My Wife’s Hot Cousin Ch. 05

Nisan 15, 2024 Yazar admin 0

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Well Aaron was right. It was still dark but I woke up hard as a post, as usual. There he was sleeping, lying on his side with his back toward me. I thought “What the fuck, once in a lifetime opportunity.”

I reached into the drawer of the nightstand and got some lube and slicked up my cock. I slid right in behind Aaron and let my cock feel its way into his hairy butt crack and found my mark. I teased his hole a bit and it responded, so I just went ahead and slid all the way in. I knew it would wake him up, but what the fuck.

“Oh holy shit man, your cock is all the way inside of me!”

“Yep buddy, just what you asked for!”

I pushed Aaron to his belly and started fucking him. He was grunting and groaning and carrying on like crazy, but I could tell he liked it because he was pushing his muscle butt back to me. This was pretty hot stuff and I just let loose fucked the hell out of him and fired off another load deep inside his butt.

I layed on top of him for a few minutes and caught my breath. When I pulled my cock out, it came with a wet plop and I slapped his ass. “Thanks buddy, now I’ve ‘really’ got to aksaray escort get some sleep!”

This time it was like a drifted into a mini coma! I was really sleeping, after a while I was having this wild dream that I was in the shower with Carrie and Aaron. Carrie was sucking my cock and Aaron was licking my butt, it was hot and I was about ready to blow.

It was switching back and forth about who was doing what to me and actually what was happening to my butt. I felt something go in my butt and it felt good and hurt at the same time, but my cock was feeling awesome. My head was thrown back and my eyes were squinted shut and I realized it was light, as we have high windows in the shower. But then I realized I was dreaming and opened my eyes with a gasp. What was going on in my butt had become ‘really’ intense!

“Fuck Aaron, what the hell are you doing?”

“Sucking your cock bro, well and I have a few fingers in your butt!”

“Jesus Aaron…”

“Now don’t get all excited, you were purring like a kitten while I was tongue fucking you, and you moaned and pushed back when I slid in one finger, then you were moving around and grunting like a bitch in heat when I slid in the second finger…”

“You’ve got TWO fingers in my butt, get them o…!”

“Naw, I have three in there, that’s what woke you up!”

“Fuck Aaron…!”

“Wait a minute, I thought you were awake! You moved back to me and my cock was against your butt, you were humping it and I thought you wanted to try getting fucked!”


“Yeah, so I went down and licked you to get you wet, but I figured I needed to open you a bit like I do to Shelly, you were really getting into it, so I just kept progressing and here we are, you’re hard as a post, your hole is slick and wet and I’m ready to slide some man meat in there for you!”

Now I had one hell of a decision to make! Was I going to let this hot stud who I’ve been fucking take a shot at my ass cherry? Did I even want to? I honestly had never thought about it. Why would I? I guess why I would is that for the last 18 hours or so I had been fucking the living shit out of this macho man who I had on a pedestal since I’d met him and he was apparently loving it! He also had three fingers in my hole and I had to admit I was loving it! I couldn’t believe I was even thinking about it, but I knew I was going to try it, maybe as much not to disappoint Aaron as to see if I liked it, but I was pretty sure I was going to do it.

I hadn’t even agreed and I didn’t feel as if Aaron was pressuring me but he let my cock out of his mouth and moved up my body and we started making out, with his fingers still deep inside of me. He broke the kiss and smiled at me and said, “I guess I’ve been wanting this since the first time I laid eyes on you, and didn’t even know it, but damn I do want to see what it would be like to be inside of you, but I know this is all new to you, hell it is to me so if you’re not ready it’s okay. But just so you know stud, it feels awesome and I hope you want to fuck me more either way!”

Aaron’s eyes could look like that of the meanest macho man you’ve ever met if you didn’t know him, or they could look like a big puppy dog. Right now they looked like a big puppy! In just a few short seconds I’d run through my mind, my admiration of Aaron, my jealousies and insecurities, is that what it was, or did I actually have a crush on him?

I smiled and said, “Yes Aaron I want you to fuck me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32