Ms. Marca Ch. 50

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Big Tits

What not to do when you go visit a girl friend who has to many horny guys over. I guess I’ll never learn but sometimes a girl just can’t help the way men go after her and how they want to make her the center of their little world.

I had gone to send the weekend with one of my girl friends that I had modeled with. Her name was Mary and we were called M&M when we were together. It was a 3-hour drive to her town and I made it before noon. It was about 11 AM when I got to her place and found her with a few of her hunk male friends who just happened to come by and a party broke out. I had just my over night bag that had a change of clothes for Saturday, shoes, underwear, make up, and my goodie bag that I carry with me on trips, my slacks and pullover top to drive back home on Sunday afternoon. Good thing I had dressed up always want to impress the men. I had on a short mine dress with a low cut front that just did cover my nipples and it had a low dip in the back and 4″ heels made my ass stick out like a whore on Saturday night.

I was introduced to every one and was given a seat at one of the two bar stools at the small bar she had in one corner of her living room. The guys were around me like they were coming in for the kill. They offered me a drink I told them I was not a drinker and didn’t like the taste of it, but one guy said,

“Let me fix you a drink you will like!”

It tasted like lime juice with lots of ice and had salt around the rim of the glass. It didn’t taste bad at all in fact rather refreshing! I had a drink in front of me all the time and it never seem to be anywhere near empty, always was full are near full.

I knew that they were strong and was getting to me. I began to relax and obviously enjoy the jokes and stories. God how the guys looked at me and the nice things they were saying to me. One guy would put his hand on my arm and tell me something very flattering and make a remark about how sexy I looked and rub on me. They seem to have their hands all over me and soon it felt like ten hands were caressing my legs, back, arms, neck and anywhere they could touch.

They passed around this bottle of something and each took a shot glass and had a drink, and I had to have one to be part of the group. It was smooth but burned all the way down and it made me break out in a sweat, I was hot and the sexy feeling was helping my temperature rise. I think this is where I began to expose more of my flesh. One of the guys at my right side began moving his hands and stroked my neck and rubbed my upper back, it felt good and I was getting relaxed. From my neck ever so slowly, millimeter by millimeter onto my upper chest he was rubbing me and making me feel like a limp rag. At the same time the men on my left and front were working on my legs moved higher and higher up my thighs.

The men on my arms soon stroked their entire length pausing at the straps on my shoulders. They continued to massage my legs, arms, and back. All the time they told jokes and chatted to me and with me and made me feel like a queen. I looked around and ask where my girl friend was and one of the guys said she had left with one of the guys to get some snacks for the party she will be back.

I had been crossing my legs and trying to keep them crossed so they could not put a hand up my inside leg area. Every time I move my legs my tight skirt would ride up my ass more and more and I knew my ass cheeks were becoming more exposed. I looked back over my shoulder and tried to reach back to pull my skirt out of my crack but the guy working my upper back gently restrained my arm.

“Honey let me help you do that!”

He was soon massaging my cheeks gently and sensuously. I pushed away his hands and told him to be nice and that ‘s what he said he was trying to do! I just again relaxed and closed my eyes. The men working my upper body slowly pulled aside the straps of my top so they could have unimpeded access to my shoulders.

Again I tried to oppose the action but was gently stopped. They pull my straps further and further down my arms until the top front of my top was stopped. Its progress of being lower off me by the fact my tits were too big to slip it over them. At this point they tugged a little harder until it began to slide down over my breasts which left me exposed with my nipples as hard as a rock and erect.

“I’ve had to much to drink I got to stop!”

“Here one more drink and we all need to get back to work!” Came the reply from one of the men.

All this time one of the guys was pulling my dress down clear to my waist, exposing both my breasts. The top had a built in bra and it was part of the dress. I immediately was pulled back into a guy who was standing behind me and acted as the back of the barstool. I attempted to cover myself. I moaned a scared, almost crying response. The man behind lowered his head down to my ear and whispered to me “just relax!” He began to rub my neck and back again. This time he began to kiss my neck and behind my ear and tell me how sexy I looked and that my body was built for sex. My dress sivas escort now just barely covered my waist and my thong was showing. The men continued their massage now almost having full access to my entire backside. One more drink was put in front of me and I had a buzz on and I again relaxed and slowly closed my eyes as the guy rubbed my neck.

I kept reach for my dress to cover my 40DD to hide my firm stiff nipples. This continued for about another 5 minutes. I slip off the barstool and I reached down and brought my dress up over my breasts and began to return to the stool. Once in a seated position I began to reinsert my arms into the straps of the top but the men gently forced me back and pulled my arms away from the straps. I again moaned my disapproval. I started to say something but realized I had to much to drink and whatever it was I was going to say just didn’t come out and it would be to no avail and lay back against the guy who was acting as the back of the stool. I had, however, recovered one breast. The men again began their sensuous massage.

The men on my legs became a little bolder in their movements along my legs and up my thighs. Occasionally they would bump up against my crotch and indirectly rub my sweet spot with the side of their hands as they rubbed my upper thighs. The men working the arms and upper chest became also more daring and reached out to rub my breast and in doing so they pushed further and further aside the material of my dress. I was so damn high and relaxed I could not stop what they were doing they were winning. I just slowly got more turned on and the drinks were not helping my state of mind I just sat on the stool with closed eyes. All the while the men continued their boldness in exposing my breast and rubbing my crotch through my thong.


It was obvious that despite my objections I was enjoying the attention. By the time the dress was pulled down to my waist and the men working my upper body had full access to my stomach and breasts. I was breathing deeply and my chest heaved slightly with each breath-a noticeable sign of excitement. My nipples were rock hard again and the fight had gone out of me. The guy, who was working my legs, reached up and moved aside the crotch of my thong. This caused me to open my eyes and try to reach toward my exposed cunt. As I reached down to move the hand away from my pussy I looked left and right and all around and surveyed the situation.

They were all getting undressed! Seeing all these men in various state of excitement, one guy had his cock out and one had taken his pants off and had only his underwear on and the last one had his tool sticking out from his fly. I told myself (Marca girl you better do something!) I began to struggle and protest and try and get dressed.

All I could think of was that my girl friend would walk back in and see me like this. I asked where she was!

“Don’t worry Marca, she and so and so will be gone for a long time they went to his place!”

They all smiled. It turned out that what were 5 horny men was down to 3 horny and I might say will-hung hunks. Two of them went with her and I had so much to drink I didn’t know the difference. I was standing with my dress on the floor and just my thong on looking around at each of them. Than I felt a hand on each side of my ass cheeks slip under my thong straps and in one movement they were lifting me and it was off me and down around my shoes.

The guy in front of me gently reached forward and rubs my pussy lips while the other two started kissing my nipples and rubbing my ass cheeks and anything else they could get to. I just moved my legs apart. He rubbed my clitoris for a minute or two and then slowly worked his middle finger into my vagina.

“GOD DAMN, she doesn’t need any lubricant. She’s wetter than any pussy I’ve ever felt.”

He reached down and stroked his cock. The guy up front then stepped forward between my legs and rubbed his cock up and down my moist slit. I told myself not to fuck him, but I was over the edge, but I tried one more time and ask him again not to fuck me but my pleas were not even heard. The men at my breast never stop holding my arms and had my breast in their mouth sucking and licking my nipples; all I had to do was look down and could see the cock parting my pussy lips. Slowly he began to insert just the tip a little bit at a time into my vagina. Moving back and forth he lingeringly entered me.

With each movement of his cock up into me I began to moan and groan and spread my legs, it did feel good and I was hot, damn hot! After a few minutes of this teasing he was fully inserted. I began to rock back and forth on his full erect cock. He commented on how great my pussy felt we were looking each other in the eye and he kissed me full mouth and lost his tongue half way down me. The other men were about to bite my nipples off, which just made me have one climax after another.

Somehow I don’t remember but we ended up in the bedroom and all I can think of was when he had his cock in me all the way and was kissing me he must have picked me up and carried me into the bed. I know I braced myself against the bed still protesting slightly. The other two men were still at my side; they stop sucking my nipples and placed their cocks into my outstretched hands. At first I tried to pull away but then they kept forcing me to make contact. Deftly they worked their cocks into my palms. At first I didn’t respond but soon I tightened my grip slightly, as the one fucken me still worked away between my legs.

I had 2 or 3 small climax and knew I might as will make the most of this for I had gotten myself into this by trying to be cute and a smart ass. The guy fucken me stop and that was when I open my eyes wide and look up to see why he had stop so quick. “DAMN DON”T STOP!”

He withdrew and one of the other men dropped between my limp thighs. He began to vigorously lick my cunt, especially my clitoris, God he knew just where to find it! After about a minute I began to respond. First I moaned and then gripped the two cocks tighter and began to stroke them almost subconsciously. The man between my legs carried on his motions. I soon began bucking and stroking the cocks faster and harder.

The man licking me inserted his middle finger inside my ass and continued his tongue thrashes harder and faster. This is when I went wild and began to beg for them to FUCK ME!

“Oh God please put it in please, FUCK ME PLEASE, somebody FUCK ME!”

After about five or six minutes I moaned a deep guttural sound as my cunt began to pulsate rhythmically. The action stopped for minutes as I tries to get my breath and then the first guy resumed his position between my legs and slowly reinserted his tool. This time I lay back and wanted it I relaxed my pussy ready for it to fill my love canal. Soon I was even began to respond to his movements.

The guy fucken me pump harder and faster and soon was obviously well on his way. He reached down and locked my knees in his arms and pulled my legs up over his shoulders-allowing total deep penetration. I cried out how it was and told him what he could do to me


I moaned and bucked in response. Soon he rose up on his arms groaned and tensed the muscles of his legs and ass and poured his sperm into my waiting pussy. I moaned and thrust my pussy up to meet him and to try and hold my pussy lips around his throbbing cock. I froze in an effort to feel each squirt of his cock as it throbbed. After about thirty seconds he dropped back on the bed and lay there looking at me.

One of the other guys got on his back and moved up to where my face was next to his cock and he was hard ready for action. I was still trying to get my breath; his rod stood up against his stomach, extending about 9 inches from its base. I looked at it for a minute as the other men prodded me to try it. I smiled then crawled over toward the awaiting erection. I bent over and began to taste the huge cock and worked it all over. In the meantime, the third and last guy approached and began rubbing my pussy/ass; he moved in behind me and slowly inserts his hardened cock into my cunt. To this I responded by glancing back to see who my visitor was and then went back to work on the mouth full of cock. As the man pumped me from behind I moaned and rocked back on it. I was experiencing for the first time in years of having two cocks at the same time.

I continued to suck and lick the cock in my mouth, pausing occasionally to feel more completely the penis in my vagina. The different sex acts and positions that we all were experiencing went on for about 2 hours and I think I did each guy 2 times. All I remember was just having a climax one after the other and how I kept calling out


After they had done me with me on my back and on my side as I sucked and fucked the two at the same time. They had me get up on all 4’s and each took me dog style. The second time for each of them lasted what seem like forever and I had one orgasm right after another. I was going off about every 10 minutes, each time I would hump back to try and get more of their cock in me. I was seeing stars and having fireworks go off in my mind. THE BIG BANG THEORY!

They continued to pump and hump me dog style. Damn how could they keep going at it like this? The room was dark with the exception of the light coming from the bathroom and they just kept taking each other place when they had shot their load in me. I felt one of the cock’s slips in and it didn’t go in as far and I humped back to get more, but it was not going in deep as it had before. I looked back between my legs and could not see any balls and I reached back to feel them and theses were small baby nuts. I jerked my head up and turned to look back who is this?

I could just make out by the light from the door that is not one of the guys; this was the Mexican maintenance man who worked for the apartment complex.


He was holding on to my ass and had a hard grip on my upper hips. The more I tried to pull away the harder he held on, he was a strong fucker for a guy to have such a small cock.

“Oh senora bonito, no sacar …senora…. empujar atras…

He let one of his hand off my right hip and as I turned to look back to see what he was doing I felt and saw his hand slap my right ass cheek. WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! I cried out for him to stop. Damn you stop! He let me have it 3 more times and my butt was beginning to sting and I tried to wiggle lose from him. I could see that he stop slapping me when I moved my ass back and wiggled it, if I don’t want to get my ass slapped I better keep it humping back at him.

Si si mucho grande pecho!

He began to quicken his pace and I knew he was about to go off and I looked to my left to see him when I saw two more men come into the room. Oh no, I was going to get ganged banged, I just knew it. How many were there? Were they all Mexican. Were they black? I really didn’t care. I realized I was well beyond the point of turning back. The way I was feeling right now I could handle a busload of men. I was getting my second wind, and was ready to take on the next guy or should I say guys. I was on fire. I wanted them and I was ready to let them continue doing this! I needed to get fucked – real bad.

“Please, somebody fuck me,”

I said, as my breathing grew more rapid and louder. A Mexican voice said!

“Oh, so you want to get fucked do you?” “God yes….please…fuck me.” “No can do just yet,”

What was happening to me? Three complete strange men just fucked me for the past 2 hours and three more were going to have their way with me and I…guess I wanted more.

I was now in a bedroom with six men! The three guys that just joined were all from the apartment complex and were in the maintenance crew. They began getting undressed. Within minutes, six naked men surrounded me! The short fat Mexican maintenance man who just fucked me was the boss of the crew and he had just pulled down his jeans to get his little boy cock in me was just taking off all his clothes. The fat belly slob had a cock about 4 inches, if that.

One by one they each took turns fucking me, making sure they called me every demeaning name they could think of.

“Come on move that hot ass of yours you big tit fuck,”

One Mexican shouted as he practically knocked me over with his thrusts. Everyone else got in line behind him, which would become common place in this bedroom as the day ticked away into night.

Sometime about 8 PM the phone rang and it was Mary calling to tell me she was still over at a guy’s house. One of the men from the first group answered the phone. I was getting fucked dog style by one of the Mexicans and when I knew it was her I shook my head no I didn’t want to talk. He told her, when she asked to speak to me, that I was in the bathroom taking a shower.

“Hell yes we are having a great time!”

“Baby, Marca is something else, she is one fine woman!”

“Oh we are being real nice to her, we all love looking at that fabulous ass of hers, she has our full attention!”

“Why don’t you just stay over there tonight and let Marca take care of the home front!”

“OK! Baby you can be assured that I and every man here will give her his love for you!”


“Marca she said she will see you around noon tomorrow, guess that doesn’t give us but 15 hours to give out love to you from Mary and fuck your ass off!”

Who ever was fucking me shot his load, stopped humping and pulled it out of my sore cunt. Without even so much as a second, one more took his place and guided his erection up to my swollen pussy lips and stuck it inside of me. He would than slap my ass and tell me to hump it bitch and I began humping like a dog. I felt like a bitch dog in season and this was the pack of Great Danes and the fat Mexican had to be that Tocoa Bell dog.

The last Mexican guy stepped up to take his turn he was the youngest and my god what a man, he had to be bigger than any of the others. I was told he was a only 19, look like a Lineman for the one of the NFL teams. The guy was 6′ 6″, 295# and he had muscles that had muscles. When he had raised up from the chair in the bedroom and moved on to the bed he got on his knees, that was when I got a good look at his cock. When I saw it, my breath caught in my throat. It was every bit as big, if not bigger, than any guy I had ever had. Mesmerized by the sight of it, I turned over on my back and looked up at him and open my legs wide and pulled them back up over my shoulders.

With my legs spread as wide as possible, I was completely unaware of anyone or anything else but the gigantic cock making its way towards my pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off it! I wondered if it would fit. My cunt had been fucked by five other guys and three of them had done me twice already, yes I think I’ll get it in. he began to kiss his way up my body, stopping at my 40DD tits to suck my nipples. By the time his cock gently touched the entrance of my red swollen cunt, I was more than ready for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32