My Wife – A Black Gang Toy Ch. 06

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About a week later Pat and I were sitting in the living room after dinner enjoying a glass of wine as we usually do. Something had been on my mind and this seemed like a good time to bring it up.

“Sweetheart” I said. My lovely wife looked over at me quizzically and replied “Yes dear.”

“We haven’t heard from the Boss for a week or so and I was wondering what he might have in store for us next and when. He and his gang have explored your body thoroughly, face fucked you and deep throated you, and they have gangbang fucked you anally. I am not sure why they have not fucked your pussy but that must be next. How will you feel about that?”

“Steve I’m not sure what you are asking me.”

“Pat I know that you get something special from our visits with the Boss and his gang. We could walk away any time yet we don’t. I know what I feel but I’m curious about what emotions you feel when you are having sex with all of those black men.”

Pat looked at me for a moment and took another sip of her wine. Then she said “Steve I am not sure that I can explain it to you but I’ll try. We have been married long enough for you to know that I am not an adventurous person. Still, on the inside, I want to do outrageous things. Those two emotions can only exist within me if I am told or forced to do those things that I would never normally do.”

“When you take me to an appointment with the Boss I convince myself that you are forcing me to go. When we get there the Boss takes over the dominate role and he tells me what to do. My submissive self needs to be dominated so that my timid self can come forward and play.”

“Well I thought that it might be something like that and you have explained why you go along with the Boss and me when we tell you what to do. But you have not told me what emotions you feel. What gives you the high?”

“Oh now I see what you are asking” Pat said.

She smiled broadly. “There are so many things I’m not sure where to start. I am a somewhat timid person and that makes me a little insecure. It is a high to know that for those few moments I am the center of attention. The eyes of every male in the place are riveted on me. They all want me and lust after my body. They want to dominate me completely and to use me in any and every way possible and that is what I want also.”

“What!” I said. “Pat you are gorgeous. There are a lot of women who are beautiful on the outside but you are one of those beautiful women who remain beautiful even without your clothes off. You have lovely long blond hair, a perfect creamy white complexion and a stupendous figure. You’ve got to be kidding me. You have a figure most women would kill for. Your tits are large enough but not too large. Your small waist flairs into nice full hips and you have a well rounded ass as well.”

“And that’s with your clothes on. With your clothes off your full firm white tits are topped with the sexiest pointed nipples I have ever seen. Those erotic tits and nipples are tipped with the circular bar bells that the Boss had inserted when he had your nipples pierced. Your tummy is flat and below that your little girl’s pussy is covered with a fine blond bush.”

“Then we come to your legs. Your well rounded thighs are firm, full and muscular. Your calves are nicely shaped.”

“Patricia my dear you are the complete package. How in the world could you possibly feel insecure?”

My love was smiling broadly by this time and shaking her head. “It’s funny but when I look in the mirror that is simply not what I see. Any way the combination seems to work well.”

“What do you mean? What combination?” I asked.

“The combination of my insecurity which fuels my need to be dominated and used and the fact that men see this complete package as you put it and want to possess me.”

“Is that all?” I asked.

“Oh no, Escort bayan that is just the beginning. It’s complicated.”

“The first time that I was forced to suck a cock other than yours I was totally humiliated. The fact that it was a black cock, which goes totally against my southern upbringing, rocked my emotions so strongly that I almost came when the head passed my lips. When I realized that he wanted to shove that black piece of meat down my throat I could hardly believe it. I was shocked but then my inner self wanted more and I found that I wanted that cock shoved down my throat until my nose was crushed against his pubic hair. It took some work but I was proud of myself when I felt it buried deep in my throat. Then his dick throbbed with spasms as he pumped load after load of cum into my white tummy.”

“The last time that we went to the Boss’s place and all the gang members used my ass I felt the same kind of thrill. Each cock you placed into my ass felt different and each time I felt happy that I was wanted and I was thrilled to be used for the satisfaction of others. I almost came myself as each hot load of cum was pumped into my clutching ass hole.”

“It’s a turn on each time a cock is being shoved up my ass and there is nothing that I can do about it. I’m not sure why but when the cock is black the intensity is increased several fold. Then when I think that this cock is just one of many that I will soon experience it is almost more than I can stand.”

“You mentioned that they had not used my pussy so far. I’ve wondered about that too but I think that it is because the Boss wanted to take his time with us and that is the prize. He wanted to make sure that you would be able to handle watching your wife being used by a group of men and that I would continue to be willing to allow them to use me.”

“I think that my pussy is next and I am a little bit worried.” “Why is that?” I asked?”

“So far they have pumped cum down my throat and up my ass. What if they decide to fill my pussy with cum. I’m not on the pill and I certainly do not want to get pregnant with a black baby. What is worse is that I know that I will let them. I can’t stop them and I really doubt that you could even if you wanted to.”

The picture of cum deposited in his beautiful wife’s pussy by a group of large black dicks and then slowly running from between her spread legs was almost more than Steve could stand. Still, he was worried about the possibility of Pat getting pregnant. He said “Maybe it would be wise for you to go see Dr. Alexander and get a prescription for the pill.”

“I couldn’t do that” Pat said. “We have known him for years and what reason could I possibly tell him?”

Pat continued, “I’ve already made an appointment with a new doctor.”

“You never said anything about this to me.” Steve said. “Were you even going to tell me about it?”

Pat said “Of course I was planning to tell you about it sweetheart. The opportunity simply never came up.”

“What’s so special about the new doctor?” Steve wanted to know.

Pat smiled and said “He’s a Gynecologist and specializes in birth control. I suppose I may as well tell you that he’s black also.”

“Wait a minute.” Steve said. “You have already made an appointment with this black Gynecologist? Does your choice have anything to do with the Boss?”

“Well actually it does. When the Boss dropped by a couple of days ago to bring us our check I asked him if he knew of a doctor that could prescribe birth control pills for me. He highly recommended Dr. Sullivan. I am supposed to receive a complete vaginal exam during the appointment to make sure that there are no problems before he will prescribe birth control for me.”

“Patricia Ann you are looking awfully smug about this. What do you know that I don’t know and why was the Bayan escort Boss here anyway?”

“I really don’t know anything for sure but the Boss had a strange look when we discussed Dr. Sullivan. He did suggest that you might want to come along. He was only here for a while. It seems that he felt the need for a blow job. I was on my knees most of the time sucking his dick. It made my day” Pat said.

Steve said “Well I’m not sure that I like you servicing these men when I’m not here. I’ll bring that up with him the next time I see him. When is your doctor’s appointment?”

“It’s tomorrow afternoon at four. I believe Dr. Sullivan said that he wanted to make sure that it was the last appointment of the day” Pat said. “We’ll know what is going on soon enough. I assume that you are coming along aren’t you?” “I wouldn’t miss it” Steve said.

We arrived at Dr. Sullivan’s office a little early. Upon entering the tastefully furnished office I went to the receptionist to check in. I gave her my name and told her that my wife and I were here for an exam. She studied me for a moment and then said “Dr. Sullivan will be with you momentarily. He schedules exams as his last appointment in the afternoon. I will be leaving in a few moments myself but I will advise Dr. Sullivan’s nurse Keshia that you are here.” “Thank you” I said.

Pat and I took a seat on the couch and tried to look relaxed. True to her word, the receptionist gathered her belongings to leave a few moments later. As she walked past us on the way to the door she said “Enjoy yourselves.” Pat and I looked at each other wondering what she meant.

It was just a short time later when an exquisite young black woman opened the door to the exam area and motioned for us to follow her. She led us to a rather large exam room where she told Pat to remove all of her clothing.

While she and Pat were talking I took a moment to look around the room. I was somewhat surprised to note that there were at least three cameras around the room. Turning to the nurse I asked what all the cameras were for. Her reply was that Dr. Sullivan kept a film record of all exams for future reference. With that she left without even offering my wife a paper robe to wear.

Pat and I looked at each other and I said “This all looks a little unusual to me. I guess we could leave.”

Pat said “Sweetheart I need the pills. Besides I’m just a little intrigued. Let’s stay and get this done” she said as she began to disrobe. While she removed her clothes I noticed that there were little red lights steadily flashing on all three cameras.

Pat and I just stood there feeling foolish since there were no seats in the room. It was just a few minutes before Dr. Sullivan returned with his assistant in tow. I assumed that he needed the assistant present for insurance reasons.

“Good afternoon” Dr. Sullivan said as he offered his hand first to Pat and then to myself. “I see that you wish to receive a prescription for birth control pills. Is that correct?” he asked. Pat nodded yes.

“Okay” he said. Turning to his assistant he introduced her as Latisha. He said “I am training Latisha to complete part of the exam for me so if you do not mind Pat, may I call you Pat?” He continued after Pat’s nod of affirmation, “Latisha will examine your breasts to make sure that there are no lumps. Please lay back on the exam table Pat”.

Pat sat down on the exam table. As she laid back Dr. Sullivan pulled out an extension for her legs. Absently he ran his hand up her leg stopping just below her crotch.

At the same time Latisha had moved to Pat’s side and began poking and squeezing her right breast. I thought that the exam was a little unusual but Pat said nothing so I just continued to watch.

By this time Latisha was giving a great deal of attention to the nipple. She Escort pinched it several times and rolled it between her thumb and forefinger. I heard a small moan escape from my wife.

Latisha said “Pat you do not seem to have any lumps in this breast but I cannot help but admire the way that your nipples stand out from your breasts and the circular barbell in your pierced nipple is exquisite. Mine is different than yours. Would you like to see if?”

Pat managed to nod her head and Latisha proceeded to unbutton the front of her nurse’s uniform. At this point I was not surprised to see that she had not been wearing a bra. Her coal black breasts were high and firm and topped by a small lighter brown nipple which was pierced and held a straight barbell.

I could not help but rub my hand over my crotch as I continued to watch this lovely black woman squeezing and fondling my wife’s white tit. Then Latisha moved slightly and leaned over Pat to examine Pat’s left breast. As she did so her own left breast was directly over my wife’s face. I could not see Pat’s eyes but I could clearly see her lips part as she raised her head and engulfed Latisha’s nipple.

While this had been going on I had failed to pay attention to Dr. Sullivan’s wandering hands. He had resumed running his hand up and down Pat’s thighs. I could see that this was beginning to get to Pat because she had parted her legs which allowed the good Doctor’s hand access to her pussy. I watched as he slowly inserted first one finger and then another into my wife’s pussy.

Meanwhile both Pat and Latisha were busy sucking on each other’s tits. After a few more moments Latisha moved away from Pat and stood there with the front of her uniform wide open and her magnificent tits on full display. “Dr. Sullivan,” she said. “I have given Pat’s tits a thorough exam and I did not find any lumps.”

“That’s good” Dr. Sullivan replied. I guess that we had better proceed with a thorough vaginal exam then.” With that he extended two foot rests and placed Pat’s feet in each one. This raised her legs high and spread them wide opening her pussy giving full and complete access.

I watched closely as I expected Dr. Sullivan to use some kind of medieval device but he did not. He began to work or Pat’s distended pussy with his fingers. First shoving them in to the hilt and then pulling them out. While he was doing this to my wife I could not help myself and looked over at Latisha’s lovely tits wishing I could do something to occupy myself.

Dr. Sullivan noticed my interest just as he slipped his fourth finger into Pat’s well lubricated pussy. He said “Latisha have you noticed how Steve seems sort of lost? Why don’t you see if you can help him relax while I finish examining his wife?”

Latisha said “Yes doctor” as she stepped in front of me and dropped to her knees. In just a few moments I felt the warm softness of her lips as she swallowed my cock. Despite the feel of her lips sliding back and forth on my cock I could not take my eyes off the drama taking place between my wife’s legs. Unbelievably Dr. Sullivan was slowly working his entire fist around inside my wife’s vagina. It gave new meaning to a vaginal exam.

Just as I heard Pat begin groaning with her oncoming orgasm I felt my cock release a huge load of cum into Latisha’s welcoming mouth.

The next thing I knew Dr. Sullivan was telling Pat that the exam was complete and everything seemed fine. He told us to stop by his office when we had cleaned up.

I pushed my spent cock back into my pants and zipped them up as Pat got dressed. Then we walked down to Dr. Sullivan’s office. Once we were there he handed Pat a prescription for the birth control pills we needed. When I asked about the bill Dr. Sullivan said that there would not be a charge. He looked straight at me and said that the money that he would earn on the video he would make from the cameras in the exam room would be more than sufficient payment. He also said that he would need to see Pat from time to time to renew the prescription.

We were ushered out the door by Latisha.

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