Mike , Savy Ch. 03

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Her lips were so soft.

I was completely and utterly stunned. I have no idea how long she kissed me for. Time simultaneously stopped, sped up, and ceased to have all meaning.

When she leaned away from me, she brought her hand up and gently brushed my face.


“I’ll see you soon,” was all she said.

Then she turned and was out the car, heading back to her dorm. She seemed to be floating. I watched every movement. Her long hair, gently flowing behind her. The curve of her hips swishing back and forth. He slender arms swinging at her side and her graceful fingers gently curling and uncurling.

I don’t know how long I sat there for, but I finally got my car into gear and pulled away from her dorm.

At some point, I made it back to my apartment and went inside. I sat down in my living room and stared at the wall.

Savy had kissed me. It wasn’t erotic, by any means, and we hadn’t made out, but it was the most incredible thing I had ever felt. My beautiful, adorable, fun, intelligent, spectacular Savy. My little sister, even if she was adopted.

I closed my eyes and I could see us there, back in the car. I turned to face her and her beautiful, dark eyes were staring straight at me. Time moved in slow motion. Her full lips, slightly moist, moved closer to me. Suddenly, contact. She pressed into me gently.

And then she was gone.

That moment that she broke away from me, it was as if I was completely empty without her touching me. But she was still there, her eyes flickering back and forth, searching my face, with the slightest of smiles on her lips. Her hand touched my cheek with the soft caress of her fingertips and it was pure electricity.

I opened my eyes and was back in my apartment, alone. It was a single kiss and I was already so empty without it.

I slowly got to my feet and went into the bathroom to start the shower. After it warmed up, I stripped and hopped in, hoping it would clear my mind. I had to get to work soon. It didn’t.

By the time I pulled into the parking lot of my building at Goddard, I was still in a daze. I got to my cubicle, managing to avoid seeing anyone I knew, and slid into my chair. A few minutes later, I still hadn’t logged in. Amy, my civil servant, poked her head into my cube.

“Hey Mike, how’s it going?”


“Ha, you look out of it. Late night drinking?”

“Oh, um… no, not at all. I’m just… tired I guess.”

“Well, if you can grab a cup of coffee and wake up, I need you to check this report for me.”

“Yeah, sure thing.”

I drifted through the rest of the day, relying on my instinct and training to get me through my work. I had no bandwidth available in my brain to focus on the task at hand. I checked my email and text messages constantly, to see if anything was there from Savy. I wasn’t sure if I should email her or not. I didn’t think so. We needed to talk, but in person, and after I figured out what I was going to say.

By the end of the day, I was mentally exhausted. I stopped at a sushi place near work and grabbed some to take home. When I got home, I started nibbling on dinner and went into my bedroom to turn on my computer. A few minutes after it booted up and logged on, the instant messaging window popped up.

It was Savy.

“Hey there.”


“You busy tonight?”

“No. I just got some sushi for dinner. Planning on just watching the O’s game.”

“Can you pick me up?”

Does she really want to see me again?

“You don’t want to hang out at your dorm? Or with your roomie?”

“She’s going to some frat party and everyone in the dorm is mostly hanging out in their own rooms with their roomies. You don’t want to see me?”

I wanted to see her more than anything and that actually concerned me a bit.

“Not at all, of course I want to see you. But I want you to meet new people, too.”

“How about you come over and we can hang out here. Then if anyone wants to meet us, they can.”

“I can do that. I’ll be there in twenty, okay?”

“See you soon.”

I changed out of my slacks and shirt from work and into some cargo shorts and a t-shirt, finished my sushi, then headed out the door. A few minutes later, I pulled up to Savy’s dorm. I texted her to come let me in and waited outside.

The door opened and I saw Savy’s head pop out. She waved me over and when I got to the door, she grabbed my hand and led me inside. After I got through the door, she didn’t let go of my hand, she just shifted so that her fingers were intertwined with mine. I looked down at our hands – her fingers were so delicate – then back at her. She smiled that wonderful smile at me. Even her eyes were smiling.

My heart was suddenly racing, feeling her hand in mine.

We walked like that up to the lounge on her floor and she was right, nobody was there, so we headed up to her room.

She’d obviously spent the day unpacking and organizing. Her bed was clean and well-made. Her TV was on top of her dresser, pointing at her bed, and her computer was set Escort bayan up at her desk with a row of neat binders and notebooks on the shelf above.

“You like?”

I chuckled. “Yeah, it’s very OCD… so, you know, very Savy.”

She punched me on the shoulder with her free hand, but didn’t let go of my hand with her other.

“So, how much of the campus have you seen,” I asked her.

“Um, just what I saw walking to the dining hall for dinner.”

“You wanna go for a walk? It’s pretty nice out.”


She locked up her room and we went downstairs. As soon as we stepped through the door to go outside, she was right next to me again and her fingers were sliding into my hand.

We started walking and cut in front of the library where we both rubbed the Testudo statue on the nose. We then turned straight into the grass and started walking down the mall towards the fountain. Savy kicked off her sandals and picked them up with her free hand, walking barefoot in the grass.

When we got to the fountain halfway down the Mall, I sat down on the edge and she sat beside me, then slid right next to me.

I sighed heavily, the weight of expectations, personal and societal on my shoulders.

Savy looked up at me, “Are you mad at me?”

“Oh, honey… I’m not mad at you at all. How could I be mad at you?”

“I kissed you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I just… we’re finally here and… together.”

Yes, together.

I could see that her eyes were starting to water. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. I placed her hand that was holding mine into my other hand and reached my now free hand around her shoulders.

“Savy, I wasn’t expecting that. You caught me completely off-guard. I just… you’re my best friend. You’re my sister.”

And yet, she was so much more to me than that.

“Adopted…” she whispered.

“Yeah, I know, but we still grew up together. I mean, there’s an emotional bond there, right?”


She looked utterly devastated.

“But I also know that when I went away to college, I looked forward to our chats every night. I missed you. I really did. And… even though I dated, I never really fell for anyone. Then I came home this summer and you were… we were… always together. That month was, honestly, the best time of my life. When I’m around you, I can’t think of anything else and when I’m not around you, I can’t think of anything other than the next time I’ll be with you.”

“Mike, we’re here now… together.”

“We are. And I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

Every other word I wanted to say, every feeling I was trying to tell her, I just couldn’t get it sorted in my head. I was so completely tongue-tied. I released her hand and reached up to her chin. I gently tilted her up to look at me, her dark eyes looked black in the night as they moved back and forth, dancing across my face. There’s a point where nothing more can be said.

I leaned closer… and I kissed her.

For the second time in our lives, our lips touched. She was soft, and full, and luscious. She was incredible. I pressed more firmly against her and then her lips parted. Gently, I slid my tongue against her, probing her lips, gently teasing them and licking them. Then I felt her tongue touch mine and I was completely lost in her.

My beautiful, special Savy.

I was completely lost.

I pulled her closer to me and gently brushed her hair behind her ear. She turned and lifted her legs over mine, then slid up onto my lap. Any time our lips parted even the slightest bit, she almost lunged after me to stay in contact. I caressed my hand up and down her back as her long hair fluttered over my bare arm, sending shivers down my spine.

36 hours ago, I was on top of the world. I’d graduated from my favorite school and was working at NASA. I was out on my own and successful, to boot. My little sister, my wonderful, intelligent, beautiful little sister and best friend was following in my footsteps and coming to the same school. She’d be living just minutes from me.

Now, she was sitting on my lap, we were entwined in each other’s arms, and she was kissing me in the most luxurious and sensual way I could even imagine.

She broke away from me and whispered, “It’s getting chilly.”

I was in absolutely no position to even think about the temperature, but my hand brushed her bare arm and I could feel the goosebumps.

“I don’t think I’m ready to let you go.”

She kissed me quickly, just a peck, and then with her head tilted down towards my chin, she looked up, almost through her eyelashes, and said, “Then don’t.”

She stood up, sliding into her sandals, and took my hand, slipping her fingers into mine again, then pulled at me. I stood up and followed her. We walked in complete silence, back up the Mall and towards her dorm.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was the most gorgeous creature I had ever seen. I was seeing her in a completely different light and was committing every curve, every bit of her to Bayan escort memory.

I watched as her fingers, interwoven with mine, gently stroked my own. My eyes drifted up past her elegant wrist and to her slender arm. I could still see the goosebumps standing up. Then I was drawn to her hips, which flared seductively away from her waist, her jeans allowing just a hint of the smooth skin of her belly to show. My eyes followed the line of her hips to her thighs, then down to her dainty feet, clad in sandals, with bright red toenails glinting from the street lights.

I looked up again, past her petite waist and her long dark hair flowing around her, to her t-shirt, clinging tightly to her perfectly shaped breasts, with just a hint of cleavage visible at her collar. Her slender neck. The smooth line of her chin, curving around to those lips which I had just been kissing moments before. Her nose, as delicate and refined as the rest of her, with a small bridge between her wide eyes, themselves topped with lush eyelashes that seemed to go on forever.

I was completely engrossed in absorbing her.

We reached her dorm and she pulled me inside. As she walked up the stairs in front of me, I couldn’t help but admire her fabulous rear, a small but perfectly shaped heart. At her door, before unlocking it, she turned and faced me.

Savy stood on her toes and reached her hands behind my head, pulling me down to her. She kissed me deeply, her tongue searching for my own while her hands stroked my hair, setting every part of my body on edge.

After stepping inside, she whispered to me, “Lay down.”

I climbed onto her bed and slid over against the wall. She went to her dresser and pulled out small, black terry cloth shorts and a white tank top. Despite the turn our relationship had taken over the past day and a half, she was demure enough that she moved to her closet and stood half-obscured by the door.

I watched, completely entranced, as she slid her jeans over her impeccable butt. I could only catch a glimpse of the black panties she wore, before she pulled her shorts back up. I think she realized that I was watching her, because she peeked over her shoulder at me and smiled, almost as if to herself. Her eyes were gleaming.

She reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head, her hair flowing through and then down her back, obscuring most of her wonderful skin. Her hands were behind her and she unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her back, with her light caramel skin, was flawless. She pulled her tank top over her head and then turned to face me. Again, that almost teasing smile, more with her eyes and just the slightest upturn in the corners of her mouth.

She came over to me and I pulled the covers back for her to slide in next to me. She faced me and rested the palm of her hand against my cheek, then pulled me close and we kissed. It felt like I was completely dissolving as a separate human being. The only parts of me that I could feel were the parts that she was touching. My lips. My cheek. The path of her fingers as she tucked my hair behind my ear. My neck, while she lightly caressed me.

I could barely breathe.

I absolutely wanted to touch all of her, to feel myself inside her, for us to be completely united, and to make love to her. But she wasn’t just a roll in the hay or even another girlfriend. She was Savannah, my Savy, the one who I’d shared every part of my life with. I wanted, I needed her to understand my love, my complete adoration of her. She was now everything to me and I was as enthralled to be holding her as I would be making love to her.

I broke our kiss and gently brushed my lips past the tip of her nose, then pressed them against the bridge of her nose, kissing her in that gentle curve between her eyes, and then her forehead.

“Goodnight, Savy.”

“Goodnight, Mike.”

She curled up against me, completely enveloped in my arms, and we slept.


We woke up the next morning, as her roommate jingled her keys while unlocking the door. A girl walked in, moderately attractive with light blonde hair and wearing jean shorts and a t-shirt.

“Oh, hi! I assume you’re Savannah or I’m in the wrong room.”

Savy brushed her hair out of face, showing just how red it was, probably because this was her roommate’s first real introduction to her and she was in bed with a guy.

“Hi… yeah, I’m Savy. Savannah.”

“I’m Amy.” She nodded towards me, “… and who’s this?”

Savy spoke up before I could respond, “This is Mike. He’s my…” She stumbled just a bit. “… my boyfriend, from back home.”

“Hi, Mike. You go here, too?”

“Uh, yeah. Actually doing my master’s.”

A smile crept across Amy’s face and she almost, but not quite, winked at Savy. “Well, I’m just gonna grab my bag for my first class. I’ll be out of your hair in a minute.”

Savy and I slid back down under the covers, facing each other, and silently giggled at each other.

Amy had her bag and on her way out looked over her shoulder and said, Escort “You guys have fun!” before closing the door.

Savy closed her eyes for a second and I leaned forward and kissed her on each eye, then her nose, then her lips. She murmured her approval and we just laid there for a bit. Finally, she realized that she had classes that day too and it wouldn’t be particularly good to start her college career by missing them.

She got out of bed and once again, I sighed, marveling at her beauty. I stood up next to her and hugged her to me. “I’ve gotta get to work. I hope you have fun at your classes today.”

She looked up at me, “I’ll be thinking of you.”

“And I’ll be thinking of you, too.” I glanced over at the schedule she’d put on the wall next to her desk, “… but you’d better be thinking just a little bit about Calculus, too.”

She bopped me on the nose, “Of course.”

After a light goodbye kiss, I was back in my car and headed home for a quick shower and change. I always thought the phrase “on cloud nine” was pretty hokey, but it was as apt of a description for me as any. You know you’re really in trouble when every song on the radio singing about love makes sense, inane lyrics or not.

The day absolutely flew by. I couldn’t have cared less whether I was doing grunt work or not; work was the last thing on my mind. By the time I was heading out of my office and back to my apartment, I had to consciously will myself not to speed to get back to Savy sooner.

After texting with her and making plans for her to come over, I did a quick cleanup of my place. It wasn’t exactly professionally clean, but it would do. I drove over to campus and pulled up to her dorm, where she was waiting out front for me.

Savy dropped a bag into the back and slid into the passenger seat before leaning over for a quick kiss on my cheek. While we drove to my apartment, I asked her about her classes, her professors, and how she felt being on campus. She was obviously excited to finally be a college student.

Once at my place, we ordered a pizza. Since it was just the first day of classes, she didn’t have any studying to do yet, so we settled in to watch the Orioles game. After the end of the game, she grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom. When she came out, she had changed into her shorts and tank top to sleep in.

She poked her head into the living room and asked, “Ready for bed?”

I clicked off the television and turned off the light in the living room before going to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, and getting all of that out of the way. When I got into the bedroom, she was already in bed. It was like we’d been a couple for months or even years, everything was so natural.

I did what I always did and took off my shirt. When I had my shorts halfway down, I sheepishly looked up at her and she just smiled at me, so I finished stripping to my boxers. I walked over and slid into bed next to her.

Savy lay facing me, then shifted closer and kissed me. What started as a goodnight kiss quickly turned into something more and she pressed herself hard next to me. I could feel her nipples pressing through her thin top and against my chest. I was instantly aroused and I knew that she could feel my erection rubbing against her thighs. She didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned about it, either.

Once again, I was astounded that this incredible and gorgeous girl was with me.

I put my hand on her hip and slowly slipped it around to the small of her back. My fingers worked their way under her tank top and I caressed her back, tracing them the entire length of her spine, from her neck to her tailbone. Savy used her own hand to ever-so-lightly trace her fingernails up and down my arm, setting the tiny hairs on edge. All the while, her savory lips were locked to mine as her tongue danced around my own, sliding in and out of my mouth.

The first time I let my hand drift down to the top of her butt, she tried to repress a tiny giggle. It seemed she was just a little bit ticklish at her dimples of Venus. I smiled as she continued kissing me.

Very subtly, Savy began grinding her hips against me. The reflexive actions of two people laying together, touching each other, took over. I wasn’t sure exactly how far this was going to go tonight, but I absolutely had to tell her one thing, no matter what.

I slowly broke our kiss and leaned back just far enough that my eyes could focus on hers in the dark.

“Savy, you are everything to me and as many times as I’ve told you before, it’s different now.”

She looked up at me and her tongue gently wet her lips.

“I love you. I’ve loved you as my sister and I’ve loved you as my best friend. Now I love you as a part of me… and I can never lose that.”

“I love you, too, Mike.”

Her hand brushed along my cheek, then behind my head and pulled me to her. She kissed me. Deeply. Passionately.

We laid in bed, running our hands over each other, kissing as lovers, desperate for each other. Savy fell asleep in my arms, again, and I couldn’t remember a time when I had fallen asleep without her. I couldn’t even fathom what it was like to not hold her as I lost consciousness, the sound of her breathing soothing me, and the gentle thump of her heart, with her chest pressed against mine.

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