Oh Daddy

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Ali had just graduated from college and now she was moving home while she started a new chapter in her life. She kept thinking about her past as she drove the 4 hours home: her mom passing away, going off to college, leaving her dad behind, the thrills of making new friends, the heartbreak of relationships. Finally, she had graduated and was returning to all that was familiar.

Her dad, Mark, greeted her in the driveway. As she stepped out of the car, he gave her a hug and said “Welcome home, honey. I’m so glad you’re back.” Tears were in his eyes. She knew that it had been extremely hard for him to let his little girl go, especially after his wife died.

Over the next few days, Ali noticed something different about Mark. The way his eyes lingered on her made her uncomfortable. She attributed most of it to her just being overly paranoid. The guys she had dated had turned out to be bastards so it was no wonder that she was wary about ALL males.

Returning home after a full day of job hunting, Ali decided to lounge for a while in front of the television. Mark walked into the room.

“I started some of your laundry. Seems like you had a ton of it.”

“Thanks Dad,” she said with kurtköy escort a smile.

Mark stared at his daughter as the glow from the t.v. illuminated her. She had been such a scrawny thing when she was little. Now, as he trailed his eyes over her body, all he saw was a beautiful woman. Her dark hair cascaded across her shoulders and the t.v.’s light made her eyes shine. He gazed in wonder as her large breasts moved with her breathing.

“I think I’m going to bed, Ali. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Mark walked over to Ali and kissed her cheek.

“Goodnight Dad. I love you.”

Lying in bed, Mark couldn’t help but think about his daughter. She was absolutely gorgeous. After an hour of being lost in thought, he heard Ali turn off the t.v and then close the door to her room. Sighing to himself, he closed his eyes and his mind led him through forbidden dreams.

After a night of torment, Mark arose to the smell of coffee. Entering the kitchen, he found he had just missed Ali as she had gone to search for her dream job. He found it odd that his first thought was his obligation to help Ali by continuing her laundry.

Mark grabbed one of the many bags full of her dirty laundry aydıntepe escort and carried it to the laundry room. Dumping it into the washer, he found that it contained Ali’s delicates. A black lace g-string and matching bra lay on top of the pile. He stared at the two items and was slightly appalled to find himself growing hard. Without thinking, he picked up the g-string and felt it gently between his thumb and index finger. Feeling braver, he brought the garment to his face and inhaled deeply. He had been so enthralled in his discovery that he didn’t hear Ali return. When he turned around, Ali was standing behind him, watching him silently.

“Ali….I was just…I…” Mark stumbled over his words. He just couldn’t explain his actions.

Without a word, Ali walked over to her father. She pressed a finger lightly against his lips to quiet him. Any thoughts in her head were suppressed by a voice saying “Fuck it…who cares?”

Closing her eyes, she softly kissed Mark’s lips. Without missing a beat, he slipped his tongue into her mouth and caressed hers, softly sucking it. Ali’s first move was all that it took to set Mark in motion. His hands grazed down her sides quickly and tuzla içmeler escort then tugged heatedly at the bottom of her shirt. His madness continued until her clothes had disappeared. Ali stood pressed against the washing machine, completely naked, as her dad tore off his clothes. His eyes never left her lightly bouncing breasts.

Mark’s cock was hard and at full attention. He pressed his body against Ali’s, her hardened nipples indenting his chest. He fondled and cradled her succulent breasts before sucking the taunt nipples into his mouth. Soft moans came from Ali’s throat as his tongue whipped over her nipples over and over. She couldn’t stand it any more.

“Fuck me” she blurted out.

Not hesitating, Mark slid his cock into Ali’s slippery pussy. His thrusts were soft at slow. His fixation with Ali’s voloptuous bust turned into delight as he watched them bounce with his thrusts. He began pounding into her…harder, deeper, and faster. He could feel Ali’s pussy grasping his dick tightly as she rubbed viciously at her clit. He was going to cum. Fucking her as hard as he could, he could hear her ass slapping against the side of the washing machine. With a final thrust, Mark’s cum shot into her.

Feeling the warmth of Mark’s cum triggered Ali to orgasm. Her scream of pleasure mixed with Mark’s panting. He caught her as she fell limp. He held her close, his lips brushing her ear.

“I’ve missed you, honey,” he whispered.

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