The Stockade Ch. 03

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The Stockade…………………The End

It was late now, almost 3:30 in the morning and I had just gotten some head and ass from two different guys in the last hour or so. I had never let a man touch my cock before, honestly, I didn’t even think about men that way.. Maybe there weren’t any women here, but there seemed like there were plenty of guys that would willingly handle my cock, so I was really liking this place.

I had a class at 9:00 AM this morning, but even though I had just cum two times in the last couple of hours, I was still horny as hell. Lost in this dark maze of cubicles and hallways, I kept walking around trying to find the main room with the stockade that I had originally entered. I really wasn’t ready to leave, I was hoping to get my 9 inches sucked once more, but right now I just wanted to get my bearings straight.

Finally, I exited this maze and found myself in the stockade room again. It was empty except for one older guy leaning against the wall. He looked around 30ish and seemed real clean cut. Just an average looking guy like me, dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, probably hoping to find a woman just like me too. When he saw me take a spot on the opposite wall, he looked at me and kind of nodded his head in a greeting gesture. I nodded back and decided to just mind my own business.

It seemed we were the only two people left, or else everybody else was in the maze or watching the video in the other room. I wanted to cool down a little bit, so I just kept quiet and held my position against the wall. I looked at the wall, I looked at the floor and I looked at the stockade, but I never made eye contact with him again.

I could see out of the corner of my eye, that he had left his spot and was approaching me.

“Hey, my name is Ron, what’s going on man?” he spoke to me as he leaned against the wall next to me.

Getting a closer look at him, I guessed he was about 6 foot 4 inches tall, pretty well built and would probably be considered very handsome by the opposite sex. I felt kind of intimidated being so short and all.

“Nothing really, just hanging out for a while,” I mumbled nervously back to him.

“Kind of slow tonight. I was hoping for some action. You come here often?” he stated boldly.

I nodded in reply to his last statement, this really being my first time here ever, not knowing what to say to this stranger.

A few seconds later he spoke again to me, “What are you into?”

I thought about answering with golf or softball, but before I could, he spoke again.

“Are you a top or a bottom?” he asked me.

I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant, but I’m nobody’s fool. I knew right then , that his query had nothing to do with my hobbies. My favorite position was laying on my back and having a woman straddle me. I loved it when I was on the bottom and she rode me like a horse with her hot pussy, so after a few seconds I answered.

“Oh, I’m definitely a bottom. I like to be rode hard for sure,” I replied.

“Oh yea, really, that’s so cool man. I’m a total top, especially for some young sweet meat,” he commented, moving closer to me with his eyes lighting up as he looked me up and down.

I wasn’t exactly sure what position he liked his women in, him being a top, but I didn’t even bother to ask. I was really more curious about that stockade, you know, if women every let themselves get locked into it.

“Hey, is that stockade for real, I mean does anybody use it or is it just for show?” I innocently asked him.

“Oh yea, its pretty cool. Nice work whoever made it. Come over here and check this out. Are you into pain?” he said as he pulled off the wall and walked over to the stockade.

“No, Im not into pain. I was just curious about this contraption,” I quickly replied.

As he lifted up the heavy wooden top, exposing the half holes on each side where you would insert your head and wrists, I crossed the room to him. This thing looked so ominous and scary. It looked like it was right out of the Middle Ages.

Showing me how it opened and how realistic it was, he just smiled at me and casually adjusted his jeans. It might have been my imagination, but it kind of looked like he had an erection, and a big one at that.

“You like it?” was all he said.

“Yea, I do, I wish I owned one, I would use it all the time,” I replied.

“I bet you would. Well, try it out, I bet it feels really nice,” Ron tested me.

“No thanks man, I don’t think so,” I replied again.

“Go ahead, there’s nobody here but you and me. I’ll hold it open for you,” he offered.

Not to appear intimidated by his size, I stood in front of it and bent to the waist, while he held the top up for me. As I lowered my neck into the half circle, a chill went down my spine. I wished that I had a sexy woman that I could lock in here and fuck her pussy and ass as long as I wanted, I thought to myself. Pulling my neck out from the half circle, I stood and subconsciously felt myself arrange my own hardening cock in my jeans.

“Pretty cool bursa escort huh, you like it?” he asked me.

“Yea I do, I could have a lot of fun with that,” I quickly answered.

“Yea, the possibilities are endless, but you didn’t even get the feel of it. Put your neck back in and put your wrists in this time,” he smiled and challenged me.

As I bent again at the waist, and put my neck in the half circle, I also placed my wrists in the smaller half circles on the bottom bar of wood. The first thing that occurred to me was how primitive and realistic it was. It was so heavy and crude, that my imagination soared.

“Close your eyes for a second and imagine what it would be like to be locked in here,” he spoke again.

As I closed my eyes, I imagined how a woman would look in the stockade, so vulnerable and exposed to anyone that came along. My cock was now full blown hard as I let my mind drift to all the sexy girls in my classes that I would like to lock in this contraption as my prisoner and fuck for as long as I wanted.

While my eyes were still shut in my fantasy, I felt my new friend close the top bar over my neck and wrists. My eyes snapped open as I suddenly felt myself trapped and realized that I was locked in place. As he snapped the locking iron mechanism on the side shut, I immediately panicked and started trying to pull out, but I was totally secured and locked into place. My hard on withered immediately as I realized he might try to rob me or worse.

“Come on dude, that’s not funny, open that thing up and let me out,” I demanded from him in my sternest voice.

“Awwww, chill out, you know you like it. This is a bottoms fantasy isn’t it?” Rom laughed, stepping back and looking at me.

“Come on man, really, unlock me right now,” I pleaded.

“I don’t think so, you said you were a definite bottom and I’m definitely a top, so its your lucky night pretty boy. Don’t worry, I’ll do you right, you’re going to love this. I’m going to fuck that sweet ass just like you dream of,” he told me.

“Let me out, I’m not into that. Let me out or I’ll scream,” I hollered at him.

All of our commotion and noise had drawn a crowd now. I saw several of the older men that I had first noticed when I entered this room, had come to watch us. The two guys that had sucked me off and let me fuck their butts, had also entered the room and watched in anticipation of what might happen next.

I completely panicked as he took my left ankle and secured it to some shackles on the base of the stockade that I hadn’t noticed before.

“You want some help with this one?” a guy in leather clothes asked my abductor.

“Sure, everybody is welcome to this sweet meat, but I’m first,” Ron demanded of the crowd.

As Ron secured my other ankle, the leather guy took a three foot strap of leather from a hook on the wall and wedged it between my lips. Pulling it tightly around the back of my head, he tied it in a knot which enabled me from speaking anymore. I feared the worst now, that maybe I was their prisoner to use sexually. I tried to scream but just the slightest noise, that sounded more like groans than words came out of my mouth.

I was now securely locked in the stockade by my wrists, ankles and neck. My mouth was gagged, preventing me from speaking, but I was still fully clothed. Again when I tried to protest, all that came out were incoherent moans and groans.

“Oh, I think this one likes it here. Listen to him groan for it,” the leather dressed guy laughed.

As I pulled at my restraints, my eyes went around the room in front of me and I saw at least 3 strangers leering at me. The shadows cast on the walls from the guys behind me indicated another bigger group of guys already in the room. This was turning into a nightmare, surely they were joking and would let me go now. The clerk from downstairs must have heard all this commotion and would surely come to my rescue.

“You know, you’re supposed to have him take his clothes off first,” leather guy laughed again, “Do you mind?” .

The leather clad older guy, took a knife from his pocket and waited for my Ron to answer.

“Cut em off man, lets get this party started,” Ron encouraged the guy.

The leather guy unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans. He then put the knife above the material directly over my ass crack. I felt my jeans start to tear as he sawed his way to the front zipper. Within seconds, my jeans were split from the crotch to the ass at the waist. One pant leg fell to my knee as they grabbed the material on both sides and pushed the pant legs down to my ankles.

He then cut slits on the sleeves off my shirt and made another slit down the back. Removing the scraps of my shirt that were left, I now stood in front of this crowd of strangers in just my underwear, shoes and bunched up pants legs around my ankles.

“And now gentleman and scoundrels, feast you eyes on the unveiling of tonight’s party favors,” the leather guy said as he cut away my underwear, malatya escort completely exposing my ass to the crowd.

Everybody clapped their hands and cheered as my ass became completely exposed to them. I was sick to my stomach and sweating profusely as my Ron finally reached out and cupped my smooth bent over bare cheeks in his hands. As he ran his hands over my ass cheeks, I knew my ass hole was completely exposed and vulnerable to their view.

A couple of guys in front of me, boldly unzipped their pants and hauled out their erect cocks, watching me from a distance as they began masturbating. I knew then that this was going to be a long bad night and I regretted ever coming to this place now. I struggled to free my hands from the stockade, but I couldn’t budge an inch as the crowd of men surrounded me.

Ron came and stood in front of me and said, “We are going to make this a night you will remember forever, buddy boy. This will definitely be a bottom’s fantasy, you lucky bitch.”

Ron grabbed a small square wooden platform from the corner of the room and pulled it over in front of me. The platform was about 3 foot by 3 foot, with a flat base and seemed very sturdily built. As everyone watched, he stepped and stood on the platform so it brought his crotch about face level with me.

“Look at what you get to start with faggot. You hit a home run tonight,” Ron said as he pulled out what looked like a 12 inch hard cock.

Not only was it long and hard, but it was even thicker than my cock. The shaft was so long that it didn’t even look real. In the dim light, I could tell the shaft was as hard as possible, standing straight away from his body. As he pumped it in his fist a few times, I noticed he couldn’t even close his fingers around it.

Someone behind me in the crowd of men watching said, “Oh baby, that’s going to break him in for sure. I feel sorry for that poor ass.”

Ron held his shaft by the base and slapped it hard against my cheek while he just laughed aloud. It felt like I was being hit with a thick piece of rubber as it thudded against my cheek.

“Hope you’re ready for my meat son. Don’t worry, I know you’re not into pain, I’ll be real gentle with you, I promise,” he assured me.

Ron got off the platform and went around behind me to my exposed ass cheeks. I felt some slippery lubricant being smeared into and around my cheeks and my puckered ass hole. He took his time, sticking first one and then two fingers in my asshole as everyone looked on. He was very gentle and it didn’t really hurt that much, in fact after a couple of minutes, it started feeling kind of good. After a few more minutes of this, he seemed satisfied that he had prepared my ass for his inevitable invasion.

I couldn’t believe that I was restrained in front of all these strangers, putting on a show for them, with my ass hole exposed and Ron ready to fuck me. The events that resulted in my being in this position were now a blur in my head.

As soon as I felt the pressure of his hard cock touch the entrance of my ass, I flinched up. My ass hole resisted, as the fat blunt tip of his cock tried to invade me at first. With more pressure from him, it finally jabbed in a few inches. The initial pain made my eyes open wide as I braced myself for his impending onslaught, completely restrained and immobile. My cock now hung limp between my legs, out of fear or pain, as Ron steadied his hands on my hips and started grinding it in deeper.

“This bitch belongs to me boys. However, you can do anything you want to him as long as you don’t hurt him. My little bottom boy is not into pain. The line starts behind me or anybody can take the front,” Ron directed the men.

I silently screamed on the inside, “I’m not gay. Let me out of this thing,” as his cock ground deep into my ass hole.

The pain was not unbearable, it did hurt at first, but Ron was as gentle as possible like he promised. He pushed what felt like about 6 inches in my ass before he stopped and let me relax on it. As he stood behind me with his cock in my ass, the second guy that had sucked me and let me fuck his ass earlier, knelt in front of my secured legs. He took my limp cock in his mouth and softly started sucking on me. I couldn’t help myself as my cock rose to his soft manipulations on my cock.

Ron started sliding back and forth, just grinding half of that thick cock in and out of my ass. I started relaxing on it and soon found myself involuntarily pushing my hips back to him. Soon my cock grew to its full 9 inches in the cock sucker’s mouth, as Ron fed me a couple of more inches of his cock.

I couldn’t believe that my ass didn’t hurt, in fact the blow job combined with the stuffed grinding friction in my ass had me as horny as I had ever been. I liked being restrained in the stockade, it made me feel like I had no choice in the matter, like it was easier to accept a man’s touch mentally. In my mind I somehow justified my willingness to put on a show for these men because I çanakkale escort was a captive and not verbally consenting. I now totally relaxed on his cock, as I really felt that Ron was sincere and wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me.

The leather clad guy jumped up on the platform stool in front of me. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a hard cock that was about 7 or 8 inches. He took head of his dick and painted my lips with his pre-cum while my head remained immobile and my mouth was still spread wide open by the strap in it.

Ron drove more of his cock into my ass, and with very little discomfort, I soon felt his hips touching my ass on his downstroke. His hands gripped my hips tightly as his stomach now slapped loudly against my ass in a steady rhythm. He grunted and moaned as I felt other strange hands start to squeeze my balls, rub my stomach and pinch my erect nipples. My ass was now totally relaxed and I couldn’t believe that it felt so good.

All the sudden my ass muscles clamped down on his 12 inches and I just grunted behind my mouth gag. Something was happening inside my ass as he jammed in and out. The most pleasurable sensations just washed over my entire body and any previous signs of pain completely disappeared. The waves got stronger and stronger as he poked deep in and out of my willing ass hole now. I trembled and shook as my legs held firm, while Ron abused my ass hole and drove me past any point of recognition of myself.

After about 5 minutes, Ron shouted, “I’m cumming boy, take this load of mine up your sissy bottom ass.”

I just let Ron take over and pound me hard. My cock erupted again and again into the guy’s mouth kneeling between my legs. I alternated fucking into his mouth and spraying his throat, with pushing my ass back to Ron to match his thrusts in me.

As I felt his cock spasm deep in my ass, Ron held my hips as hard as he could and pounded into my tight butt. Right after the first spray, I could feel his cock glide so much more easily from the slippery lubricant that poured from his cock head. Ron must have shot a very heavy load up my ass, cause immediately after he came, I could feel the juice seep from around his imbedded cock start to drip down the back of my thigh.

I was totally spent as Ron withdrew and came around to my face. He motioned to the leather dressed guy to move out of the way and now stood directly in front of me. Smiling, he leaned over and removed the strap from my mouth.

“Did you like that boy, was I as good as you hoped?” he smiled at me.

“I can’t believe I just did that,” was my only response, as my ass now felt hungry and empty.

“Well, I knew you would. Now why don’t you show me a little appreciation by sucking my cock for a while,” he smiled at me while he patted my head.

Ron stepped up on the now vacant small platform in front of me and held his still hard cock up to my mouth. I had never had a cock before in my mouth, but I eagerly opened up and let him slide about 4 inches in. The strangers surrounding me still fondled my body, maybe a little tentative to do much else because Ron seemed to be running this show. However, after the cock sucker relinquished my somewhat softening cock from his mouth, a hand did immediately take his place and began stroking my semi erect cock.

“You don’t mind if these guys get a little of that sweet ass, do you pretty boy?” Ron said to me as I nursed on his fat prick.

I couldn’t answer with my mouth full of Ron’s cock, but as he grabbed my ears and started pushing deeper into my throat, he nodded to these guys and they moved in like wolves on their prey. My ass was full again in a split second. The unseen guy behind me was nowhere as big as Ron, but his cock was more than adequate to calm my hungry ass. I guessed he was about 8 or 9 inches long and pretty thick as I felt him bottom out quickly and begin a steady rhythm.

Ron had now pierced my throat and was fucking at least 9 inches back and forth. The guy behind me was slowly sliding in and out of my ass while I felt someone sucking on my sensitive balls. In the darkness, I saw the flashes of a camera snapping pictures of the action behind me and then the clerk from downstairs appeared with a video camera.

“It’s okay huh Ron?” the clerk spoke, apparently familiar with my new friend and asking permission to film me.

“Sure, get it on film, immortalize my new protégée. Just make sure you don’t get my face in that film, just his, okay?” Ron directed the clerk.

The camera lit up and started whirring as the clerk zoomed in and captured my ass and face being fucked with close up shots. For the next two hours, I was fucked and fed cock until I was too weak to stand. I swallowed so much cum that my usual alcohol induced appetite for munchies was sated. At least 9 guys fucked my ass and I gave head to at least 7 guys before I lost count. After God knows how long, my knees finally buckled and I sank to a limp stance, unable to support myself.

When it was all over, Ron helped me put on my scraps of clothes. The sun was barely coming up as he drove me back to the dormitory, promising to pick me up around noon that next day to retrieve my car. I gave him my phone number and stumbled from his car to a pretty isolated campus. With no shirt on, I scrambled to my room, trying to hold my split jeans around my waist before anyone saw me.

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