The Jersey Boy Ch. 01

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It was a hot day in Califorina and it was the beginning of a new school year and Noel Michaels was putting on her make-up and was getting ready to meet her friends who were picking her up. Noel was the most popular girl in the 10th grade and most of the boys said she was the hottest. She is a dancer and she danced for 18 hours a week. She was one out of 5 kids. She was from New York and moved her in the 5 grade. She never had a close boyfriend because most boys just wanted her for her looks and her dad scared most boys he was a police officer.

Right next door was Josh Mcormick he just moved from New Jersey because his sister was almost going to jail because she was caught with drugs. Josh met some boys over the summer that were best friends with Noel and her friends. Josh thought Noel was beautiful when seeing her from his window. Josh never had sex with any girl but always heard his friends talk about it.

The both knew each other because there familys became very close. Noel’s older brother Austin and Josh’s older brother Michael who were 18 became good friends. Noel’s younger sister Nicole became best friends with Josh’s younger sister Brelle who are both 14. Then both of the family’s had twins that were 8 and all became friends.

It was 6:50 and Noel was running late. She ran down stairs and saw her dad reading the newspaper.

“Hey Sweetheart”. Chase said.

“Hi Daddy!”. Noel said.

“Have a good day at school okay” he said.

“Thanks Dad”. Noel said and Avrupalı porno walked out the door.

As Noel walked outside she saw her best friends Amanda, Jackie and Jennifer in Amanda’s black BMW. Noel had dark black hair with red strips. She was wearing Black flip-flops, black short-short jean shorts , a blue cut-off shirt. As she got into Amanda’s car all of her friends said hi then they saw josh walking out of his house

“He is soo hot”. Jenn said

“If I didn’t have a boyfriend I would be all over him”. Amanda said

“Noel he’s looking at you”. Jenn Said then started to laugh.

“Shut up”. Noel said. Then she look at him and he looked right into her blue eyes and she looked into his brown eyes. Then she started blushing and knew for the first time there was something special about him. “LOOK YOUR BLUSHING” Jackie said braking out of her slients. “Just stop”. Noel said.

A few minutes later they arrived at school and Amanda parked right next to the boys including josh. As they got out of the car Amanda walked over to her boyfriend Shawn.

“Remember last night” said Amanda whispering is him ear.

“How could I forget I fucked you so hard” Shawn said while laughing

“You guys are so gross” said jackie while holding on to her boyfriend. Everyone started laughing. As they all walked into school all the boys eyes went on Noel. Noel hated this she just walk pass them acting like it was nothing. But then one kids started slap her butt.

“What the fuck”. Noel said Video porno then everyone turned around. “What happen”. Jackie’s bf Andrew said. “Someone slapped my butt”. “it was me” said a kid named Tony then added “Nice Ass” Then Josh looked at him and said “If you do that again I will hurt you so badly you won’t feel anything in your body” then josh pushed him against the locker. Meanwhile everyone was gathering around them. Then the bell rang.

As the day went on everyone knew about the fight earlier and noel was thinking why did he do that. Maybe he does like me?. At the end of the day they just dropped off jenn at her house and Jackie broke the slients and said ” I had sex last night” “Omg Jackie” they said at the same time. “How was it” Amanda said. Amazing!!! They they both looked at Noel. ” Sorry Noel”. It’s fine Noel said. They all knew she want to have sex but with the right guys not jerks. Then they got to her house and they said Goodbye.

As Noel walked into her house all she heard was grinning and heavy breathing. As she walked over to the sofa she saw her mom on top of her dad. Her mom was wearing a pink lacy bra and matching panties. Her dad was naked. Noel knew she should of walked away but just couldn’t. Her dad was now sucking her nipples and her mom was moaning so loud “Oh Oh Oh Chase” she screamed as he licked her pussy and she cum all over the sofa. Then Noel started fingering herself then she had a orgasm. As she walked closer she stepped on her dogs toys. Her dad put his head up and said “What the fuck” then saw Noel running up stairs. “We will finish later” Her mom said. Then both of them ran of stairs to see her.

“Noel can we talk to you” said Kim her mom

“Um…I didn’t see anything…I have to get ready for dance”. said Noel

“Okay” Her mom said

As Noel and her sisters were getting ready for dance her sister Nicole walked in and said “Did you walk in on mom and dad earlier”

“Ya” Noel said then added “how did you find out”

“They are talking about it downstairs, I over heard”. She said

“You over heard ya right”. Noel said

Later that night at dance Noel was at her solo practice and saw josh standing there while running her dance for competition and she kept messing up. Then her dance teacher Shannon yelled at her

“How many times do you run this dances”. She said

“Get out of here”.

Josh was there because his sisters are on the competition team just like Noel.

“Hey Noel”. said josh

“Hi” she said while blushing

“Your really good”. he said

“Thanks, it’s in my blood my mom is a dancer she works here”

” i know” he said while trying not to laugh

She was thinking “Noel your so stuipt”

“Okay well see you later” he said then kissed her on the cheek. Noel went in to shock she just stood there. As her sister Nicole just looked at her she said

“Noel are you there” she said

“Yeah I’m fine” she said and started smiling

“Let’s go home” Noel said.

In her mind she wanted to know why did he do that. Why does he like me. All these questions running through her mind.

Note from CoolChick2000

This was my first story and hope you liked it so far. Please comment. Part 2 is coming soon.

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