School Girl

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Its Saturday night and I’m getting ready for some fun. I just finished my bath, which included some nice scented oils and a shave making my body totally smooth. Well except a cute little landing strip. I step from the tub and towel off, as I let it drop to the floor I take in the sight from the mirror. There I stand smooth as can be, erect nipples sticking out with the rings running through them. A dangling belly ring hangs below. I am very excited and that is evident in my little girl cock getting hard.

I begin with my hair doing it into two long pigtails, guys love pigtails and I want my special man tonight to be happy. I want him to have something to grab hold of when I’m sucking on his hard cock! Happy with my hair I move on to my make up. I do it up like the slut I am with heavy dark eyeliner. I finish it off with some bubble gum pink lip-gloss. So now the only thing that keeps me from fully looking like a teenage girl with a flat chest is my semi-hard girl cock.

I head into the bedroom to begin dressing. I start with some white thigh high stockings with lace stay-ups. I rub my hands over my legs as I do savoring the smooth silky feel. Next come my white boy shorts that hold my little clitty-cock in oh so nice. I feel my ass as they are pulled into place. I love my ass and so do men, it is nice and firm and round. It’s very nice for them to look at while they are fucking me. I look in my dresser and pull out a cute little silky bra that fits over my flat chest. It has just enough padding to give me the look of little tits. At the last moment I decide to wear my belly chain, as it has been a long time since I have, I think it gives just the right look I’m going for. I take my silk white blouse off the hanger and pull my arms though it. God it feels so good on my skin. I tie the bottom into a knot so all see my belly ring and chain. Finally I come to my plaid School Girl skirt. It comes just to the top of my stockings. I step into my shoes, they are new and I could not wait to wear them. White patent leather high heel Oxfords, wow do they look sexy. The 4-inch heels tighten my calves and ass nicely. I head into the bathroom and give a final spray of perfume.

I head down stairs and grab my keys, I’m happy it is dark, as my neighbors don’t know my hot little secret. Walking quickly I jump into my car and pull out of the driveway. I head down the streets making turns to his apartment. As I pull up I make one last check in the mirror before I get out. Stepping from the car and closing the door I hear a little whistle from Ümraniye Anal Escort the man sitting on the stoop next door. I give a friendly smile as I bounce up the steps. I ring his door and even though we have done this before I am still a bundle of nerves. I hear footsteps then the door locks being opened. He opens the door and I find him standing in front of me naked, his cock is limp right now but still bigger than average. It is cut and so beautiful.

“It’s been too long Katie, come on in.”

I step through the door and get a shiver as he locks us in behind me. I stand in the middle of the room as I am instructed to do. You see this man, this God is my Master. I met him online a little over a year ago and have been “visiting” him since. He has a room that he has created specifically for Master’s play time.

He walks around me and looks me over. I am hopeful that he will be happy with me. When he gets in front of me I see him break a smile. “Good Girl Katie, Daddy is very impressed.” “You have out done yourself tonight my little slut!”

“Thank you Daddy, I only wish to please you,” I respond with and nothing else.

“Well Katie I think we need to get you ready, so proceed to your room you hot little slut.”

“Yes Daddy.”

I walk down the hallway and hear the heels of my Oxfords click against the wood. As I get to the door I open it to find my usual playthings. A swing hangs from the ceiling; there is a bench in the corner with arm holds for tying down “good girls” and a cabinet in the far corner. That holds all the toys Daddy has bought for me. On the floor near the door is a Liberator wedge complete with tie downs. I step to the middle of the room and turn to face the door. Daddy walks in and over to the cabinet, he opens it but I don’t dare move, as I don’t want to be punished. He walks back over to me and I see in his hands a Collar! “Oh my god” I think to myself. He has not given me a collar yet. This means I have earned it and I am now his. I feel so excited as he speaks.

“Katie, as you know you have not had a collar, you have not earned it.” “However, I am ready to complete your transformation as my slave, my slut, and my little girl.” “By allowing me to place this on you and by wearing it you confirm that YOU are MINE!”

He stresses those two words, which causes my girl cock to jump. I nod yes and he places it around my neck and buckles it. It is so beautiful, pink with little white stones and three D-rings. Also dangling from one is a tag that says “Katie”. Ümraniye Yaşlı Escort Daddy steps back to the dresser and pulls from it a set of handcuffs and crop.

“Put you hands behind you Katie,” he orders me. I do as commanded and the cold steel is placed on my wrists. He then walks around me running the end of the crop over my flesh. I shutter at the feel of it and at the anticipation of what is to come next. “I really like your belly ring and chain Katie, it is very sexy.” “You are such a good little slut, I’m so glad I found you.” Daddy continues to run the crop over me as his circles continue. All of a sudden on my tight bottom the crop hits. Pain mixed with pleasure runs through my ass right into my girl cock. I moan as the second and third hits find their mark. “Do you like that little girl” Daddy asks?

“Yes Daddy, I would like some more if it pleases you!”

“It does SLUT!” More hits strike my ass as I stand in front of this gorgeous man. My Daddy then walks back in front of me and runs his crop across my face and down my body. He unties my shirt and exposes my bra-covered chest. By his smile I know he likes. It is a very feminine choice and that is how he likes me. The crop continues to caress my body, as my gaze does not break from straight ahead. I have been trained by this man well to only move unless commanded, that is until he gives me permission to pleasure him. Then he wants his little girl to fully enjoy herself as she worships his body.

Daddy grabs my collar and pulls me to my knees. “Lick my cock slut,” he commands. I move my mouth in position and stick out my tongue to begin licking his cut head. My mouth begins to kiss his cock all over, switching between licking and sucking. I press the head to my lips and allow it to penetrate me. The length of his cock slides into my mouth as he grabs my ponytails and moves my head back and forth. Daddy fucks my mouth like a pro causing me to moan around his hard shaft. I always get so hot from sucking cock, but I’m simply a means of pleasure for my Master. Still on my knees with my skirt riding up around my waist I suck this hard cock for all I am worth. Suddenly he pulls it from my lips and I let out a slight moan. I want his cock still in my mouth but Daddy has other plans.

He pulls me up and spins me around. He unlocks the cuffs and takes my shirt off completely. Daddy then walks me to the bench which when tightly secured to it I am proudly displayed in a perfect Doggy position. I climb on, as I am very familiar with this particular Ümraniye Zenci Escort piece of play equipment. Daddy attaches my ankles and then wrists to it then walks back to the dresser. He comes back with a ball gag and orders me to open my mouth. I of course do as instructed and he buckles it tightly. Daddy gets his special lube and walks behind me pulling my skirt up and panties to the side. I feel the cold lube hit my boy pussy and I moan into the gag. He rubs it in and slides his fingers in and out of me. I’m nice and ready for his cock. Daddy puts a final little bit of lube on his wonderful cock before stepping into place. I feel the head push into me and I again moan into my gag. God his cock feels so wonderful inside of me. Having him fuck me gives me the most pleasure in the world. Pretty soon he will be filling my ass with his hot cum and there is nothing I can do to prevent it. I’m tied to a bench and can’t go anywhere, not that I would.

Daddy continues to push into me filling my tight hole with his hard manly cock. He is a real man, not like his little sissy slut that he so easily dominated and made his fuck slave. His cock finally bottoms out in me as I feel him slowly pull it back out all the way. The head pops out of me before plunging back in. This sequence is continued for what seems like hours but only amounts to minutes. Daddy holds my hips as he fucks me and calls me all kinds of dirty names. I love it when he talks so nasty to me; it gets me so fucking hot. Daddy continues fucking me like the good girl I am and I moan as he does. His cock continues to slide in and out of my tight hole. “God damn Katie you are such a good fuck!”

It is difficult because of the ball gag but I manage a little smile. Daddy’s pace has increased at this point and I know what he wants. He wants this to be a quickie and he is getting ready to cum. He begins to pound my ass hard pulling my hips to meet his trusts in. He cannot maintain this fevered pace long and suddenly his body stiffens and I feel the first convulsion as his cock spews its wonderful load into me. I love the dirty thought of his man seed filling my boy pussy. Still holding tight onto my hips his final spurts of cum fill me up. Daddy gives my little ass a slap as he pulls out of me. Still bound he steps to the dresser yet again and comes back with a butt plug. Quickly as to not want to lose any of his cum he shoves the plug into me. I let out yet another moan as he does.

Daddy then undoes my bindings and pulls me up, saying nothing he walks me over to the wall. Pressing my back to the wall he orders me to lift my arms where he connects them to wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling. He then bends down and buckles my ankles to the wall. Still gagged Daddy looks at me and says, “I’ll be back in a bit little girl.” With that he walks out and closes the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32