Sharon’s First Lesson

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Big Tits

After talking about orgasms and vibrators for an hour or so, Sharon decided she should go take a shower. Wonder if it was going to be a cold one or was she going to use the shower massager to relieve some of the frustration that was showing on her face when she got up from the waterbed.

We had been best friends for three years now and were always joking about sex with each other. Saying things like…”Oh baby you know you like the way I spank you.” Or “Keep that up and I will tie you up and make you cum.” Sharon had known all along that I was bi-sexual. I always thought that turned her on and that she made those jokes trying to test her own sexual desires. I think she was too afraid to ever say it out loud.

When she stood up and took her t-shirt off in front of me, I found myself staring at her breasts. They were so perfect. Very full, very soft, and very soft looking. I wanted to reach up and touch them. I wanted to run my fingertips over her nipples, to tweak them and make them harden with my touch. I would run my tongue around her nipples in small circles. Oh my head was just imagining how she would take that. Would she let me, would she get scared, would she leave and end our friendship.

I laughed at some silly comment she made, sensing she was for some reason not acting the same way we always had about our nudity. She was so nervous looking. I knew what was in my thoughts were also in hers. I had made up my mind. I was going to teach her how to enjoy oral sex and vibrators and a woman all in one lesson.

She slid her shorts off and then her panties. Her hair was so thick and so dark. I wanted to part her lips and slide my tongue deeply into her wet slit. I could smell her. She was just as turned on as I was. She turned and walked to the bathroom. Laughed and smiled at me as she bent over and showed me her pussy while she took a towel from the cabinet. Then she walked in and closed the door. Leaving me sitting there on my waterbed soaked and wanting to taste her.

I heard the water running. Thinking of how I was going to seduce her. Running my fingers over my nipples and sliding my hand inside my panties playing with myself. It hit me. Just like a light izmir escort bulb lights up in the cartoons. I got up and walked over to the door. Listened to the water splashing against the doors and walls of the shower. I knocked and then without waiting for her to answer, walked in. She laughed and said, “You cumming in to wash my back?” Laughing back, “NO, I just needed to get something out of the cabinet.” Then I took her towels and walked back out closing the door behind me.

Laying on the bed and waiting for her to call my name to bring her the towels, I planned my moves. Was I going to kiss her first. Maybe I should run my fingers over her shoulders, and down her back. How would she react? What would I do if she got upset and left? Oh to hell with it I thought. It was now. Today. I was going to have her.

The water slowed down. She had turned it off. Waiting, so nervous, and still so excited. Soon the door opened and she yelled for me to bring her back her towels. I laughed. “If you want them, come get them,” I said. With that, she flung the door open and march right out into my bedroom. Standing there and dripping wet. Water streaming off the ends of her long dark brown curls, running over her breasts and dripping off on the the bedspread. I tossed her towels beside me laughing, she leaned over me to get them, lowering her tits over my face.

Without hesitation I reached up with my hand, and with the tip of my fingernail I touched her nipple. I watched her face. Her eyes closed. Chill bumps covered her arms and her nipples harden at my touch. She leaned closer to me. I knew. I parted my lips slowly and gently slipped my tongue out to her nipple. Licking it softly in a circle, tracing the outline of it with my tongue.

She gasped as though she was holding her breath. Then I took her breast into my hand, cupping it gently and softly sucked her nipple into my hot mouth. She was standing over me, still soaking wet and dripping water on me. I pulled her closer and sat her beside me while I lowered myself to my knees in front of her. She leaned back on her hands and arched her back pushing her breasts to me. Kissing her softly on each breast and gently tickling them with my fingernails as she smiled.

Knowing now that she was mine to play with, to please, to enjoy, I began my seduction of her. Playing with her nipples as I licked and sucked them, she softly began to speak to me. She was so excited she could not control her feelings she kept saying. I would smile back at her and tell her to just relax. Then nibbling her nipples and softly biting them and pulling on them.

I ran my hands over her breasts and up to her shoulders. My fingertips gliding over her neck and up to her cheeks. I took her face in my hands and pulled her closer to mine. Kissing her forehead, then her eyelids as she gently closed them. Running my tongue over her lips as I parted them with it. My lips kissing hers for the first time, again she held her breath for a moment, then slowly she slipped her tongue over her teeth, past her lips. Our tongues meet. I gently suck her tongue into my mouth. Kissing her so gently, so passionately. Our tongue tasted and teased each other’s mouths. Darting in and out. Twisting back and forth.

Finally I stood and laid her on her back. She again closed her eyes. I kneeled between her knees and slowly spread her legs. Running my hands inside her thighs as I continued to part them. Reaching the mound of thick dark hair and touching it softly. The chill bumps covered her thighs. I watched as she raised her hands slowly to her breast and began to roll her nipples between her fingers.

Teasing her with my tongue as I ran it up her thighs and slowly using my fingertips to smooth her mound. My fingers barely touching her wet pussy lips. She tightened up with each lick and each touch. She jumped a little when my tongue finally made it to her wet lips. Running my tongue down her hot slit and tasting her wetness. Oh she was so sweet. Spreading her lips just enough to slide my tongue in deeper and to her clit, she brushed her hand against my blonde curls.

As she became more comfortable playing with my hair, I continued to lick her clit. Gently running my lips and tongue across it as I sucked it into my mouth. Holding it softly with my teeth and flicking my tongue over it, she started to sway her hips. Lifting them slightly off the bed offering her hot pussy to me. I ran my fingers over her slit and I sucked her swelling clit. Easing my finger inside her wet hole and twisting it softly. Deeper just a little with each twist of my hand. She lifts her pussy to me while pushing my face against her clit.

I devour her cunt slurping it as she lets her juices flow. Two fingers deep inside her while I nibble her lips and clit. She begins to squirm to a slow steady rhythm. Taking my fingers out and probing her pussy deeper with my tongue, I slide one of my soaked fingers gently to the opening of her ass. Then allowing her to feel what is next, she eases herself back…pushing her ass against the tip of my finger as I slide it in slowly. She moans softly. Then relaxes her ass more so I can slide it in deeper.

Fucking her with my finger in her ass and my tongue probing and licking the walls of her pussy. She tangles her fingers in my hair and begins to grind her clit against my nose as I suck her juices from within her. Flicking my tongue faster and deeper and rubbing her clit harder. She is moaning so softly and grinding her clit so hard I can barely catch my breath.

She screams. “Oh My God.” “Oh please don’t stop.” With that she pushes my face into her pussy. Licking her as fast and as hard and as deeply as I can. She begins to moan so loud. She starts to flood my mouth with her cum. Covering my lips and tongue as I suck her juices from her pussy. She is pulling my hair and screaming for me to stop. I continue to thrust my finger in her ass and my tongue deeper. Sucking her juices and filling my mouth with her sweet taste. Swallowing and savoring every sweet drop of her.

Slowly she leans back… her hips begin to lower to the bed. She is gasping for air as I slowly lick her soaked lips. Kissing her clit and watching her squirm when I run my tongue over it. She is smiling. She is in heaven. I lean back and stand up. Leaning over the bed to her face and looking at her smile. I lower my lips to her. She sticks her tongue out slowly and licks my lips. Tasting herself on another woman’s lips and tongue for the first time.

I laid down beside her while we both just stared at the ceiling for a moment. Finally she said, “Okay, your turn.”

I smiled. Oh how I smiled.

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