Maverick Cattle Company Ch. 07

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Mitch watched Josh idly flipping TV channels in only a pair of shorts and flip-flops. The bright afternoon sunshine streamed through the window and highlighted the hair on Josh’s tanned legs, as well as a little in the center of his chest, creating a golden halo around his body that Mitch had to smile about. Mitch recognized that Josh’s body was maturing; his beard was a little heavier, shoulders a bit broader, and he was starting to grow more body hair. Mitch thought Josh was becoming a very handsome man, and hoped Zach realized how lucky he was to be with Josh. But Mitch recognized the signs of a lover without his love, and moved to do something to at distract Josh so he wasn’t sitting around the house moping all day.

Mitch opened the freezer and pulled out the vanilla ice cream. He grinned to himself as he stuffed ice cream into a big tumbler until it was packed, and then started pouring Dr. Pepper around it. He poured slow, knowing that Josh wanted as much pop as possible. Once it had a tall brown cap on it, and as much pop as possible, he stuck in a long spoon and carried it to Josh.

“Here, something to drown your sorrows,” said Mitch with a smile.

Josh reached up and wrapped his hands around the glass. Bringing it to his mouth, he sucked off part of the foam and licked his lips. Turning to look at Mitch, he gave a lopsided smile.

“Not very subtle, huh.”

“Nope, you have Darrin’s sad puppy look down pretty well though,” joked Mitch.

“Oh jeez, that bad?” asked Josh.

Mitch nodded and laughed, “Yeah, pretty much.”

“He’s only home for a month. He’ll be back. I’m sure you can figure out how to entertain each other in the mean time,” said Mitch with a throaty chuckle.

Josh looked at Mitch with a look of confusion for a few moments, and then Mitch’s insinuation dawned on him.

“Oh jeez, Mitch! Why do you say shit like that?” said Josh.

“Hey, it’s the age of video chat. Might as well make a date of it,” said Mitch with a huge grin on his face. “Come on, let’s go grab the new fishing stuff Darrin insisted we needed and see if we can catch some catfish from the creek. Fried catfish and hushpuppies sounds good tonight.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll show you Texans how to fish. First we need some bloodbait to catch the really big ones,” said Josh as he pulled himself out of the chair and snagged his t-shirt.

“Bloodbait? Damn, these Oklahoma fish are vicious!” said Mitch and then he snorted.

Josh rolled his eyes as he stepped out on the porch. Heading for the barn, he quickly grabbed the new fishing equipment and tossed it into his pickup. Mitch climbed in seconds later and they headed to the combination bait shop, grocery store and gas station a few miles from the ranch to get the type of bait that Josh wanted. Heading back to the ranch, they turned into one of the pastures and Josh drove toward the creek. Mitch smiled to himself that Josh picked a spot that was nowhere close to where Mitch’s accident happened. He found it a little funny that Josh seemed to be a superstitious. But the spot Josh chose was nice, with a decent stand of cottonwood trees and the creek had deepened into a good-sized fishing hole.

Josh grabbed everything and carried it to the side of the creek. He pulled the lid off the bait and Mitch leaned over to look inside the plastic tub.

“What the hell is that?” asked Mitch.

“Bloodbait, I told you already,” said Josh.

“No, I mean what is it? It looks like some nasty shit!”

“Oh,” Josh paused for a few seconds and then replied, “I think its coagulated chicken blood, sometimes you’ll find a feather or two in it.”

“Oh god, that’s nasty! There’s no way it will stay on the hook,” sputtered Mitch.

Josh gave Mitch a look usually reserved for small children and quickly rigged Mitch’s pole. Moving a handful of yards away, he baited his rod. Once both of them had successfully cast into the pool, they settled down to fish. The cool breeze under the filtered shade actually felt very good. Mitch was starting to doze off when a loud whine announced a strike on his line.

“Quick! Set the hook! Set the hook!” yelled Josh.

Mitch quickly flicked the top of the rod back and then started reeling in the fish. For once he was glad that Darrin tended to over think things, because this was no small fish and it was testing his equipment. With Josh standing beside him, he finally landed the fish. Mitch estimated it was easily five-pounds. Carefully avoiding the spines of the thrashing catfish, he picked it up. Mitch pried the hook out of its mouth and put it on the stringer. Turning back to Josh, he smiled and chuckled.

“I’m ahead. You better get fish’n”, said Mitch.

The afternoon passed quickly after that, with Josh catching a fish almost as large and both casino siteleri of them missing many more bites. As the late afternoon heat slowed down the fishing, Mitch looked over at Josh.

“He’ll be back you know. He’s in love with you.”

Josh glanced over at Mitch and sighed. “I know. I just miss him.”

Mitch waited in the cicada serenaded atmosphere and then asked, “Do you miss him, or do you miss sex? There’s a difference.”

Josh turned quickly to Mitch, but paused when he saw that the older man was asking a serious question.

“Both I guess. I miss his company. He’s got a few quirks,” Josh chuckled softly, “But he’s a nice guy.”

“He loves you, Josh. I kinda like the kid, even if he did cause me a lot of heartburn and weeks of itching when he kissed Darrin. Let him down easy if he isn’t the one,” said Mitch in a carefully toned request. Mitch looked at Josh with a smile, “And we all have quirks. If you think you are going to find the perfect man, you are going to end up alone and bitter with 13 Pomeranians.”

Josh chuckled and then let out a long sigh, “I know, I’m just not sure.”

“It’s ok. Just give yourself time. You’ll know when it’s the right guy.”

“Did you know Darrin was the one from the beginning?” asked Josh.

Mitch chuckled, “I thought Darrin was hot from the first time I saw him. And he’s such a great guy. But it took almost a year before we became a couple.”


“A lot of reasons, most of which you probably don’t want to hear,” said Mitch with a chuckle. “But like all good things it took some time before I knew it was serious between us.”

Josh nodded slightly and turned back to his fishing, thinking about their conversation. After a few minutes more, Mitch started reeling in his line.

“I think we’re done. These two will be plenty of fish for tonight.”

Josh nodded his agreement and quickly gathered up their gear, pulled the fish out of the creek and dropped them in a bucket of water to take to the house. The return trip was largely silent as both men thought about their conversation. Josh pulled in beside the barn and they quickly reduced the fish to a number of thick fillets. Leaving Mitch to clean up and stow their gear, Josh went into the kitchen and began supper. Mixing up the batch of hushpuppies, he soon had the fish breaded too and everything ready to begin making the meal.

Darrin walked into the kitchen drying his hair just as the first fish fillet hit the hot oil. He tossed the towel back into the bedroom and moved to help Josh. Soon fish and hushpuppies were cooking as Darrin set the table for dinner. He walked back and leaned against the counter as he watched Josh cook.

“How did you know you loved Mitch?” asked Josh seemingly out of the blue.

Darrin was taken aback for a few moments and then studied Josh, realizing it wasn’t just a random question.

“I’m not sure when it moved to love, Josh. It wasn’t like getting hit in the head with a frying pan. I thought he was amazingly good looking from the first time I met him, but it took some time before it became real love,” Darrin said with a smile.

“Mitch said it took a year for you to get together. How come?”

“Because I didn’t know he was gay, mainly,” said Darrin.

“How did you find out?” said Josh.

“He busted me staring at him after he had taken a shower,” said Darrin with a smile.

“On no!” said Josh with a chuckle, “That’s terrible.”

“Well, I wouldn’t really recommend it. But it worked out for us. Why all the curiosity?”

“Mitch asked me if I love Zach. I don’t know how I feel about Zach. I really like him, and right now I really miss him. I love Zach, but I’m not sure I’m in love with him,” said Josh with a little sadness.

Darrin draped his arm over Josh and pulled him tight, planting a kiss on his forehead. “Be patient. You’ll figure it all out.”

Josh nodded and then looked down. Realizing the food was close to burning, he quickly moved to save it. Soon he and Darrin had the table piled with food and Mitch came in to join them. Mitch regaled Darrin with stories of their fishing trip while Darrin laughed over Mitch’s reaction to the bait they’d used.

After dinner, Josh was playing video games in his bedroom while Darrin and Mitch did the final cleaning on the kitchen. Darrin glanced at Mitch and then said softly, “Josh was asking how I knew I loved you.”

“I thought he might. He talked a little to me about it too.”

“Damn, I’m glad I’m not that age again,” said Darrin.

“Me too!” agreed Mitch.

Darrin woke to a tray being slid over his waist as he tried to rub the sleep out of his eyes. Looking up with bleary eyes, he saw Mitch setting a breakfast tray across his lap. Darrin stared confused at the tray and then looked at Mitch’s beaming face. He almost ruined it by asking what was the occasion, when his brain clicked and he realized that it was their anniversary. Smiling he pulled Mitch down and kissed him warmly.

“Happy Anniversary, babe. This looks wonderful . . . who cooked it?” amerikan ruleti Darrin asked with a chuckle.

Mitch grinned at him, “Well, some of it I did fix. But most of it ether Josh cooked, or I bought already done.”

“Ok, then it’s safe to eat,” said Darrin with a laugh. “Sit your ass down too. You’re eating with me or I’ll gain 10 pounds just from breakfast.”

Mitch obliged him and sat on the edge of the bed. They talked about their day, and the previous year while they quietly ate their breakfast. Between the prairie fire, Josh’s arrival, the accident, prom and graduation, they’d had enough drama to last for a long time. But neither of them really believed it would by-pass them. Once they had polished off the last food from the tray, Mitch picked it up to go back into the kitchen. He smiled at Darrin’s nude form that was faintly outlined under the crisp white sheet. He paused long enough to wink at Darrin.

“Don’t worry about getting dressed yet. I’ll be right back,” said Mitch with a smirk.

“Oh, really? And what makes you think I’ll still be here,” teased Darrin.

Mitch leaned in close and whispered, “Because I’m going to suck you dry.”

Darrin lay back on the bed and stretched thinking of Mitch, his erection already tenting the sheet. Mitch was back shortly and stripped off the shorts he was wearing. Crawling into bed with Darrin, he lay on top of his husband and kissed him gently on the lips.

“Happy Anniversary, babe. It has been a hell of a year, but I can’t imagine spending it with anyone else but you,” said Mitch softly.

Darrin rose, taking a quick kiss from Mitch and then smiling at him. “Nope, I can’t either. Even if you are a crazy sumbitch some times.”

Mitch pushed Darrin back and gently traced his fingers down Darrin’s chest, “We’ll see how crazy I am . . .” said Mitch with a grin.

Pressing his hand down, Mitch fastened his teeth over Darrin’s lip and tugged on it before releasing it slowly. Pressing his lips hard against Darrin’s, he opened his mouth slightly, letting his tongue flick out and taste his husband’s lips. His hips were pressed against Darrin’s as their slow movements sent delicious sensations through their bodies. Mitch turned his head and sent his tongue deep into Darrin’s mouth. Quickly Darrin responded and the two tongues intertwined as their lovemaking progressed. The quiet pop of their saliva-coated lips as they glided over each other was a potent aphrodisiac to the pair. Mitch slowly separated their lips, then darted in for another kiss, another taste, as they shared their essence with each other. A thin strand of saliva extended from Darrin’s lip to Mitch’s, thinning and snapping as the air stirred. The two were the embodiment of masculine sex as their bodies shared pulses of passion.

“Damn, you get me hot,” said Mitch.

“Ah fuck, you always get to me. I still can’t believe you’re with me,” said Darrin with a slight sigh.

“You’re the one I need,” said Mitch with a soft kiss. A smile flicked across his face and he added, “You complete me,” in a high voice.

Darrin groaned and laughed, “Oh god, you’re quoting Sid from Ice Age during sex. Our life has come down to this.” Darrin threw his arm over his head in a dramatic motion.

But the next sensation refocused Darrin on their lovemaking as Mitch took his cock to the root, and swallowed.

“Oh god, that feels so good.”

Darrin watched as Mitch took his cock in again and again. His rough, unshaven face and long dark lashes still made Darrin’s heart sing. The sensations coming from his dick were overwhelming, and when combined with the scene Darrin was living, the ecstasy was crackling through his system. Realizing what he wanted, he gently lifted Mitch from his throbbing cock.

“Turn, I want your cock too.”

Mitch smiled and quickly moved on the bed so they were on their sides. Mitch slowly slid Darrin’s cock back into his mouth as he felt Darrin’s hot lips surround the head of his dick. Their heads slowly moved up and down each other’s cock, their passion growing with each pass. Mitch let his fingers drift below Mitch’s hard shaft, rolling his balls in his sack. With each pass of his fingers, he was rewarded with a spurt of precum.

Mitch pushed Darrin’s cock deep inside his throat. With a few adjustments, he had it buried to the pubs and was sliding his head up and down its length. Mitch let his fingers slide between Darrin’s legs, burrowing until they found his puckered hole. Gently, he started rubbing his finger over it as his tongue circled Darrin’s cockhead. The combination was overwhelming for Darrin’s already charged system and his cock exploded.

“Oh, shit! Take it! Eat it all, babe!” yelled Darrin.

Mitch clamped his lips around his lovers shooting cock, taking each volley of cum and swallowing as fast as possible. The bittersweet flavor was a heady elixir for Mitch. Soon the torrent was reduced to a small dribble that Mitch licked from Darrin’s cock. As he began to soften, Mitch sucked his cock back in his mouth and nursed it, draining avrupa ruleti it of every drop of semen. Darrin was panting and twitching as his cock was drained of the last of his essence. Lying on the bed, he quickly recovered and dove onto Mitch’s cock like a starving man.

He lowered his head over Mitch’s member until he could feel the soft tickle of hair against his lips. He slowly repeated the motion until he knew Mitch was at the brink. Clamping his mouth around Mitch’s cockhead, he started jacking his cock. Darrin’s hand was a blur on Mitch’s shaft as he drilled his tongue into Mitch’s slit. Mitch started bucking into his mouth, face-fucking Darrin as his orgasm began, his body shaking as cum filled Darrin’s mouth. He could feel trails of jizz running down his cock as it escaped Darrin’s lips. His hips convulsed as the last of his juice seeped from his cock.

Darrin lifted Mitch’s heavy cock and started licking it clean. Each escaped morsel of cum was sucked into his mouth. He greedily fed, gathering every fragment in his mouth. He pulled Mitch to him and kissed him hard, letting their cum combine as their tongues fought for dominance. The white cream flowed from one mouth to the other until it thinned to nothing. With a final hard kiss, Darrin pulled back slowly, letting a single translucent strand connect the two. He caressed Mitch’s face gently and gave him a radiant smile.

“Happy Anniversary, lover,” said Darrin softly.

Mitch kissed Darrin again and let his fingers trail across his hairy chest. “Happy Anniversary, babe. Just to let you know, this isn’t the last of the celebration, I’ve got more planned.”

“But . . . I thought we weren’t doing anything for our anniversary?” said Darrin with a concerned look on his face.

“Yeah, well. I decided we needed a little celebration. Nothing big, just some alone time with just you and I. I’ve already sent Josh off on errands.”

Darrin laughed. “Thank god! I’m sure he would have heard us just now.”

Mitch nodded and chuckled in agreement. Standing up, he grabbed the blankets and pulled them off Darrin. “Come on! You’re burn’n daylight!” said Mitch with a chuckle.

Darrin grumbled as he crawled out of their bed and followed Mitch into the bathroom. Soon they were in the shower together, relaxing under the spray. Mitch was feeling very boisterous and began singing one of the latest country hits, at the top of his voice, and off key. Darrin was soon laughing hysterically and cheered Mitch’s final note.

Soon they had finished in the shower, were dressed and ready to begin the list of events that Mitch had planned, which started with stopping for pie at the café and getting hardy congratulations from Nina.

Darrin watched as Mitch loaded the ATV with a picnic basket. He was actually somewhat impressed that it was really a picnic basket like he’d seen on television, not the normal plastic cooler they usually had. He wasn’t sure what Mitch had planned, but he saw towels and a blanket, so he was certain it wasn’t going to be a short event.

Once everything was stored to Mitch’s satisfaction, they crawled onto the quad and Mitch took off with a shout and infectious laugh. Darrin was content to ride behind, with his arms wrapped around Mitch’s waist. Soon Darrin realized they were going back to where they proposed to each other the year before. Mitch pulled up to the sandstone outcropping and dismounted from the 4-wheeler, pulling Darrin beside him. They stood arm in arm and watched the sun work its way across the azure afternoon sky, both wrapped in their memories of this spot.

“Any regrets?” asked Darrin quietly.

“Nope! Not a fuck’n one. How about you?” said Mitch.

“Nope, me neither,” Darrin said and then turned with a smile and kissed Mitch, “Not a fuck’n one.”

“Well this isn’t where we’re having our picnic. I just thought we should visit this place on our anniversary.”

“I agree, babe,” said Darrin.

When they turned to get back on the ATV, Mitch felt Darrin stiffen in his arms. “What’s wrong, babe?” asked Mitch.

“Ah, you’re going to make fun of me,” said Darrin with a smile.

“Probably, but that’s never stopped you before,” replied Mitch with a grin.

“Well, see those,” Darrin said pointing to a small cluster of flowers.

“Yeah . . .” said Mitch, “They’re Blanket Flowers, what about ’em?”

“Well, there aren’t any others in sight . . .”

“Nope, I don’t see any,” said Mitch, wondering where this was going.


“Oh for god’s sake! Spit it out!” said Mitch with a roll of his eyes.

“Ok, well that’s where we . . . unloaded. In that exact spot, and now there are flowers growing there, with no others like them in sight,” explained Darrin in a rush of words.

“Babe, you’re losing it. How could you possibly remember where exactly we jizzed, a year later.”

“I’m telling you those flowers are where we shot. Planted our seed, so to speak.”

Mitch moaned, rolled his eyes and remounted the quad. He listened to Darrin’s explanation for the rest of the trip, with his responses mostly confined to grunts. While he didn’t really think Darrin knew where they had ejaculated, Mitch did think it was fun that there were flowers on ‘their’ hill. As they moved next to the creek, Mitch pulled into the small grove of trees where he and Josh had gone fishing.

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