They Owned Me

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My junior year of college changed everything. At a time when you’re supposed to be finding yourself, your direction, mine was dictated to me. It’s defined my actions for a good 15 years since then. I guess I’ll get to it.

I’ll spare you the whole background, it doesn’t matter who I was, just who I became.

I lived off campus in Rhode Island for the first time. I had two roommates who were considered close friends. We had a blast, booze, broads, the works. The girl I was dating had just recently broke up with me and we held a ‘returning to the wild’ type party for me. After way too many shots and a few bong rips I was pretty out of it. It was past the point of even trying to hook up with anyone. I resigned myself to going to bed alone (which seemed to be a regular occurrence, even while I was dating her).

I said goodnight to some friends and started the seemingly endless journey to my bed. Stumbling up the stairs, I knew tomorrow would suck. I had no idea.

After a brief rest against the hallway wall, I finally reached my room. The door was closed, which was normal when we hosted parties. After fumbling with the knob I pushed my way into my room. I was too drunk to be shocked, elazığ escort too stoned to care, but there on my bed was a couple going at it.

“Shut the door dude,” he yelled as this anonymous girl was riding the hell out of him. I just stood there, transfixed on her ass wildly bouncing up and down. She looked back at me and reiterated, “In or out.”

Slowly regaining my surroundings I took a half of a step inside and finally got the door closed. I was transfixed by her, she was gorgeous. I’d never get a girl like that in my room by myself. I fumbled with my shirt, and before I could even get it over my head I tripped and landed next to the bed.

I can still hear her laugh. I stayed there on the floor, trying desperately to get my clothes off. For the next few minutes it was like I wasn’t even there. They just kept going at it on my bed.

In what seemed like a magical move at the time, he went from below her to on top of her in a heartbeat. He was in total control, while I gave up on even trying to get fully undressed.

She was unbelievable and he was a specimen too. I couldn’t believe I was getting a live sex show. I reached out to fondle one of her perfect tits while she was pounded into submission. He immediately swatted my hand away.

She looked down at me and I could see the pleasure in her eyes. “Fuck me, fuck me,” she kept repeating. It was directed towards him, but it was soft enough where only I could hear. He just kept going, picking up speed. He lifted her legs to his shoulders and repositioned himself even more on top of her. She was getting unmercifully fucked and it was amazing. I’ve never been with a girl like that and, up to that point, I thought it only happened in porn.

He acknowledged me for the first time in a while, “See how much she loves this dick? Tell him baby. Tell him how much you love this dick.”

I don’t know how she had any breath left, but she told. She told me how much she loved having him fuck her.

“Tell him,” he said as he wrapped his fingers around her throat.

“I love his dick, I love his dick,” she repeated as I stared at her cumming over and over. Then it happened, she let out the sexiest moan and I sat there motionless, knowing I would have cum in two minutes with her.

She seemed to melt into the bed, fully satisfied. He, on the other hand, got off of the bed. I’m still not sure who he was talking to, but out of nowhere he said, “Watch me.” Then proceeded to unleash of torrent of cum on my face.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement, but what could I do. I was a drunken mess and I was just transfixed on her, softly rubbing her own tits as she was coming down from such a high.

“She never lets me do that to her,” he chided.

Cum dripped down my face, onto my chest and on my pants. I haphazardly went to wipe it off, but he grabbed my hand.

“Hold on,” he said. He walked to his jeans and fished out his phone. I sat there frozen, cum in my eye, in my hair. He snapped a few pictures of me in my most humiliating state.

“Stay,” he said as he three on a pair of boxers and went to the bathroom.

I didn’t move.

When he reentered my room, he removed his boxers and crawled into bed with her. She cuddled up next to him and proceeded to go to sleep.

I tried to get as much cum off of my face as possible, but I was a mess. I couldn’t believe what had happened as I just sort of passed out on my floor.

I must have slept well, because they were gone by the time I awoke. I used the bad hangover excuse to stay in my room most of the day, but it was more than that. Little did I know that it would get worse.

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