Out of the Shadows

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Author’s Disclaimers: This story could fit into several different categories. Lesbian. Incest. Interracial. By the time I finish, I will decide which one. All characters reside in my mind, only, and if they partake in any sexual stuff, they are at least 18 years of age.

My name is Danielle Spring. At least, for now it is. As I pass my 17th birthday, I am sitting in an undisclosed location watching the funeral of my parents, my lifelong nanny and me.

I guess a little explanation is needed. I was born Grace Cohen, 17 years ago, when this story starts. My parents were extremely wealthy, doing I don’t know what. Whatever my father did, he made tons of money. But, as The Beatles sang, ‘Money Can’t Buy Me Love.’ Don’t I know it.

If I saw my parents two months out of any year, it was a lot. I was raised by my nanny, Connie Williams. If anybody reading this thinks that was her given name, I’m Cleopatra. In fact, Connie is now and had always been my very best friend. My confidant. The only adult to teach me about life. And now, sitting next to me watching our funerals, the only adult left in this world I truly believed I could trust.

How do I know Connie Williams wasn’t the name on her birth certificate? Even Stevie Wonder could see she is Hispanic! She is about 14 or 15 years older than I am, and truly beautiful.

I need to add a little back story, here. Even though my parents lived in a palatial estate in South Florida, I should be entering my last year of high school, somewhere. I’ve been attending a very exclusive school near Boston, for my entire schooling. This, while living in a posh apartment near this school, with Connie. The people from the United States Marshal Service haven’t yet told us where we will be relocated to.

Why relocation? It seems as if some of my fathers business associates took umbrage with the way he paid them, and how much. Also, they weren’t terribly thrilled to learn he had given the DEA some names of people who weren’t very nice. I guess dear old dad wanted less competition, the safety of his family be damned.

Luckily, Connie and I were safely hidden when some very unsavory men crept into the family estate, spewing bullets like it was open season on snitches. The DEA knew I was still in Boston, with Connie, and supplied the local police with two extra corpses to be found along side of my bullet ridden parents.

After “our” funerals, we asked the Feds where we were going. All we got was, to be determined. After about a week, we were told Greater Seattle would be our destination. I would be enrolled in a very good, private school for my Senior year, and would be living in a modest, 3 bedroom house nearby.

Since I never spent much time with my parents, Connie was the only family I really knew. She was the only one to guide me through puberty. The only one who taught me what most boys wanted from me. And she alone, taught me, that my body was beautiful. This, while standing 5’5″ and weighing around 165, had me thinking she was out of her fucking mind. Did I ever tell her this? No, but I did suggest glasses a time or two.

I was well aware of the fact that if a boy wanted to date me, it was to see if my DD cup bra was really me, or stuffing. It was me. My constant upper back aches proved it.

I had a few dates, but each time I felt his hand on my breast, I remembered Connie’s words of caution. I didn’t have many second dates. I liked some of the kissing, but the groping hands usually brought our night to a screeching halt.

Getting settled in our new surroundings, I started my senior year of high school, with my new identity. Danielle Spring. With our house only a few blocks from school, I found something I never had done. Exercise. Yes, I walked too and from school, weather permitting. With the Feds knowledge, I used some of the money my dad had secretly left me to buy a car. Nothing fancy, but practical. With the area having hills, and snow, I bought a nice usefull SUV, capable of going in the snow.

With my daily walks, along with better eating habits, I soon started dropping some weight. Surprise, surprise, my self esteem improved with each pound I lost.

I did go on some dates, but with my waistline shrinking, my bust line increased. I did find one boy, who was nice enough, to finally relieve me of my virginity, but his family up and moved away. Even though he was a sweet young man, his cock pounding in and out of my young pussy never led to an orgasm for me. Yes, he got his rocks off, but I never did.

I did find the thrill of self pleasuring, though, and received some valuable lessons from Connie. After all, I knew she never dated, but was always smiling. When I asked after I went through puberty, she admitted to the practice of self pleasuring. After my short fling, she showed me a small collection of toys, and gave me lessons on how to use them. Even with this close contact, and sexual talk, we never did anything more that a friendly kiss, or two. Not that I would have minded more, but I never pursued it.

As high school was coming kırşehir escort to an end, I was receiving acceptance to several colleges, both local and out of state. Even though the Feds told me out of state could be arranged, both Connie and I loved the Pacific Northwest. With me being a 4.0 student, getting in anywhere I wanted was a given. I gave serious thought to Stanford, but decided on the University of Washington. With a campus nearby, and not having to commute across Lake Washington to the main campus, U W, Bothell campus was it.

Now, all I had to do was decide on a major. One night, as I finished signing up for my first classes, taking my required subjects for any major, I had something I had to get out in the open.

I had taken one of those DNA tests, and the results showed that my father was, indeed my biological father. My mother, on the other hand was not. With the results showing 50% Eastern European Jewish, and 50% Latin American, I had to finally have a discussion with Connie.

“Anything you want to talk about?” I asked.

Taking my hands in hers, I noticed a tear in her eye. She just shook her head. saying how much I had changed over this past year.

“Connie, you know how much I love and respect you, don’t you?”

A slight nod.

“I want you to know, I took a DNA test, and got to results back.”

“Oh, my dear Gracie, can you ever forgive me?” she said, through her tears.

“You are my mother, aren’t you?”

Nodding, she slowly told me how she was one of my parents maids, from Mexico, and became pregnant by my father just after turning 14. It seemed as if my mother never wanted children, so she didn’t mind it if one just happened to be born.

“They both agreed that if you looked more like your daddy, they would say it was theirs.”

By then, both of us were sobbing, and hugging each other.

After a while, when we both were a bit more calm, I just smiled and told her, I always had some suspicion, due to the fact that even though she was ‘childless’ her boobs showed some signs of child birth. A bit of sag, even though she was still only 33. It was something in the back of my mind, for the past few years.

Taking her gorgeous face in my hands, I just very gently kissed her forehead. Then each eyelid. Then, once, very softly on her lips. We were both shaking, as she did the same to me. Both eyelids. My forehead. Then, very softly on my lips.

“You know we can’t do this, my dear Gracie.”

I nodded, and just hugged my mother, for the first true time.

“You do have to remember to call me Danielle, don’t you?” I said with a mile wide grin.

Dinner was very quiet, with both of us deep in thought. We did quit a bit of smiling, and just touching hands.

“Please tell me your name.”

“Conchita Lopez, so Connie always fit right in.”

As my classes started, our discovery of my true parentage wasn’t really discussed, but when we were alone, I did start calling her mother, or mom, but never mommy, because at 19 years of age that just didn’t seem right.

Even though I was majoring in Political Science, I had every intention of going to law school. I was doing well in all my classes, and after some discussions with mom, decided to try dating.

There was a very nice young man in one of my classes who had been asking me for a date, several times, and since he seemed like a nice guy, I finally said yes.

Barry Cramer was his name, a year ahead of me, and sort of quiet. He took me to a nice family restaurant, and we seemed to be having a nice enough time. After dinner, while waiting for dessert, I just had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it started feeling wrong.

As we were walking to his car, he turned to me, while opening my door, and said sort of offhandedly, next stop my apartment. Stopping in my tracks, I told him I was going home and he could go to his apartment by himself.

As he moved closer to me, telling me we were going to his apartment, I reached into my purse and hit him with about 25,000 volts from the stun gun the U S Marshals had given me, along with instructions on how to use it.

I quickly called the Police, and my mother, who literally flew down to where I was, to make sure I was OK.

After filling out a preliminary report, Barry was hauled off to the local jail, and we went home, assured this asshole had nothing to do with our witness protection.

Sitting in our living room, with my mother asking again and again if I was all right.

Finally, I pulled her to the couch next to me and held her head to my shoulder. Looking into each others eyes, I took her face in my hands and softly kissed her very sensual mouth. Without saying a word, I repeated that action, again and again.

“Oh, Gracie, are you sure you want to do this?”

“More than I have ever been sure in my life.”

I placed my hands on the bottom of her loose fitting tee shirt and lifted it over her head. Taking one B kocaeli escort cup in my hand and gently massaging her nipple, I leaned over nipping at her other nipple.

“Oh, God, Gracie please don’t. Don’t stop.”

Getting up from the couch, with me holding her in my arms, we started moving towards my bedroom.

“Are you positive, this is what you want, my dear?”

Just nodding while taking my night clothes off, we moved to my bed, just kissing, lightly and rubbing each others boobs.

“Can we stop and just cuddle?” she asked me.

I placed my hands on her shoulders moving her into the crook of my arm. To be truthful, I had wanted to do this ever since I learned was making love was all about. Finding out she was my birth mother didn’t stop my desires.

It didn’t take long for both of us to fall fast asleep. It must have been 3 or 4 in the morning, when I felt mom right behind me, with one arm around my shoulder. Her hand was lightly cupping one breast, making my nipple stand up and take notice. As she started this, her other hand slid down my back touching my behind. Up and down my butt crack, sending chills all throughout my body. Not a word was spoken, as she rolled me onto my back, kissing both nipples, and sliding a finger up and down my very wet pussy lips. When she touched my clit, I moaned as never before.

Moving right on top of me, she kissed me, sending shockwaves through my entire body. When I pushed my tongue into her mouth, she was very receptive. As she started grinding her very hairy pussy into mine, we were both moaning loud enough, I was glad our neighbors were a ways from us.

After a few minutes of serious kissing, she started down my body. Paying very close attention to my rock hard nipples. Lower. Licking my belly button. Opening my legs even wider, licking very slowly up and down my sopping wet slit. Back up to my clit, causing even louder moans. Adding one finger into my cauldron, boiling with heat. A second finger, as her tongue had me on the verge of exploding.

WOW! My first real orgasm. My body might have shuddered for a good five minutes. It didn’t hurt that mom’s two fingers continued slowly in and out of my quivering cunt.

Oh my God, mom, is all I could say, before her lips were kissing me, again and again.

After a little cleanup, we just laid in each others arms, staring into each others eyes.

“I love you, Gracie.”

“I love you, too, mommy.”

Yes, I know I wouldn’t call her that, but it just slipped out.

When we both woke up, we still just stared in silence.

“Are you sorry about anything we did, last night?” I asked.

“Not a chance.”

We got out of bed, did our bathroom thing, then headed for the kitchen for breakfast, wearing just panties and huge smiles.

As mom was making us ‘huevos rancheros’ I moved behind her, taking her smallish breasts in both of my hands. Her nipples sprang to full attention, as one of my hands slipped down the front of her panties. I found her already wet pussy and proceeded to urge her clit out of hiding.

“Jesus, Gracie, you are going to make me burn the eggs.”

I just turned her around, lowered her panties and began licking her puffy pussy lips, as my thumb rubbed her clit. Luckily, she turned the burner under the eggs off, as I turned up the heat between her thighs.

It took just a few minutes before my face was drenched, and mom was holding onto my shoulders, for dear life.

“Fuck me, that was good,” she breathed.

“Oh, yes, we have to do that more often.”

We did actually eat breakfast that morning, before falling back in bed and fucking for the rest of the morning. We took a break for lunch, then back to bed.

We must have brought each other to a dozen orgasms, each. After eating and fingering each other, multiple times, mom brought out some toys. My God, one of them looked like a real penis. Yes, it was a strap on, and yes, we used it on each other. Taking turns fucking each other took us to near dinner time.

We did take breaks, as all this fucking was tiring. Oh, yes, we did have to clean up, too, showering, together.

As we returned to bed, after a shower, mom, laying in my arms, whispered to me, “can I use a smaller dildo in your ass?”

“Really?” I asked.

Just nodding, she got out a slender 6 inch, life like cock, with some lube, and rolled me onto my side. I felt her very gentle finger around my very virgin behind. Then, with a little lube, one finger pressed inside.

“Easy, mommy, easy!”

A second lubed finger.

I shuddered, both in excitement and worry. Would this cock hurt? Could I truly enjoy this?

“Relax, Gracie, I’ll be as gentle as can be.”

As the lubed tip of her dildo entered my behind, I was so close to cumming, I pushed back, allowing it total access. Fuck me, that felt good.

With her hips moving in and out, and a hand gently rubbing my clit, I was cumming again, and again.

Breaking for dinner, we just sat talking konya escort during our meal.

“Gracie, you know there will come a time when you will meet someone you will want to start a family with, don’t you?”

I just nodded, knowing she was right. I felt a tear forming in each eye. I put my head on her shoulder, just for some consolation. I knew she would remain my mother, for ever, and this attraction we had just wouldn’t go away, any time soon.

After dinner, I did get some homework done, as I still was a college student, first and foremost.

My classes were flying by, with me on track to graduate in three years. At the start of my third year, I applied to law school, as the U of W had a top notch school of law.

One afternoon, I returned home from school and found my mother sitting outside, just starring off in the blue.

“Penny for your thoughts, mom?”

“Sit down, please.”

I took both her hands, looked her in the eye, and quietly said, “have you found somebody?”

Nodding, she told me the volunteering she had been doing at the local grade school, gave her a chance to socialize with a single father of two little kids. “He’s a year or two older than me, and his little girls are in the 4th and 2nd grades. We have just talked, in the morning when he drops them off, and when he picks them up. Since he works out of his house, he is there every day.”

“Mother, you have talked with me about this happening to me, so you had to know it could happen to you, too, right?”

“You are young and beautiful, and deserve some happiness.”

Mom just laid her head on my shoulder, saying he finally asked her for a date, if he could find a babysitter.

“I’ll be a sitter for his kids!”

We just looked at each other, grinning like a couple of lovesick teens.

“I’ll call him, right now.”

After a few minutes, out of earshot, mom came back with a grin that lit up the entire neighborhood.

“How about day after tomorrow?”

“Fine with me!”

Wow, mom is going on a date, and I get to watch two little girls. I guess this will let me know if I’m capable of being a mother, or not.

“Wait, mom, what is this man’s name?”

“Hector Garcia, and he is from Honduras.”

As soon as she said Honduras, we both started laughing. It seems as if we both remembered my dad’s favorite expression. Tsouris in Honduras. Tsouris being the Yiddish word for trouble, and rhyming with Honduras.

For the entire next two days, mom had this smile I don’t think I could ever remember her having.

Friday came, with me driving us to Hector’s house, and me meeting his daughters. Isabella, 9 years old, and Maria, 7. They were both adorable, and gave me the biggest smiles and told me they wanted me to help them with new doll clothing they had just received. I honestly could never remember ever playing with dolls, in my entire life.

Putting both girls to bed, after both of them giving me the nicest hugs, I just sat with one of my school books, doing some required reading.

About 1 in the morning, Hector returned, after dropping mom at our house. Before I left, he took both my hands in his and told me he wanted to continue dating my mom, but wanted my approval.

Wow, the daughter giving her mother’s boyfriend her permission to date. What a change that is.

“Hector, mom has needed this sort of attention for years, so yes, but know if you hurt her in any way, I’ll cut your ‘cajones’ off!”

After both if us having a quick laugh, he swore to me he’d never harm her in any way.

I let him know how much fun I had with his girls, playing with their dolls. A quick hug and I was off.

Entering our house, I found mom sitting in our living room, with this smile that just told me she had a wonderful time.

“You like him, a lot, don’t you.”

A nod to say yes, with a huge smile.

“He likes you, too, I could see it in his eyes.”

Sitting on my lap, with her head on my shoulder, she told me they had slept together, that’s why he was so late.

“Mom, I am so thrilled for you, finding a man.” “Wait, did he use protection?”

“Oh, my God, who is the mother and who is the daughter?”

“Yes, Gracie, we used protection.”

“Do you think there will be more dates?”

Nodding, she told me he wanted both of us to come for Sunday dinner.

We agreed, but also agreed that we weren’t going to tell him the entire story, just yet. And never the Witness Protection part of our story.

Sunday dinner was an unbridled success. Mom already knew his daughters, and they loved playing with ‘big sister’.

After dinner, mom quietly asked if I minded if she stayed overnight, letting Hector bring her to school with his daughters.

“Mom, you never have to ask my permission to be happy, just remember, protection!”

Hugging, she whispered in my ear, the worst thing that could happen is a little brother or sister for you.

I just took her face in mine and told her if that is what she wanted, I would be overjoyed at that prospect.

As my graduation approached, and my acceptance into Law School arrived, mom and Hector started making wedding plans.

My second week of law school I came home finding all of the Garcia family in my living room. One look at mom and I knew she was pregnant.

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