The Vassal Academy Ch. 11

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Pt. 11: Training Cathy.

Cathy and David arrived at the Academy, and Cathy was fuming. David had first decreed that she had to come here for two weeks. He was going to be in Europe on Business, and she wasn’t coming with him, nor was she going to be bouncing around in the apartment. She was going to school to be a slave. Then he had made her wear this fucking green skirt that clashed horribly with her hair.

Cathy had pouted, begged, and finally David had told her. Go to the school, or move out. If you safe word at the school, don’t bother coming to New York, there wont be anything here for you. So Cathy had hooked her wagon to the gravy train, and now she had to endure this humiliation for two fucking weeks.

Devon greeted them in his office, and Jeannette brought the Masters cups of coffee. None for me noticed Cathy as she sat and pouted. Jeannette ignored Cathy, and stared at the leg of the desk, awaiting instructions from Master Devon.

Finally Devon said. “OK Cathy. Here’s the contract. Its time limit is filled out for two weeks. I need to fill in a safe word, one that will end play, and send you on your way. That is what safe word does here. Then I need you to sign it.”

Cathy looked imploringly at David. “Sir, don’t make me do this. I’ll be good. I’ll come with you to Europe, and wait patiently for you to come to the hotel and relax you after work.”

“Cathy, we talked about that. No. Now sign it or we can go back to New York and you can move your things out of my apartment.” David said firmly.

Cathy looked at the document defeated. She put her safe word into the blank. Making sure to print it carefully. Then she looked at David with tears in her eyes, and he almost relented, she could see it. He wavered.

Then Devon interrupted her last trick and said. “David, when you return from Europe, we’ll set you up in a Guest room, they’re on this level down the hall here.” Devon gestured. “We’ll go over what we trained her in, and what we feel she could still learn. We’ll teach you her commands, and allow you to test drive our efforts so to speak.”

Cathy glared at Devon and he utterly ignored her. She looked down and signed her name on the line. Damn that Devon, Damn it David. Damn that Jeannette and Diane. Damn it all to hell.

“Ok, that looks fine Cathy.” Devon said. “If you don’t object David, we’d like to get started. There is still plenty of daylight to get her training going.”

“Uh. Oh. Sure Devon.” David said as he broke out of the compassionate feelings he was having for Cathy. He leaned over and kissed her gently and said. “Work hard sweetheart, and I’ll be back before you know it.”

Cathy reached for her bag to stand and follow Jeannette when Devon’s voice stopped her. “If you take Birth Control pills, give them to Jeannette, otherwise leave the bag there.”

Cathy glared at him and said. “These are my clothes, make up, and brushes, things like that.”

“You won’t need them, give Jeannette any meds you have, and leave the bag.” Devon said again.

Cathy reached into her bag and rummaged around, finding her pills and handed them to Jeannette. She set the bag down and followed Jeannette out of the office.

“David, now you and I need to talk about limits. Anything you don’t want me to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“David, forgive me. She’s willful, disobedient, and uses her feminine charms to get her way. To a certain extent, she manipulates you. Her beauty is great, and she knows it is.” Devon explained. “I need to take her pride in her beauty away, and give her pride in service. That may mean extreme means.”

“How extreme?” David asked.

Devon noticed and ignored the fact that David didn’t comment on the manipulation. Apparently he’s figured it out since their last visit. “If I can find no other way to get through her pride, I’d like to have permission to shave her head.”


“David, she’s incredibly proud of her hair, the light strawberry blond hair is her identity, as is her beauty. She sees herself as beautiful woman who’s won you. I want her to see herself as a slave who’s honored to serve you.”

“Shave her head?”

“A last resort. I wouldn’t possibly even consider it before Wednesday, or perhaps Thursday, and only if we’ve made no progress before then.” Devon said.

“Will it be that tough?”

“With only two weeks before your first examination of our efforts, yes. Teaching her the tricks isn’t that tough, we can do many of them. Improve her oral arts, improve her ballet and poise. Even give her a small amount of cunt control. However David, we want to give you the slave you always wanted, and that means bringing her inner submissive to the surface, and that’s hard, for anyone else, it would be impossible”

“I don’t know, I kind of like her hair.” David said. “Call me, you have the number, if you feel it’s the only way, we’ll discuss it.”

Devon bowed his head. “Thank you David, by not rejecting it, you’re convinced that I really illegal bahis am trying to do what’s best for her, and you. I appreciate your confidence in me.”

“You know Devon, I really love her. I really do. I understand she’s manipulating me, and I can’t seem to find a way to stop her. This is a godsend. You can do what I could never bring myself to do.” David said. “Be careful though, she’s part witch, she’ll try and ensnare your heart.”

“Our hearts are not capable of being snared. I saw that in her by the way my friend. Andre, who is himself very good looking, tall blond, athletic, and hung like a horse, is going to be her oral arts instructor. He has instructions, which he’ll carry out, to treat her with disdain and with mocking comments about her appearance.” Devon said. “I hope to have her looking at her soul tomorrow, or Wednesday. If I can do that, and get her to see what she is, then you’ll have a much more submissive mate upon your return, a woman worthy of your love David.”

David stood and shook Devon’s hand. “Thank you, you could have been cruel or dismissive about my admission. You were supportive instead. Thank you Devon.”

“It’s my pleasure David. This may be a short path, or a long one, but we’ll walk it together friend.” Devon said simply.

David left and ignored Cathy’s bag on the floor. He was on his way back to New York, and then on his jet to Europe to pick up the pieces of a merger gone wrong in Brussels.

Devon walked past the bag without looking and spoke into his radio. “Rebecca, you’re up.”

“Certainly Devon.” Rebecca said charmingly. “I do love being first.”

Jeannette was arguing with Cathy. “You have to take your clothes off. Master wants us nude, we are nude.”

“I’m not stripping down and prancing around naked. I don’t care what you say Jeannette. Fuck you, fuck Devon, and fuck this place.” Cathy said. It was time to put her foot down. Someone had to know she was in charge.

Jeannette nodded and raised her wrist. “Master, Cathy refuses to undress.”

Devon walked in to the room in under two minutes. He walked slowly and stopped at Jeannette. “You were told to have her undress. Why did you fail?”

“Master, I relayed your instructions. She refuses.”

“Cathy, knock this nonsense off, get out of those clothes now.” Devon said.

“Fuck that. You want to teach me to suck a dick better, fine. I can do that dressed.”

Devon took one step towards her. “Cathy, perhaps you don’t understand, so I’m going to explain to you. I would honestly prefer you to safe word. That would be much easier for all of us. If you don’t safe word, you will obey, starting right now.” Devon’s tone was low, dangerous, commanding.

“Why do I have to be nude?” Cathy asked.

“Because Master has said so. That is enough for a slave. Now, if you don’t safe word, I’ll tear those clothes from your precious little ass princess, and beat you until your backside is covered in bruises.” Devon said. “I’ve spoken to David, and he’s given me permission to cut your hair if I can’t get you to obey any other way.”

Cathy moved a hand to her hair. “You didn’t. He’d never give you permission.”

“I told him extreme measures were in order. He agreed. He cares for you, for some reason. However he’s unwilling to be manipulated any longer. Either you shape up, or you’re out Cathy. So strip and shut the fuck up.”

“He loves my hair.” Cathy said with tears in her eyes. “He’d never allow you to cut it.”

“He wouldn’t leave you here with us. He’d never send you away from his side. How many other ‘He’ll never do’ were broken by just dropping you off as he did?” Devon asked.

Cathy looked ready to cry and Devon sighed. “Fine, since you insist on this nonsense. I have a dress you can wear. Take that off, and give it to Jeannette. She’ll give you what you can wear while you’re here.”

Cathy assuming she’d won, and wore him down already smiled and said. “Thank you Master.” It was said in a very cheerful voice. She reached for her blouse and turned away modestly and Devon turned to go. “I’ll send it up with Jeannette when we have your clothes.”

Jeannette managed to keep a straight face. She’d seen the dress, and knew Cathy would shit herself rather than wear it. Devon detoured downstairs and explained the delay to Rebecca who howled in laughter.

Jeannette returned and handed Cathy the dress and struggled to maintain a straight face at the look on Cathy’s. Cathy was horrified at the polyester housecoat style of shapeless awful colored disaster. “He can’t be serious.”?

“He is, and if you’re not down in Ballet in about two minutes, Mistress Rebecca is going to fail you. Which means you’ll have to retrain instead of sleeping tonight. That by the way is very expensive and painful.” Jeannette said.

Cathy put the dress on and with as much dignity as she could manage strode from her room without a door, she’d forgotten about the door when she was trying to get Devon to relent, casino siteleri and followed Jeannette downstairs.

“Good Lord Jeannette, where did you find this pigeon toed baboon?” Rebecca asked.

“Mistress this is slave Cathy, she’s here to be trained.” Jeannette said.

Rebecca sat down and rubbed her forehead as though trying to get rid of a headache. “I can’t teach her while she’s wearing that tent. Cathy take it off and walk across the room.”

“Master Devon said I could wear this.” Cathy explained. ?

“Yes. Not in my class though. Take it off and do what your told.” Rebecca hesitated one moment and then she was a blur of motion. In two seconds Cathy was laying on the ground with a stinging handprint glowing on her face. She cried out in pain and shock and stared at Rebecca. “You can’t hit me bitch?”

Rebecca manhandled her to the punishment bar and hung her from it. She said to Jeannette. “Tell Master Devon she failed her first Ballet class. No bread for with meals, no blankets, no juice, water only. Tell him she’ll be more malleable for her next class.” Then she pulled the dress up and over Cathy’s head and went to town on her backside.

Twenty lashes later, Cathy was hanging limply from the bar, tears wetting her cheeks. “Please, I’m sorry. I’ll do it. Please no more.”

“Now that’s better. At least your attitude has improved. Now about this dress of yours, I think you need to understand something.” Rebecca tapped her shoulder with the cane. “You are a slave, and on display, you are not to hide yourself from us. You are offering all of yourself to us in fact. If we wanted, we could declare you un-trainable, and spend the next two weeks butt fucking you morning noon and night. I’d personally love to take my biggest strap on and shove it so far up your ass you’ll taste it.”

“Please Mistress, please I’ll do whatever you say.”

“Yes you will.” Rebecca said. She released Cathy’s hands and then said. “Take that fucking dress off, and if you beg me nicely, I’ll do you a favor and insure you lose Clothes, so you’re not humiliated wearing that thing.” ?

“Yes Mistress.” Cathy took the dress off. OK, open defiance wasn’t working. That was painfully obvious, with emphasis on the painful. Now, it was time to try to feign obedience and see who she could get to fall in love with her looks.

Rebecca was obviously not the person, she was fast, and she was fucking stronger than she looked. Probably a dyke, they’re always supposed to be strong, or so Cathy had heard.

Until lunch the cane was striking Cathy. Short sharp stinging snaps of that damn reed that left red welts on her fair skin. She finally managed to assume stand, and walk without more than a few taps of the cane.

“Satisfactory slave.” Rebecca grudgingly admitted. “Good enough to leave that dress here. Get to lunch, down the hall, last door at the end. Straight through. You can’t miss it unless you make a wrong turn.”

“Yes Mistress.” Cathy said in faux submission. She looked at the dress. No real loss there. Perhaps Master Devon would let her wear a cute little shirt thing like Jeannette has.

Following the hall she found the dining hall, and got her next shock. “Geneva? What are you doing here?”

Geneva was sitting totally nude and wearing a blue collar, the same color as Diane was wearing. She was eating quickly. “I’m a house slave. Thanks Cathy, if you hadn’t told me about this place, I’d be up in Boston living with my Liberated Aunt.”

“But, you’re not a slave are you?” Cathy asked astounded.

“Yeah. Hurry up. You barely have enough time to eat. You have oral arts with Master Andre at one. I’ll get you there, then I have to get to Ballet with Mistress Rebecca.” Geneva said.

Cathy looked at the bowl of stew and shook her head. “Ew. I’m not eating that.”

“Fine, can I have some?” Diane asked.

“Split it with you.” Jeannette said.

“Three way.” Geneva added.

“Not our first.” Diane said smiling.

“What else do we get?” Cathy asked as the trio dug into her stew.

“We get this. You didn’t want it, so we got it.” Jeannette said. “I don’t get any bread either. Master took it to punish me.”

“You know, we don’t have to do this, we can tell them no.” Cathy said, deciding that she could get them to revolt.

Geneva shook her head. “Hell no. This place is great. How did you like Mistress Rebecca?”

“She’s a total bitch.” Cathy said.

Geneva looked at her seriously. “You must not talk about Mistress that way. She’s trying to help you, help us. We’re lucky to be here.”

Diane glared at her. “Don’t you dare badmouth master.”

Jeannette finished her bowl. “I love the chicken stew. OK, everyone back to work. Geneva, you’ve got ballet. You take Cathy to oral arts. Show her where the bathroom is. Diane, go help chef. I’ve got to get back to work too.”

Cathy took her empty stomach and followed Geneva to her next class. Oral Arts. She entered and found a poker siteleri gorgeous blond guy waiting for her.

“Hello Slave Cathy, I’m Master Andre, and this is oral arts. We want to see how far we can get you before we run out of time. I’m given to understand that you’re reasonably talented, so we think we can get you through the basics today. Then we can start on advanced tomorrow.”

She smiled shyly at him, turning on her coy needing protection charm to the max. “Oh Yes Master. I’m very good at sucking a cock.”

“That’s nice. Now, let’s start with station one.” Andre said. “That would be the cunt to your right slave.”

Cathy turned and made a face. “I don’t do girls.”

“You do now. Get to it slave, mimic the motions on screen. If you can paint a fence, you can pass station one.”

Cathy considered protesting, and then decided it wouldn’t be worth it to upset the cute guy. She concentrated and worked at it and sure enough. She had task complete in about thirty minutes.

“Not bad, not bad. Diane had it in fifteen her first time. But she wants to please us so that’s not too bad.” Andre said. “Now try station two, this cock over here.”

Cathy knelt at it and looked at Andre temptingly as she licked and sucked it.

“Cathy, you’re getting red lights, adjust your technique to the screen.” Andre said ignoring her invitation.

“Master, I’m much better with flesh and blood.” She breathed at him. Open invitation to let me suck your cock. Come on you sucker; let me show you what I can do.

“I suppose so. You’d have to be better. It would be difficult to be worse.” Andre said.

Cathy turned back to the dick. A dyke for a ballet instructor, and a fag for oral arts. He had to be gay, that was the only reason.

Andre fought a smile down, it was pathetic. She was throwing herself at him, and he wasn’t even noticing. Treat her with disdain.

“Slave, love the cock, it’s master for this exercise, to keep me from getting bored by amateurs.”

Cathy felt humiliation well within her. That bastard called her an amateur? She could blow anyone, and do it well. He had to be gay, that was all there was to it. She adjusted her pose to show her well-shaped ass off to her instructor, letting him glimpse the goodies. She glanced at him now and then and he wasn’t looking at her ass. He had to be a fucking fag.

She managed to finish station two, once she gave up trying to entice him, and paid attention to the screen.

“Pathetic. I’m going to advise Master Devon that you are at best, a novice in the oral arts. Hardly the moderately skilled student I was led to believe was coming.” Andre pointed towards the door. “You have an hour before dinner. Use the restroom and then assist the slaves on the cleaning detail.

Cathy rose and grumbled out of the classroom. He was so good looking, too bad he was gay. It might have been fun to spend some time with him getting trained. His crotch showed a sizable cock hanging down, but always down, it never twitched at her antics.

Andre almost burst into laughter at her behavior. He walked out a minute later and went to admin. Rebecca was typing her report and he sat next to her. “Did you have fun training our little slave?” Andre asked.

“Oh yes. She refused orders and everything. Then she decided that defiance wasn’t going to work, so she became quite submissive then.” Rebecca said chuckling.

“She did everything but beg me to fuck her, and was so angry that I ignored her and called her technique pathetic. She was outraged that I would call her a novice at the oral arts.” Andre said. “God, it was all I could do not to laugh. I wish I had a video of her waving her ass at me trying to get me to check out the box, like it was something awesome.”

Devon chuckled as he walked up. “I wonder how she’s going to enjoy cunt control with Thomas?”

“Send Jeannette with her, and get her to see and better yet feel Jeannette’s rippling of her muscles.”

Devon nodded. “Good idea Andre, consider it done.”

Ann was at her desk. “You all are sadist you know that.”

“Yeah, goes with the job.” Andre said. “You have to enjoy tormenting people to be good at this.” Andre looked directly at Ann as he said the last bit.

Ann blushed remembering herself hung from the chains, panting, aching for sex, needing him so badly she couldn’t think straight. Finally begging Andre to release her, and then fuck her hard. “I suppose, I may need some education on that. Any good books to read up on it?”

Andre laughed and said. “Yeah, they’re on your reading list.” Then he finished his report and headed into the lounge area for a drink.

Devon said. “Ann, the schedule for tonight is Geneva in sleep training, in the cage. Diane in her own bed, and Jeannette on duty with Geneva and Cathy. Diane’s getting her laser hair done Wednesday, and I’m planning on you and Thomas escorting her. It’s a little painful, and will leave her suffering from a bad sunburn. Get her home, and upstairs and into bed. Geneva has some cream or something to help the healing and take the sting out.”

“Oh how generous Devon, won’t the other masters disapprove of you caring for a slave?” Ann said mockingly.

“I don’t care.” Devon said and went to his office.

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