Night Out Ch. 04

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Sherry said, “Yes, that was fun; we should do it again. Too bad, we have to wear clothes, though.”

Joan said, “I like your thinking girlfriend; no clothes would be some kind of fun.”

Tanesha said, “Oh, naked in the dark would be too much fun. Just add in a bed or two.”

Julia said, “Oh, my.”

Everybody began leaving the den, and I noticed Julia whisper something to Lamar.

Once everybody left the den, I scanned around the room and wasn’t surprised to see two pairs of women’s thongs lying on the couch.

Everybody was back in the dining room, and Keith said, “I sure could use a drink; I don’t know about the rest of you.”

“Drink; I think I need a cold shower,” Casey said.

I took drink orders and headed to the bar.

I heard Joan say, “So, are we going to do that again or what?”

Amanda said, “I am up for it; things were just getting interesting when that damn timer went off.”

All the women had Cheshire Cat grins on their faces, while the men kept their mouths shut. None of us wanted to break the women’s mood, feeling lucky that the women were up for the first round and up for doing it again.

Sherry said, “Yeah, let’s have a drink and do another round, but longer than 20 minutes, for sure.”

Tanesha chimed in with, “Did I hear someone suggest we do the next round without clothes? That would be a lot of fun; I am up for that if everybody else is.”

I heard all of this from the bar, and I thought, what is it about our dinner parties that bring out the wild side in our friends. Sure I expected Tanesha and Lamar to be up for some play as well as Amanda and Keith, but the other two couples? Very surprising.

Amy came into the bar smiling from ear to ear.

“Seems another one of our parties has gone off the rails, in a good way, wouldn’t you say?” Amy said.

As we started back into the living room, I asked Amy, “Do you think all the women are ok with going naked in the next round?”

Amy said, “Judging from the look on all their faces and the way a couple of them are wiggling around in their seats, I would say yes. I think Amanda and Joan are going to leave a wet spot on our couch right now.”

Amy and I walked back into the dining room; Joan said, “We decided while you two were getting drinks that the next round will go without clothes.”

Amy said, “Oh, did you.”

Amanda and Sherry both chimed in with, “Yes, we did.”

Then Amanda said, “John, it was too dark in there; the room at the club the other night had just enough light so you could make out figures without knowing if they were male or female; any way you can do that in the den? Add a tiny bit of light.”

I said, “Hmmm, let me see what I can do.”

I looked back towards the kitchen to see Julia had pulled Amy aside and whispered something to her.

I thought, oh no, she isn’t comfortable with going naked, which of all the women, I figured she would be the one least likely to want to go bare since she was the group’s shiest.

Amy smiled, and I heard her say, “Sure, come with me upstairs.”

Now I wondered what that was all about as I headed out to the garage to get a little red bike light. I thought if I covered the little light a bit, it would provide just enough light to see figures without knowing if they were male or female, well, until the touching took place.

I rigged up the small light and had Amanda come down and see what she thought.

“That’s perfect, John. I can tell you are here, but I wouldn’t know who you are or if you are male or female until I touched you,” Amanda said as she reached out and grabbed my crotch.

I was still sporting a chubby from the first round of groping. The thought that all the ladies wanted to do the next round naked had my cock tingling in anticipation.

“MMM, your big cock feels like it is ready for the next round; I hope I find you. I have a wet pussy that you could bury that in,” Amanda said and then turned and walked back to the dining room. As she walked away, she stopped at the first step, lifted the back of her skirt, and bent over, exposing her luscious pink slit.

Amy wasn’t kidding; her pussy was as impressive looking as it felt when I had my cock inside it last weekend.

I got back up to the dining room, and everybody was chomping at the bit to get the next round started.

“John, if Amy and Julia don’t come back soon, we are going to start without them,” Shelly said.

Wondering what Amy and Julia were doing upstairs, I went up to get them.

When I got to the master bedroom, the door was locked, which I found odd. I knocked on the door.

I heard some giggling from the other side of the door. Amy opened the door, holding a razor in her hand.

She had a smile on her face and said, “Julia needed a little cleaning up before getting naked with everybody. We should be down in just a bit, almost done here.”

Then in a shallow whisper, Amy said, “Julia has the fattest cunt lips I have ever seen, with the largest clit sticking out between them; she is so wet I can barely Bostancı escort bayan shave her.”

“Well, hurry up; everybody downstairs is raring to go without you two,” I said.

Giggling, Amy closed the door, and I heard her click the lock again.

I went back downstairs to try and appease the natives.

“Well, are they coming?” Joan asked.

Laughing to myself, it took everything I had not to say, OH, I am sure Julia will be cumming soon.

“They should be down any moment now. For this round, we guys will go into the garage and undress in there; then, when you ladies are ready, you can go into the den and get situated. When you knock on the door, we will know you are ready for us men to come join you,” I said.

Amanda looked like a cat on a hot tin roof. She was so antsy to get started she was squirming in her seat. Her tight pink pussy image flashed in my mind, and I felt a drop of precum leak from my cock. If we didn’t get naked soon, I would have a large wet spot in my pants.

“Well, if they are not down here soon, we are going to start without them,” Amanda said again.

“Start without who?” Amy said as she walked into the dining room.

“Amy, what have you two been doing? Everybody is raring to start the next round. John said the men would strip in the garage, and then when we girls are ready for them to join us, we will knock on the door,” Joan said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Amy said.

Then Julia walked into the room. Her face flushed as well as the top of her chest had a red sex flush. I looked at Amy, and she raised her hand to her mouth, making a “V” with two fingers, then stuck her tongue between them, giving me the universal sign she had just eaten Julia’s pussy.

I do love my wife.

Amy made her way over to me and, in a whisper, said, “I will meet you in the far corner by the hide a bed couch. I will tell you how to tell the girls apart. It is pretty obvious you want to find Tanesha, and I don’t blame you. Then you can tell me which guy I should find. The password is clit.”

I knew she meant to tell her which guy had the biggest cock for her to find and fuck. Hearing her use the word “cunt” upstairs, I knew my sexy wife was in slut mode. I felt a little weird, hoping one of these guys had a big cock for my wife to fuck, but at the same time, it turns me on to watch her be a sexy slut. My money was on Lamar, but then not all black guys are hung as our time in the lifestyle had taught us.

Amy said, “Just a reminder, everybody, no talking. We want to keep it anonymous as to who is who and what everybody is doing. One last time, is everybody ok with all of this? No clothes will kick things up several notches.”

I chimed in with, “If at some point you change your mind and want to leave, the little red light is above the door, you ladies will be entering through, so if for some reason you want to leave, look for the little red light.”

Julia, blushing, said, “Can we go out and come back, in case we want to get a drink or something?”

Joan said, “don’t worry, Julia, my husband’s cum is sweet.”

Everybody let out a nervous laugh, and the men headed out to the garage.

I found myself standing next to Shelly as the rest of the men headed down the hallway to the garage.

Tanesha walked up to me and, a bit louder than she intended, said, “FYI, my belly button’s pierced, so you’ll be able to find me in the dark.”

Shelly overheard Tanesha and said, “I have a piercing too, but it is slightly lower. Hopefully, one or both of you find my piercing, preferably with your tongue or something else.”

Tanesha smiled at Shelly and then leaned in and kissed her.

As I walked out to the garage, Shelly had just confirmed it was her mouth on my cock in the first round since I knew her pussy had a piercing.

By the time I got to the garage, my cock was at its full seven-inch long and fat length.

I opened the door to find Keith and Lamar already naked. Keith’s average-sized cock was at full attention. My eyes immediately went to Lamar’s cock. He, too, had a fully erect cock. He was bigger than Keith but looked to be about the same length as me but a lot thinner. I thought Amy is going to be disappointed.

“Holy hell Casey, how do you walk around with that thing?” Chris said.

We all turned and looked at Casey, who was now naked.

Sticking out of his midsection was a large cock, not the biggest I have seen, but it was close. It looked to be a hefty eight-inches plus in length and as thick as a beer bottle.

Casey just smiled and said, “It’s not what you think guys, trust me, I have had more women turn me down because of my dick than have accepted the challenge. My own wife struggles with it at times. It took forever to get her pregnant; we almost had to do artificial insemination.”

“So you’re saying Joan has a very tight pussy? Good to know,” Chris said with a smile.

Chris was now naked, and he looked about average or maybe slightly more significant, not that I have a breadth of experience Escort Bostancı judging cock size. But I surely can tell the big ones from the small ones, and Casey has a big one.

I laughed and said, “well, it looks like we have a good selection for the ladies to enjoy.”

Lamar asked, “So um, being a newbie to all of this; what’re the rules?”

Chris said, “Yeah, what are the rules and boundaries? Julia and I have never even discussed something like this, let alone done anything of this nature.”

Keith said, “What do you mean, boundaries?”

Lamar said, “if one of the ladies wants to fuck are we all ok with that? I mean, I know Tanesha doesn’t want things to go that far, but she said I could do whatever I wanted. How about you guys? Did your wives give you the green light to fuck one of the women if things went that way?”

Hearing Lamar say, “Tanesha wasn’t open to fucking,” made me wonder if she was just a tease or if he had no clue about her desires. It seemed to me she had made it pretty clear that she was open to it all.

Casey said, “This isn’t our first time, um, getting naked with friends, so yes, Joan is ok with me doing whatever one of the women wants in the room, after all, we are here to make them happy, right?”

Keith said, “I know my wife is not only open to it but planning on it.”

Chris, laughing, said, “what kind of perfume is she wearing?”

That brought a laugh to all of us, and then there was a knock on the door.

I said, “Gentlemen, all the ladies agreed to this round and everybody being naked. They are aware of what could happen with a room full of naked people groping each other, so relax and have fun.”

A knock came from the door.

“Gentlemen, I guess we are about to find out just how horny and open-minded all our wives are tonight,” I said.

“Oh, remember, if you touch someone and they push your hand away, you are to leave them alone; the ladies get to set the boundaries, ok?” I reminded everybody.

We entered the room, and the little red light was working flawlessly. It was providing just enough light to be able to pick up figures and movement.

I worked my way across the room to the far corner, and as I did, I stubbed my toe on something lying on the floor. That was odd; the floor should have been void of anything; what could that be, I thought. I continued slowly on my way over to the far corner where Amy was waiting for me. As I got closer, I stubbed my toe on the edge of something; once again, I thought, what the hell, there shouldn’t be anything in my way.

In a shallow whisper, I said, “Clit.”

Amy grabbed my cock and gave it a few strokes and said, “Tanesha has an amazing body; she has a belly button piercing, so she should be easy to find.”

I said, “I know, she told me.”

“Oh my, well go get her stud, oh Shelly has her cunt pierced so that you can find her too. She has a hot body.” Amy whispered to me.

Giggling, I said, “yeah, I know about Shelly too; found that on the first round.”

“Gosh, I feel like a prude now; I didn’t do much more than kiss Joan on the first round. Good luck with those two; they started making out as soon all you guys left the room. When we all go naked, I thought Shelly was going to go down on Tanesha right then and there, can’t blame her, I wanted to too,” Amy said.

“So? Any info for me? Do I need to find Lamar,” Amy continued.

“Oh no, Casey is what my slutty wife is looking for; he will fill you up the way you like,” I said as I pinched my wife’s nipples.

“You’re not lying to me, are you?” Amy said

“Babe, I would never lie about a cock like Casey’s,” I said.

Pulling Amy closer to me, I whispered in her ear, “Be careful. I tripped over something in the middle of the room, and just now, I stubbed my toe on something.”

Amy giggled and said, “Yeah, the ladies pulled the futon into the middle of the room, and Tanesha asked if either of the couches were hide a bed’s. So, both of the beds are out.”

Amy then planted a deep passionate tongue kiss on me. When she broke off the kiss, she leaned down and gave my cock head a kiss, and talking to my cock she said, “now, you stay good and hard for all the hungry cunts in here.” Then she was gone.

From across the room, I heard women say, “Damn, that’s big.” It sounded like Shelly, and I thought she must have found Casey.

“That’s eight and a half inches of hard thick cock, girlfriend,” Joan said.

Amy said, “Hey, no talking, remember?”

That brought a few giggles from the group. Then I felt a soft hand on my back, and I instantly turned around and reached out to touch whoever it was. I immediately ran my hand over this woman’s belly, searching for her belly button.

Bingo, she had a pierced belly button.

Tanesha giggled and said, “You found me, lucky me.”

Tanesha then ran her hand down my body and wrapped her soft, warm hand around my throbbing cock.

“MMMM, I hope this big fat cock is for me. Be gentle with me, though; I never had anything Bostancı Rus Escort that thick in me before. Never say never, right?” Tanesha said as she leaned into me and kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth as she did.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her long, lean body into me, and hugged her tightly as I felt her hard nipples press into my chest. Tanesha held onto my cock the entire time as we embraced and kissed.

As we kissed, I slowly ran my hand down her body and eventually between her legs. When she felt my hand approach her pussy she parted her legs, giving my hand admission to her pussy.

My fingers found her hot, swollen pussy lips, and Tanesha let out a very loud moan of pleasure.

From across the room, one of the ladies let out with, “you go, girl.”

Tanesha whispered into my ear as I began to slowly massage her pussy, “I haven’t been able to think of anything but spreading my legs for you since seeing you walk up to me at the club the other night. Last night I fantasized Lamar was you when we had sex. Best orgasm I have ever had, well, so far, anyway. You lit a fire in my pussy.”

I didn’t know what to say. I leaned in to kiss Tanesha again when I felt another soft, warm hand on my back.

At the same time, this new person’s hand moved between Tanesha and me, and when she felt Tanesha’s belly button, she said, “Lucky me, I found you two again.”

Tanesha said, “Yummy, I’m the lucky one, Shelly, you sexy thing. We can pick up where we had to leave off earlier.”

Tanesha held my cock in her hand the entire time. Her hand felt so good as she slowly stroked me, causing me to drip precum. She caught several big drops and lifted her hand to her mouth and licked it clean, purring as she did.

Then she went back to my cock, squeezed some more precum from my cockhead into her hand, and fed it to Shelly, saying, “Taste how sweet this is, you horny little bitch.”

I still had my fingers between Tanesha’s legs, and now I had my other hand between Shelly’s legs. Her pussy was just as hot, wet, and swollen as Tanesha’s very tight pussy.

With my hand between Tanesha’s legs, my fingers were dancing around her swollen lips. I pushed a finger inside her wet, slick hole, and she let out a moan of pleasure that everybody heard. There was no response from any of the other women this time. The room now was full of moaning, groaning, and panting from the rest of the group.

Shelly leaned in and whispered, “Fuck Tanesha’s hot black cunt John. I want to watch her be your bitch; just save some for me. I want you in my cunt when you finish with Tanesha black pussy.”

Tanesha leaned into me and whispered, “Babe, lay down on the bed; I need you.”

I was glad to accommodate their request; if they didn’t stop stroking my cock and letting me finger them, I was sure to blow my load before ever getting inside one of their pussies.

Both women pushed me down on the bed, and I moved to get in the center of the bed. I was on my back, and Tanesha pounced on me, straddling my midsection.

The bed’s location was directly across from the little red light, which provided enough illumination to see both women’s incredible bodies. Lucky planning on my part, I thought.

Tanesha straddled me and leaned down to kiss me. In a deep husky voice, she said, “Go slow; you are bigger than my cunt is used to having in it.”

Hearing this gorgeous woman use the word cunt, I had the same reaction I get when Amy uses that word. It sends chills throughout my body and makes my balls tingle.

Tanesha straightened up, reached down between her legs, and grabbed my cock. She aimed it up at her pussy and began rubbing it back and forth between her swollen pussy lips.

Tanesha then moaned out, “Oh god, it’s so hard and fat.”

She said it loud enough for everybody to hear, but there was no response from anybody as everybody’s focus was elsewhere.

Tanesha kept rubbing my fat cock head back and forth between her lips, and then I felt her pause and position it at her opening.

Shelly said, “hurry up bitch, get it in there before I push you off, and I fuck it.”

Tanesha then sat down on my shaft and buried the first three inches inside her tight pussy.

“Oh fuck, that feels good; I want it all,” She moaned out.

Tanesha raised up a bit and then drove her hips down onto me, impaling her hot tight pussy on my entire seven-inch fat cock.

Now it was my turn to moan out in pleasure. Moaning and grunting were going on from all corners of the room now.

From the other side of the room, I heard Amy say, “Fuck my swollen cunt with that big horse cock of yours, you stud.”

Shelly said, “wow, that sounds like Amy; she isn’t lying; whoever that is has a horse size cock; it scared me when I bumped into it. She’s not going to be able to walk tomorrow.”

Hearing that broke my concentration a bit as I giggled to myself. If Shelly only knew.

I was entirely inside Tanesha now. She wasn’t moving at all, she had her hands on my chest, and I could hear her panting.

“Are you ok sexy?” I asked.

“I can’t move; you feel so good. I have never been this full of cock. Oh shit, I’m going to…..” Tanesha started shaking, and then her entire body jerked several times violently. Tanesha then collapsed on me, panting and shaking.

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