Santa’s Naughty Elf

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“You know, I really don’t believe this!” the irate man bellowed at Miranda. “I have enough breakage and pilfering with my teenage customers, I do not expect this from my staff! And I especially do not expect it from the daughters of my friends! How ungrateful can you be? Do you want us all to get fired? Now, what do you have to say for yourself young lady?”

The young lady in question, a curvy 19-year old who had been hired as a Christmas Elf at King Solomon’s, a major department store in Kingston, said nothing but sulked at being caught with jewellery, perfume and other gift items hidden in her locker. She had been pilfering these items for the past two weeks and taking them home to her private treasure-trove; and, it was her worse luck, she felt, that she was caught on Christmas Eve.

What he said had been true though. Emil Lazarus was her father’s old school friend. The man had done well for himself in business as a provider of staff for novelty adult entertainment, and had done a favour for her parents by taking her on as a worker for the Christmas Holidays while she was home from school in Florida. Christmas in Jamaica was an extremely busy time, and so Miranda stood to make a lot of money in the tips and gifts that horny middle-aged men bought for her after she served and smiled for them from behind the counter of any store in which she was placed. She made herself an integral part of the store’s decorations, and had done very well last year. She expected to do even better this year since she had blossomed out some more physically, and had spent her time fixing up her appearance.

She now filled out her little elf’s uniform nicely. She felt that she was seen to advantage when her biggish boobs threatening to spill out whenever she bent over to serve a customer, or when her short skirt rode up far on her thigh, to give a peep of her rounded derriere over which no one could ever detect any covering. Beyond the charms of her womanly figure she had a sweet, innocent, friendly face and a bright smile. She was blessed with a way about her of making people feel that rokettube porno they had done the cleverest thing in the world by buying the items that she sold them. Paid by commission, she stood to make thousands on her own that season in addition to the standard fee that her boss, Emil Lazarus, who was working in the same department store that week as Santa Claus, paid her.

“This is just sheer wickedness, Miranda! You are very well paid! You are lucky that Mr. Bloom did not just call the police. It seems to me though that you have a choice. I can tell your father and let him punish you, or we can do it ourselves. So, what will it be?” Emil Lazarus’ annoyed voice brought her back from her daydreams.

It really didn’t matter to Miranda if these men told her father since no one knew better than she that she had him well-and-truly wrapped around her little finger. Her father would only have fondled her buttocks while spanking her over his bare knees; then she would have been made to suck his cock until he came, and then that would have been that. Miranda had planned to tell him, eventually, about her naughtiness herself.

Miranda made a decision. Emil Lazarus really did make a cute Santa Claus, and the thought of herself sitting on his lap, or better yet, bending over it, made her feel all tingly inside. Bending over, knees straight, she picked up the things that she had dropped on the floor when Solomon Bloom and his assistant had first pounced on her with their evidence of her guilt, and then caught her red-handed with some more of the store’s merchandise. Solomon Bloom had sent for Emil Lazarus immediately, to sort it out since the culprit was really employed to him, and not directly to the store. The value of the items concerned had warranted Emil Lazarus leaving Santa’s cave attended only by some of his other elves for the moment.

“I don’t want you to tell my daddy, Mr. Lazarus, so I suppose that you’ll have to punish me yourself!” Miranda squeaked, handing the items to him.

The three men looked at her suspiciously. She saw when rus porno first Solomon Bloom’s eyes blaze brighter at her as the full enormity of what he had just seen dawned on him.

“What sort of girl are you, Miranda?” Mr. Bloom asked, astonished. “You’re not wearing any underwear under your uniform? Have you been serving my customers dressed like that? Lazarus, did you know about this? Are you trying to ruin me?”

“Of course I am wearing underwear,” Miranda retorted, lifting the hem of her little red outfit to show him the transparent front of her see-through thong. The thong, glistening wet with her pussy juices, may well not have been there at all.

The three staring men thus got as good a view of her shaven cunt as they had had of her fleshy rump. All three cocks before her, hardened. Miranda smiled. Life was just too easy! They all blinked and stepped back, away from her, no one wanting to be the first to fall to this Siren.

“Behave yourself, Miranda,” Emil Lazarus croaked. “I really am going to tell your parents how naughty you have been!”

Miranda looked straight into Solomon Bloom’s eyes, and pouted her disappointment at this pronouncement. She shook her body a little, swaying her bust in front of the men.

“Well, c-come now, Emil!” Bloom protested. “We don’t want to be too hasty in accusing anyone of anything, do we? Isn’t this something that we can settle among ourselves? She has said that she’s willing to submit to our authority, and I don’t want any bad publicity for the store.”

And so it was, that the naughty little elf, Miranda, found herself over Santa’s knee being spanked on her bare bottom. While the delighted Solomon Bloom and his assistant watched. She squirmed delightfully, but that did not stop the man in the Santa suit from giving her 50 of his best with the black belt from his costume and with his bare hands, since he liked spanking young women’s buttocks especially if they jiggled after each blow. It was his usual way of disciplining his female staff for disappointing work.

Miranda was crying genuine russian porno tears by the time Emil Lazarus was done spanking her. She was then made to apologise to Mr. Bloom by sucking his cock until he came, and by taking him in her arse when it was discovered that he was still hard. She had to do the same for his assistant, a reward for being the person who had originally discovered Miranda’s dishonesty. She even had to suck Solomon Bloom’s cock again while having his assistant’s thick cock up her arse.

Then the moment arrived, Miranda looked at Emil Lazarus mournfully. He was the man who had spanked her so hard and made her clit ache. The others had taken their pleasure from her, but no one had done anything to make her cum, and after her spanking she desperately needed to do that.

Miranda and Emil Lazarus looked at each other. They could read each other like two good books now. They both knew that Emil Lazarus was going to fuck her in front of these two men, but they also knew that even after that, she was going to belong to him since he could spread the word about her being a thief to other people looking for temps. He stood before her saying nothing, but his eyes said volumes. Miranda reached up tentatively and opened the flies of his Santa suit, and pulled out his stiff cock. She opened her mouth wide to accommodate his girth and sucked on the head of his cock.

Emile was obviously still angry with her for embarrassing him in front of this very important client, and, as he growled into her ear as he kissed and bit her, for making him have to watch her as she serviced two other men! He reached down and grabbing the back of her head, pushed his cock down to her throat until she gagged. He made her suck him off until he came and then, still being very hard himself, he made her lie on her back while he hoisted her legs above her own shoulders. He wasted no time in impaling himself into her sopping pussy, his hands twisting her nipples savagely.

Miranda came, screaming her father’s name! The three men looked at each other evilly, two thought that she had called out for a boyfriend, but Santa knew the truth about his VERY naughty elf; and so he began her punishment again. And so it was that Santa and his two new helpers kept at it for the next two hours, while naughty Miranda learned her lesson well.

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