Making it with Sir Huby

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Times were hard and I realized hard times meant stringent measures. During a passive get-together with a pal who turned out to be my first lover, he hinted that if ever I got hard up I could always rent my body, because I had it all.

Well he was speaking from experience because he had well and truly lavished me in a manner to which I soon became accustomed.

His name was Marshall, a Canadian living in England at the time and we had six good riveting months together – to the extent that, if ever I had doubts about my leaning, they were soon rectified with Marshall who was a lovely guy, a guy I miss so very much, but he had to go his way and I had to go mine, he went back to his homeland and I stayed in mine.

There was not much doing since Marshall made tracks and I was left in a sort of kerfuffle, not knowing which way to go, and when I lost my job as a catering manager at a defunct store I was like a little boy lost, although I was then twenty years old.

And there was no Marshall I could turn to. Perhaps I should have gone all out to find myself another lover, but I knew Marshall would be a hard act to follow; and anyway, I felt I was not ready for another close encounter of the homosexual kind.

But needs must and I had to do something to restore a comfortable life, which got me to thinking what Marshall had said or rather, hinted – and the thought of making some money in doing something I enjoyed anyway, was a good initiative.

I figured it would be okay if I stuck to guys I fancied rather than any old Tom, Dick or Harry. I am not snobbish but I do think of myself as a cultured guy and feel that which I have to offer is good quality merchandise. Marshall assured me of that in constantly complimenting me about my stature and deportment, my very attractive charisma that could drive any gay guy to raptures of torment – his words not mine, but enough said to give me the confidence I needed to partake in my brand new venture. With that in mind I was soon lured into a transition of a completely new direction which would get me over my present descending demeanor and direct me to the kind of life to which Marshall had given me, with all his wining and dining and drives in the country; to his small log cabin in the Lake Distinct where we had many scrumptious and delightful episodes of sheer demeanor – he loved to buy me new clothes and anything I wanted. I felt like a kept lover but he assured me that was not his intention – and when finally we had to part, he left me a good bounty to see me through for a year or so.

He said that after I had used that he was sure I would like to be independent and make my own way in life. Perhaps find myself a brand new lover with who I could share a wonderful new adventure, just like the one in which we had partaken.

But six months gone since Marshall and I were spent to the limit, I was very extravagant with my needs and I was ultimately broke and wanting.

But Marshall had even thought of my future welfare when he left me with a couple of calling cards with contact numbers of wealthy political friends; “Just in case you take up my hint” I remember him saying upon his departure – when I saw him off at Heathrow airport after that last ravishing night, when I felt he was still so warmly and pleasantly inside me – a feeling I wanted to last forever.

I thought a lot about what Marshall had said; that people in government would b prepared to pay high rewards for absolute discretion, because of the sensitivity of what they did, that if anything defamatory was to come out about their private behavior – that they were cheating on their wives and so forth – they would lose their jobs and their careers.

I was okay with that. And I did feel that guys who had reached such a high grade in their lives were not like the lower grade who would sell their mother for a grand. Generally I imagined they were good clean respectable people who just wanted a quiet fling and I was a happy to give that, to the right person of course.

The name Sir Hubert Mansfield looked respectable enough and I knew any friend of Marshall’s would be good for me, when I telephoned him and introduced myself, and we got over the primaries exchanging mews about Marshall and how we met and everything, he said he would very much like to meet me, that when could I make it. He seemed eager and I said I could come anytime. So he fixed a date for the following evening, he said he would pick me up at the clock tower in my village, which he thought would be best.

Although his name didn’t ring a bell; as soon as I saw him peering and waving through the driving window of his car, I’d seen him on TV at some time.

I made ways to where the car was parked and said who I was.

“Hello Alex, it is so jolly nice to meet you, get in.” He spoke with a very refined posh English accent but felt immediately comfortable with him and his charming manner.

“If you don’t mind Alex I have booked a motel room for the evening just so that we could become Gaziantep Grup Escort acquainted okay, and in the envelope under the panel on your side is something which I hope you will approve.”

I opened it and counted twenty crisp twenty pound notes and immediately knew that all my worries were in the past.

“I would want that to cover your complete discretion of course, dear boy” he said glancing at me with a friendly smile and I really felt I could easily respond to this guy’s needs. He was in his early fifties I imagined, looking very distinguished with greying heavy and heavy eyebrows.

I immediately felt able to converse easily with him saying; “I guess being a politician of your caliber is a very strenuous and demanding occupation?”

“You are certainly correct in saying that, But just between you and me, I am just another guy you met somewhere okay. I need a release from what I do sure enough; it is a compelling job indeed, a job that one is unable to please all. I need release, and that’s where you come in, It is as if Marshall knew how I felt and it is a delight to know you. I would have found it terribly awkward to meet someone like you via the usual outlets on the web – it is far better for such an arrangement, shall we say, to come via recommendation.”

On the remaining journey we exchanged information about my life and where I stood right now. He was delighted that I was presently unattached and I had no other clients, I explained the situation and how Marshall and I were so close, how sad it was for me when he left, but it was the best th9ihg for him to do and now I was ready to help myself become independent,

“We could strike up something regular maybe, Alex. See how it goes Huh? After all you make not be chemically attracted to me, that is how they put it don’t’ they? But it need just to be a casual thing Alex. I am attracted to you, you look a nice boy and if you were with Marshall I know he would befriend only the best, if you know what mean?”

I replied that I did, I told him how it was with Marshall and how we clicked from the beginning.

“He was some guy – and even now I feel his warmth with me”

“That is such a nice thing to say. I do think he was crazy thought o leave you behind. He had often spoken about you during our occasional conversations, and being of equal leaning he did tell me a few more intimate things. He told me it was you who made him realize he was bisexual as am I and what a wonderful lover you were, and the complete diversion from a heterosexual relationship which had somehow become stagnant with a girl who had seemed to go off the heat.”

“That was Nancy, his partner” I interrupted, “he told me about her and how she wanted to make love by numbers and always on a Saturday.”


“Yes, he said it was no fun anymore, that she wanted to be the dominant partner which sort of clashed with his aspirations, but all that was resolved with us, and the obedience I offered of his demands.”

There was I giving more information than I should have, but that is how it was with Huby (that’s what he asked me to call him) I felt instantly at ease with him.

“So that is how you like it, Alex” he said as we drove into the motel car parking area.

“You must be the guy in my fantasies exactly; I know we shall get on perfectly.”

He looked delighted and just the smooth touch on my thigh as he opened his door said everything. I felt already very attracted to his guy and knew I could easily do the honors for him with complete ease.

When we got settled he said for me to make some coffee and already taking the obedient stance I replied: “Yes Sir, will do that immediately” and made for the kitchenette where there was a tray with all the beverages one would want.

“Not Sir!” he ordered with a sharp tone of voice, I told you, call me Huby!”

“I guess you were dubbed by the queen, Huby?” I asked feeling somewhat humbled in his presence because of his title I guess.

He laughed and mattered mischievously that soon I would also be dubbed, not by but as a Queen.

It took me a while to understand what he meant but then of course it was another way of assuming I was taker and he the giver.

I remembered with Marshall there was one time he said he would like to try it, but it was unsuccessful because I couldn’t maintain a descent erection, so we came to an agreement that, when he was in that mood, I would see to him with a dildo, which I found was rather nice. Then later he purchased an anal vibrator which we occasionally shared and that was an altogether lovely experience when we could both simultaneously partake and delight in a beautifully soothing genital massage.

But I knew at the same time that my true leaning was to take the ‘queen’ part and if Huby meant what I th0ought he meant I would look forward to being ‘knighted’ by him.

We shared coffee and talked some more. He was so nice. He was a real gentleman. He said he was married with two children but his wife suffered from a uterus disorder which meant no amore sex, but it didn’t seem to matter, that part of it because it was no longer exciting anyway.

He felt that some men feel they should take other diversions open to them – there was no harm done if it was carried out on just a private arrangement’ I told him how I felt, how Marshall had made all the difference to my life.

“It does seem we are both at a loosened in our lives then Alex?” he said looking straight at me in a very sexual way, which I liked very much. And with just a slight conjecture of movement I saw that his right hand was touching himself. It was really sensual to see him doing that, I can’t explain why – but it was a turn on. I could see that he was well equipped with quite a bulging swell and, whether or not he realised my interest, he immediately disrobed; laid his clothes across an armchair, came and stood upright before me perched on the settee and said with a resounding voice;


I was stuck for words. Huby was wonderfully sculptured for his age, a wonderful slim body which immediately attracted me. I heard myself respond with an eager; “I would love to, Huby.” and that was to be the start of a wonderful new adventure…

“Nothing meant, Alex, but you had better go and clean up in the bathroom” he said in a commanding voice. “And strip to the Adam’s apple!” he ordered. I’d never heard that expression before but it fitted the occasion and I did as I was told.

But I had to spend a penny too and it was when I was perched on the toilet seat that Huby came boldly in, his erection leading the way in a slightly upward stance that looked very stimulating.

But I was still wiping myself after a good passing and felt a little awkward to say the least.

But Huby showed no awkwardness, in fact the opposite, and what he said really made me blush because he suggested something that never Marshall would have done.

“Stand and bend and I shall wipe you” he said – his voice quivering in an excitable tone. I did, very gingerly at first, but his voice changed and his tone absolutely demanding.

“We need to make it presentable for what is to come” he said in a very provocative way; and soon, placing a bowl of tepid fragranced water between my legs he bathed me there and made me feel special, feeling and squeezing the suds all over my hind and between.

“There, now we know you are spanking squeaky clean, Alex. You are really a delight to behold and I shall have no qualm in lancing you to the quick!”

I must have looked puzzled because he smiled and told me he wanted to fuck me to the hilt and from therein he would be base with me, because somehow that seemed always to suit the occasion.

I started to feel the need for him then; like I did for Marshall. But different, It is awkward to explain but anyone who has had another intimate relationship will know how I mean

But the electricity was strong and I could feel the eminence of this new guy in my life. He’d washed and pampered me to his pleasure and I felt neat and clean and everything seemed as it should be.

He said for me (in that firm voice once more to seat myself back on the toilet seat whilst he quite openly commenced to thoroughly wash himself in the sink, his esteem prominently leaning over the edge for a good soaking, the foreskin neatly stretched back as Huby washed very crook and cranny, I sighed at the size of it, It seemed bigger then Marshall’s but thicker too. I was thinking and wondering how it would be and what sort of things he would like doing sexually. He’d already made it plain of course that he wanted to fuck me but what else. Maybe different ball games for defend people.. I took a look-see to gather how well hung he was and, again for his age he was well placed and I hoped I would be getting more of that in the most sensual way.

“And now young Alex” he started as he wiped himself dry and placed himself conveniently standing between my legs, me still sat on the toilet seat. “Now suck me silly!”

His voice was deliberate and calculating – I felt the heat of him near to my face and sensed the way it throbbed and danced.

“Touch It first, get the feel of it. You had better because you are going to get an awful lot of it.”

I touched it, gently at first but he demanded grasp it firmly and I did. I felt it quiver in my hand and there was a lot of energy there, he prompted me then to rub and stroke and massage his balls while, at the same time, sucking him.

I was soon away again, in a beautifully enchanting trance as in my element I tasted the taste of wonderfully hard cock again, and knowing then just how long it had been missed since Marshall inflamed me with his deep throaty thrusts.

It was lovely, it felt right in my mouth and I tasted a saltiness which somehow complimented the deep sucking and rolling with my tongue as I really went for it, he whispered for me to suck him sideways, this way and that. Asked how it was as if I could answer him with a mouthful of gorgeous unadulterated throbbing cock inside. All I could do was nod ad when he started to stretch back his foreskin I sucked the nectar of his pre-cum, licked and let it slide along my tongue which I openly displayed for Huby’s pleasure and then for the next five minutes or so I was quenched with the thrust of his cock deep throating me, something which I had got good practice with Marshall, and it was a most wonderfully stimulating mouth fuck for us both..

Reaching his peak he yelled he was almost there, stopped the thrusting awhile and grasped the head of his cock in his hand, and then suddenly is squirted like a volcano. I felt the sudden heat of his cum hit my mouth and he urged me to suck him dry.

This was not a favorite of mine, Marshall knew that and always redirected at the precise time and I was quite happy to wank off the residue into a tissue. But I had to be obedient, that is what he wanted so I closed my eyes and went for it. I swallowed and felt the stickiness enter my throat, with that he hand me a glass of water – he could no doubt guess I was struggling, then he stretched my mouth wide with the thumb on each finger and next knew his mouth was sucking my tongue and I was on fire with a huge ready erection which he could see could wait no longer for fulfillment. I grasped it tight and wanked, but he took over and completed the job for me, it was a truly wonderful and a real intimate experience, despite the reluctance to swallow, I knew I would be expected to do, the feel of his thumb stretching my mouth wider was a measure of what was to come, and soon his face was in-between my crutch, and I was enjoying the wonderful slow feel of his oral delights about my privates and it felt so wonderful and nice.

“You are beautiful and I can see what Marshall saw in you. I think it is almost time to introduce you fully to the feel of it deep inside that very fuckable ass of yours.”

Huby said when we’d recovered from that first session in the bathroom. But when he was saying those things I felt the need for him up me, I felt the surge of sensual tingles and hungered for the feel of that so wonderful primed cock enter my being.

If it fucked as good as it tasted I would be happy to serve him anytime, and suck his cream too, it felt so good after it had happened, not at all as repugnant as first imagined. It was something I had done for this great guy who played me right, I felt I had served him well and still it wasn’t over, now the fuck that would make it complete…

We had some nosh still in out birthday suits. Spaghetti bolognaise was a on the menu and Huby was teasing me with the way he sucked the spaghetti into his mouth in a very suggestive stance.

He said that next time he would want to play role play and do all those things with food, like straw berried and dream and my mind boggled.

This was some real exiting guy I had warmed too and, of course, I knew that he was happy with me because he was talking about next time.

Beside the ready money I was more than happy to share those heavenly times with my new found lover and I wanted for there to be no limitations. He could have me any way he wanted, I ached already for his fuck and hoped it would be soon…

He said for me to organise myself astride him, facing downwards. He added that he loved to look and fuck. By taking this stance he could properly prepare me and enjoy me too, unlike when he was fucking bareback.

I loved the idea. It was a sheer joy to be simply all ass for him to really enjoy to his heart’s content, just bending over him and waiting for his unpredicted move was a thrill.

I soon got in position and heard him exude the sigh of content as I wiggled a little for his pleasure.

“Up a bit!” he ordered. He wanted me to plant my ass across his face and I was soon enjoying the feel of his mouth and tongue scrimmaging around, his fingers too stretching as his tongue sunk into my orifice and the light slapping too, making me feel so very warm and ready for his prime fuck.

“Now suck me and I shall you” he said and we were in our element, me bent over so my mouth could easily reach that tower of strength wobbling before me,

The taste of cock again was out of this world as I gave it a good firm sucking. He was going some too and just the two of us alone enjoying the oral delights of each other was heaven on earth..

Just the newness of this wonderful bonding was fantastic, a little different from how it was with Marshall but equally, if not more wonderful..

My mouth was full of his taste and my nostrils of his smell when he asked me to shift once again, but this time in readiness for the waterloo, He soon oiled me up with plenty of rimming, I raise a bit so that he could enter me easily and soon at last I felt what I had been waiting for so much, the warm and soothing feel of that gorgeous extremity entering me so wonderfully,

Heaven again sheer heaven and he grasped my hind tight to enable a real deep and strong fucking I shall always remember as the very first time with Sir Huby and many more to follow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32