable. They told me to help myself to a drink and they would be back momentarily. It was several minutes before they returned, but when they did I knew my dream was going to come true. They each walk in, in a little see through teddy with nipple holes in their bras, and a pussy slits in their panties. They knew right away I was ready to do anything to make love to them. My dick was standing as hard as it could putting a huge bulge in my pants. They walked over and started rubbing my dick through my pants until a wet spot appeared. They looked at each other and said “I think he is ready”.

They began to remove my clothes exposing my naked body to their excitement, and seeing pleasure. Sandy kneeled down in front of me taking the head of my dick between her lips. While Lilly kneeled down behind me to lick my ass hole. Sandy put her hand around my dick, moving it up and down the shaft while, sucking the head with great passion. The entire time she sucked my dick she looked me straight in the eyes, with this sexy look of seduction. Lilly was licking my ass hole exciting me to climax, while moving down to my hanging balls occasionally; taking them gently in her mouth, and sucking them, until she could feel my body begin to shake. I put my hands on top of Sandy’s head to force my dick deep inside her mouth. She swallowed my 9 inch dick, as if there was no end to her throat. She didn’t want me to cum premature, Bayan escort so she pulled herself away momentarily.

Then all of a sudden! she forced the head of my throbbing dick deep into her throat. Contracting her throat muscles tight around the head of my dick, until I began to shoot my cum uncontrollably. Sandy swallowed it repeatedly, as if were milk from the gods. Then Sandy and Lilly switched places, and started all over again. I could not believe what was happening to me. All I know is, it was going to be a long, long night. After shooting my load repeatedly into Lilly’s mouth, I laid on my back on the floor. Lilly kneeled down over my face exposing her hot wet pussy to me. It smelled wonderful, I could not wait to taste her. In the mean time Sandy was straddled across my midsection lowing her wet steaming pussy onto the head of my dick.

Sandy And Lilly were facing each other kissing, and sucking each others nipples. I began licking Lilly’s pussy running my tongue along her shaven lips. She moaned with excitement, as my tongue slid around her clit ever so gently. She was so hot, that I could feel the heat of her dripping pussy on my face. Her cum was warm, and thick as it dripped over my face, and lips. I began licking her violently like a snake using his tongue to probe the air. I wrapped my arms around Lilly’s thighs to pull her tighter on my face, so I could plunge my tongue deep into her pussy hole. She began to beg me not to stop, so I continued to tongue fuck her until her body was shaking with lust and desire.

In the mean time Sandy was pounding her pussy on my dick, like pounding a hammer on an anvil. My dick was wet all the way down to my pubic hairs, from her cum dripping down the length of my dick. She was arching her back resting on her hands, riding me like I was a wild stallion Escort in heat. It didn’t matter how hard they were fucking me, I could not get enough of these fabulous women.

I got to my feet, and grabbed Sandy from the back. Lilly laid down on the couch with her legs in the air, spread as far apart as she could force them.. Sandy bent over resting her hands on the couch to eat Lilly’s pussy. I put my hands on the inside of Sandy’s thighs to spread her legs apart to get better position. I positioned the head of my dick, resting the tip at the opening of Sandy’s pussy. Her pussy was hot and moist with the affections of her love juices. I began licking her ass, and lower back to arouse her even more. Slowly I proceeded to insert my aching dick into hot steaming pussy, forcing it’s massive head deep in her hole until it disappears. I was sliding my dick in and out of Sandy’s pussy with the rhythm of a ticking clock. I began squeezing and slap her ass repeatedly, leaving welts in the shape of my hands. Mean while Sandy was licking Lilly’s pussy with the same rhythm I was fucking her.

You could hear the moans of love making, throughout the house. With soft echoing screams of someone saying fuck me o god fuck me. I felt as if we were being watched, so I looked up momentarily. To my surprise the maid was standing in the shadows watching the three of us fucking each other. She was naked fucking herself with the largest dildo I had ever seen. Sandy instructed her maid to join us. I began eating the maids pussy, while Sandy sucked my dick. The maid was eating Lilly’s pussy, while Lilly ate Sandy’s pussy. I would spend the rest of the night fucking each one of these women over and over again; until their pussies were soaked and dripping with my cum. It was a night I would never forget. Myself and three of the most beautiful women I had ever met fucking each other to exhaustion. We were entwined in an orgy of debauchery leading to the most erotic sex feast of my life. I got the contract for my company, and a home away from home when on the road doing business.

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