The Sexiest Shemales Ch. 03

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Big Tits

I woke up laying on Daisy’s inner thigh. Her cock was lying right in front of my face. It smelled so good. It smelled like sweet perfume and cum from our previous romp. I smelled it and began rubbing the tip of my nose on it and then slowly I began kissing it. Daisy began to slowly wake up and did her cock. It grew more and more as I continued to kiss it and rub it between my lips. I got up on my elbows between Daisy’s legs and began licking her beautiful, fully erect, eight inch dick up and down. With her eyes still closed and now fully awake, Daisy grabbed her cock and positioned it right in front of my mouth as if to imply that she wanted me to suck it.

I placed my puckered lips on the tip of it and slowly opened them up and began to lower my mouth on that sweet smelling dick of hers. I slid down all the way until her entire dick was in my mouth. I held it there as my tongue worked the underside of her cock in my mouth. My hands were caressing her legs and her hips as I tongue bathed this beauty’s dick. I was up on all fours at this point as my ass was sticking out and my asshole gaping.

I was too busy giving Daisy the blowjob of her life when I felt something on my asshole. I could feel that it was liquid and didn’t care since I knew my ass was sticking out there just waiting to get fucked by one of the other girls. My eyes were closed as I was now sucking Daisy’s dick with full force. “Aw, fuck! Aw yeah, baby suck my cock! Oooo, yeah!” said Daisy as I gave her an awesome blowjob.

What now felt like a finger on my asshole must have been rubbing the what seemed to be lube, was making circles around and in my hole. I could feel a finger nail going in and out of my hole as I was being lubed up. I twitched a bit as I could feel my ass getting ready for some she-cock. Then Daisy looked up and saw who was lubing me up.

“Oh my god, Nicole. Crystal is rock fucking hard and is about to fuck you,” said Betturkey Daisy. I took my mouth off of Daisy’s dick and looked at the little 19 year old shemale with her throbbing cock pointed at my gaping asshole. I spun around and laid on my back with my legs spread wide and put my head between Daisy’s legs with her dick right next to cheek on the left side of my face. I grabbed Daisy’s dick with my left hand and began working it with my fingers. “I’m sorry Daisy, but I need to see this hot little thing fuck me.”

“Oh I know, Nicole. I do too,” said Daisy.

Crystal placed her throbbing 9 inch dick at the entrance of my asshole. Her moans were more like whimpers as I could tell she was so fucking horny and she couldn’t wait to finally fuck another shemale she had always wanted to. She pushed her cock into my asshole and it began to slide into me. She didn’t stop until all of her fully erect, shemale dick was in my shemale ass.

Her mouth was wide open as she looked in amazement at me. I gave her an approving look and bit my bottom lip. Keeping eye contact with her, I turned my head to face Daisy’s dick and began kissing it, and licking it as Crystal began to fuck my ass. Her mouth never closed as she began her first strokes of fucking another shemale. She had goose bumps all over her body and her nipples from her fake 34 C tits were rock hard. She began with slow, soft thrusts but those were now turning into slow, hard thrusts into my ass. She was holding my legs underneath my thighs for support during her strokes. I finally looked up at Daisy and she was just staring at Crystal’s dick going in and out of me.

My cock was so hard. Each one of Crystal’s thrusts pushed my slightly curved dick onto my stomach and smeared the precum all over it. Daisy began to rub the precum all over my stomach and around the base of my cock. I continued to kiss and smell Daisy’s sweet dick. That smell of her Betturkey Giriş cock made me so fucking horny. I really began to stroke her dick even more now and rubbed my thumb near the base of her cock on the underside. That is her g-spot and I would know from all the sex romps we’ve had over the years. I’ve made that sexy bitch cum so much.

But now we were both fixated on our new shemale lover and her hard dick going in and out of me. “That’s it baby. You’re in charge. Fuck my ass! Spray your cum on us! Fuck me real good, baby!” I told Crystal. She didn’t hesitate and I think she had gotten over the fact that she was finally fucking another shemale and began pounding me.

“Aw fuck yeah! Aw fuck! I’m fucking shemale ass! I’m fucking shemale ass! I love it! I love it!” Crystal said as she began to completely loser control and was giving me the fucking of a life time. She was now on her knees and her palms were on the floor next to my sides as she fucked me harder and harder. This sent Daisy over the edge as she was now jerking her own cock and sprayed her cum all over my neck and my tits.

Crystal, still fucking me real hard with her eyes closed tightly from the hard fucking, was squealing so loud that we didn’t even hear Holly walk back in the house. She was out getting some more baby oil and lotion from the store and walked in as Daisy was cumming on me. She watched the hot little 19 year old shemale fuck her hot girlfriend like a wild horse. She set down the bags and sat on the couch and whipped her dick out and started stroking that magnificent dick of hers.

With Crystal positioned the way she was on me, my cock was rubbing on her stomach and mine. I couldn’t hold it any longer and my cock began squirting cum between us getting some on me and some on her. It felt so amazing.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum!” said Crystal. She got up onto her knees and pulled her dick out and began Betturkey Güncel Giriş furiously jerking herself off as gobs of thick, white cum shot onto me. She covered my cock and my stomach with gobs of her cum. Shot after shot. It was amazing.

I was a hot sticky mess, covered in Daisy’s, Crystal’s and my own cum. Holly walked over to me, now stark naked with her cock rock hard and straddled me and then squatted down to her knees and positioned her dick between my 38 D fake tits. She sat right in all of the cum that covered my stomach as she began to titty fuck me. She used some of Daisy’s cum to lube up her cock as she stroked that dick and squeezed my tits together. She made out with Daisy as she fucked my tits hard. I could feel the cum that Daisy shot on my neck begin to run down behind my head.

Then, amazingly, I felt Crystal rub all of the cum she shot onto my dick. She got my cock hard again and then began sucking me off. What an amazing sight that must have been. Four hot shemales, one laying on the floor getting titty fucked by another she male while another shemale sucked the one getting titty fucked’s dick and then the shemale doing the titty fucking, making out with another hot shemale. It didn’t take long for me to cum again. “Fuck, Crystal. Swallow my fucking cum…uuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhh!” I groaned as I came in that beautiful girl’s mouth. She kept her mouth on my cock until I was fully unloaded and swallowed all of it and the cum she shot onto me.

Holly looked back to see Crystal swallowing my cum and she burst shots of her own jizz on my face from her titty fucking me. She got up and turned to Crystal and the two of the stood up and began making out and grinding into each other they began making their way to Daisy’s bedroom and then disappeared down the hallway.

Daisy got up and then laid next to me. We kissed with Holly’s cum still all over my face. She caressed my tits and I played with her hair. We unlocked lips and smile at each other. and gave each other one more peck before we both got up, me soaked in everyone’s cum, we walked hand in hand to the showered as we listened to those other two fuck each other’s brains out.

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