Quad Fucktoy

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My back is to his chest as I sit on his lap. It’s a weird feeling and I’m not talking about being impaled on his dick. That’s also new but nothing I didn’t anticipate: Some pain from having a ten-inch erection forced up my asshole, excitement and arousal at trying something new, and forbidden, largely underestimated pleasure from massive penetration so close to my genitals.

No, the real weirdness is the amputations. This is my first sex since my electrocution accident. My first time being intimate since my limbs were pruned off like I was overgrown sidewalk shade. So, here I am with a huge cock up my butt, my lover’s fingers in my pussy and it’s hella nice I have to admit, but the stumps feel so fucking weird.

First things first, I still feel the legs. They both end about 6-7 inches from my crotch in fleshy, blunt stumps covered in giant scars but I can FEEL my calves cramp as I extend the knees, and flex the toes that I don’t have. I get dizzy as my eyes chance upon the container with the ashes of most of my real thighs and knees and shapely calves and dainty feet, sitting on a shelf.

So it’s beyond weird that the real life indication of all that intense feeling of muscles and sinews contracting and cramping is only some subtle spasming and jiggling of flesh that happens where my legs were cut away and the remnants refashioned into blob like appendages that have no discernible purpose.

If I’m thrown off by the appearance and feeling of my non legs, I’m still devastated; absolutely, overwhelmingly devastated by the lack of my arms, while being butt fucked vigorously. The feeling of utter helplessness, already so intense when I’m not being fucked up my ass and fingered at the same time, is so amplified that my throat constricts and I occasionally find myself whining like a beaten dog.

By the time they cleaned away all of the dead, burnt flesh, I was left with only a stub under my shoulder on my right side, and a club like, ugly, disgusting thing that ends halfway between my shoulder and arm on my left side.

The stubby protrusion on my right allows me to wear clothing with straps edirne escort but that’s about the extent of its practical application. My left stump… Well I can barely bear looking at it. It’s scarred, sure, but that’s not the real issue. The real issue is that the bone in it ends a full two inches above the fleshy tip. When I move the damn thing around, the flesh sags like a cheap visual effect from a third-rate horror movie. I hate touching things with it. It folds like a limp dick. So, I keep my arm stumps motionless as much as I possibly can even though my brain screams at me to use them, to touch myself, to caress my nipples, to reach out and hold the shaft of my boyfriend’s cock just before it goes into my overextended asshole…

My armlessness is incidentally how I ended up with a fat cock up my ass anyway. I asked to be fucked this way, sitting on his lap with my back to his chest, so that he could play with my breasts as he fucked me. Little did I know how he would use the opportunity.

He slipped in his pre lubricated cock in the ‘wrong hole’. Total accident, mind you, ten-inch boners can miss the mark and accidentally force themselves in a hole way too tight for them. And it’s entirely conceivable that increasingly panicky observations of “Hey! That’s my asshole! Don’t you think it’s too big for that hole! It might be a little too big honey! Innh! Fuck! You forced your thick cock in my asshole!” from a quadruple amputee with desperately flailing stumps might be misconceived in the heat of the moment. Fucking pig. I didn’t exactly say no but I would hate him if I didn’t like it so much.

And the reason I like it so much has to do with the fact that between the total bonkers weirdness and ugliness of permanently truncated limbs and the somewhat predictable weirdness of having a throbbing cock inserted into one’s asshole, I would go for the predictable choice any time. It’s been an interesting exercise so far, with poor old crippled me coasting a fine line between breaking down into wailing sobs at the reality of my new, freakish existence, and feeling defiant and aroused by the elazığ escort resilience of my ability to give and take pleasure.

For now, I’ve been leaning towards the latter. It doesn’t hurt that my boyfriend is a gentle giant. I mean apart from inserting a ten-inch protrusion of his body into a part of my body where it doesn’t belong, but you get the drift. Since then he’s been absolutely stellar. No rough movements, no wannabe porn star type of exaggerated humping. Just a never-ending stream of subtle thrusts, twists and turns, all the while fingering my pussy expertly. Just the way I like it, thumb soft on my clit and two fingers in, looking for my spot.

Anal sex feels sort of like taking a big dump that doesn’t end. I know that I will feel HUGE embarrassment after the fact that I had my butt fucked with a giant dick and I actually enjoyed the feeling of my anus work incessantly to shit it out, but right now I don’t care. Right now, I’m not Claire, 23. Quadruple amputee. Right now, I’m Claire, fucking sex bomb. Right now I’m not a helpless, pitiful cripple with only a trunk for a body. Right now, I’m an attractive woman who is simply great in bed. I don’t want this moment to end. I don’t want to go to that cold after sex place filled with embarrassment, anxiety and regret. I rock on my legless ass impaled on his cock, I give it a twist for the hell of it and I smile when I hear him grunt out my name. I want to extend this, this feeling of being both omnipotent master and totally helpless servant at the same time.

I also want to hear it aloud. I want to hear that I’m still a fucking goddess worthy of worship. I should be having males grovel at my feet – well whatever I have that passes for feet – for the secret, forbidden favours I can bestow on them.

“Do you find me sexy?” I moan out loud, goading him like I did so many times before.

“Ah. Fuck. Yes. You’re the sexiest thing ever, babe.” He says in gasps and grunts, I can tell that he is close now. His cock is throbbing with a pre ejaculation urgency that I know so well. In the tightness of my anus, it feels different… erzincan escort not better as such but I not so bad either.

I smile openly at his response. I may be severely, horrifically disabled but I’m still the queen of my bed. This feels not so different than before. I feel empowered. I feel my confidence restored. I feel almost cocky, certainly emboldened enough to continue asking for more vocal worship.

“Tell me. Tell me why you find me sexy.” I pry, squeezing my legless buttocks around his cock, milking his member for good measure.

For a few moments he can’t make any other noise than hissing and grunting. But then he speaks, “I’m so fucking glad that they cut off your arms and legs. You’re even sexier as a crippled fuck toy!” his voice now a growl.

It hits me like a ton of bricks. My vision darkens, I’m seeing yellow spots. So that’s what I am. A cripple. A fuck toy. Something with holes that he can stick his dick into at his pleasure. I’m shocked.

Shocked at the lack of hurt and rage I should be feeling. Shocked by the electric buzz that runs from the roots of my hair to the tips of my metaphorical toes. I’m reminded of the actual current that ran through me not so long ago, burning away my flesh, making me into this new form. My true form. A fuck toy. I feel goosebumps.

“Fuck me! Fuck your helpless, crippled fuck toy up the ass!” I whisper, my throat dry.

His fingers hit the spot almost the exact moment I feel his now painfully throbbing cock shoot its load deep up my ass. I’m wracked by spasms as wave after wave hits. I hear someone screaming incoherently before I realize it’s me. I ride the waves, trying to make it last before it ends, before my confidence comes crashing down around me.

But it never comes. The orgasm is great. It’s probably the best ever I had. Then I feel his strong arms around me, hands cupping the ends of what used to be my arms. He turns sideways, with my limbless body wrapped up in his arms, my anus finally managing to rid itself of his now soft cock. He spoons me like he never did before.

The anticipated hurt never comes. He feels as he does. My disability, my amputations, my helplessness turn him on. Wrapped up and held tightly to his chest, my bare bottom feeing chilly, I just feel loved like I never did before I drift to away to the bliss of semi comfortable post orgasm sleep.

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