Posh James. First Virgin Guy

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Big Tits

I guess James was one of the most well educated guys I have been with.

We met through the gay chat rooms – our conversation was slow at first but gradually it started to become more interesting. I realised that at last here was a guy that didn’t just want to share things online or on-cam and say that he would like to meet you and then, when it came to the crunch didn’t turn up and you are left frustrated and lost. All those promises and things talked about online and how it would be making me really revved up came to sweet fanny Adams and all I was left with was a big frustrating heard on which I had to satisfy with a good stiff wank.

But James kept to his word and there he was, in the pre-arranged place in a local Morrison’s car park. He’d told me the number plate to look out for and there he was, looking very approachable and just like the image on screen, not one of those guys who pretends to be someone else and when you realise he’s not you are in for a great big shock which is an immediate turn off.

But somehow James seemed genuine from the start, he was open and honest about his disability from the onset, and I guessed he would not have mentioned that otherwise than he was a genuine looking for fun guy.

As soon as he saw me heading towards his four wheel drive with shaded rear windows he gave me that wonderful warming smile, a smile which said he wanted a relationship like we had spoken about online and how it would make all the difference to him, to just come out with someone so to speak and declare his true sexuality.

Having gone through that stage myself I quite understood and soon I was there in the passenger seat beside this guy who was just about ten years my elder but I felt we were immediately compatible and realised with great relief that I could go for this guy big time and I would have absolutely no hesitation about sharing sex with him.

“Have you been with a guy before, Pete? He asked looking a little pensive, “I never asked you before – mot that it makes any difference, but I would just like to know.”

I said I had a five year relationship with a guy called Danny which ended about a year ago when he emigrated kıbrıs escort to Australia and since then I have been ‘guy-less.’

James smiled and looked happy with that, Although I could see he wanted to ask more questions so I spurred him on; ” just ask me, James – if our relationship it going to work, which I hope it does because I already have a feel for you, you need to want to feel happy about me before we start anything huh?” He sat there for a bit, then he gulped, looked at me straight in the eyes which I liked and asked if Danny used to penetrate me or the other way around.

From there I thought the best way was to be entirely honest and pout James in the picture, so that if he felt we were not compatible after all fair enough, we could end it there and then! “It was Danny who always fucked me from the start and it grew that I could not do without his fortnightly visit.”

James looked relieved and I soon realised that he wanted to take the male place; his face went pink when I used the word fuck instead of penetration, and I teased him that he was a posh sod.

“I agree” he said, it sounds so much sensual when you use the fuck word.

He was a shy guy I could see that, he told me the problem was he lived with his aging mother and would not like for her to find out he was gay and anyway it would be difficult for us to do it in his house. I told him no problem because I had the perfect solution, we’d use a place I rented out for holidaymakers which I could fit in quite well.

“That sounds perfect, Pete I am so happy to have met you.”

“Do you do a lot of jogging, James?” I enquired seeing that he was wearing jogging gear.

He blushed again, I liked that about him, it gave me a great thrill that he was as a virgin and hadn’t been with a guy before.

“I just thought it would be easier, Pete” he said looking me straight in the eyes.

“Easier for what?” I teased knowing full well what he meant.

He stuttered and looked awkward, then was my opportunity to go further and without a further word I simply squeezed him through his joggers. He laid back his head, closed his eyes as I rummaged around konya escort his lower quarters.

He suggested we move to the back, no one could see us there and he’d put a screen over the windscreen to keep the hot sun out. He’d thought of everything, anticipated what would happen, even down to his joggers, and I loved the elegant way about him and the way he spoke with that posh Oxford accent, the fuck word will never be the same after hearing him say it.

When we moved snugly into the back seat he whispered he was so glad we’d met and stroking a very ample hard-on through his joggers he urged me to undo the tie on his joggers which I did and gradually lowered them down to his knees.

“I made sure I washed well” he said as I started to lower his boxer shorts. “I wasn’t going to wear anything underneath because I thought it would be easier that way.”

I consoled him, Saying that for me that was all part of the thrill, to massage him through his boxers then gradually pulling them down to his knees to reveal that splendid appendage.

“Hark at me” I said laughing, “I am speaking posh like you now!”

He replied that he didn’t mind calling it cock just as long as I didn’t and I said he smelt sweet and I observed the scent of Dove soap, and then he told me he always uses that.

“Perhaps then soon we can shower together and we can use it on each other, James? “But I knew no matter how much he’d washed himself there that after I’d worked on him, after I’d stretched back that uncircumcised cock the exclusive scent of cock would be rampant.

And he was well formed alright and I felt no qualms about the thought of having him deep up inside my ass. For one thing I was crying out for it and the other I felt I just could not continue without a real regular fucking from a guy like James.

“I have dreamed about fucking bums” he gasped gradually becoming easier as I started to suck him. Roiling his balls gently in my hand as I took time to sample the taste of cock I had missed so much since Danny

“That is so divine” he said stroking my head with his hand as I started to deep suck that cock and get the ambiance of his feel, kuşadası escort gently licking it then and his balls too, it was coming quite naturally like how it was with Danny and I enjoyed it so very much, I love cock sucking particularly and it always makes me feel randy and ready for a good deep fucking.

It was almost like he was reading my mind as he puffed and panted, him asking if I would like fore him to do the same.”

Of course and much more I suggested hoping he would take the bait.

He did, I was soon minus jeans and naked and it was really lovely to be touched and explored again by someone who had never done that with another guy before.

It was fun watching him too, seeing his expression as he first took me in his mouth with a resounding gulp and started sucking away squeezing my balls just as I had done to him.

I took his free hand, grasped it and guided it to the cheeks of my ass, indicating what I would like him to do, teasing my hole around and around. “That way will prepare him right for your fuck” I said and he became so fiery it was a pleasure.

“I so want that, Pete – if only you knew the nights I have fantasised about being with you, ever since we first chatted online.

“Well now it is for real, and you are for real so let’s do it huh?”

I was as eager as was he just to feel that first time fuck from James. His cock was high and I could see it throbbing, that little bend in the middle that looked so appealing, I took it in my mouth just once more before we fucked to get a last taste of his nectar, then he was massaging it, working it inside me as I put myself into an assessable position, leaning across the back seat, one knee on it and the other stretched out waiting to feel the fuck.

It was on at last. All the talk online, all the frustration about those who did not keep a promise and the feel of a guy who really wanted it, his fuck wonderful and soothing as he easily slipped its seven inch length and I don’t know what girth into me like there was no tomorrow.

He fucked me hard and rough, I liked it that way and told him so, he fucked me some more and I felt the stretch each time he pushed it into me deeper and deeper, I had the old feeling I’d had with Danny just to be all ass for this gut to fuck, to suck, to do whatever he wanted and there was no problem with that as I was soon to discover when we next met in my flat/

Watch this space huh?

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