Mistle-Blow: Three Nerds and a Beauty

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Note 1: This is a Christmas 2013 Contest story…so please vote and enjoy.

Note 2: Thanks to goamz86 and MAB7991 for editing this story.

Mistle-Blow: Three Nerds & a Beauty

When we hired Amber we did so with rock hard cocks.

The three of us, Ben, Eugene and I (Blair), were all nerds, who spent way more time working on computers than talking to people.

Yet, when our online computer help business really took off, it became a major hassle to answer the phones, and billing was a bitch to keep up with.

We put an advertisement in the paper for a secretary, preferably with some accounting experience. Thankfully, the market crash had made jobs tough to get and our advertisement had hundreds of applicants.

It ended up being more work than anticipated but after narrowing the field to ten, we interviewed and were in awe with the applicants. They were all great and we really had no clue who we were going to hire, until Amber sauntered into the room.

She walked in, fiery red hair, hypnotic green eyes, in a black dress, with a gold belt that really accessorized the outfit bringing out her voluptuous breasts and hourglass shape body. Her legs in shiny black pantyhose had my cock begging for attention and the five inch gold heels were both sexy and a statement.

Yet, besides being ridiculously hot, a solid twelve on a ten point scale, she was also incredibly intelligent, surprisingly nerdy (she knew how to play Dungeons and Dragons and quoted Lord of the Rings) and was way over qualified for the position. Yet, she really wanted a job and we really wanted her.

Of course, we all had a crush on her. Not surprisingly she had a-just-as-ridiculously-hot-as-she-was boyfriend who actually played professional hockey for the Los Angeles Kings.

The beauty of Amber though was when you got past her cover girl looks and to her warm heart. We were all used to being treated like crap by the pretty people in high school, but Amber treated us as equals and never acted above us. On top of that, she had a wicked sense of humour and a naughty one too, as she instantly spiced up our lives.

She just had a sweet demeanour, and a way of building our self-esteem.

Eugene was a lot like Raj from the Big Bang Theory in how he struggled to complete a sentence when speaking to any girl that wasn’t his mother, but through constant work, Amber had got Eugene talking without stammering and to look her in the eyes.

She had also helped Ben with his online profile as he tried to meet a woman and move out of his parent’s house, Ben being our Howard.

Lastly, she had helped me by changing my fashion sense and my hairstyle being closest to Leonard in regards of my Big Bang character; of course, Amber was our Penny.

It was amazing how a woman so out of our league fit in so well. On weekends when her boyfriend was on the road for a game, she would often hang out with us playing board games, watching movie marathons and so forth, she had become one of the guys (the only difference being each of us was secretly in love with her).

It was almost Christmas and Amber was fitting in perfectly when one night everything changed.

It started like most days do, with Ben talking about his latest scheme…one that was bound to fail like every other so-called brilliant scheme of his.

“Mistle-blow,” he said, walking into the office.

“What?” I asked, hearing his words but not listening.

“The best Christmas outfit ever,” he said, “Mistletoe on your belt that is right above your junk…mistle-blow.”

“That is the dumbest idea of yours yet,” I sighed, Ben always coming up with bizarre ways to get women he could never get.

“You’ll see,” Ben confidently said, as he did with all his bound to fail ideas.

“Oh I can’t wait,” I replied, my sarcasm always wasted on Ben.

“You can’t wait for what?” Amber asked, walking in looking ravishing as always.

Ben stammered, never able to walk the walk that he talked, “N-n-nothing.”

“Go ahead, tell Amber about your new full proof way to get a woman,” I teased.

“It’s nothing,” Ben said.

“Oh come on, what is it?” Amber asked curious.

Ben relented and said, “Mistle-blow.”

“Hmmmmm,” Amber purred, loving to tease Ben. “So instead of a kiss you get a blow job?”

“Precisely,” Ben said, still rather proud of his idea.

“Well, I think it is an adorable idea,” Amber smiled.

“Adorable, oh God the kiss of death,” Ben sighed dramatically.

“What?” Amber asked. “I like the idea.”

“A puppy is adorable, a new baby is adorable,” Ben rattled off.

Amber said, trying to make Ben feel better, “Well I guarantee you my boyfriend would love the mistle-blow idea.”

“You should market it,” I quipped.

“Fuck you,” Ben retorted, his usual comeback line.

“Don’t you mean suck you,” Amber corrected, making Ben blush.

We eventually got to work, which this time of the year is tough to focus on with Christmas just a couple of days diyarbakır escort away. When unfortunately Amber’s world fell apart when she learned that her boyfriend was cheating on her, just a few hours before a Christmas party she was supposed to go to with him.

Unfortunately, dating a semi-celebrity, she found out the hard way, when a reporter came to our work and asked for her thoughts. She broke down on camera and I had to send the nosey reporter out.

We spent the next hour trying to cheer her up.

Between crying she said, “I even bought a new dress for tonight.”

I said, “Well that shouldn’t go to waste.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, her tears finally running out.

“Isn’t your dress here?” I asked, recalling her saying she was leaving right from work to meet her boyfriend at his place.

“It is,” she said.

“We can have our own Christmas party tonight,” I suggested.

“We could?” She asked.

“Sure,” I said, the idea actually quite logical the more I thought about it. “We will all get dressed up, go out for supper at Weldon’s and come back to the office for a few drinks and games.”

“You guys would do that for me?” She asked, her sweet innocence so adorable. I would jump in front of a bullet for her…we all would.

We all chorused, “Of course,” each of us willing to do anything for the most beautiful girl in the world.


Four hours later we were at Weldon’s, a five star, five course meal, restaurant. It takes six month to get a reservation to this often celebrity sighting hot spot, but we created their website for them and they always got us in somehow.

The conversation and the wine went down rather freely and we were all well on our way to drunk by the time dessert was done.

We were at the door, while Eugene was paying with a company business credit card when Amber said, pointing up, “Look.”

I followed her hand and gaze and saw mistletoe directly above her.

She closed her eyes and puckered her lips.

I looked at Ben who was more stunned than me and he just nodded as if vicariously living through me.

I moved forward and kissed her quickly on the cheek.

Opening her eyes, Amber said pouting, “That doesn’t count. Stand under it, Blair.”

I awkwardly moved under it, nervous and yet with a growing anticipation of being kissed by Amber.

Once under the mistletoe, Amber moved in closer and kissed me. Her lips tasted like strawberries and were so soft and sweet. I was instantly in love (as if I wasn’t already) and didn’t want the brief tender moment of intimacy to end.

Breaking the kiss, she smiled and winked, reaching up and taking the mistletoe, “There is more of that if you play your cards right.”

My cock begged to be released from captivity as the brief kiss sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout my entire being with the promise of more.

Fifteen minutes later, we were back at the office and Amber suggested, flooring all of us, “Let’s play poker…strip poker.”

Eugene in full anxiety mode stammered, “Y-y-you serious?”

Amber lifted the mistletoe over her head, and said before closing her eyes and puckering her lips, “I’m deadly serious, now come and kiss me, stud.”

Eugene had a deer in the headlights look, completely unaware what to do next.

Ben said, trying to act suave after missing his chance at the restaurant, “I’ll kiss you, Amber,” and moved between the ravenous beauty and the bewildered Eugene kissed Amber.

Once the kiss was done, Amber smiled, “Not bad, sexy.”

Ben, always trying to act confidently, said, “That’s what all the ladies say.”

I joked, making sure to keep Ben in line, “Your mom doesn’t count.”

“Bite me,” Ben quipped back.

Amber, way more flirtatious than usual, added, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Ben’s eyes went wide at the implied implication.

Amber and I laughed before she moved to Eugene and kissed him before he had time to react.

“You were his first kiss Amber,” I joked, although it was the truth.

“Maybe I’ll be his first everything,” she smiled, shocking us all with her words and a quick squeeze to Eugene’s crotch. She added her tone sultry, “I think he liked it.”

Eugene’s face was beet red and he was paralyzed as Amber walked to our conference table, sat down and said, “Let’s get this game started.”

Ben joined her at the table with lightning speed and I wasn’t far behind. Ben asked, “Are you serious, Amber?”

“About what?” She smiled playfully, knowing full well what Ben was asking.

“Playing strip poker,” Ben asked, trying to remain suave and casual when he was anything but.

“Of course,” she said, chugging her wine that we had brought from the restaurant. “If you guys are,” she paused, before stressing the word ‘up’, “up for it.”

My cock was bursting at the seams as I am sure was Ben’s. Playing on her words, I replied. “Oh, I am big time up for it.”

She smiled, understanding my implication completely, teasing me relentlessly diyarbakiranalatik.com with her words and look, “We will soon see if that is true.”

“Eugene come sit down,” Ben demanded, eager to get started.

Eugene, still in a comatose stunned state, wandered to the table and sat down.

“So the rules,” she said. “Since I am the only girl we need to level the playing field.”

“What would they be?” I asked, anxious to get started myself, before Amber changed her mind.

“If I win all three of you take off a piece of clothing,” she said.

“Fair enough,” Ben agreed.

“And if we win?” I asked.

She smiled flirtatiously, “I start getting naked.”

“Let’s play,” Ben said, grabbing the cards that were on the table from last night and starting to shuffle them.

Eugene remained quiet, but played the first hand intensely like he always did, hating to lose. The gods, seemingly against the nerds like it often feels they are, had Amber win the first two hands.

Each of us took off a shoe after each loss and I was thankful that I was wearing a suit and had a lot more clothing on than the scantily clad Amber.

She giggled, as she finished her wine. “Can one of you studs get me another glass of wine?”

Ben quickly filled it up and finally in the third hand one of us won as Eugene had a straight flush.

Amber stood up and asked with such sexiness I wanted to come instantly, “Eugene what do you want me to take off, sexy?”

His eyes bugged out like a cartoon character. He was literally speechless.

Amber said, smiling naughtily, “It is getting kind of hot in here isn’t it?”

Ben quickly tried to help Eugene out. “It is getting really hot in here.”

Eugene, not one to catch on at all, replied oblivious to the hints, “Your shoes?”

“My heels?” She asked, lifting up her leg to Eugene. “Can you take it off for me?”

“S-s-sure,” he stammered, his hand shaking as he slipped Amber’s nylon-clad foot out of her five-inch heel.

I stared at her red painted toenails in sheer nylons and my already hard cock flinched. I was a legs guy and particularly had a fetish for nylons and seeing her leg and foot in nylon was the hottest thing I had ever seen that wasn’t on the internet.

“Thanks,” Amber cooed, leaning down and kissing his forehead before sitting back down with one less shoe.

I won the next hand and Amber who was sitting next to me, rolled her chair back just a bit, flipped her leg onto my lap and said, “Would you be a dear?”

I put my hand on the back of her ankle and let out a slight gasp. The nylon was so silky smooth that it turned me on even more, if that was possible. I slowly slipped the heel off her foot, the whole time never taking my eyes off her stocking-clad foot.

“Actually, Blair, would you mind giving me a foot massage? My feet are killing me,” she said, as she moved her second foot onto my lap.

“Of-of-of course,” I agreed, my fantasy actually happening. I slowly massaged her feet, my stiff cock underneath her legs.

Amber said, after emptying another glass of wine, “Let’s take a break and play a bit of truth or dare. Ben, truth or dare.”

“Truth,” Ben chose.

“How many girls have you fucked?” Amber asked bluntly.

Ben’s face went beet red like Eugene earlier.

“You’re not serious?” She asked, reading between the lines.

Ben, wanting to defend his humiliation, tossed the rest of us under the bus, “Eugene and Blair are virgins too.”

“Fuck off,” she gasped, looking at me, “You too Blair?”

“I got head once in high school, but never penis in vagina,” I admitted.

“We’re not in high school so please don’t talk like we are,” she said, purposely rubbing her foot on my cock. “I have a pussy or cunt and you have a cock, a seemingly hard one.”

“Oh God,” I groaned, her words coming from someone so sweet had me ready to burst.

“So have either of you two got head?” Amber asked directing her question to Eugene and Ben.

Ben and Eugene both shook their heads no; meaning Ben was full of shit about last summer and his trip to New Orleans.

“Do you want to?” She asked, pulling out the mistletoe. “What was your idea again?”

Ben’s eyes went wide.

“Mistle-blow, wasn’t it?” she smiled, dropping to her knees in front of him and putting the mistletoe above his crotch.

Ben stammered, “Are y-y-you serious?”

“Take the mistle-blow,” Amber ordered in response.

Ben took it and placed it over his cock.

Amber, shifting from naughty playful flirtation to action, unzipped Ben’s pants, fished out his cock and purred, “Hmmmmm, what a delicious cock,” and took it in her mouth.

“Oh God,” Ben groaned.

Eugene’s mouth dropped open and I stared in shock unable to believe the strange turn of events and what I was currently witnessing, a pang of jealousy coursed through me.

Amber moved back and forth, taking all of Ben’s cock in her mouth.

Ben, never having had a blow job didn’t last long, as he warned, “I’m going to come.”

Amber bobbed faster and seconds later Ben’s facial expression made it obvious he was coming in Amber’s mouth.

Once done, she allowed Ben’s cock to slip out of her mouth and she took the mistletoe from Ben’s hand, crawled on all fours, which was incredible hot, to Eugene, handed him the mistletoe and ordered, “Hold the mistle-blow above your cock, honey.”

Eugene obeyed even though his facial expression implied he couldn’t believe what was happening.

Amber fished out his cock, not surprisingly hard as a rock, more surprisingly his cock was huge, and she purred, as she stroked it slowly, “Oh my god! Why have you been hiding this beautiful thing.”

She didn’t wait for the answer as she took his cock in her mouth.

Eugene, who hadn’t said a word in a long time, moaned, “That’s it Amber, take more of my cock in your mouth.”

Amber obeyed as Ben joked, “He speaks.”

Eugene, suddenly a completely different person, put his hands in Amber’s red hair and began pulling her further onto her cock.

Surprisingly, Amber moaned on his cock, as she took more of his massive member in her mouth.

After a couple of minutes, Eugene ordered, “Take all my cum,” as he closed his eyes and Amber swallowed her second load of cum in ten minutes.

Eugene let go of Amber’s head and Amber sat back and said, smiling, “Has the real Eugene just been awakened.”

Eugene, having shot his load, realizing what he had just done, returned to his old self, “I’m s-s-so sorry.”

“For what?” Amber asked with a smile, reaching back and stroking Eugene’s cock again.

“For being so, um, bossy,” he explained.

“Oh, I liked it, sexy,” Amber purred, swirling her tongue around his cock head. “I like a man who knows what he wants and takes it,” she said, as she then made eye contact with me.

Taking her words and facial expression to heart, I said, “I dare you to get naked.”

“You do, do you,” she smiled, still stroking Eugene’s cock.

Sensing that she was submissive, which would make some sense based on many conversations that transpired the past couple of months, plus obeying Eugene’s surprising aggressiveness, I replied, “I double dare you.”

She smiled, “Well, a dare is a dare,” and she stood up and turned her back to Eugene, “Could you unzip me, stud.”

It was obvious she loved making Eugene squirm, but to my surprise, he quickly unzipped her dress, I guess wanting to unwrap the best Christmas present ever.

All three of us watched with bated breath as Amber turned back around, looking at each of us, before slipping the dress off her shoulders and allowing it to drop to the floor, revealing pure perfection. Standing in a lace black bra that seemed to be fighting a losing battle to keep her breasts in, black panties that barely hid her cunt and to my utter delight black thigh high stockings, she had us completely under her spell.

“So, what do you boys think?” She asked, posing.

We all stared like the nerds in the eighties movie Weird Science where they created a girl. We had joked more than once that was the only way any of us were ever going to get a beautiful woman, a movie we had watched with her during a eighties movie marathon. If I built a woman she would be exactly like Amber.

“Hmmmm, you said completely naked, didn’t you?” She questioned, her hands going behind her back as she unsnapped her bra and allowed it too to drop to the floor.

All of us again stared in stunned silence.

“I’d take off my panties too, but then the butt plug will fall out,” she said, shocking us yet again.

“Show us,” Ben finally spoke.

“You are so baaaaad,” Amber smiled, turning around and pulling her panties down a bit to show a black plug between her ass cheeks. She explained, “This was supposed to be that bastards Christmas present, my virgin ass.”

“Wow,” I said, thinking how stupid her boyfriend was to cheat on such perfection.

She smiled, “Thank you, Blair. I had spent a month preparing my ass for him, slowly widening it with plug after plug.” She pulled the black plug out of her ass and said, “That said, his loss is someone else’s gain. Blair, I dare you to fuck my ass.”

I joked, as I quickly got out of my trousers, “This is the best Christmas present ever.”

Amber, quickly tugged her panties off, leaving on her thigh highs thankfully and moved to the small couch we had in the office for break times. Kneeling down, she positioned her ass up ready for me.

Naked myself, I moved behind her, not really believing what was being offered. Yet, knowing this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, the stars lining up perfectly for this moment, I moved my cock first to her cunt and said, “I dare you to beg me to fuck your cunt first.”

“You bad boy,” she purred, looking back at me as her hand went to her pussy and began rubbing, “Please Blair, fuck my cunt with that long hard cock of yours.”

I took my eight inches and in one thrust forward I filled her pussy. It was so warm, so wet and unlike anything I could possibly have imagined. I didn’t want to move, I just wanted to enjoy the moment and feeling.

“Hmmmm,” she moaned, as my cock filled her. “You are so much bigger than that bastard ex-boyfriend of mine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32