Sydd~Niobi: A Public Affair

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A private club…meant for public exposure….

Niobi couldn’t keep her legs shut on the passenger side….Niobi had difficulty keeping her legs shut at all—particularly when she was in the presence of Sydd….she knew exactly where they were headed before the evening began, and she had dressed—or should we say, ‘undressed’—for the occasion…. It was what she chose not to wear that was the clincher—but it didn’t matter—it was the club…. Sydd had probably done the same—but the ankle-length, black duster revealed only the extremes: that cropped, nappy, blonde head atop all that fine-crafted Africanity that made the Black family face what it was…cobalt lenses that stopped most folks in their tracks…and that gazelle-like neck that ended in the ample cleavage secured by the top button of the double-breasted coat…cinched at the waist, it fell full-skirted to the ankles only to reveal a very expensive pair of French ‘talons’—four inch spikes, or so….laser black stilettos, nestling those seamed, Cuban-heel covered feet—’Cum fuck me’ they whispered every time the heel clicked the pavement; every time the silk of the stockings rubbed together….

No wonder Niobi fidgeted in her seat…Sydd’s perfume had that effect…and it was THE club….Niobi—red where Sydd was black….had begun by deciding what not to wear….two inches taller than Sydd and just as striking, she should have been the cover for RACK AND RUMP…. Sydd’s boob job was what might be called ‘subtle’—36c… When Niobi decided to discard the washboard that had been her former chest, no cup size less than a D was in the bra rack of her mind…. she had discovered after this transformation—by careful observation—the Black one the perfect example—that knit was a wonderful fabric for big jugs and a stupendous ass—if you were in shape—another ‘Syddism’…. Needless to say, with that rack, there was no bra beneath the white, chiffon knit…and with that ass—well, no thong would accomplish the same as any thong, given tonight’s conditions—the club….

She fidgeted as the TT took the curve…. ‘I wish you’d cut that out…’ Sydd said with a side-wise kağıthane escort glance… ‘you’re distracting me, and I might mistake all that for the gear shift….’

‘Mmmmmmm, wish you would’…Niobi, all throaty…making no attempt to cover the nine inches that parted her thighs….

‘Gonna be real interesting watching you get out the car….’

‘I got skills…’ Niobi giggled ….

‘No doubt. Just tell it to that pipe….’ ***

Sydd pulled the car up to the valet station…two young men reached for either door….the one on the passenger side was momentarily transfixed—so… Niobi had all of this womanly body and an extraordinary ‘extra’ as well, but the first thing to greet the valet was the face of perfection….if Helen’s was the face to ‘launch a thousand ships,’ Niobi’s was the one to wreck them—forget about the automobiles—there were junk yards named for this bitch….

Now, like Sydd, Niobi was not a ‘pretty’ grl—’striking’ is the most appropriate term….the only feature that played into the ‘pretty-grl’ motif was that thick, cascading, rich copper-colored hair that complemented that coppery skin so well—tonight it was twisted French-style, anchored by white chop-sticks…the face was the red of Georgia clay with all of its beautiful thickness: broad nose, full, full lips…eyes like pecans…and cheek-bones that made ski slopes envious….Niobi was a head-turner….all 5’8”, 150 pounds of her….

So the boy’s Adam’s-apple knotted on him as he reached for the door and saw the face…then he damn-near choked when she swiveled on the seat, pulled all those long legs out the door and did nothing to hide what she couldn’t have hidden—under any circumstances….her cock made the hem of her dress fold over its mast…she pulled her wrap from the back seat and placed it between herself and the valet—but not before she gave him time to take in as much as he could….

‘Was that his ‘tip’?’ Sydd chided as they moved towards the door….

‘Dunno…. He was cute…maybe I’ll let him suck me on the way out….

‘Ooooo…. You intend to have elit escort istanbul something left to suck. Strumpet?’ Sydd laughed….


The doors parted and so did Sydd’s coat…. The body shown like polished hardwood; the real hardwood not quite hard yet….

‘Remember,’ Niobi breathed, ‘I’m going home with you….’

Sydd’s eyes widened, ‘O really?…’

Niobi bobbed her head, flashed her smile, then slid her tongue over her slicked, polished lips… ‘Save me some….’ ***

The club was omni-sexual…everyone was there who should be there—who could afford to be there….no players, no pimps, no thugs, no trade, skanks, or hoes….just people who played hard and privately in public…. I know…I know…sounds ‘classist’….but whatever made you think that ‘low-lifes’ were the only ones who knew about kinky sex—give me a break!….

Anyway, hetero and everything to the other side of that spectrum—and in between…all tasteful, all respectful…all fuckin’ nasty…all exhibitionistic…

Niobi wasted no time. She let the music take her away. Huge picture window on the deck fronting her, ceiling to floor, wall-length mirror behind…. Ms Professional Grl gone wild—’mad’ might be more appropriate…. She danced by herself—too hot for anyone to approach at the moment—but it was nothing but ‘mating moves’…. Hands caught in that hive of hair, making that too short skirt rise over that thick, but now, not quite hard cock…fabric pulled tight across that ass with every hip sway…nipples straining against knit netting…the grl was gone….

She’s drawn a crowd—naturally…the other side of the glass is thick with bodies and watching eyes—thick as flies on…. one of her prey is there….six foot or so, clean build…linen shirt and pants and hiding nothing after witnessing her exhibition…. Niobi ‘introduces’ herself, hand on his crotch, working its thickness….she may be a bit more than he expected…she could hardly care….

Grlfriend is simply intent on ‘bull-milking’….too bad, there should be some fine little bitch following her with a milking fatih escort pail—I correct myself—there is an entire bevy of bitches circling her, hoping…waiting for scraps, if nothing else….no pails… though there may be a few open mouths….

Niobi makes boi number one nut in his pretty linen pants—just like that—like clockwork….massaging that man muscle with consummate skill…standing in just such a way as to bite a lip, nibble an ear…blow in it….goad him into to fucking up his very expensive pants: ‘Cum on, Babi….cum on…give this bitch what she wants….’ He does….they all do…. This is Niobi’s game…she is the queen of the hand job…. She tugs expertly, and it excites her to no end—look between her legs….

They know her…they know her m.o….they know that it’s hardly likely that they will get to touch her, kiss her, feel her hardness [well, the valet may get lucky tonight]—but she WILL feel theirs…. The milkmaid makes her rounds….

The last stop is always the luckiest—then again, with hands like Niobi’s, it’s hard to tell—she pulls the hem of her tight-ass mini up over her hips and backs onto a short, slight brother with a python in his pants…she clamps her thighs over his, her own pretty, thick cock separated from his by only the gauze of his already ‘oiled’ pants….

Then Babi lets the music work its magic…. It takes her away again…hips swaying, ass-cheeks clutching…thighs clinching….her dick sliding against Mr. Anaconda-cock’s till he starts to babble and the spot of wetness grows and thickens from his knee to his ankle…thick cream puddling round his sandal….

Niobi rises from his lap….smoothes her mini over the dampness of her ass—it’s only HER sweat that makes the knit cling to the valley between the cheeks…. She makes her way back to her date…. ***

Sydd sits, back to the bar…appletini in hand, long coat open top to bottom to cool breeze and hungry eyes….Niobi strolls into view….clear, thick honey—precum—oozing down an amber thigh….the long, middle digit trails through it…she brings it up coated and glosses it over her lover’s lips….

‘You ready to go, Hun? I’m done here….’


The valet isn’t even an afterthought as the two slide into the warm leather of the TT’s seats….the way it cups their asses is only a prelude of what they intend for each other….

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