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The shower was turned off and the glass door opened, a faint steam followed Nick as he stepped out to dry off. He’d had a long day closing the deal for his company on a new compliance platform. Nick had worked so hard the past few weeks making sure he met the client’s request and even stepped up to make sure added security enhancements would make their product unrivaled. He and the company knew the client was looking elsewhere and Nick firmly believed his contribution would keep their client loyal to them. And hopefully his company would consider him for a promotion at the end of his evaluation this quarter. But for now, he was content that it was just another project done.

As he rubbed his hair to dry, he stared through the slightly fogged mirror to admire his body. It wasn’t gym junkie fit but he had been making sure to get some quick morning reps of pushups, sit-ups, and squats on the days he couldn’t make it to the gym. Despite the busy week, his shoulders still stood broad and his arms still had definition, good enough to wear a tank for tonight he decided. And hopefully enough to stay as the neighborhood eye candy on the days he chose to run. His chest glistened with some water left so he swiftly rubbed it down. Looking lower, Nick smiled at his manhood. It had a good heft and the way it curved slightly to the left added character as someone once commented to him about it. His balls hung slightly lower now from the hot shower, not wanting to overheat from his warmed body. His legs were built too like a bull, leg day gains still showing through. Or maybe it was just the exercise he got frantically running between his desk and his department manager’s. Whatever it was, he was proud of it.

For a while, he was torn; the thought of whacking one out would have been nice but he’d need another shower and just heading to bed now would chew on him into the morning. Fortunately, it was a Friday night, he could take care of it tomorrow if need be. Getting enough sleep meant more to him in the moment. Having finished drying off, Nick walked over to his room to pick out his clothes for the night. Opening his closet, he browsed for his black on grey striped tank and gray Nike shorts. Going commando was the norm for him and his housemates were the same. He’d been through college and now post grad life with them, his closest friends. They’d all gone out for the night but Nick’s exhausting week meant bar hopping wasn’t on his mind tonight.

Having put on his clothes, Nick realized he forgot to turn off the bathroom light and went back to do so. He let the window open to let the remaining steam out and headed back to his room. Along the hallway, a slight breeze wafted by him, tingling his back muscles. Strange, he hadn’t unlatched any other windows since he got home. Paying no attention, he continued walking to his room yawning at the door.

When he opened his eyes, he stood frozen in place. There on his bed was a man in a red hooded jacket sitting at the foot of his bed on the other edge smirking back at him, casually stroking to give Nick a show. The jacket exposed most of the man’s chest as he laid back, the left hand keeping him upright and the right hand on working his dick. His tall slim body illuminated just enough by the moonlight shining through Nick’s window. Nick was also visible enough from the light to know that he didn’t have the offense to take whoever this was down. A pair of running shorts were at his feet too. Did the stranger break in from the front door? At the same time, he couldn’t help feeling a thrill watching this man stroke for him.

“Sup?” the stranger asked.

Nick was still frozen in place, speechless at the sight before him. He could barely manage a squeak that sounded vaguely like a ‘Hey’ in response. Still not sure what wasnñ on, Nick stepped in and closed the door behind him, leaning on the door in nerves.

“Have a seat Nicholas” as he gestured to the other side of the room where a leather black chair appeared.

“H-how did you…” his voice trailed off, obviously unsure how the man knew him. What was less difficult to comprehend was to obey those words and gracefully he glided over to the seat. Turning back around to face the stranger, Nick’s clothes started to disappear as he lowered himself into the seat. It didn’t bother him, he was still fixated on the stranger.

He was still stroking slowly under the moonlight. It seemed unusually perfect how everything seemed to fall in place, the moon shining through the window at the exact spot, the stranger in that spot sitting like a work of art on his bed, and Nick’s seat was the best view (glossing over the fact he was the only seat in the house, and the glaze in his eyes which deepened with every stroke). If his head wasn’t being responsive, his body was. His dick started growing, bouncing around incrementally until it was at full mast. He could feel it and made an audible gulp, unintended but what was there left for him to hide?

The stranger’s smirk hadn’t changed. It was sinister but Nich was ever the more curious to see what would happen next. The stranger got up from his side of the bed and made his way to the other corner where Nich sat, powerless and in control of the stranger. To Nich, it felt like bliss but he wasn’t sure why. As he made the last steps over, the stranger stopped jerking.

Partially taken out of the trance, Nick asked in a relaxed tone, “What do you want? Why are you here?” He gazed intently at the stranger’s eyes trying to piece whether he had met the stranger before. The stranger stopped caressing himself and gripped both hands firmly on the armrests, blocking Nich in. He shifted nervously as the stranger moved closer to examine Nich closely. Then the stranger moved to the side of Nich’s left ear. “I’m going to make you see stars tonight.”

Nich’s gaze became fixated off into the distance, unaware his dick remained stiff the whole time the stranger got closer, a thin clear trail visible along the shaft. Slowly, the stranger took a knee staring back at Nich at eye level, once again reentering Nich’s focus. Warm hands envelope Nich’s legs and slowly move up his inner thigh, sending a shiver up his spine but the warmth corresponding well with the blood rushing through him. Nich began to panic. Had his heart always beat so fast? Was it always that loud?

He looked down to see the stranger moving closer to the plump head of his dick. With a deep lust in his eyes, the stranger watched Nich observe him with his head tilted to the side. Suspense began to take over Nich but the stranger moved again, his tongue out snaking around the tip.

“Mmmph, please” Nich moaned fearing the neighbors might hear but giving in to whatever the stranger wanted. The stranger’s tongue worked its way around ensuring the head of his penis was well attended to. Nich clenched his eyes, small fireworks going off in his mind.

In Nich’s mind, he wondered, “This can’t be real, can it?” But before he could answer himself, the stranger began his descent further down the shaft, making Nich’s rock hard dick now glisten in the light too. Nich started to feel like his penis had its own heartbeat, thumping to his heartbeat while his mind was disconnected, in that space of fireworks alight.

The stranger lingered a little longer at the base of Nich’s shaft, just before the balls. Slowly, the stranger gave it a light suck; every time he let go, Nich’s breathing pace was slower. The stranger paused, looking up again just to make sure Nich didn’t have his eyes closed the whole time. He waited for Nick to look back down again with eyes open wondering why the feelings had subsided. With an almost menacing grin, the stranger said “Here goes.” He looked back to Nich’s eye level and lunged at Nich’s balls, sucking at the one drooping longer, sending a shockwave through him.

Nich threw his head back and closed his eyes, shining stars filled his empty space. Not shooting stars, but bright multicolor points, like the solar system, popping in his blacked out vision.

And then, darkness. Nich couldn’t see any more stars in that black space. It was silent, and Nich didn’t feel the stranger touching him anymore. He unclenched his eyes and relaxed, nothing felt out of the ordinary. Opening his eyes, Nich found himself in bed wrapped under his blankets.

Nothing amiss. So it was just a dream.

Upset but unsure what else could be made of that dream, Nich headed for the restroom to start his day off. When he returned, he headed for his closet to pick his clothes for the day As he rummaged between the first few garments, something in the back of the closet caught his eye.

Nich found in his hands,

the red jacket.

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