Quickie In My Soft White Ass

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I showed up at your office late in the afternoon when nobody else was around to notice me come in. We’ve got to be on the road in 15 minutes to make the lecture we’ll attend this evening. You ask if anyone saw me come into the office and I say “no.” The bulge in your pants looks agonizing to endure unrelieved. Obviously you have been reading my notes over the last few days. You ask if I’d like a quickie and I say “please!”

Lock the door just in case and take me around the corner where nobody could see in the doorwindow even if they looked. Turn off the light so your office appears unoccupied.

In 2 seconds I have removed my shirt and am kicking off my shoes. As you drop your pants I am already kicking off my jeans and underwear and socks. I’m stark naked while your pants are down to your knees, shirt still on. You’ve been thinking about it all week so it won’t take much to ready you for the situation. You were already dripping in your pants waiting for me to arrive. You’re glad there’s no wasting time today.

Bend me over your desk. Run your hands all over my buns, squeeze them and even stick your pinky finger tip in my hole. Take my temperature to see if its hot enough for you yet. büyük meme porno Of course it is.

Open the drawer, take out the sexy heat lube cream you bought for this one. Squirt the heat lube on my pink hole and immediately start playing with it with your throbbing cockhead. Waste no time dripping in the air, prick my butt immediately! Probe me only an inch at first –try not to cum yet, I know you are excited! Probe me just one millimeter deeper with each thrust. Within a minute or two I loosen my fannyhole completely and allow you to push your fully hard prick all the way into me! Enjoy the stretching heat you are pushing into me.

As I start to pump my buns and asshole in rhythm, reach your full bursting hardness and continue to pound my fanny with accellerating full-depth strokes. Go faster and faster as you go all the way in, let me feel the full volume and lengthy ambition of your cock. Waste no time we have to be out of here in 10 minutes! Don’t hold back now, I’ve completely spread and opened for you and your entire dick is now stretching and basting my hole in steamy heat. All your sense are coming together to make you cum quickly. You like the çinli porno smell of your dick in my ass and sweat. You like the way I look with my ass spread open for you and my back muscles trembling with ecstacy of your full thickness and length in my rump! Enjoy the hot softness of my white buttocks absorbing the force of your pelvis. See my whole body move absorbing your thrusts. Push your fingers down into the small of my back, knead my buns with your fingers, grip my shoulders to force me into the deepest penetration you can. Smell my fucked ass and hear it wet-smacked as your pelvis slams my sweaty crack!

As you feel the cum explosion building, grab my short hair in your fingers and pull me tighter around your throbbing squirting cock injecting hot cream deep into my gratefully spread submissive ass. Pump as deep as possible with each squirt, feel the hot cum and my hot anus and the hot lube all squeezing every drop out of you, feel my hot sweaty crack pressed against your pelvis. Cum with abandon! Bask in the creamy snug heat, feel my trembling and satisfied rump. Just stay there a minute. Aahhhhh! Just hold it in me, feel your pulse throbbing through your body değişik porno and into my ass; feel me shaking and sweating and relaxing to experience the thick heat stick resting in deep in my anus. Then, when you soften, pull out of me and pull your pants up.

Help me straighten up, my buttocks are sore and my back is stiff and my cock is dripping hard. Put an old handtowel on your desk for me to sit on. Spread my legs and stroke my cock rapidly in your fingers. Make me quiver so the cum will run out of my ass as you stroke furiously. Look at my creampie butthole bouncing and dripping as you jerk me off with urgent excitement and fascination. My stomach muscles tense and my nuts glow with soft heat in your fingers. Within 60 seconds I will cream all over your hand and whatever else in the rooom is in shooting range, maybe also my thigh and belly if you aim me that way. Maybe your mouth if you like it. My eyes are closed and the cum is spurting as I pant and sweat. Don’t stop until I push your hand off my cock.

Now I’ll take that handtowel and squeeze the rest of my sperm out of my gun, then squat the rest of yours out of my anus. Throw the towel in a fastfood bag and throw it your office trashcan. Put my pants and shirt back on, socks and shoes, and wait quietly while you open your office door and go out to make sure the coast is clear. Come right back with the “all clear” and we’ll walk out together. We walk out to the parking lot and get in your car to ride to the lecture….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32