Our First Pee Play Session

Nisan 15, 2024 Yazar admin 0

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I realize you aren’t really ready for this. But today it’s about me, and what I want. I hope you’ll be able to see how much you’re turning me on, and maybe get some enjoyment out of that.

You look a little scared, certainly vulnerable, laying on your back in the empty bathtub, completely naked. For once, I feel like the tall one. I tower over you as I climb in and position my feet on either side of your stomach.

I use both hands to pull my lips apart, and you get one brief glimpse inside before the pee comes. It’s a very small weak stream, barely more than a trickle. I watch it fall silently before splashing against your tummy, just above your belly button. Drops spatter up onto your chest and out onto my ankles.

I’m sure you’re probably repulsed by this. But seeing the liquid from my body cascading off the smooth pale skin of my lover is one of the most beautiful and erotic things I’ve ever seen.

I drank plenty of water in preparation for this. My pee has no smell to it, and only a hint of gold in the mostly clear stream.

After a few seconds, I squeeze my muscles and shut off the flow. It’s only then that I look up at your face. You aren’t looking at the small puddle on your stomach, you’re looking right at me. Staring into my eyes, into my soul. This isn’t about the pee to you, it’s about us.

“Are you doing okay?” yalova escort I ask.

“Mmm-hmm.” You nod. You’re not as feisty or enthusiastic as I’ve seen you be for other activities, but it also looks like you aren’t going to back down.

This time when I start to pee again, I bend me knees slightly, my hands still spreading my pussy apart. Once the trickle begins, I slowly push in and pull back with my fingers while I steadily increase the force of my stream. As a result, the point of contact for my pee moves up your body. First between your awesome breasts. Splashing up onto them. Then your sensitive neck. And once I scoot my feet up a little, finally onto your face.

Your eyes snap shut when it hits your face. It seems like it’s getting everywhere. Up your nose, in your hair.

It’s exciting me more than I ever thought it would. I revel in the feeling of power and control. I’m almost certain you are hating this, but even so, you’re participating willingly. Anytime you obey me is a little thrill, but this is a pure act of submission on your part. You would never be doing this in a million years if it wasn’t for me. And that is fucking hot.

By the time my bladder empties, I’m almost shaking with excitement and desire. There’s still a small dribble coming out as I straddle your face and press myself against you.

Your zonguldak escort eyes are still closed, but you open your mouth readily and attack my clit with your tongue. I’m sure you’re getting a mouthful of my pee, but you don’t seem hesitant at all. If the taste or the idea of what’s happening bothers you, you don’t show it.

My first orgasm comes hard and fast. I have to grab the edge of the tub to steady myself while the blood rushes from my head.

Instead of giving me a break, you go harder. Your hands clench my ass cheeks and pull me down to you, while your tongue continues its relentless assault on my clit.

The next time I come, I squeeze my thighs together tightly around your face as I scream in ecstasy.

We’re both out of breath when you stop and I climb off of you. Now it’s your turn.

“Stand up,” I command. You obey immediately.

I kneel in front of you and bring my face right up to your pussy. You’re soaking wet from your own juices. I have a strong suspicion it’s in spite of the pee, not because of it, but either way, I’m happy you’re turned on.

“I want you to pee while I’m eating you.”

Then I’m going at it before you have a chance to reply. It’s more difficult to get to your clit while you’re standing up than it is when you’re laying down. I really have to extend my zonguldak escort tongue to go at it. As I get into it, your knees buckle a little, but you remain standing.

It takes awhile for you to start peeing. I don’t know if you are just nervous, or having second thoughts. I’m about ready to stop and ask you, when the first drops of warm salty liquid touches my lips.

There are certain tastes that go well together in life. Butter and maple syrup. Cinnamon and sugar. Peanut butter and jelly. I would definitely add pee and pussy to the list.

I absolutely savor the taste as your pee flows across my tongue and over my bottom lip to drip off my chin. I scoop my tongue down your slit to gather more of your juices, then I continue to dance with your hard little clit.

Your hands grab the hair on the back of my head roughly, pulling me into you as you have your first ever orgasm while peeing.

When your pee stops, I stop. I pull away abruptly, despite your best efforts to stop me.

“Please don’t stop!” you plead. Oh God, I love it when you beg.

I pull the shower curtain closed and turn on the water.

“You’ve done such a great job, Nae. But I know you probably feel gross. I’ll let you clean off, before I finish you off.”

One steamy soapy makeout session later, and we’re on the bed, our skin soft and clean against the big fluffy towels underneath us.

I take my time making you come. Teasing and taunting. Bringing you to the edge, but never quite there. Listening to you beg me for an orgasm. When I finally give in, you decide the buildup was completely worth it.

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