May’s First Day Pt. 03

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May, a new university student, meets a handsome older student at an orientation event. She is quickly swept off her feet and is pushed into giving him her first blow job. This prompts her to discover and embrace her natural submissive side, giving in to him completely.

“You’re mine now, May.” Nick said, standing over her, after they’d just had sex for the first time. His cheeks were flushed and his chest shined with sweat.

May had looked up at him breathlessly, still stunned from what had just happened. She had given herself to him without protest, completely willingly, and she had loved it. She’d always, perhaps subconsciously, wanted someone to tell her what to do- so she could act and feel without the anxiety of making a decision. Nick handed her discarded drink from earlier, and she drank deep, feeling a tingle travel up from her legs, making her feel weak in the knees.

“Let’s go have a shower,” Nick said, pulling her up from the couch by her arms, then leading her towards one of the adjoining rooms. It ended up being his bedroom, with a bathroom attached. The shower was big and luxurious, much nicer than the one in her little share house.

Nick washed her body gently, sliding the soapy wash cloth and his hands across her body, carefully wiping away the cum left on her stomach. He stood behind her with his arms wrapped around her, his hands moving up to caress her breasts, then moving down to her stomach, her thighs.

He groaned against her, “You’re just so fucking sexy, May, I already want you again…” May had been in an almost meditative state, enjoying the feeling of the water streaming and his hands gliding across her body, but she was suddenly aware of the hardness pressing into her lower back. She leant back against him, teasing him, and was rewarded with another groan.

“It’s your turn to wash me.” Nick ordered, moving May around to face him. May took the washcloth and started, over his muscular shoulders and arms, around to his back, his stomach…

“Yes, you’ll need to wash that too,” Nick chuckled, when he saw that May was still hesitant to touch him there. He guided her hands down to his cock, which was now hard. May soaped and washed the area, her free hand stroking him gently, curious about the response he would have to this. Nick started stroking her hair, then cupping her face before bringing his lips to hers. May dropped the cloth and returned the embrace, her hands stroking his back, while his fondled her ass. Water streamed over both of them.

“Tell me you want me.” Nick said, pulling back from the embrace, staring deeply into her eyes.

“I want you.” May moaned huskily, knowing it was true, she’d never wanted anything as badly as she wanted to feel him fill her again. His Sahabet desire and attention made her feel alive like nothing else. “I want you so bad, Nick.”

He grinned and guided her out of the shower, then turned and handed her a towel.

“There are some things you need to do for me first. Then I’ll take care of you.” He said after they had both dried off, still nude, and guided her towards his bed. He left her sitting on the bed, confused. She lay back, sighing, wondering why he was teasing her like this. Her need was consuming her.

After a few moments Nick came back into the room, holding something. May sat up to get a better look, and was a bundle of clothes or fabric, silky pink and lace. He threw it at her and she caught it in surprise, and realised it was definitely not a full sized dress, it was very low cut and very short. May had seen costumes like this in sex shop windows, although she’d always averted her eyes blushing. Her friends had teased her for this, and often threatened to drag her into one of the shops, which had been pretty much her worst nightmare at the time. She thought the costume looked a bit ridiculous, but if it made Nick want her more, she was happy to do it.

“Put this on. I want to take some pictures of you.”

The dress fit her, although it was perhaps a little tight in places. May pulled at the fabric, trying to get it to cover her breasts and her ass. Nick then tossed her what looked like a piece of string, although she soon realised it was a thong, which she put on as well.

“Lay on the bed, face down.” He ordered, holding his phone now. May did as she was told, laying down, her head down on her arms. His phone didn’t make a noise, but she assumed he was taking photos. She felt a hand stroke her leg, moving higher until it stroked her ass, and stroked where the thong lay. May felt herself getting wet from the attention. Nick pushed the bottom of the dress up, so that her ass was on display for the camera.

“Good girl. Now get up on your hands and knees.” Nick ordered, “Yes, just like that… Stick your ass up a little higher, arch your neck up.”

“Is this good?” May asked tentatively, doing her best to follow his instructions.

Nick stroked her back gently, and then her uncovered ass, “Yes, pet, that’s very good.” May beamed at the praise, and moaned softly when his hands ventured under the thin piece of fabric of the thong as a reward. His fingers stroked her, feeling how wet she was. He came around in front of her, aiming the camera to get a good photo of her front, her tits spilling out of the dress, nipples exposed.

Nick was still undressed from the shower, and May saw with pride that he was obviously enjoying the show. His cock was full and hard. Sahabet Giriş While Nick was standing in front of her it was only a foot or so from her face. She yearned to feel it inside her, taste it, make Nick moan.

She looked up at him with fluttering eyes, “May I…?” She stuttered, motioning at him.

Nick moved forward towards her, but stopped her from reaching out for him, “May you what?”

“May I please suck your cock?” May asked shyly, blushing at having to say it out loud. Nick only grinned and nodded, allowing her to guide it into her mouth.

“Don’t use your hands. Stay like that.” He ordered, and May stayed on her hands and knees, struggling to suck his cock without falling or choking. Nick placed a hand on the back of her head and pushed her further onto his cock, pushing his hips back and forth so she only had to keep her mouth still and relaxed. She fought back her gag reflex, struggling not to choke, she could feel saliva running down her chin. May glanced up and saw he had his phone in his other hand, filming it. May struggled weakly against his hand, photos were okay, but was she really okay with being filmed?

“May, keep still.” Nick growled, and May tried to relax again. She desperately didn’t want to disappoint him. Of course she’d wanted this, hadn’t she?

“I’m sorry, I’ll do better.” May replied, eager to earn his affection back.

“ughhh…” Nick groaned, “You’re my good girl, my beautiful, sexy girl.” Inwardly May was ecstatic from the praise. Suddenly Nick released her head, and moved away, back around behind her. May went to turn around, confused, but Nick put out a hand to stop her.

“Stay right there. Don’t move unless I tell you to.” He ordered. May did as she was told, but her eyes followed him. He had placed his phone standing up on a dresser nearby, it would have a good view of her on the bed, probably showing her whole body. May felt suddenly self-conscious, and had to fight the urge to cover herself up. The skimpy dress barely covered anything, the camera would be able to see most of her ass from that position.

Nick clambered on the bed behind her, his hands groping her breasts. He pulled down the thong violently, making May gasp, but she didn’t move from her position. His hands explored her, his fingers gently stroking her wet opening and her clit. He groped her ass and moved her cheeks apart, probing her hole gently. His finger was wet from her juices, and slid inside her. May gasped at the sensation, it was so intense. She wondered how anyone could possibly fit anything more than a finger through there. Nick’s finger probed her ass gently as his other hand massaged her clit. May was moaning and sighing, feeling herself get close to climax.

“You Sahabet Güncel Giriş like that, don’t you, my little slut?” Nick asked, and May could only moan in reply. He moved his finger from inside her and gave her a quick slap on the ass. May yelped in surprise, but it was only a slight sting, not serious pain.

“Answer the question May,” Nick ordered, while still stroking her clit, “Or I’ll have to slap you again.”

“Yes…” May purred, “I like it.”

“That’s better,” Nick laughed, moving his body closer until she could feel the head of his cock probing her entrance. She pushed back onto it, so that it entered her. Nick thrust forwards in response. He grabbed her hips to hold her still as he pounded her roughly, his hands holding hard enough to bruise. May gasped and moaned, her pain overshadowed by her pleasure. She revelled in the feeling of being filled, of giving someone else pleasure, of being used like a toy. She let Nick do whatever he wanted to her.

“Fuck… I’m not going to last long,” he groaned, “Do you want me to cum in you?”

May was barely able to think, “Yes! Oh god yes,” she moaned, “Please cum in me.”

Nick shuddered, and she felt his cock spasm inside her. She sighed and fell forward with exhaustion, Nick releasing from her, leaving his cum to leak out slowly. He fell beside her on the bed, and they lay intertwined and content.

Later, at home, May watched the video that Nick had sent her. She saw herself on her hands and knees on his bed, arching her back when ordered, her full round ass on display. She watched herself from his perspective, begging him to allow her to suck him, then choking on his cock ramming in and out of her throat, her eyes meeting his pleadingly. Then she watched as he knelt behind her on the bed, touching her, slapping her. She watched him entering her and then pounding into her relentlessly, grabbing onto her hips, leaning back and moaning. She watched her own facial expressions, ranging from shock and pain to pure ecstasy. She heard her moans and sighs, and heard herself beg for more.

May felt a strange feeling of pride as she watched the video- they both looked sexy, they looked good together. She even liked the look of herself wearing that skimpy pink dress, especially when it was pushed up. Nick had bought her a new outfit since then- her own lingerie that fitted her like a glove and made her feel like the sexiest woman alive. It was black, lacy, and included thigh highs and a garter belt. She had already modelled it around her room, taking seductive photos for Nick. They had plans to meet up again that night, and she could barely contain her excitement.

The phone rang and she answered, “Hey.”

“Hey, I showed my housemate the video.” Nick said, “I told him you’d be coming over tonight, and that you’d like to meet him.”

May paused, unsure of what he meant.

“Wear the new lingerie, and those heels. I said I’d share you for one night.”

May opened her mouth to protest, but before she could he hung up.

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