Mom , Daughter are Lesbians Ch. 04

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18-years-old.


“After what happened tonight. I don’t want sleep alone. May I sleep with you?”

Continued from Chapter 03:

“That’s not all he did, Mother,” said Heather with a sad look while fidgeting with her fingers.

Suspecting what she was going to say was what happened to her several times, Laura looked at her daughter with anger.

“What? Tell me. What did he do? Did he hurt you? Did he rape you? Tell me so that I can kill the bastard,” said Laura getting angrier in the way that only a protective mother can.

Heather shook her head no.

“It didn’t get that far but it could have. When he put my hand on him, he was already out of his pants. I couldn’t believe it. He put my hand on his naked cock,” she said. “Eww. That was so disgusting. That was so gross. That was so nasty. I couldn’t believe I touched his cock.”

Right now with her so horny, if she didn’t have a pussy to lick, Laura would settle on sucking and fucking a cock. With no one around, she was tempted to call on her elderly neighbor, Dan, and suck and fuck him. With no one around, she was tempted to telephone her daughter’s date. She wondered if her date would do the same to her that he did to her daughter. Only, instead of pushing him away, especially in the horny way she was feeling right now, she’d fuck him silly before sucking him dry.

“Oh, my God,” said Laura feeling anger as much as she felt sexual excitement. “What a pig?”

Bringing back memories, she remembered the first time she felt a cock, stroked a cock, sucked a cock, and fucked a cock. Whether in their pants or out of their pants, she couldn’t count how many men put her hand on their swollen pricks. She couldn’t count how many horny men wouldn’t take no for an answer and practically raped her. She couldn’t count how many men forced her to stroke them and suck them. It was only until she agreed to give them what they wanted, a hand job and/or a blowjob that they’d stop sexually abusing her.

With women gentler and more respectful, is it any wonder why she’d sexually rather be with a woman than with a man? She never had to wrestle with a sexually aggressive woman. She never met a woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer. Obviously, the much better sex, women were much nicer and more understanding than men.

“At first, I was as curious as I was surprised. I had never touched or even seen a penis close up before. Nonetheless shocked by the touch of it, I was fascinated with it. It was so hard and yet so soft at the same time,” she said with a shrug. “I stared down at his erect cock while mistakenly giving him the wrong impression that I was interested in stroking, sucking, and/or fucking his erect prick when I wasn’t.”

As if all men were animals and all pricks were snakes, Laura looked at her daughter with horror.

“Bastard! That dirty bastard,” said Laura.

As if afraid to tell her mother for fear that she’d really be angry and perhaps think her a whore, Heather nodded her head with indecision before confiding in her mother.

“He wrapped my fingers around his naked penis, Mom. How he managed to get himself out of his pants without me knowing, is still a mystery to me,” said Heather crying now. “He moved my hand up and down with his hand in his attempt to have me give him a forced hand job. All I could think of was him squirting himself all over my hand and all over my clothes. Eww. Gross. That would have been so gross.”

Laura laughed to herself while hugging and comforting her daughter. Probably buckets full, she couldn’t count how much cum men shot all over her hand, all over her tits, all over her face, in her mouth, and in her pussy. Only with her daughter acting so innocent and so much like the virgin that she obviously was, she needed to have a long talk with her about men and the facts of the sexual life of a woman.

“Son of a bitch,” said her mother. “I can’t believe he sexually assaulted you.”

Heather looked at her mother with tears.

“I only wish a hand job was the only thing he wanted but he put a heavy hand behind my neck and pulled my mouth down to him,” said Heather. “He was so strong, too strong for me to fight him.”

Laura looked at her daughter with shock.

“Oh, my God, that fucking creep,” she said really getting angry now. “You poor thing,” she said hugging her daughter tighter while her robe opened even more.

While holding her mother tighter, Heather remained silent before speaking again. Now, really feeling horny, Laura wished she had a pussy to lick or a cock to suck.

“I tried fighting him but as soon as I opened my mouth to scream, he stuck his erect prick in my mouth Mom. His cock was in my mouth, Mom. Gross, so gross. I can still taste him,” said Heather.

Heather made a face as if she had just swallowed poison.

“Dirty bastard. Filthy pig,” said Laura getting angrier that her daughter as so sexually abused.

While moving her hair away from her pretty face, Laura kadıköy escort stroked her daughter’s long hair. Now beyond being horny after all that her daughter confessed, Laura wished she had a pussy to lick or a cock to suck.

“Gagging me, surprised I didn’t puke all over him, he practically shoved his prick down my throat. Holding my head there with one hand, he reached his other hand down my top and bra to feel my naked tits and finger my nipples. He humped my mouth while moving my head up and down with his hands. As if he was a crazed rapist instead of my friend, he forced me to blow him, Mom. He wanted me to suck him. He wanted to cum in my mouth but before he could ejaculate in my mouth, I squeezed his testicles as hard as I could. While he was screaming in pain, I demanded that he drive me home.”

Chapter 04:

As if the horrific experience was too much for her, Heather collapsed in her mother’s lap with her lips nearly touching her naked pussy. Her daughter laying there in her arms elicited so many memories of how she used to hold and comfort her daughter when she was frightened and couldn’t sleep. With the bottom of her robe now opened wide, even much wider than before, her daughter’s face was practically buried in her pussy.

Laura was consumed by the sexually suggested image of Heather kissing her pussy before licking her pussy. Her daughter’s nose was so close to her pussy that she could obviously smell the musky aroma of her sexual excitement. She was getting even more sexually aroused with the imagined thoughts of her daughter eating her. Then, when she thought of licking her daughter’s pussy too, in the way that her date did by sticking his cock in Heather’s mouth, Laura wanted to press her daughter’s mouth closer to her cunt.

Sexually exciting her even more than she was before, already so wet, as if her daughter was prepared to lick her while fingering her, Laura could feel her daughter’s breath on her pubic hair. Whenever Heather spoke and/or licked her lips, she imagined that she could feel Heather’s tongue touching her pubic hair. As if her daughter was sexually teasing her by breathing on her pussy, Laura imagined her daughter doing much more than that.

Something she had never experienced with Heather before, her daughter’s mouth and tongue were just mere inches away from sexually satisfying her in the way that no daughter should ever sexually satisfy her mother. Wishing her legs were spread open more, Laura suddenly wanted to spread her legs for her daughter in the way she willingly spread her legs for her Vermont lover, Elizabeth. Hoping that she’d take the hint, in the way that a mother seduces her son, Laura wanted to expose her cunt to her daughter.

She wondered what her daughter would do if her glistening, pink pussy was exposed to her. Would she stare at her mother’s cunt or would she look away? Would she move between her legs for a closer look? Would she finger her? Would she lick her?

If nothing else, it sexually excited her to fantasize her daughter fingering her while licking her. If nothing else, it was sexually excited her to imagine her daughter giving her an orgasm with her mouth and fingers. She’d love nothing more than to give her daughter an orgasm with her mouth and fingers too. If nothing else, using her purple rabbit vibrator on her clit and her Mr. Big dildo on her vagina, she’d have more fodder to masturbate herself later.

“There, there, Heather. There, there,” said Laura patting the back of her daughter’s pretty head. “There, there.”

Terrible for a mother to think such things but she wished her daughter would touch her, finger her, and lick her. In the way her daughter’s date had just done to Heather, while spreading her legs opened wide, she’d love nothing more than to push her daughter’s head down between her legs. In the way her daughter’s date had stuff Heather’s mouth with his exposed, erect cock, she’d love to mash her daughter’s mouth all over her wet cunt. If only her daughter was lesbian too and as sexually attracted to her as she was sexually attracted to her daughter, she’d love nothing more than for her daughter eat her cunt in the way that Heather’s date wanted her to suck his cock.

“I wish I had your blonde, pretty hair, Mom,” said Heather lifting her head from her mother’s lap to stare at her mother’s exposed, blonde pussy. “You did a nice job of trimming your snatch,” said Heather laughing while opening the bottom of her mother’s bathrobe to expose her naked pussy even more that it was exposed before.

As if daydreaming while playing with the fuzz on a blanket, Heather moved her hand closer to touch her mother’s pubic hair with her fingertips. Obviously for her to say that she did a nice job trimming her pussy, she must have seen her pussy. Now, it sexually excited her even more for her daughter to not only see her cunt but also touch her pubic hair with her fingertips. Instead of ignoring the elephant in the room by not commenting on her mother’s cunt, it sexually excited her that her kaynarca escort daughter called attention to her pussy being so exposed.

“God, that’s so embarrassing,” said Laura pulling her robe closed while laughing. “Oh, my God, Heather, don’t do that.”

As if it was a subtle hint for her daughter to touch her and, perhaps finger her, as soon as she pulled her robe closed, it opened again. With this her flashing robe, the light silk always slid across and down her shapely thighs to slide itself open. Laura stared at her daughter in the way that a lesbian woman would stare at her lover. Perhaps imagining something that wasn’t there, or maybe it was there, and/or maybe the wine was playing tricks on her, but she thought her daughter gave her the eye.

When she saw that look on her daughter’s face and stared down at her lips, no matter if she was her mother and she was her daughter, she wanted to kiss her. An overwhelming feeling of incestuous lust, she had the uncontrollable urge to French kiss her daughter while touching and feeling her everywhere her date touched and felt her when they went parking. Only, with her Heather’s mother, she’d be much worse than her date when he sexually molested her.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Mom. It’s just us girls,” she said while still staring down at her mother’s exposed pussy. She looked up to give her mother a sexually suggestive look while biting her lip before licking her lips. “I’ve seen you naked before.”

‘She’s seen me naked before? When? How? With me such an exhibitionist, I’m always so careful not to expose myself to my daughter,’ thought Laura.

Laura pulled the bottom of her robe closed again but the top of her robe was still askew and opened enough to give her daughter a down robe view of her big breasts.

“I’m not embarrassed,” she said lying. “I’m just cold. This robe is not very warm,” she said using her being cold as her excuse to hide her uncomfortableness from her daughter staring at her naked pussy and naked tits.

Heather smiled at her mother’s uncomfortableness. A woman from a different generation that was so modestly moral, if she only knew how her friends all pranced around one another naked while getting ready to go out, she’d be shocked. With many of the college dorms co-ed, nudity was no big deal to her and/or to her friends. Washing one another’s backs while helping one another to get ready, whether male or female, they’ve even showered together.

“It’s just a pussy, Mom. We both have one,” said Heather with laugh.

Actually, instead of making her uncomfortable, her daughter was making her horny. The more that Heather stared down at her exposed cunt, the hornier she was becoming. Her incestuous, lesbian fantasy come true, if it wasn’t wicked enough that she was flashing Heather her pussy, she couldn’t believe her daughter was staring at her pussy. Then, a delayed reaction to what her daughter had said about seeing her naked before, she realized what her daughter had just said.

“What? Wait. You’ve seen me naked before?” She looked at Heather as if she was lying but her daughter didn’t lie. “You have? When? Where? How? I don’t remember you seeing me naked.”

Heather laughed.

“I don’t know,” said Heather shrugging a laugh. “With us living together, I’ve seen you in your bra and panties, topless, and naked here, there, and everywhere plenty of times. Just as I’m surprised that you never knew that I saw you in all manner of undress, I’m surprised you never saw me naked too,” said Heather as if hinting for her mother to confess.

Always so careful to shield her daughter from her exhibitionistic nature, Laura tried thinking when and how her daughter may have seen her in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked. She tried thinking if she ever saw her daughter naked. Other than when she changed her diapers as a baby and gave her baths as a young girl, she couldn’t remember seeing any part of her daughter’s sexy, shapely body.

To be honest, giving her even more to masturbate over later, now that she saw her daughter’s panty clad ass and pussy, she’d love to see her daughter naked. She’d love to see her daughter’s naked ass, naked pussy, and naked tits. Only, if she ever saw Heather naked, she didn’t know if she could control herself from touch her, feeling her, and fondling her naked body.

With her daughter still holding her as if she was her girlfriend instead of her mother, her daughter’s touch sent shivers down her spine. Suddenly, she felt a familiar gush of wetness between her thighs. Sexually aroused, wanting to feel emotionally closer to her daughter and needing to feel physically closer to her daughter, she suddenly had the urge again to kiss Heather as if she was her lover instead of her mother.

As if she was the man and Heather was the woman, she wanted to part Heather’s lips with her tongue. As if she was her lover instead of her mother, she wanted to feel her daughter’s shapely body through her clothes while kissing her. Then, Heather did something she kartal escort never expected her daughter would ever do to her mother. As if she was a man or her lover, Liz, feeling her big breast, Heather reached up her hand and cupped her breast through her robe, first one and then the other.

‘Oh, my God,’ she thought she was going to have an orgasm right then and right then when Heather felt her big breasts.


“I wish I had your big tits, Mom. They’re so huge,” she said feeling her mother’s entire breasts in her hand. Then, she did something unexpected. She slid a slow hand across her erect nipples before pulling her mother’s nipple out more through her robe with her fingertips. “I wish I had your big nipples.”

Embarrassed that her daughter was making her so very sexually excited, wanting to clutch Heather’s hand in her hand to keep it there, instead she brushed her daughter’s hand away.

“Oh, my God. Heather! Don’t do that,” she said shriveling within herself and covering her breasts with her forearm.

Heather stared down at her mother’s breasts before staring up at her mother.

“Why can’t I feel your tits and finger your nipples?”

Laura rolled her eyes.

“Duh? Because you’ll sexually excite me,” she said with a self-consciously, nervous laugh. “I’ve been horny all night.”

‘God,’ she thought. ‘As if hinting for her to do something about my horniness, I can’t believe I told my daughter that I’m horny and have been horny all night. Obviously, that’s the wine talking. It’s a good thing I didn’t have a third glass of wine, otherwise I’d be all over her kissing her and feeling her. It’s a good thing I didn’t have that third glass of wine, otherwise I’d be having sex with my daughter right now,’ though Laura while still reeling over her daughter feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples.


Then, if it wasn’t enough that Heather cupped her breasts and pulled out her nipples through the thin, silk material of her robe, she couldn’t believe what she asked her next.

“May I see them?”

Laura looked where Heather was staring. She looked up at her daughter before looking down at her breasts again.

“See what? My breasts? You want to see my tits?”

Heather nodded her head while giving her mother a grin of curiosity.

‘Oh, my God,’ thought Laura while feeling a familiar wetness between her thighs again.

“Yes, your breasts,” she said. “May I see your tits? I’ve always been curious about them. They’re so big, huge actually.”

With her daughter inciting her exhibitionism along with her feelings of lesbianism, beyond sexually excited now, Laura was tempted to stand and strip off her robe to show her daughter her naked body.

“No, you can’t see my tits,” said Laura with a nervous laugh. “Now that you want to see them, instead of you accidentally seeing them, I’d be embarrassed showing you my tits.”

Not taking no for an answer and with Laura offering no resistance, Heather opened her mother’s bathrobe in the way that Laura imagined her daughter’s date lifting her top and bra.

“C’mon, Mom. What’s the big deal? I just want to see how big they are,” she said undoing her mother’s bathrobe tie and splaying open her robe. Heather stared at her mother’s big breasts in the way that so very many men have stared at Laura’s big breasts. “They’re huge. I wish I had your big tits,” said Heather feeling the weight of them in her palms. “They’re so heavy. They’re so firm. They’re so shapely. You have beautiful breasts, Mom. You really do,” she said looking up at her mother before staring down at her tits again.

Beyond sexually aroused now, Laura couldn’t believe that not only had she flashed her daughter her pussy but now she was allowing Heather to see her big breasts. Beyond being sexually excited, she couldn’t wait to masturbate herself. She couldn’t wait to imagine Heather feeling her tits while fingering and sucking her nipples. She couldn’t wait to imagine Heather fingering and licking her pussy. She couldn’t wait to imagine kissing her daughter while feeling her naked body before eating her pussy too.

“Okay, show over. That’s enough,” said Laura trying to stop her embarrassment and regain her modesty and shame by closing her robe.

This was her daughter and not some woman she picked up in a bar and brought home for lesbian sex. As if Heather was an insistent, horny man, instead of taking no for an answer, as soon as Laura closed her robe, Heather opened her mother’s robe again to expose her big breasts as well as her blonde, trimmed pussy.


“Wait. I’m not done looking at them, Mommy,” said Heather as if she was still an inquisitive, little girl instead of a grown, sexual woman. “Let me see. I want to see them again,” she said. “Please Mommy, show me your tits. I want to see your breasts.”

Laura relented and allowed her daughter to open her robe again. She gave Heather access to her naked body in the way she wished Heather would give her access to her naked body too. Only, just because her daughter was inquisitive about her big breasts, didn’t mean that her daughter was lesbian. She was just curious, perhaps bi-curious at the most. Continuing to touch them, feel them, and fondle them, she stared at her mother’s breasts as if she had never seen tits before.

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