My 40th

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I wasn’t as excited as everyone else seemed to be about my approaching fortieth birthday. I know it’s just a number but it is a big number, at least to me it is. My spirits had been in the dumps for a while now and I think my friends were starting to really worry about me. It was a few days before the big day and I guess they didn’t think it could wait so they showed up at my house with flowers and a big envelope. The envelope contained a pass for a day at a local spa. I had never been to one and my spirits brightened at the thought of a full day just away from everything. One of my friends had recommended I use the certificate on a weekday when it wouldn’t be as busy so I made my appointment and notified work I would be taking a personal day.

I arrived to find the place as lavish as my friends had described. Everything was beautiful and from the moment I walked in the door the staff seemed to be just for me. The first thirty minutes I spent with the personal coordinator to go over the options and what I would like to try. When we finished a nice young girl named Sarah came out and led me to a big room in the back. She explained that she would be giving me my body mask then she would do my facial while my pedicure and manicure were being done. She showed me where I could go change into a robe and asked if there was anything I needed that she could get while I changed.

In the changing room I found my assigned cubicle stocked with a fresh robe and slippers. I took my clothes off and couldn’t help but look over my naked body in the mirror. It was just dawning on me that I was going to be naked in front of strangers. A slight panic came over me as I turned and checked myself out. There was no backing out now so I put on the robe and slippers and went back to the mudroom. I have never been pampered like I was over the next couple of hours. Everything was incredible and the pedicure, which was more of a foot massage, was unbelievable. As I lay back with my eyes closed just listening to the soft music and trying to not fall asleep I heard Sarah’s soft voice in my ear.

“You have several options for the rest of your day.” She said.

I looked them over and was tempted to spend the rest of the day in the tanning beds but the massage sounded just too good to pass up. Sarah led me down a long hallway and into a big open room with a massage table in the center. There was a couch on one wall and the rest of the walls were all very large glass doors with white cotton drapes covering them. Everything in the room was white, the floor, the ceiling, the table, and even the ceiling fans. It all seemed pure and spotless. She told me to wait and one of the therapists would be with me soon. I looked around the room and pulled the drapes aside to see the room overlooked the pool area.

I didn’t hear him enter so I jumped when he first spoke. His name was Terry and he was going to be my massage therapist today. Just like the room, he was in all white. He explained the drapes were for privacy and if the weather was warmer he diyarbakır escort would open the doors but he thought it might be a little too cool to do that today for me. He suggested that I make my next visit during warmer weather so I could experience the room with all the doors open. He was very disarming and my initial hesitance to let a man massage me was quickly dissipating.

Terry led me to the table but before I lay down he stopped me and asked if I would be ok with letting his apprentice join us. He explained that his apprentice was an accomplished student but needed to gain more practical experience before taking his own clients. Everything had been so wonderful today that I was in no mood to deny anything this place asked of me. He excused himself and returned with another tall young man and introduced him as Ryan.

Ryan was younger than Terry but about the same height and build. Both men were in great shape carried themselves well. It was hard to look at them and not wonder what lie beneath those baggy white pants and tunics. With their tunics showing just a hint of their chest I began to get a little turned on thinking about these two men being my servants for the next hour or so. As my mind drifted to thoughts of them running their hands all over me it quickly snapped back to reality. I was going to be naked in front of these two men. My mind raced, I wasn’t ready for that. I was scared to death now. How was I going to get out of this?

Obviously this was not Terry’s first time with a nervous client. He sensed my anxiety and quickly re-assured me as he handed me plenty of towels. He went over everything and told me to let him know if at any point I wanted them to stop or if I felt uncomfortable. I don’t remember dropping the robe or getting on the table but before I knew it I was lying face down with only a towel across my ass. Damn he is good.

Their soft hands warmed by the oil went to work on me right away. Ryan worked the soles of my feet as Terry worked my neck and my shoulders. Terry’s expert fingers were finding knots in my neck and back I didn’t know I had. With each passing minute I felt like my body was relaxing and sinking deep into the table. With feather light touches he ran his fingers over my arms as Ryan kneaded my calves. As Terry moved his ministrations to my back, Ryan moved upwards and was tenderly massaging the backs of my knees. All reservations I had were now gone. These two men were slowly taking me to heaven with each touch. I opened my eyes and found I was staring directly into Terry’s crotch as he worked on my back. I watched as he moved and could swear I could make out the outline of his cock lying in his flimsy pants. Maybe it was just me but I thought I could see it twitch every once in a while.

Terry’s hands moved in big circles farther and farther down my back as Ryan’s hands moved higher up over my thighs. I couldn’t help it now, I was getting turned on. I couldn’t feel the towel on me before but now I was ever so aware of exactly where the edges of it lie. I could feel Terry’s fingertips pass just under the edge as he rubbed across the top of my ass. Ryan was giving my thighs a deep massage and I just knew he could see how wet I was getting from his viewpoint. Each push and release on my thighs caused the lips of my pussy to rub together and it was driving me crazy. I felt my legs involuntarily fall farther apart. His hands moved farther up my thighs and he lightly grazed the bottom of my ass with each pass. There was no doubt now that he was looking straight down at my soaking wet pussy and just knowing that was making get even hotter. Together they stopped and came to the side of the table. They turned their back to me and Terry asked me to roll over on my back and place the towels.

I looked down before laying back and saw that I h ad indeed left a puddle on the towel covering the table. I was feeling really naughty now so I made sure when I put the towel over my hips that it did cover me but anyone at my feet would have an open view of my swollen pussy. I lay the towel over my tits and told them I was ready. They resumed their positions and Ryan went to work on the front of my calves. Terry stood above my head and was rubbing my shoulders. I could feel his crotch graze my head each time he leaned forward to rub down my arms. He worked his way over my shoulders and would go just under the towel to the tops of my tits. I don’t know if he was testing me but when I did not protest he would go a little lower the next time touching more and more of my tits. Soon he was completely circling them taking great care to not touch my nipples which at this point were burning for his touch.

Ryan worked his way up my thighs and like before was rubbing them good and deep. Much more consciously this time I let them fall apart as he rubbed them. Without raising my head I could just see his eyes and I could tell he was enjoying the view. He went higher and higher up my thighs with each stroke. Soon his hands were gently kneading my hips as his thumbs spread my inner thighs. I could feel the lips of my pussy being opened and the juices within spilling down the crack of my ass. Terry was leaning over me now as he ran his hands lightly over my belly letting them dip just under the towel. I could feel his cock against the side of my head as it seemed to be growing hard. Trying to be somewhat discrete I shifted my head and stroked his cock with it. It felt nice and big and was definitely hard. I shuddered a bit when Ryan’s thumb lightly grazed the outer lips of my pussy. Having no control anymore my hips rose to meet his touch when he did it again. They were on to me now as Terry slid his hand down and ran a finger through my wet slit. I couldn’t help but moan out loud. Ryan held my pussy open as Terry’s masterful fingers found my clit. What took thirty minutes to build was released in seconds as I came on his hand.

The game was over. It was no longer the time for teasing and being shy. I wanted them both and I wanted them now. I reached for terry’s cock and began stroking him through his thin pants. He slid his hands up my body and took my tits in his hands. He pinched my nipples giving them the attention they so desperately wanted. His finger in my pussy was quickly replaced by Ryan’s tongue. My pussy was on fire as his eager tongue lapped at my clit. I freed terry’s cock and pulled it to my mouth. Overcome with desire I took him fully, engulfing every inch. He held my head with one hand while he fucked my mouth fast a furious. I was a wanton woman and this is what I need and wanted. Ryan moved on the table between my legs rubbed his cock against my throbbing pussy.

“Fuck me now!” I cried.

His cock felt like it would surely split me in half as he buried it all the way in me. I hadn’t seen it but it must be huge. I have never felt a pain like that before but it quickly turned to pleasure. I have been fucked and I have been made love to but I have never had the shit fucked out of me like that. He pounded me like no other ever has and I loved it. I was screaming on Terry’s cock as he fucked my mouth. Ryan was pounding something deep inside me that must be the magic switch because I came so hard releasing a rush of juices that I could feel running down my ass.

We moved over to the couch and I told Ryan to lie on his back. I squatted over him and took that monster cock of his deep inside again. Terry pushed me forward and moved behind me. He spread my ass and was fingering my asshole. He oiled me up good and was working his finger in and out as I fucked Ryan. I felt him press his cock to my ass and with surprising little effort slipped the head in. I tried to keep a steady rhythm on Ryan’s cock as Terry slowly worked himself deeper into my ass. I was so relaxed from the whole day that there wasn’t as much discomfort as I expected. I began to rock back against him, trying to take as much cock as I could in my pussy and my ass. Terry got in rhythm with me and began fucking me harder and harder.

Ryan said he was going to come soon so I told him to get up so I could suck that fat cock of his. We repositioned and Terry slipped his cock right back in my ass while I was on all fours on the couch. I rubbed my clit as Terry pounded my tight ass. Ryan sat on the end of the couch in front of me so I could suck him while Terry fucked my ass. It was hard to keep my mouth on that big cock with terry pounding my ass so hard but I was doing the best I could. I stroked Ryan faster and faster as I sucked the head of his cock stopping only to run my tongue around the rim. Terry let out a loud moan and I felt his hot seed spill into my ass. It was the first time anyone had come in my ass and it felt great. I started coming as his come ran down across my pussy and fingers. As I cried out with Ryan’s cock in my mouth he grabbed my head and said he was coming. I held his cock head in my mouth as his warm cum filled my mouth. The salty sweet taste filled my mouth as I gulped to take it all. I licked him clean as he squeezed out every drop for me.

The spa is a little too expensive for me but I will make it my own little special treat a few times a year, or at least until they change masseuses.

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