Retraining Ms Carstairs Ch. 02

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“Good morning Sir!” Lt Colonel Julia Carstairs managed to mumble past Col Francombe’s stiff Penis as she woke him with a blow job.

“There really is no need to salute Julia!” he chided,

She put her hand down uncertainly and rocked back on her heels

“They recommend five portions a day sir!” she chirped.

“I think that is fruit my dear.” he advised.

“Spoilsport.” she whispered and returned to sucking.

“I see you have me down to attend St Lucas’ Church, Annistown at Ten next Saturday, Miss Carstairs.

“Yes Sir, Number one best uniform sir.” she added.

“Why?” he asked.

“Wedding sir, mine.”she replied, “And yours.”

“Look old bean,” he said as he stared at her perfect breasts, ” practising married quarters drill is one thing marriage is something else.”

“Yes sir, your mother made the arrangements.” Julia said proudly. “I went up in the Chinook last month and met the gardener and under chauffeur, your mother said the only reason they remain in your fathers employ is that she screws them regularly.”

“Quite so, minimum wage and all that, how did they take it?” he asked.

“Actually, John, I took it, and really Jackson is so small I had to take him up my bum.”

“Gosh, poop shoot eh, I remember at school.”John said but Julia silenced him with a SAS pressure point on his neck.

“No sir, you forget all about Pinky Pinkerton and his ballet dress.” Julia reminded him, “and as long as you marry me I will too.”

“Yes Miss Carstairs.” John replied.

“John,” she asked as she cupped his balls and made a cunt of her fist to wank the Colonel to climax, “It will be awkward with your sister being called Julia too, could you call me something different d’you think?”

“Certainly Muffin.”

“No,” Julia said. “that’s what you called Corporal Barthington when you had the affair, no I thought Miss, short for Mistress.” Julia felt the twitching and jerking and aimed Johns appendage so as to ejaculate over the Duvet cover.

“Yes, Oh God I disgraced myself.” he said.

“Silly man, it’s cum not piss, at least I hope it is, so its settled then.”

“Yes,” Col Francombe agreed,”If mother OKed it then I suppose I had better humour her.”

“Thank you very much sir.” Julia stood and adjusted her battle-dress before announcing, “Parade in Ten minutes sir.”

“You take it Julia, I’m exhausted.” John Francombe, announced.

Julia smiled broadly, she loved taking parades, inspecting the troops, dishing out reprimands to fit guys for being improperly dressed, getting them a week or so confined to the guard room, away from wives and girlfriends where they became more and more frustrated, Julia felt there was something very satisfying about soothing a frustrated squaddie she felt, and she always did her best to relieve their tensions. She put the thoughts of pleasures to come aside, checked her appearance in the mirror and saluted and marched smartly from the room.

The Parade Ground was already awash with milling squaddies, “Sarn’t Major, what’s the meaning of this!” Julia shrieked.

“Morning Marm, waiting on the Colonel Marm.” Company Sgt Major Faulkener barked back.

“Well, Colonel Francombe is indisposed, so I shall take the parade, and I shall go away and when I come back I want order and precision,” she said the volume of her voice rising, “Not a fucking shambles, do you understand?”

“Marm!” Faulkener replied and he barked a series of orders.

Ten minutes later and as Julia returned the Band struck up and C company marched, or waddled as CSM Faulkener described it onto the parade ground.

“Playing your tune Marm,” CSM Faulkener suggested, Julia scowled, how did the bastard know she and John fucked in march time she wondered and then she realised it was “You’re Beautiuful” by James Blunt, hacked into march time by Bandmaster Herbert Ricketts.

“Flattery will get you absolutely nowhere, Sarnt Major,” Julia said with a grin.

The inspection went swimmingly, a new recruit, Johnson, actually escort bayan had his tunic buttoned wrongly and as she pointed it out she saw him getting hard, he blushed crimson, “We really must get these Privates sorted out Sarn’t Major,” Julia suggested ambiguously.

“Julia?” Col Francombe asked uncertainly, “How exactly did you come top of the SAS selection course cross-country in the slowest winning time ever recorded.”

She kissed his cheek, “When we’re married dearest.” she said lovingly.

At the Palace.

“So my dear how did you disarm the six Taliban fanatics who captured you?” the kindly old Lady in the Tiara asked as she handed over the medal for Julia to pin on her own tunic.

“Training Marm, and constant practice.” Julia replied.

“So my dear how did you disarm the six Taliban fanatics who captured you?” asked the randy old octogenarian in Admiral of the Fleet uniform, looking for all the world like an Hotel doorman as he stood beside his bejewelled wife as she presented the medal.

“Fucked them to a standstill sir, Sergeant Major Orangu trained me well sir.” Julia replied.m

“Very good, could I arrange to inspect the training facility?” he asked.

“No sir, you’re too old, and” she reached and felt moisture at the front of his uniform trousers as she paused. “I think you came in your pants just thinking about it.”

“I say that black fella looks fit Pippin, have him sent round.” the bejewelled Lady ordered.

“Bloody woman turned me down.” he said.

“Well that’s no reason why I shouldn’t have a nice solid length of Ebony once in a while.” the older lady replied.

Julia walked proudly from the palace, medal pinned prominently to her chest and mingled with the other guests on the palace lawn.

“What a horrible way to die.” Watermark of B squadron, Blues, commented as Julia walked by.

“What, with his nose up my ass and my dripping cunt smothering his face, at least he died happy,” she replied.

“No, I meant Major Johnson, don’t you know,” Watermark continued, “head blown off by a roadside bomb, bloody medic found the head fifty metres away and tried to stick it back on with a field dressing!”

“Ah, right, I thought you meant Taliban.”she said.

“So you killed six!” he asked, “How.”

“Dumb blonde routine!,” she giggled, “I had a wash with all the water we had, wasted it, and then, well I dehydated them.”

“What!” h asked.

“Sucked the moisture out of them, I wrote it up for the Army website and Corporal Jenks did some photos and its very popular.” she added.

“Sucked the moisture, like a vampire?” he asked?

“No Fellatio.” she grinned, “I sucked all them moisture from them,” and then as treat when they were really weak I let them fuck me and they got heart failure, its all in the appendix to the desert warfare manual, you can download it if you like.”

“Good Afternoon Marm.” a grinning SAS sergeant greeted her.

“Maybach, how good to see you, are you fit again?” she recognised the trainer from her SAS course.

“Yes Marm. thank you Marm, it was a near thing though, I nearly lost it.” he said wistfully.

“If it’s any consolation I was sore for a week.” She said.

“But you milked pints of cum out of me, your cunt muscles wouldn’t let go and then you tore all the muscles in my groin, it was only hanging on by the skin when you left me to die!” he complained.

Julia remembered how a mere two hour sex session had crippled the super fit SAS Instructor for life as he crawled into her slit trench and tried to rape her on exercises, only to find she was far from exhausted and despite fucking the eighteen other soldiers on the course during the course of the morning she had still not had a decent climax.

“I’m glad you’re better.” she lied, she rather liked crippling proud Afro-Carribeans with her super toned cunt muscles.

Julia was surprised when the Octogenarian sought her out, “Tried out for Olymics then” he said, “Seoul?”

“No sir, bayan escort the real ones not the pornstar.” she said, “The MOD wouldn’t grant leave for the pornstar olympics.”

“Look, how’s about equestrian, the wife and I have a few fillies on our books, and well.”

“Well sir?” she asked.

“Come round the mews a moment.” he suggested suggestively.

Julia followed dutifully as the he led her away to a stable building and tack room where she watched as he reached down a saddle from the wall, “Secret weapon, made it for Grand daughter, keeps her in the saddle a treat.”

“How sir?” she asked.

With a wicked grin he produced a black wooden shaft some six inches long and three inches round, and screwed it into a threaded hole in the saddle. “With your muscles.” he said. “Won’t fall orf in a hurry!, sly hole in the breeches eh what?”

“What’s the big one for sir.” she asked eyeing up the six inch diameter version.

“Daughter in law, bloody slapper.” he said, “Cunt like a culvert,” he spluttered, “Take a chunk of mainmast on a bad day.”

“Sir” Julia said blushing.

“Look Grand daughter wont use it, says it’s cheating so how about it?” he asked.

“Perhaps next year, plenty of time sir.” she said as she walked away smiling.

At Lord Farncombe’s Country Mansion

“Julia, I think we need a little talk about your night attire.” Lucinda Francombe said tentatively as she met Julia Carstairs in the corridor leading to the servants quarters.

“Too short my dear, cheap high street tat,” Lucinda continued you should wear couture like this.” the forty something year old pointed to her own expensive night gown dark brown,knee length with thin shoulder straps more ball gown than nightie, “And so much more practical.”

“Practical?” Lucinda queried, her own nightdress was much shorter and hugged her figure emphasising her curves.

“Yes dear, it does not show the dirt and it comes off so much easier, look.” she tweaked the shoulder straps over her shoulder and the nightdress fell to the floor.

“Oh!” Julia gasped, “I see.”

“It’s a big responsibility being mistress of a big house,” Lucinda continued, “Are you sure you are up to it?”

“I think so.” Julia replied as Lucinda dressed again and they continued towards the servant’s wing.

“Periods the worst, having to blow four or six unwashed servant’s cocks in succession”, Lucinda continued, “it’s dire at times, you know, dinner party, too much Vino, boring conversation, and then come three thirty one has to suck the hired help.”

“Oh,” said Julia, “Hand Job, thumb up their ass no good?” she enquired.

“There’s no pleasure for me in that.” Lucinda pointed out, “No I soldier on, but protocol, Butler, Chauffeur, Under Butler, Under Chauffeur and then Chef.” she explained.

“Chef may well be queer, but the offer should be made, and then and only then the Gardeners.” Lucinda explained.

“Gamekeeper, is a day appointment,” Lucina explained, “make it a good one, I allow twelve minutes, two really rough shags, with a bit of head to get him stiff the second time, mostly they last two three minutes.”

“Two to three,” Julia said, “Say five, total in door to out again, they’re all tested regularly so no need for Jonnies, Condoms, but if you say five, and about six to do a night then you can be back in your own bed totally fucked by four.”

“What about John?”

“Ah, he has the cook, you know, Hilda, the under-chef and the chamber maids except Violet and Lily are, well, they bat for the other side, oh, yes when Violet went away for a few days I had to, Lucinda paused, “I had to do her.”

“Did you?” Julia asked intrigued.

“She told me off because I had done all the men first,” Lucinda continued, “and of course I had a pussy dripping with cum and she wanted to lick me, but could not abide the slimy cum so I ended up licking her, you know,her front bottom, instead, it took for ever.”

“How long?”Julia asked.

“Half an hour,” she said, “I escort was shattered.”

“Is this it?” Julia asked, as they passed a door marked head chauffeur.

“Yes,” Lucinda opened the door and marched straight in, “Come on Brabbinger, Chop Chop.”

“Yes MiLady?” the bleary eyed pensioner with thinning grey hair and grey pallid complexion answered.

“John’s girl’s doing the rounds.” Lucinda explained as Julia pulled back the bedclothes and drooped her head over Brabbinger’s tiny somnambulant penis, curled as it was like a sleeping door mouse.

“Brabbinger, pay attention!” Lucinda shouted as Brabbinger indeed came to attention as Julia’s fingers and mouth worked their magic.

“Grug Gannlick, Oohhhh, sorry Marm, I seem to have cummed.”Brabbinger said as he flopped back onto the pillows in exhaustion.

“Wipe your face Julia,” Lucinda suggested as they left the room, “One minute twenty three, you are good, I bet you can’t dispose of Hargreaves so quick.”

“Ten pounds says I can.” Julia replied thoughtlessly, but she was to be disappointed, Hargreaves was fast asleep and drunk so they gave up after five minutes.

“Double or quits the Under-Chauffeur?” Julia suggested, but Maynard was a tough challenge, barely twenty, and even asleep he had a six inch erection forming a tent pole of the sheets.

Julia climbed on the bed and had sank down on Maynard within ten seconds of entering but as he woke and grabbed her hips, she realised the task was hopeless, he had grown another two inches so he was jammed in the neck of her cervix without them being anywhere near touching crotch to crotch.

“I think I’m going to cum Lucinda” Julia wailed.

“Don’t you dare, stiff upper lip and Julia!” Lucinda wailed as Julia bounced up and down energetically on Maynards erection, issuing little cries of pleasure, and looking for all the world as if she were having fun.

“Ooohh too late,” Julia whined, as she flopped down exhausted as Maynard’s erection subsided “How long?”

“It’s in to out, not how long you ride for, but god you’re a mess, all that sweating you’re supposed to be fit.” Lucinda chided, as the jealousy flooded through her, the girl had achieved climb on to orgasm in forty seconds, the girl should have been a whore, she thought.

“Afraid there’s only Skank the boot boy left, the others are off over Mangersbury at a Rave.” Lucinda suggested, but Skank was lying exhausted on his bed, a spunk drenched copy of “tits” lay on the floor and waking him seemed pointless.

“Bugger,” Lucinda, squealed, “How the hell am I supposed to get to sleep now?”

“What” Julia exclaimed.

“I haven’t had my O have I, you did them all, sod it.” Lucinda complained.

“Sorry, didn’t think.” said Julia.

“No good being sorry,” Lucinda complained, “Are you any good with a strap on?”

“I’m afraid I don’t bat for that side.” Julia blushed.

“Nonsense, stiff upper lip and all that, come along.” Lucinda strode determinedly towards the back stairs and Julia followed slowly behind, Lucinda was searching through an antique oak chest full of adult toys when Julia joined her.

“There’s a good one somewhere,” Lucinda explained, “Pre War, Antique, Ivory with leather straps, bought it from the Halal shop, in Nottingham, the “Camel” uses one on big ears you know, organic you see not plastic.”

“Is this it?” Julia reached up and pulled a leather strap hanging from the drapes of the four poster bed.”

“Yes, does it fit?” Lucinda said, and as Julia looked confused she lifted Julia’s nightdress and tightened the waist belt.

“Yuck you’re full of cum.” Lucinda complained, Julia smiled, it might make Lucinda leave her alone.

“How’s that,” Lucinda asked as she tightened the crotch belt firmly.

“Well it does nothing for me to be honest.” Julia admitted.

“Well it isn’t really supposed to is it?” Lucinda suggested, “You’ve had your O but I still need one.”

“Yes Mother in Law, bend over!” Julia and thinking hard about her duty and the regiment and how the strap on rubbed against her clit she plunged the ivory dildo between Lucinda’s pale pink pussy lips.

“Oh that feels so good my dear, thank you!” Lucinda simpered as she galloped towards orgasm once more.

To be continued…

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