Lila Continues To Explore College

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Lila watched as Trevor paraded Amber in front of her. Just a few weeks ago he had had his hands all over her like that, and now he was with Amber. Amber was perfect. Blond, tiny, big boobs. Lila hated her. Not that Lila wasn’t hot. She was and she knew it but she couldn’t stand seeing her Trevor with Amber.

She walked away from the crowd at the date bash and saw her sorority sister Pamela.

“Hey.” She tried a smile.

“Hey girl.” Pamela flipped her auburn hair over her shoulder, “What’s wrong?”

Lila nodded toward where Trevor and Amber stood.

“Get over him. I told you he was a player. Now that, that is someone worth crying over.” She pointed her red plastic cup toward Peyton Reed. Peyton was something of a legend at the small northeastern school. He was rumored to be amazing in bed. The exact words were an animal in bed. He was fun, outgoing, loud and could have any girl he wanted. Not only all that, but he was very good looking. Broad shoulders, blue eyes, dark brown hair. Lila shrugged. She was still stuck on Trevor.

“Hell, he is Trevor’s best friend. That’ll get him jealous finding you in his room in his roommate’s bed.” Pamela smiled evilly.

“It would huh?” Lila flipped her own dark brown hair over her chocolate shoulder. She was wearing a hot white tube dress that was very short.

“Don’t wait up.” She joked to Pam.

“Yeah right.” She said as she put a casual arm around the boy next to her.

Lila saw that Peyton was surrounded by lots of girls. That didn’t scare her. She was one of the few black girls on campus and white guys were attracted to her like magnets, the whole forbidden fruit thing.

“Hi.” She said smiling at Peyton.

“Hey, Lila right?” He smiled down at her. He was pretty hot, she thought.

“Yeah. Look, my roommate just booted me out of the room for tonight and said I should ask the hottest guy here if I can stay over, so…” she shrugged innocently.

“Wait Betturkey a second, you’re just going to walk up to me and ask if you can sleep in my room. I don’t even know you.”

“That makes it more fun.” She winked. She had successfully gotten his attention off the other girls on onto her.

Peyton checked her out. She was tall and thin. Her dark hair was long and looked soft. Her tits weren’t bad either, she was definitely fuckable. Hadn’t he heard her name somewhere? One of his frat brothers? Alex or Sam, maybe Trevor? He didn’t remember, didn’t care. A hot girl, top 10 at the party had just pretty much asked to fuck him.

“My room’s top of the stairs on the left, I’ll be there in five minutes.” Lila nodded. She had been to Sigma Epsilon before. Trevor was a member and she has spent lots of time fucking him in the small closet downstairs. Peyton was actually the vice-president so he had a room in the house. She climbed the stairs only once glancing down at Trevor and Amber. He was looking up at her with those green eyes. She winked at him and kept going into Peyton’s room. She looked around. He had pictures of girls from TV and movies. One was of Angelina Jolie, Lila’s own lesbian fantasy girl, not that she’d ever admit that. He also had other things Lila had grown accustomed to seeing. They were signs of wealth in college, ipods, DVD players, xbox, Rolex watch.

“Hey.” Peyton came in and closed the door.

“Hey yourself.” She sat down on the bed. She had had her share of casual hook ups, but tonight she wanted to be how she never had been, completely shameless. All about fucking this guy. She pulled her dress over head and revealed her lack of bra and panties.

“Wow.” Peyton sat his beer cup down, he hadn’t even had to woo her.

Lila bit her bottom lip and tried to look innocent, “Do you want me?”

“Fuck yeah.” Peyton scooped her up so that her breasts were pressed against his white button up shirt, Betturkey Giriş “You are so hot, how come I’ve never met you?”

“You’re always surrounded by lots of girls.”

“I’d make room for you.” He kissed her hard. She pushed him away a little.

“I’ve heard things about you.” She giggled.

“Like what?”

“Like that you fuck like an animal.”

He smiled, “Oh yeah? Want to find out?” He kissed her again hard. He let his tongue rape her mouth. She moaned loudly and he smiled to himself. He loved making girls moan, scream, cry, all of it. He let his hand slide over her breasts, making her nipple hard. He pulled on it, a little too hard.

“Oh.” Lila moaned loudly.

“Feels good.” He crooned to her. He then let his hand slide down her thighs and between her legs, “God you are so wet. You want me bad.” He plunged his fingers into her. She started to rock against him. He sank down to his knees and put one of her legs over his shoulders. He let his tongue lick her lips down there and then stuck his tongue deep inside her. He fucked her with his tongue till he heard her breaths get loud and then she sighed loudly. He licked up her come.

“I love when girls come in my mouth.” He licked his lips. He still hadn’t made her scream, “I wanna make you scream.” He stood up and then pushed her back on the bed. He undid his belt and took off his clothes. Lila looked him over. He was no Trevor, but he had eaten her pussy like no one had before. The way he stuck his tongue inside her was heaven. His body wasn’t bad. He looked like he could hold his own in a fight. She smiled at him as he rubbed his hand on his dick. It wasn’t too long but it looked thick. She reached for him. He stepped back, going over to his desk to get a condom, he slipped it on. She was glad he had, she had had enough pregnancy scares with Trevor. He pulled her legs toward him so that her ass was at the edge of the bed. He rubbed the head of his dick on her clit slowly with just the right amount of pressure. She moaned. He let his dick enter her a little.

“You want it?” He asked breathing hard.

“Yes Peyton, I want it. Please.” With that he pushed deep inside her and pulled her legs to wrap around his waist. He began to fuck her hard and deep. She was tight and soft. He had never fucked a black girl. He had hardly ever talked to a black girl. Watching his white skin contrast with her dark chocolate skin was such a turn on. He felt himself get close to the edge and then slowed himself down. First, he had to make her scream. He unhooked her legs and stopped thrusting, she looked at him like he was crazy.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m going to make it even better.” He pulled her up and at the same time sat down. He pulled her on top of him and as he did he entered her. She gasped loudly not expecting it.

“Yeah baby, I’m in you so deep.” He pushed into her hard, resting his check on her breasts. Once he was deep in her he took her nipples in his mouth and began to suck hard. Then he licked the tip of the nipple, flicking it and nibbling it. He kept working her tits as he fucked her deep and hard.

Lila couldn’t believe how she felt. She had come before, lots of times, but this, this was unimaginable. She felt her stomach flip and then she exploded, she screamed loudly, as she did, Peyton came inside her. He loved watching her face as she came hard, she screamed so loudly he was sure the guys downstairs heard, he had to keep his reputation.

“Damn P, who you got in here?” The door opened. Lila heard the familiar southern drawl as she came down from her orgasm. She turned slowly a smile on her face. She covered her breasts.

“Yo, Trev, we’re busy in here.” Peyton smacked Lila’s ass. Trevor locked eyes with Lila, but for only a moment before shutting the door.

“What’s wrong?” Amber asked rubbing Trevor’s arm.

“Let’s go.” He started down stairs.

“Hey Trev who’s P got in there, she screams like a cat in heat?” A Sigma Ep yelled over the crowd.

“Some slut.” Trevor responded slamming the door behind him.

To be continued

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