Shared Lust and Borrowed Passion

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For nearly a year, flatmates Sarah and Monica had lived quietly together. Their little home in the big metropolis was a place to relax, unwind, and escape from the demands of everyday life.

Monica had initially moved in as Sarah’s flatmate after the breakdown of her previous relationship and being new to the city, found it difficult to settle at first, but the setup worked well for both.

Sarah was a few years older than Monica, in her late twenties and far more settled. She had a well paying job and was independent and self sufficient. Her busy life meant she welcomed Monica’s companionship and the fun they had together away from their demanding professional lives.

Both had a series of relationships behind them. Some good, some bad, of which they rarely spoke. Instead, holding them inside and sharing only small details when the time was right. Truth be told, they were not especially close friends, or at least not as close as Sarah had anticipated in the beginning. Despite this, both were courteous and got on well at times and the arrangement worked well.

Both were still finding their feet, their identity in a big city with new experiences and the challenges it brought.

Monica was a dark haired lady of slim build with slight and delicate features. Her appearance would alternate between colourful and vibrant to simple and refined. Underneath there were eccentricities which she rarely shared, her tattoo was often hidden and her hair was a length at which it could be styled in a multitude of ways.

Sarah, on the other hand, was far more practical and orthodox. Taller but reserved, she was driven, but could appear somewhat impersonal at times, perhaps even shy to those she did not know well.

The apartment building in which they lived was large, with generous open spaces, long corridors and a large central garden. Sarah and Monica’s apartment was to the side, with another building directly opposite. The space was somewhat sheltered from the vast expanse of the main area, with windows and balconies directly opposite.

Monica’s bedroom had a large window adjacent to Sarah’s, which was a much smaller window with only a side opening. The building opposite was frequently occupied by young couples studying nearby, or young professionals working in the city.

Sarah had a small workspace in her bedroom. A wooden desk underneath her window with a laptop and bookcase to the side. The window was covered by narrow blinds, which provided privacy but allowed just enough light in.

Monica’s room was smaller and less organised, with a creative feel. She liked a lot of light, and her curtains were left open most of the time.


Saturday was a bright autumnal day, with hints of summer still in the air. Sarah was working at her desk and glancing outside, the leaves had started to fall, the colours were spectacular and Sarah was looking across at the shadows created by the louvres and deep window sills opposite. The low sun had created strong warm silhouettes and patterns.

Above the main shadows, a light in one of the windows caught her attention. As she glanced, her eyes met those of a man sitting in the window space opposite. He had turned his head just as she had glanced up and she quickly looked away, embarrassed, and refocused her attention. How awkward she thought to herself and she proceeded to finish her work and made lunch.

The following day started earlier, and the rising sun was shining brightly through her window. Forgetting briefly about the encounter yesterday, she glanced out of her window whilst lowering her blinds, and her attention was once again caught in the same window by the outline of a young lady. She was petite with long dark hair, and presumably the partner of the man she had seen yesterday.

After dinner that evening, Monica and Sarah went for a short walk. It was something they liked to do just before darkness and talk about whatever was on their minds from the day. As the two of them left the building, they walked through the central garden. A beautiful landscaped area with uplighters embedded in the ground forming a winding gravel path through the centre.

Just as the pair reached the pond, they were discussing their plans for the week and met a couple walking back towards them holding hands. Sarah recognised the man instantly. It was the man she had made eye contact with yesterday. The couple glanced towards the pair and smiled, saying hello, to which Monica reciprocated.

Sarah, realising who he was, smiled and looked away awkwardly.

Seeing the couple provoked Monica to ask about Sarah’s past relationships, something which she rarely shared, and when she did, without much detail. In fact Monica knew very little about Sarah and the conversations around relationships had mainly been focused on Monica, something which she was comfortable with, and helped her move on from her previous relationship.

Sarah was vague with her answers. Admitting that romance and intimacy ardahan escort was something she craved, but was yet to meet the right man for her. Her previous relationships had mostly ended mutually for one reason or another.

Monica concluded that Sarah was a somewhat complex character, as of yet unfilled in her personal life, but did not push with further questions.

Monica was more forthcoming of the two when it came to her personal life. She admitted that she too, craved intimacy and the closeness which a relationship brings, but values her independence, and right now, needed time to explore more in life.

The pair strolled for an hour or so and returned home.

In bed that night, Monica lay awake pondering what they had talked about and her past relationships, how perfectly matched and happy the couple they had met seemed, and how handsome and beautiful they looked. Monica never really had a type, but his tall stature, and stylish appearance had left an impression on her.


After work the following day, Sarah had arranged to meet a friend near her home. They planned to meet their wider circle of friends later in the evening and Monica would join also.

The bar was 5 minutes walk from where they lived. It was a small bar, trendy in its appearance but quiet enough to talk, and open until late. They both enjoyed seeing friends again and catching up on the latest news and gossip.

The group had been together for a few hours when some headed outside for fresh air.

Alongside a group who were smoking, at the end of the terrace, were the couple Sarah and Monica had met in the garden. They were sat at a table on a small bench, alone and quietly drinking together.

Without hesitation, Monica approached the couple and introduced herself. By now, she had drank a few glasses of her favourite gin and tonic and was feeling more confident than she would normally have been. The couple both had glasses of wine and Monica asked if they were new to the area. Unsurprisingly they were, and had recently moved here from Italy.

Despite learning back in school, Monica’s Italian was limited at the best of times, so she resisted the urge to try, and potentially embarrass herself.

The couple introduced themselves as Maria and Federico.

Maria was a pretty petite girl with strong curves and long dark brown hair. Federico was tall, and very handsome as Monica had recalled from the previous encounter. They were a friendly couple and the three chatted briefly about their evening, the local area and their work.

The couple bought Monica a drink and she asked more questions, enjoying learning more about them, and making new friends.

As Sarah came outside, she saw the three talking and went over and joined them. She introduced herself but said little to begin with. She still felt slightly awkward, but the drinks had helped slightly with that, and she relaxed as the conversation flowed.

The group became more relaxed with each other as the night went on and shared a few jokes. Monica was great at meeting new people and forming friendships. Sarah also, but Monica led, and quickly bonded with them.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Federico discussed the latest art exhibition she had seen. It was a relief for Sarah and helped her relax. Federico had an interest in art history and had studied it back in Italy. The creative side of him was something Sarah could relate to and the two connected, sharing their favourite artists and places they had visited.

The group left the bar, and headed home.

As it was only a short walk, the group headed off together, with Monica and Maria leading, discussing Maria’s plans to decorate their new apartment at the weekend, and Monica offering some insight. It was a passion of hers, and Maria invited them both over to help at the weekend.

Federico and Sarah followed closely behind. They talked at length about various things – the area, the food, wine and his work. Sarah enjoyed the conversation and Federico joked about his boredom at home and glancing out of the window. Something which immediately eased the tension between the two. A big relief for Sarah. Firstly, that he didn’t think she was spying on him, and secondly, neither was he, on her.

In fact, Federico was a gentleman to each of the ladies, something which Sarah had found to be especially attractive in a man.

The group arrived home and parted ways.

Sarah and Monica exchanged thoughts as they arrived home, as well as compliments about the couple. Monica joked about how good looking Federico was. Sarah stopped her, and nothing else was said that night.

Now resting in bed, Sarah’s mind was processing her thoughts from the past few days. She had just had a nice evening, seeing friends, making new friends and felt relaxed and happy. It had been a while since she had socialised so much, and she enjoyed the conversations she had and the new people she had met.

Her artvin escort mind wandered to the weekend when the four would meet again.

Sarah was reserved by nature, and kept her feelings almost exclusively to herself, and even privately, rarely allowed herself intimate thoughts. She liked Maria and the couple seemed happy, but in this moment, she was becoming aware of a strong attraction she had felt towards Federico tonight.

Knowing how forbidden this was seemed to only make it more intense, and she quietly pondered allowing herself one brief guilty pleasure.

What harm can thoughts cause? She asked herself.

If it’s just for me, she told herself in her mind, then nobody will ever know.

She thought of Federico and how he had been a gentleman tonight, how she found him genuinely interesting, and how the two had clicked.

She craved closeness and connection, which she had begun to feel tonight for the first time in a long time.

She would deny herself no longer and her mind would be free, she conceded. Open to any thought, feeling, fantasy and whatever she desired in that moment.

She wondered if Maria and Federico had made love when they returned home. Perhaps they were now, at this moment. Was Federico a passionate lover as he had seemed earlier? What was there love making like?

She had felt safe walking beside him on the way home, and he had towered over her. Yet despite his height, he spoke softly and gently with her.

She went on to recall how he had listened to her and the attention he had shown her.

Perhaps there was even a desire towards her on his side?

If she could see him now, what would they talk about and where would they go?

The forbidden fantasies which were now developing in her mind had become stronger and her mind had now taken over. It had been a while since she had felt such a desire.

Laying in her bed, she was warm, and her pyjamas felt soft against her skin. Her hands were rested on her thigh, and she felt deeply relaxed.

By now, her skin was starting to feel very sensitive to her touch and focusing attention to her body, she had started to become wet between her legs.

She opened her legs slightly, and moved her hips slowly and gently, her mind now consumed in a deep fantasy.

Her body moved slowly but her mind was racing.

She began to imagine Federico there with her.

Her hands moved up her inner thighs, and to her waist and then on to her hips. She ran her fingers slowly over the sensitive skin of her waist, and up to her chest and back down.

She became increasingly warm and was desperate to be touched now. Her lips felt wet inside her cotton underwear, and her body needed the release she was going to give herself.

She teased herself briefly with her fingernails, gently running them over and stroking her mons through her soft pyjamas, and then underneath her underwear.

She parted her legs further.

Her hand had now found its way underneath her pyjamas. Her lips opened as she pushed her underwear away from her skin, and she felt her wetness underneath.

Her body shook slightly, as her finger began to reach inside her slit.

Her stroke became more gentle, as she reached the most sensitive part leading to her clitoris. She knew how good it was going to feel, to touch herself there, but she wanted to prolong her excitement for now.

She slid back down, closing her legs, as she leant forward and her hair fell to cover her face.

She could restrain herself no more and briefly slid her fingertip over her clitoris, with her juices staying on her finger as it left.

Each touch she allowed herself went slightly deeper, and she brought her juices up and over her clitoris. She could feel deep throbbing by now and was aching for her release.

She slid one finger slowly inside of her, and moved her palm onto her mons. The top of her forefinger pressed against her clitoris, and she slowly slid a second finger inside.

She began reaching for her g-spot and focused her mind on how warm she now felt inside.

She knew exactly how and what was needed now. Her fingers slid up and down inside her, gradually at first and quicker as she became more relaxed. Her clitoris became more sensitive as she pressed against it with her finger.

She then brought her hand forward and she could feel the pleasure was getting deeper now.

She was close.

Her hips were thrusting forward onto her hand, as she continued her fantasy. Her body was gradually shaking by now, and she brought herself to orgasm with intense pressure on her clitoris and her fingers sliding deeper inside her.

Her entire body was shaking, and she covered her mouth with her cotton pillow so as to not scream from the orgasm she had allowed herself.

She laid back and relaxed her body and fell back into her thoughts.

A guilty desire, but something she badly needed.

She aydın escort slept well through the night, and woke early the following morning.


When the weekend arrived, Sarah and Monica headed over to Maria and Federico’s apartment. He was busy, laying out some large furniture which had just been delivered, and Maria with organising her mood boards.

Monica immediately joined Maria, as did Sarah who offered some thoughts on what Maria had selected.

The three ladies had chosen to wear old clothes, ready for decorating. All three dressed in loose fitting jeans, and t-shirts. Monica had always had a great figure, and her t-shirt was especially fitted and emphasised her curves well. Sarah felt slightly envious of this, and noticed Federico glance over to Monica whilst he passed by. Maria also seemed to be aware of his look but seemed unfazed.

The sound of Federico assembling the furniture cued Maria and Monica to offer some help. Some of the larger pieces required two people, so Monica held the back panel, whilst Federico secured the fixings from the front. She joked about their great teamwork, and offered to help again.

The group continued to get on well and they had a break for lunch, which Maria had organised. A mixture of salads and grains which she had prepared earlier in the morning.

The group joked over lunch, with Maria serving, and Federico sitting at the table with the two ladies. There was some light flirtation between the three of them, and some humour. A hint of competitiveness was starting to develop between Sarah and Monica, which had not been apparent previously.

Maria and Federico, definitely comfortable enough with each other and open, also became aware of the ladies focus towards him, yet it did not seem to trouble either of them and they continued.

The break was interrupted by the doorbell which Maria answered and introduced Michael, Federico’s friend, who had come round to help Federico. He seemed to know the couple well, and was friendly to Sarah and Monica.

He accepted a drink from Maria and sat down briefly with the group.

After some time, Maria took charge and led the men back to work, taking them both by the hand and leading them to the lounge area. She instructed the pair on where to position the furniture and returned to the table.

Michael, like Federico, was a tall man, of slim muscular build with long light brown hair. The ladies continued to talk before Sarah and Monica helped with some painting and left later in the afternoon.

As a thank you, Sarah had invited Maria and Federico over the following evening for some drinks after dinner. Maria and Federico had already planned to go to a nearby restaurant for dinner first, but were keen to meet after and share some drinks together.


It was around 8 by the time they arrived and they had brought some bottles of wine with them for the group to enjoy. They relaxed in the small lounge area which Monica had suggested as it was warm and quiet, and a great place to relax.

Federico was quiet to begin with but relaxed more as the evening progressed, and the drinks flowed. Maria was lively. She had enjoyed getting to know the pair and was now beginning to become good friends with them. She talked a lot with Monica, who was now sitting on the sofa. Federico was to her right hand side, and Sarah on his other side. There was just enough room for the three of them but they sat close, and enjoyed talking.

The group shared thoughts and memories from their past, and the conversation came to Maria and Federico.

They had met whilst they were both young, in college. It was a romantic story and had overcome its fair share of challenges and obstacles. The relationship was strong through its openness and neither appeared uncomfortable at the talk of their personal lives.

Both went on to mention partners outside of the relationship at various points in time, and Sarah and Monica shared some of their own experiences.

By this time, the four were increasingly relaxed with each other, with Monica topping up the glasses of wine when needed. Sarah had moved slightly closer to Federico as she spoke with him.

Monica and Federico exchanged playful exchanges about the merits of dating, which were noticed by Maria. She too joined in, and Monica and Sarah proceeded to tease Federico about his good looks, and Maria about Monica’s, complimenting her sense of taste and style.

Following compliments about her looks, Sarah blushed slightly.

The thought of how little others knew about her fantasy and how badly she wanted to be desired by the very man sitting beside her, made her blush more. Her face became hotter, and Maria diverted the attention back to Federico, as she moved to sit on the small table in front of him and began to tease the pair about his looks

Feeling a need to defend him, and strengthen their connection, the pair put their arms protectively around him.

‘But he’s spoken for’, said Sarah lightly.

‘No…go ahead. It’s allowed’ responded Maria.

Monica followed by admitting he was handsome. Traditionally handsome. ‘I hope you don’t mind that?’ she asked Maria.

‘I don’t mind. He knows that we have an agreement’ she said.

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