Maria Eleison Pt. 03

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Maria eleison Ch. 3

From AbsolutPeter

This is part 3 of Maria eleison which I finally got around to translate, too.

What has happened so far: In chapter 1 I reported how the oratorio choir in which Maria and I were members decided to perform Bach’s mass in B-minor. Because this is a very demanding piece of music, especially for amateurs like us, this was a rather hard enterprise taking a long time. After a while, Maria volunteered to drive me home in her car after the rehearsals. Soon enough, the moments after the arrivals at my apartment developed into a steamy tryst.

Needless to say, this was a wild invention and not a single part of the erotic affair actually happened. This is true even if Maria is a living human being and a dear friend of mine. But her name isn’t Maria, either.

My fantasies have not come to an end after chapter 2 in which I reported how Maria and I ended up in a sex club. There, we met very interesting people in the form of four like-minded couples and we got ourselves into heavy skirmishes where we had sex next to each other.

Because of our safe sex-principles, however, everybody engaged into everything except penetration which was restricted to steady partners. No matter how horny we all were we refrained from promiscuous fucking. At least until we underwent physical examinations showing that we didn’t need to worry about STDs. When this would be established on the same day we engaged in fully free sex. This is what chapter 3 is about.

A magic moment of music, followed by an erotic supernova

The club’s stately villa had two floors, some with smaller rooms suitable also for chamber music performances with small audiences. In addition, the villa was situated somewhat secluded near a forest and had a large outdoor area with lush lawns and seasonally cultivated flower beds. High hedges protected from undesired peeping Toms. This outdoor area also contained a large pool which would have been suitable for competitive swimming competitions. Of course, there were plenty of deck chairs to relax or to allow for salacious outdoor acts.

The excellent cuisine of the establishment as well as the well-stocked bar contributed to a wellness of its own kind. Of course, massage rooms were not forgotten, with or without massage personnel. And for lovers of S/M games, there were special rooms that also proved their worth. However, I won’t lose a word about that because I don’t believe in humiliation and violence. Not even when most thoroughly styled.

But I am a music lover. I had agreed with the club owners to provide their grand piano for the upcoming second meeting. This is an excellent concert instrument by Steinway which has a wonderful sound and, of course, is perfectly tuned. As we parted from each other at the end of our last meeting, I discreetly asked our two musicians, Heike and Florian, for passionate music to shorten the time of waiting for the medical results before the erotic pleasures would begin. They were very pleased with my request and were eager to fulfill it for everybody. So, I alone could look forward to a very special occasion while everyone else was left in the dark. It was supposed to be a surprise. Our delicate red-head Heike with her freckled snub nose brought her cello into the premises unnoticed through a back door for deliveries.

We were lucky.

The day of our meeting was flooded with wonderful sunshine, pleasantly warm, but not hot. In any case, the weather was very suitable also for a refreshing swim in the pool and also helped to create a perfect mood. At ten o’clock the five couples had happily arrived in anticipation of a wonderful day. We were lightly but stylishly dressed because our erotic adventures had to wait patiently.

Judith and Thomas, our two doctors, got down immediately to their task of determining the safety of our rubber-less, promiscuous sex. The rest of us were able to prove their ability to engage also in other walks of life. For example, good conversations took place. Some of us found interesting reading material or participated in a sporty intermezzo in the pool or a game at the badminton net.

At this hour, which was far too early for the ordinary club activities, other guests had not yet arrived. But this was to change in the evening hours of this glorious day.

Just in time for a very tasty but light lunch Judith and Thomas had finished their conscientious job. Because the weather was just right, we could help ourselves to the buffet and take our plates and glasses outside to the tables under the sunshades. Here, too, we could sit down in comfortable chairs to properly enjoy the delicious food in nice company. We also had a good selection of wines and other beverages.

There was an excellent Vitello tonnato or a cold cuts platter with perfectly roasted cold beef, very thinly sliced dried meat, self-pickled and smoked salmon, sprat caviar with sour cream and finely chopped shallots, and many other delicacies.

I myself was Avrupalı porno more in the mood for a Mediterranean seafood salad with pickled vegetables. The salad dressing was among the best and did not seek to outdo all competitors in greasy dripping or in spreading of garlic fumes. The salad was served with crispy baguette bread and an elegant, mineral Sauvignon Blanc with wonderfully soft citrus notes.

Maria accompanied her Vitello with an equally exquisite Roero Arneis while Judith, who sat down next to me, preferred with her cold plate a powerful Grand-Cru Riesling from Alsace. All seemed to start off just perfectly.

The warm dishes also did justice to every gourmet taste. I love poached eggs in red wine sauce (see also Blissful Anna), because the still liquid egg yolk provides a particularly erotic lure on me and prepares me for the steamy battles to come. Although I’m not usually very fond of the Gamay wines of Beaujolais, the Fleurie was excellent and, above all, was a perfect match for the eggs. Some of my companions enjoyed spectacular Burgundy or Bordeaux wines which would have been too powerful for me on that day. I needed something lighter.

With black coffee, a truly impressive range of distillates was on offer but I didn’t want to spoil the upcoming musical and other pleasures by clouded awareness.

All of us, well-nourished with light meals, were directed towards a small room on the second floor. Everybody, except me, was surprised by the grand piano taking up a considerable part of the room, and by the concert seating for the small audience. Florian sat down on the chair in front of the piano and adjusted it to the correct height. Then Heike scurried into the room with her cello through the second door, sat down on the chair next to the grand piano and tuned her instrument again briefly. Everyone was waiting with great surprise and excitement for what was to come.

The deep, elegiac cello sounds of the first Brahms sonata for cello and piano engulfed us. Heike could show off her amazing talent but, with no less skill, Florian showed how well he mastered the mixture of accompaniment and virtuosity of the piano part. The room vibrated with the soulfully erotic aura of the music, which was to prepare us for our later activities. At first I took the hand of Maria who didn’t react because she was so deeply immersed into the wonderful sounds. Then I stroked Judith sitting on my other side, who smiled at me with delight. Immediately my hopes for the evening took off.

After a frenetic applause with shouts of bravo after the concluding third movement, Florian rose and explained to us in a modest and low voice that he was very happy about our enthusiasm for the music. But he would be grateful if we would let the music have the last word in the second part of the program. He asked us, therefore, to refrain from applause. He also mentioned that, during the course of the evening, Heike and he will certainly learn how much this great Brahms has touched us. I could not have agreed with Florian more whole-heartedly.

The second sonata by Brahms followed with its 4 movements. The second movement and its cello pizzicati, seamlessly continued by the piano, always hit me profoundly. I sank away into the music, too, hardly noticing any more my surroundings. Here, too, the erotic undertone of the music could not be overheard.

The most captivating thing about this part of the performance, however, was the silence at the end of the fourth movement, the cords still resounding in us for a long time. Simply an ingenious experience!

After what felt like ten minutes, we all couldn’t hold back any longer. We went forward one after the other to the two musicians and embraced them for their tremendous gift to us of this music. Big tears rolled over Maria’s cheeks. She kissed not only Florian but also Heike intensively on her mouth. Heike held Maria’s cheeks between her hands and kissed away a few tears from under her eyes.

Then Maria whispered something obviously confidential into Heike’s ear. It was as if the sun rose suddenly in Heike’s eyes and it seemed to me as if every single freckle of this graceful face glowed with joy. She nodded her head violently and shed herself a tear of joy which Maria kissed away immediately on her part. Under obvious pain, she dismissed her Heike from whom she had become almost inseparable, to make room for other well-wishers.

Dagmar also kissed Florian and Heike deeply. Dagmar’s Julia Roberts lips must have felt unspeakably soft and exciting on Florian’s and Heike’s mouth! Everybody seemed to notice that Dagmar, too, was not turned away by the charms of the lovely freckle girl. It was a real joy to watch how these graceful faces nestled up against each other in love. You could literally feel how the eroticism began to spread.

Of course Ernst could not be inferior to his Dagmar. He was almost unable to stop caressing Heike and finally took Florian in his arms passionately, Video porno as if he had just newly found his lover. Even Judith and Thomas, who said that they prefer “lighter music”, hugged Heike and Florian intensely. It was really remarkable what deeply emotional music can do to and within us.

But finally Brigitte, our sex volcano, showed us what a seismic erotic eruption means. Enthusiastically she kissed the two musicians off and after a while touched both of them on their private parts, Florian on his considerable fuck bolt and Heike on her delicate breasts. Of course Rolf did not want to be second to his Brigitte. In an afternoon dance of a faun, he transformed the whole scene into a rampantly steamy battlefield. I noticed that the general emotion fortunately gave way to an erotic cheerfulness. This was just fine with me.

Heike and Florian had achieved a true masterpiece. Fruit juices and mineral water were served from the bar and an agitated and cheerful conversation about everything developed. However, more and more frivolous daydreams crept in about the still upcoming part of the afternoon and the evening. I am sure that some of the female slits must have turned suspiciously damp. Obviously, many men’s pants became dangerously tight.

After another hour, it was Judith rather than Thomas who took the floor this time. The laboratory results had arrived. They confirmed what the morning examinations already had indicated. All ten of us were fit for free sex and could start immediately with a condom-less, all-consuming group bang.

Judith then ordered us to immediately drop our clothes wherever we were standing, sitting or lying. A hectic general striptease followed, accompanied by enthusiastic applause and exuberant laughter. Items of clothing flew through the air into the corners of the room. Bras and men’s shirts were rare, and the thongs were so small that you could hardly see them. Belt buckles of men’s pants followed jock straps in rattling on the floor. The tension created by the long wait was released and an uninhibited lust spread rapidly.

In the small room, the lascivious peeks on bare breasts were just as inimitable as those at swelling cocks and turgid balls. In any case, female fingers exposed shiny red cock-tips everywhere. Male hands opened labia of wet and slippery crevices to get better access to cheeky clits. Heike’s nipples received their well-deserved attention driven by desire — and not only male desire.

I first searched for Judith’s tall and powerful figure that gave me wet dreams for all of the last few weeks. Her massive thighs appeared as if chiseled by Maillol. Her pitch-black, blueish shining and almost never-ending hair reached up to her buxom buttocks. Her dark and deeply glowing eyes gave me the rest. I finally had to fuck this massive specimen of a female. I badly needed to release the unbearable pressure in my balls to flood this wet tunnel.

I was surprised to discover that Judith’s irresistible desire was a coupling with me first, even when clearly more capable masculinity would have been at her disposition. However, this was not the moment for despair. Judith and I were both already stark naked. So I grabbed her by her beautiful hips and dragged her to the floor of the room where we just had enjoyed the music.

Kisses just on the mouth did not satisfy my need for intensity. I immediately took care of her beautiful breasts by sucking the nipples into my mouth. Everything about this woman was excitingly huge and so I kneaded the luscious tits with all the dedication that I was capable of. Groaning lustily she grabbed my cock and jerked it violently. My fuck bolt hardened instantly and took a huge format.

“I want to finally feel this thick and hard cock in me. I have been longing for it for three almost unending weeks.”

‘Just you wait!’ I thought. ‘I know dirty talk, too!’

“For God’s sake, I bring your monster cleft to white heat until you can hardly breathe! I want to sink my dick into you with all my power.”

I then took my mouth away from the nipples to the fuck hole and to the clit of this beguiling woman while I kept stroking and kneading her breasts. The long pent up lust predicted a quick and violent fuck. After barely five minutes, Judith was shaken by a powerful orgasm. Her retaliation on my cock and balls did not leave me untouched but I was not quite there yet. So I waited until Judith’s uncontrolled writhing had subsided. Then we got up from the floor and went to a private room. I could hardly wait for a long and seething fuck with her.

On our way there, I saw Maria out of the corner of my eye. She was sucking Thomas’ huge spear while he explored the slippery charms of her slit and clit. Her lewd screams were already ringing throughout the rooms. Wordlessly, I wished for them the fuck of their lives but I could not pay any further attention because I had my hands full with the fierce Judith.

Rolf, our clown, had already sunk his faun-like dick into the tender Heike and penetrated her violently in the missionary position. He watched his own juice splashing into her cleft while she jerked her pelvis towards him. Both were already past or dangerously close to their orgasms and only moaned out loud and inarticulate shrieks.

But they were not nearly as far as Brigitte and Florian. Sweaty Brigitte rode Florian in a reverse cowboy position and had his huge boner sunk deeply into her cunt for everybody at display. She certainly had passed already her third climax while his cum seeped from her labia onto his belly. She had an exhausted expression on her face after the two had fired themselves many times into the paradise of lust. Nevertheless, they both kept heating up each other with lewd comments.

“Fill my hot pussy with your seething cum.” And she uttered this although his sperm had already messed up both of their bodies. But he moaned back: “I’m just going to flood your slippery twat again!

Ernst and Dagmar watched the general hot skirmish with an almost boiling lust in their eyes. They intensely observed Florian’s balls contracting one more time, squirting out floods of his sperm. Dagmar’s slit shone wet and Ernst’s hard and thick cock poked into the air. They were about to sink to the ground and deliver the first partner fuck of the evening. They did not mind because, first of all, they were exceedingly horny. Besides, they would let us feel later their shrewd capacity to fuck with everybody else.

Judith and I had finally reached our destination intent on a wild coupling. A wide bed with red satin sheets invited to lustful activities and we both sank down, Judith on her back and me over her on her deliciously soft flesh. Judith immediately spread her legs wide and put her knees next to her firm breasts, shamelessly exposing herself to me. With her eyes half closed she begged for a tongue play on her clit.

Fitting her size of a Valkyrie, a huge and smoothly shaved mons arched above her gigantic cleft. Her beautiful cunt gaped helplessly towards my tongue. Burning with uncontrollable lust, I no longer could help sucking this magnificent thumb-sized clitoris sticking out between the nymphs. Judith’s screams rang out as I bit the tip of the pearl between my lips. I kept kneading her tit flesh and twirled her nipples standing proud. Judith gave herself to increasingly loud moans until she surrendered to an all-consuming orgasm, throwing her legs into the air in all directions.

“I badly needed that now” she finally sputtered out, gasping for air, hissing between her teeth. “But now my cunt is ready for an emergency ride on your prick.”

In the meantime, my balls also demanded their right. My thick and hard boner poked into the air bolt upright.

“I’m going to fuck out your brains” I growled aggressively and impaled Judith on the spot. The sloshing dick was lost in the depths of her wet cunt which, despite its size, snuggled up closely. The feeling in this more than adequately moistened fuck hole was indescribable. Immediately, my cock hit Judith’s cervix which demanded my sperm lustfully.

In my lecherous fantasies, Judith’s ovaries appeared begging to receive my piercing cock as if they were ready to throw a mature egg towards my sperm. The idea to impregnate this gorgeous woman, making her a big baby belly, increased the enormous pressure in my balls. I had to cum gigantically. My cock twitched in the steamy, giant cunt, flooding it with what felt like ten tsunamis of sperm.

I sank totally spent next to the exhausted Judith. Gradually, the incredible beauty of this woman sauntered back into my consciousness. I stroked her swelling female body with all the tenderness I was capable of. Judith’s smile rewarded me again after this titan fuck and she also cuddled me delicately. I ended her shivering by spreading a warming blanket over her and holding her in my arms. We then dozed off towards later couplings in the gradually darkening evening.

When I was halfway back to my senses, Judith told me about the Wotan’s scream which accompanied my sperm explosion. I also must have given off obscenities that were entirely uncouth. But she was not shocked by that but said that she hadn’t been fucked in a long time in such a literally fulfilling manner.

She also mentioned that, in the nights of the last weeks, she had high expectations of my fucking abilities. She kept flattering me by saying that I had satisfied her far better than she ever had anticipated. I told her that this was honey on my ego but also vastly exaggerated. In addition, the flooding of her beautiful womb was a huge pleasure for my cock and my balls.

“In my view, you are one super woman” I quietly confessed and full of tender feelings. “Every man who is halfway serviceable can only dream of a woman like you. I am in eternal debt to you for letting me have your wonderful and lustful body. I shall never forget this paradise fuck with you!

Judith then nibbled and kissed me at the base of my neck which is a tremendously erogenous spot of my body. But she didn’t know that yet at that time. I turned around to stroke her clitoris and her freshly inseminated cleft which I began to lick out again.

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