The Baroness’ Seat of Learning Ch. 07

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The next morning, Matilda’s nether parts were still incredibly sore. The poor woman stumbled down to get her breakfast and then made her way back to her room. While Matilda had lost enough weight so that she didn’t waddle anymore, her holes still stung enough that walking was uncomfortable.

When she got back to her room, Matilda ate her cereal and then tried to figure out how she would get through the next evening. The baroness prayed that no one would deserve a reward this time. Her anal tract still hurt terribly. It was stretched out and sore, and all raw inside. It was going to be bad enough getting that broomstick up there. Matilda didn’t think she would be able to take it if another man shoved his penis in there and started plowing in and out of it again. Before last night, Matilda had despised sucking on a penis. Now, if Frederick would let her put some guy’s thing in her mouth instead of up her butt, she would jump at the opportunity.

Matilda tried to relax. The problem was that even if no one stuck a penis in her butthole tonight, the baroness knew that another one would be going in there sometime soon. Frederick had made it very clear that her anus was going to be used to reward the servants for excellent service. The baroness knew her husband would be sure to find opportunities to give out rewards. Over the next few months, her bottomhole was going to get a lot of traffic. Matilda actually cringed as she thought of all those men’s organs which would be shoved into her little anal passage.

As Matilda paced her room, contemplating the fate of her poor orifices, the day slowly passed by. Suddenly Matilda looked up from her morose daydreams and realized that the sun was down. There was no point in imagining any more, the baroness would now have to face the reality. Sadly, Matilda picked up her broomsticks and prepared for the evening’s activities.

First, Matilda shoved one stick into her vagina. It was still sore on one side, but that was nothing compared to the burning that still filled her entire rear passage. After she had the first stick secured, Matilda steeled herself for the next task. She picked up the other stick and placed the end gently at the entrance to her anus.

When she had the stick carefully centered in her entrance, Matilda tried to push the thing in very gently. It still burned, but if it went up her butt slowly enough, it was bearable. Matilda didn’t really know how long she had worked on that broomstick. All she knew was that the thing finally was in her ass as far as it could go. With that done, Matilda harnessed her tits and headed for the hall.

The baroness arrived in the hall, and the staff was assembled as usual. Matilda turned her backside to the group, and then bent and spread like she was supposed to. When she was standing there holding her cheeks open, Frederick walked over to her. The baron looked down at Matilda and told her that some of the guys wanted to check out those sticks up her holes. Frederick knew that Lily usually pulled her sticks out at this point, but he told Matilda that he knew she wouldn’t mind if some of the guys came over and checked out her equipment. Matilda just stayed there holding herself open. She knew better than to object. All she could do now was hold her self open so that the guys could poke around the sticks shoved up her holes.

Matilda just held her cheeks apart and waited to feel people poking around between them. It was only a moment later that she felt the first fingers touching the edges of her holes. Some guys wiggled the sticks while others used their fingers to trace around the distended openings. It was humiliating, but aside from that, when someone wiggled the stick inside her irritated butt it hurt!

Finally, the poking and prodding ended. Then Lily stepped up and pulled the sticks out. She was none too gentle and Matilda let out a loud moan as the broom scraped its way out of her anus. When her holes were empty, the baroness stood up and faced the crowd. Lily walked over and jiggled her huge tits for a minute, then she untied the harness and let them flop down.

When Lily moved away, and Matilda was standing naked in front of the group, Frederick announced that another servant deserved a reward. Matilda couldn’t help it, she began to cry. Another man was going to shove his thing into her anus. She was still so sore back there. The baroness just couldn’t take another penis thrusting in and out of her sore, swollen ass. But then Frederick finished his announcement and Matilda’s jaw just dropped. She couldn’t even imagine what Frederick expected her to do.

The baron announced that a second reward had been earned. Frederick told everyone that one of the maids had found a gold coin that had apparently rolled under a piece of furniture. Not only had she found it, but she had immediately returned it to her master. The baron told the group that this type of loyalty needed to be rewarded.

Matilda heard Frederick’s announcement and was in shock. One Maltepe Grup Escort word had stood out in that speech. She. SHE!!!! What in God’s name was Matilda supposed to do for a woman. The baroness decided she must have heard wrong. But, no, Frederick was calling the maid forward and it was indeed a woman. In fact, Matilda recognized the girl.

Her name was Phillipa. She was a young Spanish woman who cleaned the upstairs. The girl was heavy and homely. Matilda had always made fun of her. Whenever she had run into her in the estate, Matilda would yell at the girl that she needed to work harder. After all with her looks, it wasn’t like she was going to get a husband.

The baroness was still wondering what she was supposed to do, when Frederick told the audience that Matilda would indeed reward Phillipa. Now obviously, Phillipa had no use for Matilda’s tight rear tract, but surely the baroness would be able to do something for the young lady. Matilda still just stood there. If there was something she could do for Phillipa, Matilda had no idea what it was.

After his announcement, Frederick sent Matilda over to a table. Matilda still didn’t know what she was going to have to do, but she knew what to do at a table. The baroness leaned onto the table surface and spread herself open again. Matilda at least knew that rewarding someone always involved the use of her openings, so she might as well get them ready.

Except that Frederick was yelling at her to close her butt up and get on the table. Matilda was completely confused now. But she wasn’t about to turn down the chance to stop spreading her bottom open. Quickly, she released her cheeks and climbed onto the table. Then she waited to see what happened next.

When she was on the table, Frederick told her to lay down on her back. Matilda did so. Then her husband told her to scoot herself down the table until her head was off the table surface. The baroness was still completely at a loss, but she did as she was told. Soon, she was on her back with her head hanging off one end of the table. It was a little uncomfortable holding her head up, but it wasn’t too bad. Even when Frederick told her too scoot off a little more, it still wasn’t anywhere near unbearable.

Matilda just lay there wondering what she was supposed to do, when Phillipa walked over to her. The baroness was shocked to see that the maid had removed all her clothing from the waist down. Was Frederick rewarding the girl by humiliating her as well? Except that the girl didn’t look upset at all. Why was she walking over to Matilda, half-naked.

The girl walked over to Matilda’s head and straddled both legs around it. The baroness suddenly found herself staring directly into Phillipa’s exposed vagina. What was going on? A moment later, all thoughts left her. Phillipa had reached down and grabbed her head. Then she pulled Matilda’s head up, until her face was buried right in her pussy.

The baroness struggled, but Phillipa just held her head to her crotch. Finally, the maid release Matilda’ s head, and the grateful baroness began to gulp air. Meanwhile, Phillipa complained to Frederick that Matilda wasn’t doing anything. The baroness listened in shock. WASN’T DOING ANYTHING. WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE SUPPOSED TO DO? Then Frederick told her what she was supposed to do, and she just stared in disbelief.

Frederick told his wife that Phillipa had earned her mouth as a reward. Phillipa would straddle Matilda’s face and Matilda would use her tongue to lick whatever part of Phillipa’s body was pressed to her mouth. If Matilda objected, the baron was sure that Lily could light a fire to motivate her. The baroness knew what he meant. The humiliated lady just let her head fall back and waited for Phillipa to pull her face into her vagina again.

It didn’t take long. Phillipa walked back over to Matilda and straddled her head again. Only this time, she was facing away from the table. Matilda looked up and there was Phillipa’s vagina gaping over her again. A moment later, Phillipa’s hands were under her head and once again her face was being mashed into the Spanish girls crotch.

Matilda tried to gather her wits. What was it she was supposed to do. Oh yeah, she was supposed to use her tongue on the girl’s privates. God that sounded disgusting, but it wasn’t like she had any choice. Tentatively, the baroness stuck her tongue out until it touched Phillipa’s vaginal area. Then Matilda began to lick the area, moving her tongue around.

The baroness had no idea why she was doing this. Why would Phillipa even want this? After all, it wasn’t like women ever enjoyed sex. That was just something they did for men, because they enjoyed it. But then, Matilda’s tongue found a little bumpy thing at the top of Phillipa’s vaginal area. Matilda noticed that whenever she licked that, Phillipa squirmed and moaned above her.

After she had licked the little bump for awhile, Matilda felt Phillipa slide down just a little. Suddenly, Maltepe Manken Escort Matilda’s tongue wasn’t at the little bump any more. The baroness looked up and saw that her mouth was now directly under the girl’s opening. In fact, her tongue was licking over Phillipa’s outer lips. Surely the girl didn’t expect her to stick her tongue up her vagina. But then Matilda felt Phillipa pull her head even harder into her pussy. The baroness knew then that having her tongue right up her hole, was exactly what the Spanish girl wanted.

Matilda took a deep breath. Then she carefully stabbed her tongue at the hole. The girl was so wet, that the tongue slid right it. The baroness couldn’t believe what she was doing. It wasn’t that the taste was that bad. It was a little salty and a little sweet, but the idea was so gross. Still, she didn’t have any choice in the matter, so Matilda kept her tongue working up inside Phillipa’s vagina.

After a minutes of that, Matilda felt the girl start to squirm even more. Also, her vagina was starting to put out so much liquid that it was beginning to run off Matilda’s face. The baroness didn’t know how long she was supposed to do this, but she knew what would happen if she quit too soon. So, she closed her eyes and just kept moving her tongue around inside Phillipa’s channel.

Then, Phillilpa scooted down just a little more. Matilda tried to keep her tongue up the hole, but finally it popped out and she couldn’t reach it any more. So Matilda went back to licking what was directly above her mouth. Her tongue stabbed up again and Matilda felt another hole right over her mouth. This time the hole was round and wrinkled around the edges. Matilda opened her eyes in shock. It was true. The baroness could see Phillipa’s anus directly above her mouth. Matilda actually had her tongue licking around the girl’s anal hole.

A moment later, Phillipa pulled hard on Matilda’s head again. For a second, Matilda really didn’t know what she wanted. Then it hit her. The girl wanted the baroness to put her tongue up her anus. DEAR GOD! She was supposed to put her tongue INSIDE Phillipa’s BOTTOMHOLE!

Matilda wanted to scream and pull away. But she remembered what would happen. Lily would start that awful fire inside her own anus. Anything was better than that. Tears started to run down Matilda’s face, but she did what she had to do. The baroness steadied herself and then carefully stabbed her tongue right up Phillipa’s anal opening.

The moment her tongue entered the girl’s anus, Matilda felt Phillipa begin to squirm again. This hole was tight around her tongue and it tasted bitter, but the baroness tried not to focus on that. She tried to just shut everything out and just move her tongue around inside Phillipa’s ass. The more she moved her tongue, the more Phillipa squirmed. Also, she began to moan louder and louder. Then, when Matilda thought all the squirming would pull her tongue out of Phillipa’s bottom, the girl did it for her.

Matilda felt Phillipa scoot way back the other way. Her tongue pulled out of the girl’s anus and scraped across her other hole as it went by. Finally, Phillipa stopped moving and that little bump was back over Matilda’s tongue. So, the baroness went back to licking the little nub.

Phillipa’s squirming got more and more violent. Matilda’s head was actually starting to be wrenched around by the girl’s pronounced jerking. Then, Phillipa stopped moving altogether for just a moment and pulled Matilda’s head into her as hard as she could. Just as Matilda thought she might actually suffocate against this girl’s vagina, Phillipa let out a scream and began to squirm even harder than she had before.

The girl just kept shrieking and squirming. Matilda had no idea what had happened. She just kept licking the little nub and waited to see what would happen next. After quite a while, Phillipa stopped screaming and squirming. Matilda’s face was still against the little bump, but Phillipa was just sitting there. She appeared to be completely out of breath. Matilda still had no idea what was going on, but she hoped that at least she was finished licking the girl.

But then, Phillipa scooted back down and Matilda found her tongue back at the girl’s vagina. With a sigh, the baroness stuck her tongue back up the hole. Phillip just sat there and shuddered a little as Matilda’s tongue went back to work inside her.

The baroness really had no idea how long she was supposed to keep her tongue in there. But at least it was better than having it up the girl’s butt. So, Matilda just kept working her tongue around inside the hole. It was incredibly wet in there now, but nothing seemed to really be happening. Matilda desperately wanted to ask if she could quit now, but she knew that was pointless. They’d tell her when she could stop. The baroness just kept her tongue moving around inside of Phillipa’s tunnel.

After several minutes of having her tongue stuck inside the maid’s vagina, Matilda Maltepe Masöz Escort finally felt something begin to happen again. The girl was beginning to squirm and moan once more. As the shaking became harder, Matilda felt someone begin to lift her legs up and apart. A moment later fingers were at her own vagina. The baroness could feel the fingers pulling her lower lips apart. She wondered what was going on, but with her face buried between Phillipa’s legs, she couldn’t see anything and she didn’t dare stop to look or ask.

Lily had ordered two of the men to pull Matilda’s legs wide apart. She needed easy access to the baroness’ cunt. In a few moments, Matilda was going to get a big surprise and that maid would get an incredible thrill. When the baroness’ legs were opened as wide as they would go, Lily reached between them and found Matilda’s pussylips. She got a good grip on the very tips of them, and then stretched them as wide apart as she possibly could. If Matilda could have seen the evil smile on Lily’s face at that moment, she would have been terrified. Of course she couldn’t so it didn’t matter.

When Lily had the pussy stretched wide open, Frederick looked down between his wife’s legs. He could actually see right up her cunt. Lily had her stretched open so far, the hole was just completely exposed. Frederick still had the switch in his hand and he looked at that poor little pussy that had no idea what was going to happen to it in just a minute. Lily had her hands pulled back far enough to give him a good shot, and Matilda’s pussyhole was all spread out and her little clit was completely unprotected above it. Now it was just a question of waiting for exactly the right moment.

Frederick watched Matilda work her tongue around inside Phillipa. He watched as Phillipa began to squirm, and moan louder and louder. Then, just as the maid shuddered with the very beginning of her orgasm, the baroness lashed the switch down right over Matilda’s open pussy. The rod laced directly over the baroness’ hole and the tip flicked perfectly off the button of her little clit. A moment later, the reaction was fantastic.

Phillipa was in heaven. The baroness’ tongue was wonderful. It kept hitting all the best places. And when she had forced Matilda to send it up her ass, Lord that had pushed her right over the edge. Phillipa had thought they would stop her after that, but nobody said anything and she wasn’t about to stop that tongue if she didn’t have to.

Since she needed a little time to recover from that first orgasm, Phillipa scooted herself back a little so that Matilda’s tongue would go back up her cunt. It felt so good there. The maid was just going to sit there and let that tongue do its work for quite a while. Then, after several minutes, Phillipa felt her body start to respond again. The maid hoped they would let her ride the baroness’ face long enough to cum again, and they didn’t show any sign of stopping her.

As she felt her orgasm start to build again, Phillipa made sure to hold Matilda’s head tight against her. She wanted that mouth right up against her pussy and that tongue up as far as it would go. Then as she was getting close, Phillipa felt Matilda’s body move a little. She looked over her shoulder and saw Lily spreading the baroness out. Then she saw Frederick lift that switch and Phillipa knew what was coming for Matilda. Phillipa couldn’t wait to see what would happen when that switch landed right on the baroness’ pried open pussy.

Meanwhile, that tongue was right up Phillipa’s cunt, and it was starting to take her attention away from everything else. The maid kept glancing back as she got closer and closer to exploding. Then, with one last shudder, Phillipa couldn’t wait anymore.

After that last shudder, Phillipa screamed she was cumming again. At that same moment, she saw the switch come down and whip right into Matilda’s little pussy. Matilda bucked and screamed under her. Phillipa just grabbed that head as tight as she could and pressed her weight down at the same time. The feeling was amazing. The baroness was literally screaming into her cunt and the vibrations were wonderful. Also, Matilda was frantically trying to move, and her face was rubbing all over Phillipa’s pussy. Phillipa yelled right along with Matilda and held that face in her pussy for all she was worth. It was one of the greatest orgasms she had ever had, and Phillipa was not going to rush it.

Finally, it was over. Phillipa stopped shaking and yelling. She tried to just catch her breath. Frederick tapped her on the arm, so the chubby Spanish girl started to get up. But when she lifted off Matilda’s face, the baroness let out a scream to wake the dead. Then the baron told Phillipa to quiet Matilda down again. Well, the maid didn’t need a second invitation for that. Quickly, she got back over the baroness’ face and pulled her mouth back to her pussy. The baroness face jerked and shrieked right into Phillipa’s cunt for several minutes. When she finally calmed down, Frederick told Phillipa to just stay where she was. For a little while, Phillipa just felt Matilda’s face pressed against her pussy. Then, that tongue came out again and went back up her hole. Phillipa had no idea how long this would last, but she certainly wasn’t complaining.

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