Master PC Reboot Ch. 05

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It began with waking up next to her.

Jack woke to find that his sister Jess had climbed into his bed at sometime last night. She was lying so peacefully against him. She was so beautiful. The curve of her lips, her raven black hair falling down past her shoulders, covering the tops of her magnificent breasts. Jack took a moment to be astonished by her beauty in the morning. He moved silently, musing to himself that if I were not for the strange predicaments he had found himself in this week, he would not have had the opportunity to appreciate this moment right here.

As Jack left his sister sleeping, he began to think about how she had grown even more beautiful since this all happened. Steph was looking more attractive too. Each of his sister’s bodies was looking healthier and more toned. He loved Jess to death, but four days ago she still had love handles around her waist. Jack knew this because of how she would complain in front of the mirror, and also because of their first round of intense sex together. But right now, as Jess was laying next to him, the love handles had gone. In place was smooth and rich skin that looked like it wanted to melt the clothes right off her body.

Jack quietly got out of bed, making sure not to wake the masterpiece that was sleeping in his bed. He checked the hallway for any of his family members, then proceeded straight to the restroom. He locked the door and started to run the shower. He sat on the floor with his back to the shower. The steam from the hot water beginning to rise in the room. Finally, he was all alone.

He needed to admit it to himself. This was strange beyond his wildest dreams. First Jess and Steph admitted to being their brother’s sex slaves. Then their bodies start to change, and Jess hypnotizes her best friend.

Who is still here! Jack thought. He took a breath, inhaling the steam. One thing at a time. He had gone along with this through all the twists and turns, but now one of his moms, a very devout lesbian, had taken him with immense please. And now his sister’s and probably now his mother too, were becoming more and more attractive people, just naturally.

“As if by magic.” Jack said under his breath. He started to question some things about himself as well. When did he get so muscular himself? And that monster in his pants was not this size four days ago. But all this began to take a backseat towards;

“Why did I start having sex with my sister in the first place?” He said out loud. He put his head in his hands and began to rub his temples.

Then he heard a knock at the door. “Jack,” he heard a female voice call. “It’s just me.”

Jack knew his private time had ended. He opened the door to see Jess, in all her radiant beauty. He was getting ready for her to pounce him to screw him on the floor. But, to his surprise, she walked into the bathroom quickly and shut the door, locking it again.

“Don’t worry Mom and Kelly are asleep. I told Steph to make breakfast.” She looked to the side, “More like I told her that you asked her to do it.”

“Can Steph cook?” Jack asked with an eyebrow cocked.

“I think there’s some cereal in the cabinet.” Jess replied smiling. Then she looked at her brother. “Hey are you okay?”

Jack smiled, “Of course! Everything is going great!” And as he smiled, Jess put her hand through his hair.

“Jack, I know a lot has really, really changed. But I am still your sister, and I know when you are putting up a brave face.” Jess looked at him, and for the first time in four days, Jack felt like he was looking in the eyes of his sister.

“I don’t understand this.” Jack said, taking a seat back on the floor. “Why, how, and what made this happen? Jess you look beautiful, but this wasn’t us at then beginning of the week!”

“I know, I know.” Jess said, putting her hand gently on his back. “I feel it too.”

“I don’t know how I can handle all of this, whatever this is centered around me.” Jack said. “It feels like too much. I mean, I want everything that’s happening, but I know that I need to be careful I don’t go too far with any of you or hurt any of you! And what if we wake up and it’s all over – and you all hate me for what I did to you!” He buried his face back in his hands again.

“Shhh. Shhh.” Jess softly rubbed his skin as he spoke. It wasn’t a sexual rub, she was being as reassuring as she could for her brother. And for a minute, she just held him there.

“Jack, have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘The meek will inherit the earth?” Jack looked up at her. “I think this your inheritance, brother. All your life until now, you’ve been the humblest and kind person. And you put up with more shit that you had to. And right now, it’s as if your body’s come to collect on what is due.” She looked down at his crotch. Jack appreciated having his sister like this. The past few days had been so wild and confusing, he almost forgot that sweet moments like this is why he loved his family. “This isn’t a bad thing. And wild horses couldn’t Beylikdüzü Escort drag me away from what we have, or make me regret my decisions. And the same goes for Steph!” She cast a glance downward, “And I think Mom now too.”

He stood up and grabbed Jess by the hand. “Thanks Jess.”

“I love you Jack,” She said as she took it and got to her feet. Then she looked at the running shower.

“You know,” she said, “You really shouldn’t waste water like that. Jack smiled etched around his face. He held her hand tighter, walking into the marble tiled floor of the shower. There Jack pulled his sister into the stream of warm water. She fell right into his strong arms. She looked up at him.

“I guess we have to make the best of it,” Jack said growing a very wry smile. He kissed her gently. “No sex right now.” He added as he felt her hand drift towards his cock. “Just let me be a bit romantic with you for a bit.”

Jess smiled and wrapped her arms around his next. She had to stand on her tip toes at this angle, but she kissed him deep.

“I love you.” She whispered between breaths, not certain that he heard her.

“I love you too.” He replied.

They stayed like that for what seemed like seconds until they both heard a pounding on the bathroom door.

“Jessica!” Their mother howled, “You and your brother get out of there this instant. I know he’s my master now, but you both have been in there way too long! I am still your mother!”

Jess and Jack started laughing, “See bro, some things never change.”

Jack turned off the water and began drying himself as his sister did the same. Then another knock came at the door.

“Jess!” It was their sister Stephanie now, “I can’t believe you! You said you’d get him downstairs and that I could make his breakfast today! I worked really hard! And you stole him to bang in the shower!” In an exasperated groan, Steph walked away.

“Anyone else have an opinion?” Jack wondered out loud.

“Well the only other person that is her is Erin, and I doubt that she will do anything from her trance right now.”

“Yeah what do we do with her now?” Jack asked his sister as she was putting a robe on.

“Why are you asking me?” Jess said trying around her waist. “You are our Master, and if I recall, you told me to do it.

“Yeah because it was hot as hell seeing you do that to her.” Jack admitted. “I think that we need to send her home. Or snap her out of it.”

“She technically isn’t your slave yet. She doesn’t have what Mom, Steph, and I have for you.” Jess said, “We can tell.”

“How did you get to be able to do that anyway?” Jack asked. “The hypno-tits thing. I know you have beautiful breasts, but I didn’t think it was possible to do that.”

“Honestly, I think it was a gift from you.” Jess said. “Whatever is allowing you to change people like you’ve been doing, I think that it’s making Steph, Mom, and I more fit and giving us enhancements like this.”

“Chalk it up with the other crazy crap I guess.” Jack said, opening the bathroom door. No one was out there. He walked out to the hallway and then down stairs with Jess.

He could see his Mom and Steph were busy in the kitchen. The table had been fully set. It looked like Steph had decided to wear nothing but an apron, where as their mother was only dressed with one of Jack’s large T Shirts.

Or it looked like they had been dressed that way. Jack saw that his old T-shirt was half off of his mother, and the apron was untied and loosely around Steph’s hips. They were grinding against each other on the floor, moaning softly to themselves.

Steph noticed Jack walking up to them, the orgasm plastered on her face was replaced with a look of smoldering lust.

“Hey there bro. Mom and I got bored of waiting, so she decided to show me a think or two about giving a girl a good time.”

“She’s such a natural,” their Mom said as she continued to slowly grind on each other. Jack noticed that his mother looked much younger that she did the day before.

“Steph, I didn’t want to force you into this,” Jack began to say. But his sister interrupted him.

“Jack this is all my decision. After all, if you’re busy with another one of your girls,” She winked at Jess, “Then I’ll need to find ways to keep me busy.”

Jack and Jess sat down at the table and began to slowly eat. They were drinking in the sight of their family writhing in pleasure on the ground. Jack would be lying if he said it wasn’t making him hard as a stone.

“Jack,” Jess whispered. Jack turned to see his sister rubbing herself all over. Her robe had come half open and she was erotically mauling her large breasts in her hands. “I know you’re getting as hard as I am wet.” She looked at him, “Why don’t we have some delight with our breakfast.” She eyed her sister. “Command them.”

Jack looked at her. “What?”

“Jack, I love you more than anything, and I know you’re still getting used Avcılar escort to this. But we are your slaves. All we want it to please you. Let them please us while we eat. It is ok.” His sister held his hand. “It’s ok. We’re not going to get hurt by you being a little commanding.”

Jack swallowed hard. His cock was about to tear through his pants. Watching his mother and Steph grind against each’s pussies like that on the floor was erotica, but watching his equally horny sister right next to him play with herself as well was almost too much!

“Mom, Steph.” Jack called. Immediately, the two turned their attention to their master. “I want you both to crawl over here and take those sweet tongues of yours and pleasure the two of us while we eat.”

“Yes Master.” The both said in unison. They gracefully slid themselves apart from one another and began to crawl slowly on all fours to where Jess and Jack were seated.

Steph crawled over right to where Jess was and began to undo her robe’s tie. “Hey sis. Let me show you what mommy taught me.”

Right at the same time Jack’s mother was taking pulling her master’s hard cock out of its cloth prison and began to stroke it.

“I’ve been dreaming of this all-night son.” She said as she began to slip her mouth over the cock. She pulled back and continued, “Kelly came home last night and tried to get me in the mood, but I couldn’t get there.” She extended her tongue and licked upwards on his shaft. “I couldn’t tell her that I was dreaming about my son, and that what I really needed was his hard cock inside of me again.” And with that last sentence, she took his cock all the way in her mouth. Jack could almost feel her throat at the tip of his cock.

“That’s right Jack,” Jess said looking at the sight of her mother bobbing on her master’s cock. “Take mom. Take her and use her like you took us. Oh fuck yeah!” She cried and looked down at her sister using her mouth as commanded. “And to think, yesterday you hadn’t even had a woman before.”

“Mom’s a good teacher.” Steph replied, “Although she can be quite hands on.”

“Maybe I should join your tutoring session.” Jess said, “I’m sure our Master would love to watch that.” She looked over to see Jack holding their mother’s dark hair like a reign while she bobbed down on his large and hard cock.

“Mom, damn. I didn’t know you knew how to do this.” Jack said, the euphoria surging through his body.

“Oh, I had my fair share of boyfriends in college until I met Kelly.” She said as her tongue ran along the tip of his cock, “I’m rusty but I’ll get better.”

Jack was transfixed on his mother’s lips as they held together around his cock. As she was bobbing on his cock, he noticed how vibrant her hair was, how full her breasts were, and how youthful her whole appearance was. She could have passed for a year or two older than his sisters.

“What do you say son,” she moaned as she took his cock out of her mouth, “care to give me what I’ve been missing all these years?”

She climbed on top of him and sank down onto his cock. The years of yoga and fitness helped his mother balance herself just right.

“Fuck yes!” she moaned loudly as Jack’s cock hit her just right. Jack could feel how tight she still was. As she rocked her hips slowly back and forth, Jack watched her face twist in pleasure.

“Oh god yes. My son’s cock is the best!” her words filled Jack up with lust to see this woman bend to his pleasure as well.

“Look Jess, Mom’s hogging our master all to herself.” Steph said, kneeling on one side of her mother.

“Yeah, Steph. You’d think she’d learn she has to share.” Jess sat down around the other side, her robe completely gone.

“Ooh! FUCK” Their mom shouted as each of her daughters took one of her breasts and began to suck on it. “Oh, girls what are you doing to your mother? Don’t you know how naughty that is?”

Jack caught his mother’s lusty gaze and then started to pound back into her. “Well mom, I have a lot of people that want my attention. ”

“Yeah Mom,” Jess said, “Jack has a lot of slaves he has to keep in line.”

“Oh shit!” Their mom cried on his cock, “Im not sure- oh fuck yeah – that I can be a good slave for my son. I just need to fuck this big cock as much as I can.”

“Oh is that so?” Jack said, “Then I guess we still need to give you some training.” Jack withdrew his cock from his mother, then looked at his sister Stephanie. “Give me your pussy sis.”

“Yes Master.” Steph growled, then climbed on top of his cock where their mother just had been and began to fuck him hard and fast.

“No, Steph honey let me have that cock. I need it so bad. You can take your brother later ok sweetie?” Their mother was trying to finger herself but Jack could tell that it wasn’t working. Nothing could replace the pleasure he was giving her.

“Sorry Mom, Master commanded me.” Steph said, “If you’re not going to be a good slave for him, you might not get Esenyurt escort his cock as often.”

“That’s right mommy,” Jess whispered in her mother’s ear, “Jack’s the man of the house now. You don’t have that authority to take control over us anymore. It’s all Jack’s domain.”

“Fuck yes Daddy!” Steph cried.

“Daddy?” Their mother asked as Steph rode her son.

“Yeah mom,” Steph said between moans, “Jack fucked our mother. That makes him our Daddy now.” She turned and looked at her brother, “And I want to be the best little slut for my daddy.”

This whole scene was getting Jack dangerously close to the edge.

“Steph I’m going to cum.” Jack said between grunts.

“Oh, do it Daddy,” Steph said, “Shoot it inside me!”

“But,” their mother was drunk in the haze of their combined lusts, “Jack, you can’t get her pregnant. You can’t come inside her.”

“Hwy not mommy,” Jess said in her ear. Her hand was now on her mother’s snatch fingering her relentlessly. “Jack’s cum in all of us. Especially Steph and I. We’re probably pregnant already.”

Then Jess leaned in and licked her mother’s ear. “Don’t you want to get pregnant with that stud’s cock? Have your son’s baby?”

“My son’s…child…pregnant…” their mother wasn’t as enthralled with the subservience that Jess or Steph had, Jack noticed. She wanted his body, but she still had her head about her. But she could tip over to the same frenzy his sisters were in.

But Jack couldn’t hold it back any longer. “Steph I’m cumming!”

“YES DADDY GIVE ME THAT CUM” She screamed as she felt his cum trigger her own orgasm.

“FUCK” Their mother started cumming on her daughter’s fingers. “YES JACK! KNOCK THE SLUT UP!”

Jack sat there in total bliss while Jess and Steph kissed each other passionately. Their mom stared at them, a flush look written on her face. She was still turned on by her children fucking each other.

“Mom,” Jack said, “If you agree to be mine like Jess and Steph are, then you can join us.”

Their mother stared at him.

“And it comes with gits,” Jess said, “Just look at our bodies mom. Steph and I got hotter by fucking him. Because he’s the master, and he makes us better.”

“So much better,” Steph repeated, Lost in the bliss of her orgasm.

“Oh, then I must already be his,” their mother said. “After I fucked him yesterday, my body felt like it did twenty years ago. I looked in the mirror this morning and my skin was so much tighter than it had been. I think I’m already Jack’s willing slave.”

She kneeled right in front of her son. “Will you keep me as your sex slave Master? I’m sorry for questioning it before.” Then she leaned in closer, “Will you be a good daddy to my girls Master? Teach them how to fuck you right?”

Jack’s cock was getting hard again with the thought of knocking up his mother. He saw Jess and Steph licking their lips at the sight of it growing.

“Of course I will,” Jack began, “I just -”

“I’m home!” Kelly’s voice rang out from the garage.

Jack looked around at all of his family naked kneeling before him. “Oh god, um. Mom, I want you to go seduce Kelly and fuck her long enough so that we can hide.”

“For you anything Master.” She said, then got up and walked to the garage naked.

“Natalie! What are you doing!” Jack heard Kelly shout.

“Just apologizing for not being able to make you feel good last night.”

While he was running to the basement with his sisters, Jack remembered how his mother mentioned her waning attraction to Kelly. She really was fully his slave now.

Right when they got downstairs, Jack and his sisters saw Erin just sitting on a couch, staring into space.

Jack’s sisters sat next to her on the couch and tried to stay as quiet as possible. Jack felt the deep breathing from all three of the girls in the basement. Suddenly loud, primal moaning could be heard coming from up the stairs.

“What now Jack?” Jess asked. “Wanna keep fucking down here?” Jack looked at her questioningly. Jess smiled back. “Listen closely.”

Jack listened to his mothers’ love making.

“FUCK YES GIVE ME MORE KELLY!!” the cries came down the stairwell. “JUST LIKE THAT.”

“So?” Jack whispered, “Mom and Kelly are having sex. And their having a good time.” Jess could tell he was annoyed.

“For a guy who’s fucking half of his family, you are very uncomfortable hearing his mother having sex.” She said. “The point is that that is much, much louder than I have ever heard mom cry out before.”

“Didn’t she say that she was having a hard time with Kelly last night?” Steph chimed in. “Oh, she must be thinking about that sexy fuck Jack gave her this morning.”

“And submitting to him was quite erotic as well.” Jess added.

“So, you just wanted to point out Mom is thinking of me while she fucks her wife?” Jack asked.

“No, the point was Mom is being really loud and I haven’t had your cock yet.” Jess said as she began to straddle his naked body with hers. “And I’ll be really quiet I promise.” She sank down onto his cock and began to rock back and forth. She leaned into close to his ear and began to whisper.

“Damn, your cock feels amazing.” She said as she fucked him. “I love you so much Jack.”

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