One Bath Changed My World

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My name is Johnny, by no way do I consider myself a writer in any way. This is a story that I can finally speak about, here is a how One Bath Changed My World.


I grew up in upstate New York in a great old city I rather not name here. When I was in my senior year of high school 1984, I started to seriously think about what I wanted to do with my life. My mom was a RN (registered nurse) in a county retirement home, and my dad was a city firemen. The city was awesome growing up in those days, there were very close knit neighborhoods where I lived and I had lots of close friends and even more girlfriends.

I always had sex on my mind, old women, middle age women and of course girls my own age. By this time in my life I was overly satisfied as of how many girls and mothers I had sex with. I was very handsome I stood 510 185lbs very healthy athletic body brown hair and deep brown eyes and told I had an ass to die for!

It was always very easy getting laid, I hate to brag but it was true. Now that I am a grown man in my late 40’s I now understand how lucky I was then. It was never any work involved back then getting pussy, now I have to work at it!

Well back to the story, I wanted to have a job that I could live easy and party. I loved smoking weed, I realized early in life that alcohol was not good for me. by the way of alcoholism, my dad was a terrible alcoholic, 100% Irish and mom wasn’t selfish with her cocktails either, 100% Italian. Like all teenagers I started partying with beer and loved the buzz but really hated the terrible hangovers.

I was drinking by the age of 12 and smoking weed for good by 14. When I was drunk I realized right away I was out of control, weed kept me balanced and functional. So when I decided what I wanted to do, I realized I wanted the life of my mom’s sister. Aunt Denise was a RN too but her schedule was what I liked. She worked like 4 days a week and made great money.

So here it is 1989 and I am in the start of my third year as a RN in a county run retirement home. My life is great, no plans on marrying yet although I do want to have a wife and children. I’m living like a king, I have a great apartment with every new gimmick out there. Having parties every weekend and fucking different girls every week. My life was perfect!

Then it was bath time! How one bath changed my life!

I liked to work the 4 to 12 shift, really it was 3:30pm to 11:30pm which were great hours for a young hard partying life. I could always work overtime when I needed it. The midnight shift from 12am to 8am was by far the easiest shift. At those times the residents would all be sleeping.

So after a couple years there and getting the job down to where I was very comfortable and confident in my work that when I did work OT (overtime). I would take a break at about 4 or 4:30 and walk the grounds and smoke a joint.

So it is Thursday morning September 8th at 4:35 am and everything is quiet and everyone is sleeping. On the midnight shift, there are usually two RN per floor. My partner this shift is a married mom that is looking to leave early so she can be home for her daughters first day of school. So I tell Trisha I’m gonna go and smoke a cigarette and when I get back she can leave.

So I am walking the grounds smoking a big fat joint and it is killer weed. I usually only take two hits on any normal night while working but tonight I will be alone on my floor and nothing to do until the residents wake up, by that time I will not be so stoned. Normally the residents won’t need caring unless one has a accident while sleeping. When that happens I will just call housekeeping for clean linens for the bed to made up. Very rarely we’re called on for assistance for a bath. Well before I knew it I was gone 35 minutes and I smoked the whole joint. I was baked and now getting horny as hell, I figured I’d only have two hours to go.

When I relieved Trisha and was getting the morning meds ready Mr.Thomas hit his light for assistance and I went and checked on him. Mr. Thomas is a very nice older gentlemen from down south somewhere. He has problems with his eyes glaucoma, most times he is blind and wears these big framed black dark glasses over his prescriptions. I always wonder about his site because I watched his head move while checking out Trisha and other nurses sometimes.

He is a very big, dark skinned man that stands about 6 foot 4 and weighs maybe 240lbs, at his age of 66 he is still very healthy body wise even muscular still with a grandfathers belly.

When I get to his room he is standing in his pajamas asking if I could draw him a bath cause his eye sight isn’t good today. So I tell Mr. Thomas that I will start the water when I get back in less than 5 minutes and to wait for me before he moves. I go and check and the residents all came and taken their morning meds. I tell seven residents on my floor that I will be assisting Mr. Thomas, if they need anything they can just hit their istanbul escort light I will come check on them.

This county nursing home had emergency lights from the rooms on a portable pager we nurses would carry. So here I am stoned out of my mind and thinking about nothing other than this older married neighbor I’ve been fucking almost every morning for the past year, a big Italian women with huge tits and a very hairy pussy. She was my first experience making a women squirt! She loved getting fucked in her ass, “my husband was not strong enough” is what she would say in her sexy Italian accent, now older I understand she meant, husbands not hard enough to fuck her ass!

So here I am running the water for Mr. Thomas and thinking about Francesca wet pussy and maybe having her squirt in my mouth today, I always love eating her pussy cause it taste so good, and she would go just plain crazy when I ate her pussy or licked her asshole.

I always wondered when she squirts, is that piss or cum. Let just say I was extremely horny. I have never, ever, never thought about men or cock in any sexual way! I was strictly into girls. I admit their where some trannies that I thought could fool me in a heartbeat, Jasmine Lee for one. So I got down on my knees to make sure the water was not to hot and to turn off the faucet. As I turned to see where Mr. Thomas was, my face was smacked by this big heavy feeling piece of meat.

“Holy Fuck Mr. Thomas, what ya doing?” Mr. Thomas jumped back more startled then me. He apologized immensely and I think his face turned red. He kept saying over and over “holy shit I couldn’t see you!” while he was standing there two feet from my face. I couldn’t take my eyes off of that cock! Not even hard, he was huge and a had veins so thick running through his cock that it really looked fake. But that first impression of that big cock smacking my face reminded me of how real that cock was! I will never forget the weight of his cock when it first touch me!

I was literally moving closer to see it better, I could not take my eyes off it. I would look up at him to see his face and then wonder if he can see what I was trying to do. When he stood still looking out forward I figured I was okay to move a little closer. I was really trying hard not to look at it but I couldn’t. I got so close to that big cock I could feel the heat coming off of it. And that is the truth!

Again I kept looking up to see if he was looking down at me and he was still just staring up and straight ahead, there is no way from that angle that he can see me. So here I am, a 23yr white kid, horny and stoned, on my knees inches away from the biggest cock I had ever seen and it was black as coal!

I started to think about what he must do to pussy with that monster cock, I even wondered how much Mr. Thomas would make Francesca squirt. I started to get over heated, nothing like I ever felt. I was literally sweating and could fell my cock get so hard that I told myself, “stop this and get off your knees, really stop looking at that cock, get off your knees!” I was confused.

Then just as I turned to grab something to help me get up, my legs where weak, I looked over and seen his closet door open. It has a mirror hanging from inside the door, a very long full body mirror. In that mirror was me, kneeling right in front of Mr. Thomas big black cock. What I seen was a very submissive looking young white boy on his knees waiting for that big black cock. Oh my god, I was flushed with so many different emotions that I have never felt before in my life.

I really felt dizzy I was sweating and breathing like I was running a marathon. Just before I stood I looked over at that mirror again. This time my mouth started watering so much I thought I might puke, you know before we vomit, saliva gets thick, well that was when my body was able to stand. I got to my feet, very shaky and stuttered “aaaa Mr. Thomas will you need anything else?” Relieved when all he did was shake his head no. I left quickly.

That morning when I got to Francesca house I was done before I entered her. I came when she grabbed my cock. No blowjob, no fucking, no ass not even any squirting. I was happy and relieved liked I fucked three girls. Poor Francesca, she got no relief that morning. When I got home I smoked another joint and slept 12 straight hours. When I woke up I realized that I had dreamt about a big black cock. I even had a wet dream, something I have not done since I was eight. I was relieved that I couldn’t really remember the dream as it was fuzzy in my head and memory.

So the next couple days I was off and still wondering why I felt the way I did when I see that cock. I know I’m not gay or not even close to bi, but here I was still thinking about Mr. Thomas big black cock.

Every time for the next week whenever I smoked a joint as usual I would get horny, but now was different, instead of thinking of pussy I was thinking more about huge escort bayan black cock. But I always ended up coming back to Mr. Thomas big cock. I figured “okay I’m not gay or Bi it’s just a fantasy that I’m having, not real feelings.” So the next month was back to normal for me. Getting pussy, getting stoned, and even work was comfortable again. I have to admit it took a couple of times of seeing Mr. Thomas for me to be comfortable enough around him and not think about his big monster cock.

One night I was home alone smoking a big fat joint and started to think about that huge cock again. I kept blocking him and that cock out of my mind and kept thinking about all the different nurses, mothers, even friends’ sisters I’ve fucked.

I was now to the point where I had to jerkoff, very rarely did I need to jerk off. Back in those days, to jerk off you really needed a good imagination because there was no internet with tons of free porn. You had porn magazines or if you were lucky you had VHS/VCR porn tapes. I always felt ashamed going into a store to buy porn, so I trained myself to create a great imagination.

So I was pulling on my big 8 inch cock, and thinking about every girl, mother and sister I fucked but it wasn’t working. What really kept working though, was that big black beautiful cock. I was really trying hard not to let that cock back into my memory bank but like that bath I was weak.

I was jerking harder than I ever did, I was fighting a losing fight and my balls were getting blue, so I knew if I didn’t cum now and get relief I would be in trouble.

My imagination went into overdrive, I was right back there on my knees in front of Mr. Thomas big black cock. But now instead of fighting the strange taboo feeling I was letting my imagination go. I was dreaming about what would have happened if I leaned in a little further and breathed on his cock. Could he feel it, could I feel it, oh my god!

I came harder than I had ever did in my life. My cum shot so far and hard out of my cock. I have never had an orgasm as strong or last as long. The guilt was overwhelming afterwards. I really tried to forget about the best orgasm I ever had because of who and what made me have it.

I even stopped smoking weed, I figured that was the biggest reason I was getting turned on by Mr. Thomas big black cock.

So months have gone by and things are good. I have a steady girlfriend now and drug free. Until.

It is January 19th and I find myself working with the midnight shift and the lone nurse on my floor. At 2:25am I hear the paging buzzing on my hip and look and see it is Mr. Thomas.

It has been months since that bath, and memories free of big black cock. So when I see Mr. Thomas lying in bed I say to him “good morning Mr. Thomas! Can’t sleep? Is there something I can do?”

As soon as I say these words, my mind is flooded with images of Mr. Thomas big cock. Very real images that must have burned a figure right in my mind. The image was so strong, I can still see it 25 years later!

He tells me “I had a little accident while sleeping and really could use a bath!” Oh No, my head is screaming now, thoughts of me kneeling at his big black cock. So I say “no problem Mr. Thomas I would be glad to help you!” Again image, big black cock, not any big black cock. but Mr. Thomas big cock!

Well here we go again! Me on my knees running the hot water and Mr. Thomas standing right next to me and his big black cock hanging right next to my face!

When I look up at him he is staring up and straight forward like before. So I get a little brazen and pretend like I am about to grab his cock and open my mouth for it!

I am really getting into it because I find my cock is starting to get very hard and my mouth is watering like crazy. I would lean in open my mouth and pretend I’m gonna grab Mr. Thomas big black cock and put it in my mouth!

I am so turned on now, I am sweating, shaking, mouthwatering, on my knees wanting to put this big beautiful cock in my mouth! If I knew I could get away with it I would do it!

Then I look over and see myself in his closet door mirror! I looked at the acts that were taking place in that mirror and lost control. The next time I looked at the mirror I seen my mouth wide open and my hand wanting to grab that cock!

I was thinking, what if he could see what I was doing? Then it hit me, if his eye site is okay today, he’s looking right into the same mirror I’m looking at! Oh my god, while looking into the mirror, I look at his face and see, what I think is a faint smirk. I think Mr. Thomas has been watching me all along!

I came! That’s right, came fuckin hard! I never touched my cock and had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had, next to the first time I came thinking about that big black and beautiful cock!

The tub is more filled then we are supposed to do but I had so much fun with my crazy imagination of sucking his cock that I didn’t want Kartal escort to stop but I had to now.

So I help Mr. Thomas into the bath and leave the room to go smoke a cigarette. I was so humiliated and embarrassed, I can’t believe he might have been watching me! I really wanted to cry. While out walking I see one of my friends who works in housekeeping and he is outside walking and smoking a joint. I didn’t hesitate when he asked if I wanted a hit, I smoked the whole joint with him.

When I got back To Mr. Thomas room I was so stoned, mind you it has been months since I smoked any weed at all. So I was a little paranoid and nervous about how I was gonna handle this situation. All I had to do really was just let him hold onto me while he steps out of the tub.

When I returned to Mr. Thomas room he’s all ready to step out of the tub. Again all I had to do was put my arm out and let him hold it for balance. I did not have to do anything that I ended up doing!

I could have and should have left his bathroom at that moment but I didn’t! I wanted something, and I was more than ever willing to make something happen to get it.

He stood there dripping on his rug drying himself off and I was staring right at his crotch area, imagining his cock and never even realizing I was doing it!

Of course he sees me, he’s looking right at me and you know what, I see it again. Oh my god I see that same smirk I thought I seen while looking at his face earlier in the mirror. Holy shit! I know at this moment I am caught! Oh my god I can feel my face turn so red I literally start to sweat, remember I am stoned and of course horny as hell now! It’s the first time I smoked a joint in almost three months.

He doesn’t say anything to me, he just walks over to me and stares right at me! I stuttered ” I’m so sorry, really so sorry Mr. Thomas.” There it is again, that same smirk!

He then says “hey my back is sore, would you mind doing me a huge favor? Could you dry from my knees down?”

I didn’t blush or stutter or shake, all I heard was knees down, and I was down on mine! Before my knees where planted on the floor, so was his towel!

Now is the time! There were no words spoken, no need, the setting was set 5 months earlier when we both looked into that mirror. At that time, I thought only my eyes could see in that mirror!

Here I was on my knees at 2:55am stoned and horny and looking at this most beautiful piece of meat I ever seen. I wanted it and he knew it! I reached up and as I looked up at his eyes and when he smirked I knew it was okay for me feel it!

That is exactly what I did. I grabbed it in the middle and just squeezed it softly over and over. He reached out and opened his closet door! There I was looking right at myself, realizing, mind you, I’m getting paid now and I am holding Mr. Thomas big black cock.

I did not hesitate to drop to my knees, I did not hesitate to grab his cock! I really wanted to suck Mr. Thomas big beautiful black cock, but I have to admit I was hesitant at first, I couldn’t get my mouth to open or move in for it to be closer. My mind switch gears on me, before I was thinking, what are you doing?, no way don’t put it in your mouth just hold it but then when my mind played its switching game I was now thinking, Mr. Thomas wants me to put his big beautiful black cock in my mouth! It worked!

I tried right away shoving that whole cock in my mouth! I was in overdrive holding a cock that I could not get out of my head for anything!

When I realized the whole cock was not going in my mouth and realizing all I have was just the head of his big black cock! I started to lick the head and sides of it, running my tongue along all the veins that were running thru this beautiful cock. I was licking this cock like I loved it!

Mr. Thomas was hard the moment I got his big head in my mouth, I could tell he liked what I was doing to his cock because his breathing was almost as heavy as mine. At this point I started really getting into having Mr. Thomas big black cock in my mouth! What scared me though, wasn’t getting caught, or getting fired even arrested maybe. But I was scared at how good I was! How much I liked having his cock in my mouth. I mean I was into it, like I’ve sucked 100 cocks before! Now I was putting almost seven inches of cock in my mouth like I was a natural! That scared me horribly!

When I looked in the mirror this time, there was a submissive young white boy down on his knees sucking a big black cock of 66year old man and I saw that boy loving that dick! He was moaning like a wonton slut trying to swallow that whole black cock!

Now as I was really getting into it, Mr. Thomas started talking in his southern tone, “Oh yeah get it, get that cock slut! Damn boy, you a natural cocksucker! That’s it, get it, you like my big black cock don’t you? Yeah you like my cock, yeah get at it sissy!”

Now he grabs my head and pushes his cock into my mouth. He’s a different Mr. Thomas, he’s very strong and cum crazy! I am trying to stop but I can’t, he’s holding my head and his big hands have a grip that I can’t move in. I have tears running down my face and I look and feel like the dirtiest little slut I ever seen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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